4 Ways to Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate in 2018 -$1K Per Month

5 Ways to Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate in 2018 -$1K Per Month

Maybe you have heard about Wealthy Affiliate wondering how you can really make some money out of their training program. In this post, I’m actually going to share with you the 4 Ways to Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate in 2018.

I will show you a well proven formula that has really worked for me. Yes, you’re going to learn what has worked for me, not any trial at all.

Most people who try to build a business online fail because they do it in a wrong way. Also they lack the best training that will help them achieve success with their business.

Again they don’t even get the correct tools needed for establishing their business. As a result most of them fail to see real success in their endeavor.

Wealthy Affiliate on the other hand will not just provide you with  the Training you need to succeed with your online business, but also will give you all the tools you need to achieve your financial goals.

Yes and that is what makes Wealthy affiliate so special.

So What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online Training Program that teaches you step by step trough videos and text tutorials on how to build your own business website and make money out of it by promoting Affiliate products.


NOTE: As soon as you sign up to join the Wealthy Affiliate Community, you will be taught how to build your own nice website in a very simple way.

In fact you can do that in just 30 second, – at most 2 minutes your website should be ready and running. They helped me build this website. So I know what I’m talking about.


And this is possible as a result of their SiteRubix Website Building Plugin. It really makes it so simple building your website with a WordPress.

Now that we have seen what Wealthy Affiliate is about lets look at the 5 ways you can make money from their training program.


4 Ways to Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate in 2018 

5 Ways to Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate in 2018 

  1. Choose a niche – a niche is your interest. Anything you’re interested 
  2. Build your own business website
  3. Attract visitors – that traffic
  4. Earn revenue – opportunity to earn an unlimited income

NOTE: A niche is anything people come to online to look for. It can be a laptop, a mobile phone, bags, toys for kids, hotels, natural food supplement, weight loss, or it could be a solution to a problem etc…

NB: Your niche should be something you’re very passionate about. In that way, you will be able to be in the best position to help your customers who visit your website.


  • 1) Choose an Interest – Your Passion

As I said, your interest is your niche. So you can select any profitable niche that is anything you think people often come online to look for.

In order words, we can also say a niche is your audience or customers

However, as I said, your niche should always be something you’re very passionate about. In this way, you will be in the best position to help your customers.

If you do this you build trust with them, – thereby leading to more conversionThe truth is that  most people nowadays like to buy from the internet.

Your Niche Can Be Anything You're Passionate About, Which People Come Online To Look For

Below are some common niche or a group of people that you can target.

  1. People looking for toys for kids to buy
  2. People looking for gaming for kids
  3. People looking for classic books for children
  4. People who need a laptop to buy
  5. People looking for a mobile phone to buy
  6. People looking cameras to buy
  7. People looking for drones to buy.
  8. People looking for a natural way to loose weight

Yes, all the list above are some few of the many potential niches you can take advantage of and build your website around.

As you can clearly see my website with the domain name “jobsonline-stephen.com” is a niche for people looking for jobs online or those who want to build their own business online by working from home.


  • 2) Build Your Business Website Now

This is something that most people who are new to internet business have problem with.

When they here about building a website they just get frustrated and stop. However, the truth is that building a website nowadays is not as difficult as it used to be.

With the help my recommended platform, – Wealthy Affiliate, they have a plugin called SiteRubix which can help you build your own website in just some few seconds without any hassles at all.

If you have already selected  your niche you can build your website here now:

OR: You can Click Here to follow this link which gives you a step by step way of building your own website in a very simple way


  • 3) Attract Visitors To Your Website

Now after building your website, – the next step is to do all you can to get visitors to your website.

This is very vital because a website without traffic is wastes – Your visitors are your customers, and they will bring you the commission.

You can check this post where I listed some basic think you can do to get FREE traffic to your blog.

NOTE: You don’t need to worry about that, – at the end of this post I will show you My #1 Recommended Training Program where you can learn step by step how to do all of this.


  • 4) Earning Revenue From Your Website

This is the the 4th step. In fact the final step to making money online.. By now you have your website set up and running.Earning Revenue From Your Website

You now have a successful business. So what next? You may ask. Well, the next thing to do is to start promoting Affiliate products on your website for commission.

In effect, you’re actually going to work as an Affiliate Marketer. So your job now is to join any of the well reputable affiliate programs such as:

  • Amazon Associate
  • Rakuten (or LinkShare)
  • CJ by Conversant Network
  • Click Bank
  • Affiliate Windows
  • ShareaSale & etc….

Yes, all these are some popular affiliate programs with some numerous products you can promote on your website for money.

Anytime a visitor comes to your website ans clicks on a link of a product you’re promoting to make a purchase, you get your commission for the referral coming from your website.You Get Your Commission Anytime a Customer Comes to Your Website & Clicks on a Product Link to the Affiliate Site To Buy Something

Some of them can give you up to almost about 20% to 50% commission. Commission varies depending on each affiliate program you join.

Also, your commission may depend on the products you promote on your website.

Amazon alone has over millions of products you can promote on your website.

But the truth is that, the commission you will get from Amazon is quite relatively low. compared to the others listed above.

But they are well reputable. And most people will like to buy a product from your website when they see that it is coming from Amazon.


Good News For You To Start Your Business NowThe Good News About Wealthy Affiliate

The good news is that, if you’re really interested in building your own business online. Wealthy Affiliate allows you to take a FREE Test Drive” of their Training to see how it works yourself, even before making any payment.

  1. On how to choose a niche
  2. On how to build your own website
  3. How to get Traffic to your website
  4. Finally how you can make a lot of money from your website

The good news is that you’re allowed to try the first lessons of Wealthy Affiliate for  FREE even before making any payment.


Want To Start Building Your Own Business Online Now? And be your own boss? Click On the Link below to give Wealthy Affiliate a FREE Test Drive Now!You're welcome To Give Wealthy Affiliate a FREE Test Drive




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I hope this article has been helpful? However, if you have any question about this post,  just feel FREE and leave it below.

My best wishes,


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