5 Easy Steps To Creating a Website – In Just 30 Seconds!

Are You looking for a way to create WordPress website from scratch? Probably you’re among the many out there who want to learn how to create a WordPress website for beginners. Well, in this article, I’m going to guide you through 5 Easy Steps To Creating a website.


Yes, you’re going to learn today how to create a website with WordPress step by step from this post.


There is a saying that a website is the back bone and foundation to any successful business online. And that is very true.

5 Easy Steps To Creating a Website - In Just 30 Seconds!

Having your own website is one step away towards achieving success online with any business you want to do.


As a result, creating a website has become vital and crucial to starting any business online.


So, I’m not surprised if you’re looking for a way to build your own website. As I told you earlier, I’m going to guide you through five very simple steps to achieving this goal in just some few seconds.


At most, in about 2 minutes we should be done with your website ready and running.


Watch this Short Video On How We Are Going To Do this In Some Very Simple Steps


NOTE: You do not need any CSS or HTML encoding knowledge to be able to accomplish this goal. We are going to do it in a very simple way.


Some Common Problems People Face When Trying to Build a Website

Many people do face challenges when wanting to build their own website for a business.

Others even feel that they need some special programming skills before they can achieve this goal of creating their own website.

That is the main reason why I decided to write this post, to help all who are interested in building their business website to achieve this goal in a very simple and easy way.

In fact, there are others who don’t even know what will be the best online business to start once they have finished creating their website.

So in this article, I will also recommend to you what has been the best business ever, that has been generating thousands of dollars for most website owners.


Now let start with creating our website in 5 simple steps! …

I Created A Step By Step Walk through Video Guide On How To Do It In Some Very Simple Steps. So Watch this Video & Get Started With Building Your Own Awesome Website for FREE!



5 Easy Steps To Creating Your Website – In Just 30 Seconds!5 Easy Steps To Creating Your Website - In Just 30 Seconds!

When it comes to building or creating your own business website, there many website building platforms that you can choose from. However, most of these site building platforms are not the best to use.


NB: You can build a website that will never get proper indexing and ranking in Google.


And a website that does not rank in Search Engines like Google is waste – you are not going to get any visitors and for that matter no conversion.

So if you want the best website building platform, the My #1 Recommendation is SiteRubix Building Platform.

SiteRubix Building Platform is a website creation platform own by an online community called Wealthy Affiliate 

Wealthy Affiliate teaches people how to create their own website in a “step by step way” using video tutorial and then give you training on how to make money out of your website by promoting affiliate products on it.

For example, Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to choose a nicheand then use that to build or create your own website.

A niche is your audience – that is what people search for often on the internet, being it a product or a particular information or even a problem people are looking for a solution to.

So you will actually be taught how to choose something that you’re very passionate about. So you can be writing content about it on your website for your visitors to read.


So after choosing your niche, your interest, Wealthy Affiliate will now guide you through a step by step way of creating your own FREE website to be ready for your business.


Now let me show you how simple & easy it is in creating your own business website using the SiteRubix building platform in a step by step way.


  • 1Step One (1):  This is the first step where you will CLICK on the SiteRubix Website Building tool” to get started with setting up your website.


5 Easy Steps To Creating a Website - In Just 30 Seconds!


  • 2Step Two (2): This is the second step, – at this stage you have the three options to choose from – whether you want to build on their FREE SiteRubix Sub-domain or you want to register your own domain or if you already have a domain which you want to use. 

Then afterwards, you will enter your domain which is your niche – I have already explained a niche to you like anything you’re passionate about, which people often come online to search for.

Example): You can choose electronics as your niche, or you can narrow the electronics down to let say you want to be advertising “digital cameras”, you can choose a digital camera as your niche and be writing articles about it. So those people searching for the digital camera online will find your website.

You can see below that I selected: howtoshoponline.siterubix.com. That is on the FREE domain.

5 Easy Steps To Creating a Website - In Just 30 Seconds!



  • 3) Step Three (3): At this third stage, – you will be presented with different themes to choose from. As you can see below you have over 2,735 themes to select from. In fact, when I get to this stage, I get overwhelmed, looking at all the designs available for FREE.

Actually, the theme you select will determine the “beauty and design” of your website, also how responsive and easy it will be for your visitors when they come to your website. Your theme needs to be simple and easy to navigate by your visitors.

NOTE: You can change your theme at any time after building your website  if you think you’re no longer interested in your theme or you no longer like it.

5 Easy Steps To Creating a Website - In Just 30 Seconds!



  • 4) Step Four (4):  This is the fourth stage –  At this stage, you have already selected website theme you want. You can see that I have selected one of the themes. Now all you have to do is to click on the GREEN  Click Here to Build This Site!”   – as “you can see below“ and you’re done!!

5 Easy Steps To Creating a Website - In Just 30 Seconds!


  • 5) Step Five (5): At this point, you’re now at the FINAL stage, as you can see below, you’re all set and SiteRubix is now preparing & getting your beautiful website ready for you, as you can clearly see below.

5 Easy Steps To Creating a Website - In Just 30 Seconds!


You can now use the SiteRubix Website building Tool Below to Build Your Own FREE Website Now!





Why I Recommend Wealthy Affiliate as the #1 Place to Build Your Website!

If you feel you still need a support in building your own website and especially training on how to make money from the website you’re going create then my best recommendation is to sign up to join the Wealthy Affiliate Training Program.


They have all the best training you need plus support from the expert within the community.

In addition, you’re going to also benefit from the 24/7 Live Chat within the community which gives you the ability to ask questions anytime you need help.


So do you really want to build your own successful business online? Wealthy Affiliate can guide you step by step through video training on how to accomplish this goal.

Many people are making thousands of dollars out of this training program. Do you want to be part of the ongoing testimonials?


  *The Good News For You* 

The “good news” is that, you’re allowed to try the first lessons of Wealthy Affiliate by creating a FREE account even before making any payment.


So you can give Wealthy Affiliate a “FREE Test Drive” even before making any payment





Are You Ready to Start the FREE Test Drive….?


⇒ Click Here To Create Your Own FREE Account With Wealthy Affiliate Now!


I’m very sure this post has been helpful. On the other hand, if you have any question just fee FREE and leave it below.


Wishing you all the best here,



10 thoughts on “5 Easy Steps To Creating a Website – In Just 30 Seconds!”

  1. When I thought of making my own website I was thinking I would not be able to do that sort of technical stuff to make one work. But, I found Wealthy Affiliate and they make it so simple to do. If I can build a website any one can! Wealthy Affiliate gives you all the tool to make it happen and the best part is you can do it for free and if you like the system and all it has to offer you can join for a really affordable price. I have seen no other online business site that comes close to Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks for posting this.

    1. Yes Craig, I also had the same feeling about that idea of creating my own website. I thought it was never possible until I found Wealthy Affiliate who have taught me step by step on how to build my won genuine business online.

      I just love the training being offered on the platform and all the tools available for use when sign up to join the community it so easy follow. Especially with the SiteRubix Website building Tool.

      It is only on the Wealthy Affiliate platform that makes it so easy to build your website that you are able to do so in just 30 seconds. What wonderful community we belong.

      Wishing you all the best.

  2. Hello Stephen,
    Thanks for creating this step-by-step infographic on creating a website!
    It certainly takes the guesswork out of it all.
    We have come a LONG way from Database and Wordperfect days – things ‘online’ now are some much easier and less time-consuming.
    Thanks for the information.

    1. Yes Michelle,

      Certainly creating your own website today is much more easier than ever before. No need to crack your brain about any HTML or CSS encoding. That is why I crated this article to help all who want to build their won business website online to know that it so simple to do.

      In fact the Wealthy Affiliate platform even makes it a bit more easier. I came to the community with no knowledge on how to build a website, but with their step by step video training, I was bale to that in just some few seconds without any hassles at all.

      So anyone looking for way to learn not just how to build their own business website but also how to make some income out of the website they have built are welcome the mots incredible;e community- Wealthy Affiliate.

  3. Hi Stephen, I was amazed at how easy it was to build a website using SiteRubix and the training at Wealthy Affiliate.

    I’ve built many websites before but they were just from canned website programs that were unforgiving when it came to making changes. Great explanation of the steps to take.

    1. Yes, Sue,

      I personally came to this community with absolutely no idea on how to build my own website, but with the help of the video training that Wealthy Affiliate offers and especially their SiteRubix Website Building Platform, I was able to achieve this in just some few seconds. I was amazed myself, at what I was able to accomplish.

      So I highly recommend this website build platform to anyone who want to build his or her own website and also learn how to make some money out of it.

  4. Stephen,

    It really is easy to set up a website. I never thought I would hear myself say that. But with Wealthy Affiliate, I was able to get a website set up with ease. Your post clearly lays out the steps to get started. A very informative post indeed.


    1. You should be proud of yourself Lisa, about what Wealthy Affiliate ha helped you accomplish. This is certainly the best community anyone can join.

      Yes, and I speak with confidence about Wealthy Affiliate as the best online platform to learn not just how to build a website, but alps, how to make some genuine more out of your built website.

  5. Hello Stephen, this was such an informative article. I can remember when the idea of creating a website took a developer to do it. Isn’t it so amazing that we could do this in less than a minute? It is so inspiring. Great job and thanks!

    1. You’re definitely right Ariel,

      Sometime ago creating a website was a real BIG challenge, but now things have become more easier than we could even imagine and all with the help of WordPress.

      Even more than that is the platform that Wealthy Affiliate offer, using their SiteRubix Plugin. This tool has really made Creating your personal website so easier than anyone could think. Yes, in just some 30 seconds you’re done creating your website.

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