6 Part Time Jobs for High School Students – Make $1K Per Month Here!

Are you looking for high paying jobs for high school students? OR: Perhaps are you looking for high jobs for 18 year olds? Or maybe you’re looking for jobs for high school students with no experience. Well let me help you discover 6 Part Time Jobs for High School Students 

Well, whether you’re in your 16, 17 or 18  and above looking for jobsLet Me Help You Discover 6 Part Time Jobs for High School Students for good paying jobs for 18 year olds online with little or no experience, I want you to know that you have really come to the right place. 

Yes, you have really come to the right place.







The Dangers Most Youth Face When Looking For Part Time Jobs Online!

However, before we get started, I want you to know some dangers that most high school and college students pass through when looking for some part time jobs to supplement their income.Youth, - Avoid these Dangers on the InternetYouth, - Avoid these Dangers on the Internet






I want you to know that, whiles there some genuine online jobs available, the majority of offers out there are real scams that you need to be careful about.

Most youth face the danger of falling into scams because scammers consider young ones as people with little or no experience at all. 

And they are often the target. So beware of scammers. Especially when an offer looks too good to be true.

Such as an offer that tells you that you can make about $1,000+ to even $5,000 per week or month without doing any hard work.

NOTE: Be careful about any offer that demands for your money or Credit card information before they tell you what they have for you. Its a Red Flag.

Sadly, most youth have falling victim into the hands of these scammers onlineThe Dangers Most Youth Face on the Internet

So, always look for an offer that allows you to try it before making payment so you will be able to see if it is worth paying with your money. 


So now, let me help You discover 6 Best Part Time Jobs for High School Students.



6 Best  Part Time Jobs for High School Students!

Below are a list of 6 solid and best part-time jobs for all high school students.

  • 1) Working As A Private Tutor

As a high school student, you may have some Knowledge & skills that can be of good use to most parents who would want their children to do well at school.You Can Be A Private Tutor As A High School Student on Part Time

Yes, you can be employed as a private tutor to teach kids at home. This is a good opportunity you can take advantage of and use the knowledge you have acquired to help such parents whiles making some good income out of it. 

This job gives you the freedom to schedule your own time that you will suit you for your clients.


  • 2) You Can Work As A Car Wash AttendantYou Can Work As A Car Wash Attendant on Part Time

One BIG opportunity you can take advantage of is working as a car wash attendant at a washing bay.

You Can Work As A Car Wash Attendant on Part Time

Also, one advantage of working as a car wash attendant is that you may stand the chance of getting some tips from customers who come to wash their cars.


However, this job has also got it own disadvantage, in a sense that since you’re always working with water, you may often find yourself damaging and changing  most of the dresses you take to work, due to the nature of the job.



  • 3) Working As A Baby Sitter

This is another fine job you can take advantage of as a high school student.So You can Work As A Baby Sitter Part Time

Any you can make some good income out of it. Babysitters usually work on Friday and Saturday evenings.

This gives them the rest of the week as a free time to pay attention to their own important matters.

Such as; paying attention to their own school curricular (academic)Baby Sitter Is Another Part Time Work For High School Students activities and home works & other stuff.

As a babysitter, you can expect to earn some considerable amount of money. Yes, you can earn some something like $12 to $16 dollars per hour, depending on the age of the baby.



  • 4) Working As a Landscaper/Lawn Care

Landscaping is another part time job that you can take advantage of. In this job also, you have the advantage of working outside to be able to enjoy the sunlight while you work for your money as well.You Can Work as a Landscaper /Lawn Care

Many people today hire young ones to mow their lawns for them. 

As a landscaper, you can expert to earn some considerable amount of money in a month.



Some landscapers pay about $175 per month to their customers, who are in turn expected to work 4 days in a month.

Suppose you have four customers, and you visit each customer in a week. So you work four days in a week, you can expect to earn something like $175 x 4 = $700 in a month, which is not bad at all.

With this money, you can buy whatever you need for your school activities.



  • 5) Can You Take Care of Animals?/ Animal Shelter

Do you have passion for animals? If so then  this is a great opportunity to do what you’re passionate about while making some money out of it.If You Can Take care of Animals It a Very Fine Opportunity For High School Students

Especially if you have in mind of becoming a veterinarian, then this type of part time job suit you very much.

This will give you firsthand experience on how to take good care animals, since you will get the opportunity to work closely with them.

At the same time, you will be making some income while you work & learn.

Of course, you may face some unpleasant challenges in this type of job. Such as helping in euthanasia of animals suffering from incurable diseases. 

However, like I said, if you have the interest of animals at heart and are interested in becoming a veterinarian then this is a good part time job that can help train you for the future.


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  • 6 You Can Work As an Affiliate Marketer -Well Recommended!

This is my final recommendation in the list and I highly recommend this type of online part time job to you because this is what I do personally.

So what is your work as an Affiliate Marketer? Well, your work basically involve promoting products from some popular Affiliate such as Amazon, eBay, LinkShare, ShareSale, CJ by Conversant, Click Bank, And to list a few…


And anytime you send a referral or a customer to any of these Affiliate programs that you’re promoting their products, and they take action by buying any products you get your commission for the referral coming from your website.

And the foundation for doing Affiliate Marketing is building your own business website, – which is very easy to do.


As I said you even do that in just some 30 minutes. Yes, very easy & quick.

And to Start with Affiliate marketing I recommend you join my recommended online Training Program that offers to teach you step by step on how to do this, in just 4 simple steps. As shown below


The 4 Simple Steps To Becoming An Affiliate Marketer!

This is how it works inside of Wealthy Affiliate: So “its four (4) simple steps” and don’t forget, you don’t need to have your own products or any experience to “earn revenue” as shown in step “4″ below!

  1. Choose an interest. Anything you’re passionate about – which people search for online.
  2. Build a website.
  3. Attract visitors. You get Traffic
  4. Earn revenue


Why I Recommend this Part Time Work!

NOTE: Since this is your own online business, you work at your own schedule, no one controls you, which is good for you as a high school student.

So you have control over your time ….


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If you ever have any question or comment about this post, just feel FREE and leave it in the comment box below. 


My best wishes,



20 thoughts on “6 Part Time Jobs for High School Students – Make $1K Per Month Here!”

  1. Dear Stephen,

    Thanks for the great post because of the rising economy and political situations we are in need of earning more and in this article you suggested great ideas for students. All those Ideas are great and for sure we can earn money if we plan it properly. As you said it well “Since this is your own online business, you work at your own schedule, no one controls you, which is good for you as a high school student.”

    Your Friend,

    1. Yes Paul,

      Time keeps changing as time changes, things also change and as a result there is also the need for us to change the way used to do things. Now working online from home has become the new trend that is ongoing and millions start now venturing into online businesses, working from their own comfort home and building some genuine income from home.

      And I think you in their high school can also take some advantage out of this fine opportunities and learn to build a business that will last into the future for them as they grow up

  2. Some great ideas here. I have a teenaged son and he is looking for ways to earn some money. Any of your suggestions above would be viable for him. I think most of us have done at least one of these in our younger years. For me it was mowing lawns and babysitting.

    Now, of course, it’s affiliate marketing for me, and I agree that it is a great idea for high school students who can easily create and maintain a website in their spare time, and by the time they reach their 20’s they could have a highly successful business of their own.

    1. Thanks Craig,

      When creating content opportunities, I also try to think about the youth, so in this way, all who visit my website can really find something beneficial that they are looking for.

      I’m glad you said you have a teen who can benefit from any of these opportunities listed above. And yes, we have all been in their age before so have been through all these job issues before, that is why I decided to create this post , so they will all find something to do and benefit themselves by visiting this website.

      I hope you will recommend this website to your teen boy so he can also benefit from reading this article and find some good opportunity here.

  3. Lots of great information here, Stephen. Students, whether high school or college, can benefit from any of these suggestions in this article. The last suggestion of starting an online business is my favorite. Wealthy Affiliate is a safe place to learn everything you need to build a business.

    All the best,

    1. Yes Sue,

      I surely agree with you that these selections are going to be of much help to all high school students looking for a way to extra make some money online – part time.

      As you said, I also recommend building their own businesses as youth especially if they have the future dream of building their own successful businesses online.

  4. High schoolers have more opportunities than when I was in high school. We were limited to babysitting and lawn mowing, or whatever we could make with our hands and get to sell. Most of us did the lemonade stand for a few days and kicked the bucket because it was boring. thanks for sharing these options with us.

    1. Thank you too Brittaney,

      Of course, these are some fine opportunities for all high school students. All the list above can bring some good income to help high school students to add up as a supplement of their income.

      I especially recommend the Affiliate Marketing if they intend to build their own business online which can continue into the future and thereby serve as a full time business for them. And it is very good to start now so they will be able lay a very good foundation for the future even as Craig said in his earlier comment.

  5. Stephen, this is a good list for college students to choose from. Here in New York, during the summer vacation, many kids get part-time jobs with major companies in New York City, and they complain that the money is good but the time working is too short.

    They always ask for ways that they can keep working part-time because not always their parents can handle some of their expenses. this site would be good for me to send them too.

    You may want to think about writing an ad on craigslist in New York or any other classified ads and send a link to this article so more students will have access to your list. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Yes David,

      I surely new this post is going to help may High School students out there in their teens who are looking for a way to work part time while on vacation or on holidays. All the part time jobs listed above are so classic, each youth and what they want to do and even what they enjoy doing most.

      However, any youth who have the dream of becoming a blogger one day online and wanting to build their own business on the internet should start with Affiliate Marketing now. And getting started now will be a very good way of building a good foundation for that future and becoming their own bosses.

      Yes, they can build a business that will generate some regular and god income for them now and in the future.

  6. This is great advice for students as they look for employment. I am a firm believer that the sooner someone can start working the quicker they will get a realistic outlook on life and it will help prepare them for adulthoon. You offer them some really good options here Stephen.

    1. Yes Craig,

      I hop that most youth in their High School find this article and learn how to make some good income online by learning step by step through My #1 recommended Training Program.

  7. Hi Stephen,

    This is a great article for kids to find work online…especially getting connected at a young age with Wealthy Affiliate. They could grow it into a fulltime business that will give them lifelong satisfaction and flexibility with their hours of work.

    1. Yes Annie,

      I wrote this article purposely to help all youth or High School Students who want to work part time from home during holidays to be able to supplement take care of their some of expenses.

      Especially if they want to buy something like books and other little expenses which they don’t want to fall on their parents for. These are all fine part time jobs they can take advantage of.

  8. Stephen,

    This is a very helpful post. I know a lot of young people fall prey to scams of making money. You are right, it is always a red flag when they promise things that are to good to be true. I never really thought about it, but I guess being an affiliate marketer as a younger person is a great idea. Their generation grew up around computers and most of them are very tech savvy.


    1. Yes Lisa,

      Youth are inexperienced and scammers know that very well, that is why thy are always their target. And unfortunately, most you fall prey into the hands of these scammers who then abuse them.

      So I wrote this post to, give all youth who wants to work part time from home to see how they can do that in a very safe and beneficial way.

      I know very well that this post will really bring satisfaction to most High School Students looking for a way to work part time from home.

  9. Hello Stephen,
    Great article!!
    For sure, this is a great starting point for young people with a sense of entrepreneurship. A lot of children just need guidance and then their brains will start ‘bursting’ with ideas’. I will share this with my social media network…sure that there are mothers, fathers, and teenagers who might be interested to get started.
    Thanks for the suggestions.

    1. Hello Michelle,

      That is very true, although all the part time jobs listed above are very good themselves, I think working as an Affiliate Marketer and building ones own business is the best thing ever that all youth can consider especially if they have the goal of becoming Affiliate marketers and having their own businesses.

      I will also look for a way to reach as many High School students as possible as I can to help them see the potential that they all have .

  10. Hello Stephen, This is such a great idea to have suggestions for how teenagers can find their way to creating a long term life style for themselves. Wealthy Affiliate is certainly a life long way to create sustainable business and profit streams.

    I hope more kids look at this as an option for going forward. Thanks for such an informative and interesting article.
    IN peace and gratitude, ariel

    1. Thank you Ariel,

      I’m so happy that you said this post is going to help many teenagers to learn to build their own business and create a long term lifestyle for themselves. Of course I had a good plan for all teenagers that is why I created this post to help them avoid the dangers falling into the hands of scammers and rather doping something that will help them build a good foundation for the future

      SO yes they are warm welcome to learning from the wonderful platform – Wealthy Affiliate. The good news is that there other youth like them who already learning from Wealthy Affiliate on how to build a successful business online.

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