6 Secrets Formula To Making $1000 Per Month at Wealthy Affiliate!

6 Secrets Formula To Making $1000 Per Month at Wealthy Affiliate!


Are you looking for a way to make money online? Many people like yourself are looking for this opportunity. So you’re fortunate to be here. In this article, I’m going to share with you my 6 Secrets Formula To Making $1000 Per Month at Wealthy Affiliate!

Many people wonder whether the training at Wealthy Affiliate really works, Well, if you’re one of them then I want to assure you that you are at the right place to get all your doubt cleared off.

Before I show you the 6 Secrets that  Wealthy Affiliate use to help their members to achieve this $1000 Per Month goal, I will like to briefly explain to you what Wealthy Affiliate is all about.


So What Is Wealthy Affiliate All About?What Is Wealthy Affiliate All About?







Well, Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform that provides training for all who are interested in building their won business online from their comfort home.

The platform is made up of over 1,000,000+ active members who are always helping each other to achieve their ,monetary goals. Yes, the support you get is what makes Wealthy Affiliate so special.

Plus a 24/7 Live Chat within the community – which gives you the opportunity to ask for help from expert in the online business anytime you’re in need.


NOTE: Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme program, so if you want a get rich quick program then wealthy Affiliate is not for you.You should be a serious person who is willing to learn and apply what you have been taught, In this way, success will then follow you.


Now that you have come to know what Wealthy Affiliate is about, let begin with the 6 Secrets Formula To Making $1000 Per Month at Wealthy Affiliate!


6 Secrets Formula To Making $1000 Per Month at Wealthy Affiliate!

This is a well proven formula that Wealthy Affiliate has been using for years, – which has helped their members build successful businesses online.

As a result, Wealthy Affiliate is full of success stories and testimonials. Yes, members within the community are always telling their story about how Wealthy Affiliate has helped them achieve their monetary goals.  You can also be one of them.6 Secrets Formula To Making $1000 Per Month at Wealthy Affiliate!

In fact I should say “one of us”, because I’m among those Wealthy Affiliate has helped to build a successful business that is generating some good income out for.




Now Let begin looking at this Secret formula. Okay here it is …


Problem + Solution + Benefit + Call To Action

I have used this for years and it is one of the things that has helped me make money on the Internet over the years. I use it writing any type of sales material and I also use it on my blog post. It is a proven formula.


1. You state the problem

People struggle to get traffic to a site.

People struggle to lose weight.

People struggle to keep their hair nice and soft

Whatever the problem is that you are going to solve in a couple of paragraphs tell them The Problem. Define it. Clarify it. Make it clear what the problem is


2. Tell Them Your Solution

People have places in their yard where there is no electricity Problem

Solar lights solve that problem by working where there is no electrical cords. Solution

Clearly state what the solution you have is. Not how it will help just what the solution is.


3. Tell Them How They Will Benefit

You do not talk about the features of the products or how great the company is.

Our solar lights can be run over by an army tank and it won’t hurt them is about the features.

After placing these lights in the dark areas of your yard you will be able to see without running an extension cord on top of the ground.

Now when the kids go out to play at night because of these solar lights you will feel better knowing that you can see them in they yard because of these solar light. Benefit

I see this mistake a lot where bloggers talk about how great and wonderful the program or product is instead of telling them how it will benefit them.

Using How to build a website as an example.

The problem

Not knowing how to build a website

The solution

The training at Wealthy Affiliate

The Benefit

Now they can build a business the right way that can make money.


4. Call To Action

Do not assume that they know what to do. Tell them what the next step is. Fill out the form, click the link, whatever action you want them to take tell them what it is clearly.

That one thing will change your conversions more than anything else. Give them a Call To Action.

Even if you are using a text link. Tell them to click the link.

Your Call To Action Helps Your Visitors To Know What Exactly they Should Do

In the Call To Action give them a sense of urgency. Don’t lie or make one up. Don’t say limited time offer or offer ends in two days unless it is true. People can see right through that. You can give them a sense of urgency without making something up.

For instance using Wealthy Affiliate as an example, “Haven’t you waited long enough to start building a business. It is time to start Click here to get started”


One More thing …

5. Try To Get More Comment on Your Post

Commenting your blog is  key to getting ranked easily in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing. Especially when there seem to be a very high competition on a particular key.

Having more comment on your blog can make a lot difference. Google will rank you ahead of your competitors when you have more comment the post you’re competing with.


6. Don’t Over Write

Well, what do I mean by saying this, people nowadays don’t like reading a lengthy content. In fact most people are loosing their interest in reading because of television and other electronic devices.

So if you write an article that is over 2000 words no one will read. People will visit your website without taken any action, because your post may appear to be boring in their eyes.

Having 1000 words is enough, at most 1200 will be fine. Don’t let your visitors come to your website and leave without taking any action, else your website will be waste.


If you follow this secret formula, then  surely success will follow you. – Yes, you will also achieve you’re monetary goals sooner or later!If you follow this secret formula, then  surely success will follow you


Now before anyone says there is a lot more to all of this, yes this is. Enough for several training’s but I am giving the simple side of it and hopefully it is easy to understand.


There are other formulas out there but this one I have used for years even in my blog post. It works over and over again. Wealthy Affiliate can teach you all that you need to achieve success online.


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I hope it helps you when you write your post in a way to get more sales from your blog. If you have any question or comment about this article, just feel FREE and leave it below.


All the best,



2 thoughts on “6 Secrets Formula To Making $1000 Per Month at Wealthy Affiliate!”

  1. Stephen,

    All are valid points and very valuable information. I could not agree more on “don’t over write.” I know myself that I have a short attention span. I just want details and answers to my questions that are easy to find. I appreciate shorter posts, packed with great information.


    1. Thanks Lisa, but when I said don’t overwrite, I meant that your post shouldn’t be be too long and boring. And the reason is that most people nowadays don’t like reading longer post. In fact it is estimated that the number people who read is increasingly coming down or reducing as a result of advancement in technology.

      So now people are more interested in watching with their eyes rather than reading longer & boring post. So if you have a post that features a video, it will be much more helpful than just a post with over 2000 words.

      Of course, as you said, there may be some few who are interested in detailed information to be able to convince themselves about the legitimacy of an offer. And I know such ones are people who are very careful about accepting any offer for the sake of scammers.

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