7 Best Work at Home Jobs for Moms – Make $1000 Per Month

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I’m pretty sure you’re among the many stay at home Moms out there are looking for work at home jobs for Moms to be able to earn some extra cash while they take care of their family.

If so, then you’re really fortunate to be here. In this post, I’m going to list 7 Best Work at Home Jobs for Moms that can help you earn some passive income while at your own comfort home.


The Common Problems People Face When Looking For Work At Home Jobs

There are many out there who would have loved to build their own business online that will continue to generate for them some passive income.

But unfortunately, most people just don’t know how to get started and even where to start from.

Many folks find themselves in the wrong place. Some even end up becoming victims of scams.

They may end up paying huge amount of money for online training platforms that don’t really work. And they end up loosing their precious and hard earn money to scammers.

So I created this post to help all folks looking for some genuine ways to make some money online.


So let get the ball rolling now …

  • 1) Working As an Affiliate Marketer

You may have heard about the term Affiliate Marketing before. So what is Affiliate Marketing then?

Well, the term Affiliate Marketing involves the promoting other people’s products on your website through a third party program known as Affiliate Program or Affiliate Network. Such as; Amazon, eBay, CJ Affiliate, LinkShare, Affiliate Windows etc.

So you get commission anytime a customers comes to your website and buys any of the products you’re promoting and the commission is paid to you by the Affiliate Program you have signed up to.


There are four steps to becoming a successful Affiliate Marketer. These include:

  1. Finding a Niche 
  2. Building your Niche website
  3. Getting Traffic to you website
  4. Earning revenue from your Traffic

NB: You don’t need top be worried about the idea of building your own business website. I’m going to show you My #1 recommended training program that can help you build your own website in just 30 seconds.

The Wealthy Affiliate Training Program

When it comes to online Training Platforms, there is no other than Wealthy Affiliate – where you will be taught step by step using video tutorials.

Plus a weekly Live Video Training and a 24/7 Live Chat which gives you the opportunity to interact with experienced members within the community.

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Good News For You!The Good News About Wealthy Affiliate!

The good news is that you’re allowed to Sign Up For FREE to try their training program so you can see how it really works before making any payment.

Also, I personally love this type of online opportunity because you don’t work for anybody, rather, you work as your own boss based on your own schedule

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NOTE: This is not one of the get-rich-quick opportunities out there,Rather, a very genuine way of building a successful business online by following all the step by step training given to you.

So you will need to put in some effort to achieve your monetary goals. So folks are making somewhere around $800 to $2000+ a month.

Some folks on the platform are even making up to $10,000+ every month. As I said, how much you earn all depends on your effort and how you apply the training given to you.


  • 2) Being a TranscriptionistWorking As a Transcriptionist - Work at Home Jobs For Mom

In case you’re a decent typist, you might have the capacity to get a little money from home utilizing your skills.

In case you’re an extremely incredible typist, well, at that point you might have the capacity to acquire some great cash in translation.

In addition to general transcription, there are open doors for transcribing in both the medical and lawful fields. In some particular fields, you may be required to provide some certification to qualify.

So What Is a Transcription Job: Well, transcription basically involves you listening to audio files and typing out what you hear. Easy enough, right? Companies usually hire transcriptionist without much experience, so some job postings might only require you to have a computer and keyboard to get started.

As a Transcriptionist, you can expect to earn $25 per every hour.


  • 3) Working As a Virtual AssistantYou Can Work As a Vitual Assistant - Another Work at Home Job for Moms

There are many companies out there who are looking to hire self-employed virtual assistants to save employment costs. You will perform typical office duties from home such as replying to emails, managing calendars, entering data, and assisting with social media.

This job is good for someone who is very organized with the ability to multitask.

As a virtual assistant, you can expect to earn $10 to $15 per hour.


  • 4) Doing Online SurveyOnline Survey Is Another Job For Work at Home Moms

Online survey job basically involves taking an opinion poll, answering questions about shopping habits or reviewing a product etc.

You’re generally paid in cash either through PayPal, Payza, mailed check or with points that can be redeemed for gift cards.

You can expect to earn $1 to $50 per survey, depending on the time involved.

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  • 5) Working As a Virtual  Corporate English Trainer

    Working As a Corporate English Trainer

This is a perfect job for native English speakers with basic computer skills who have interest in other cultures who love chatting online or over the phone.

You will need some form of office experience, since most students work in a corporate environment.You also need your own computer and a high-speed Internet connection.

If you’re bilingual, that is a fine opportunity  for you to use your skills to make some money while at home.


With this home job, you can expert to earn $15 per every hour.

Why You Can Take Advantage of this online offer

There are a lot of students living  in countries such as; China Japan, Korea, France and Germany are looking for English speakers to practice with.

Study sessions may focus on things like making professional small talk or running a meeting

Trainers are also provided with specifics on how to teach each topic, and are also trained themselves for two days before starting the job


  • 6) In-Home ChildcareYou Can Also Provide Home Childcare

This is similar to teaching or home tutoring in terms of skills, but completely different in terms of scope is a home daycare.

Unlike tutors that give lessons of about  30 or 60 minutes, home daycare providers use large portions of their homes for extended periods of time. However,  both require a love of working with children.

With this type of home job you can expect to earn about $50 to $60 a day.

NOTE: The good part of this job is that if you’re very good to their children, some parent may offer you additional gift in the form of money or whatever.


  • 7) You Be a Search  Engine  EvaluatorYou Can Also Work As a Search Engine Evaluator

This is another Classic online job for English speakers with some basic computer knowledge who are up on movies and music, as well as those familiar with other cultures.

So you’re basically you’re going to work for companies like Google, Bing and Yahoo who will  give you information to search for, and you tell them how closely their results matched what you were looking for.

For example; does a search for Marty Robbins turn up sites about the music or links to pre–Civil War period information?

Also, if you are Latina, you might be asked to search the way a Spanish speaker might perform a search in English. Jobs are usually between 10 to 25 hours a week.


Be On the Watch For Scammers!

You need to keep in mind that, although there many legitimate online opportunities out there.  There also tons of scammers looking for a way to fraud you.

So when looking for an online opportunity, below are some RED FLAGS” to keep in mind!

  1. Keep away from any online offer that has no information about the owners which you use to contact them.
  2. When the offer has NO FREE Trial. I mean if you cannot try it before making payment.
  3. When you are asked to pay money before getting to know what the offer is about.
  4. When you’re promised get-rich-quick – I mean when an offer says you can make $1000 per day or week without doing any hard work.
  5.  When there too many complaints compared to the positive reviews about the offer.

Yes, all the list above are some good work work at home jobs for stay at home moms that you can take advantage of.

Of course not ONLY stay at home moms but everyone looking for work at home jobs can also take advantage of these offers.

Especially the first one among all the list that allows you to build your own business and become your own boss online.


I hope this post has been helpful? However, if you have any question or need any help you can leave it in the comment box below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


My best wishes,



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