7 Steps to Explode Your Ranking in 2018

Want to explode your website ranking and be on top in Google Page One? If so, then follow me as I take you through 7 Steps to Explode Your Ranking in 2018. Yes, its very possible and you can achieve this in just some few minutes.

 In this article, I’m going to take you through a step by step way of getting ranked in Google’s Page one (1).

But before we even do so, let me briefly talk about some common mistakes most Affiliate Marketers do and why most of them don’t succeed in getting their website ranked in Google’s Page one. and other search Engines like Yahoo and Bing.


For example: Here is some common problem most Affiliate Marketers do face:

The Common Problem Most Affiliate Marketers Face

When it comes to getting ranked in major Search Engines like Google Yahoo and Bing, it has become a very challenging task among most affiliate Marketers.

And the point is,  if your website fails to get ranked, who will see it? And if nobody sees it, then you’re going to be a failure, why because you will not be able to make any sales at all.

So the BIG Question is, why do people fail in Search Engines like Google and the rest? Well, the major problem is as a result of lacking a good training platform and proper tools.

Yes, most affiliate marketers find themselves on platforms that are not helpful at all. If any, they are given the kind of training that does not work.

Also, they lack the correct tools that will help them to work their way and easily get ranked – such as using good and the correct type of Keyword Tool.

For instance, as a result of people not using the best  Keyword Tool, they turn to use broad keywords that are harder to get ranked with.

So what are broad keywords? You may ask.  Well, broad keywords are keywords with general terms.

For example, suppose someone uses the term “laptops” as his keyword, this is broad and will be difficult to get ranked because a lot of authority sites are use this broad keyword.

And because these sites already have the authority, they will easily get ranked, however, if you are a new affiliate marketer, it will be very difficult for your site to get ranked.

So then what is the best solution to this major problem that most newbies in affiliate marketing do face?

Well, as I said earlier, I’m going guide you through a step by step way of getting ranked in major Search Engines like Google Yahoo and Bing. So I’m going to help all newbies to solve this major problem.


7 Steps To Explode Your Ranking In 2018 – Solution!

So now let begin with a step by step way of getting your website ranked in Page one of Search Engines in 2018.


  • 1) Always Try Using Long Tail Keywords

Yes, one of the key things is using what is termed as “Long Tail keyword“. For example, instead of searching for a general term like affiliate marketing, you can search for something like: What is Affiliate Marketing?

Also when it comes to using Keywords, always try to target  Low Hanging Keyword Fruits – Low Hanging Keyword Fruits are keywords with the very low competition.

For example, instead of using a keyword with high competition and a high traffic, try to target keywords with a very low competition with some average amount of traffic.

So I will use a Keyword with 10 to 20 competition on my sites or even lower than that which has about 50 to 100+ traffic, rather than using a keyword with over 100 to 200 competition and about 1500 to 2000 traffic.

Which of the two do you think you can easily get ranked? Well, it’s obvious the first one will be much easier than the latter one.

To help you do that effectively, you need a good Keyword Tool and with that, My #1 Recommendation is Jaaxy Keyword Tool. The best keyword tool you can ever get.. Check it Here.


  • 2)  Always Make Your Contents Unique 

Always make sure to keep your content unique. Yes, your content must be special. This is because Google likes contents that are fresh and unique.

So make sure to follow the USP(Unique Selling Point)  for all the content you write. You don’t need to be an expert to achieve this. What is most important is making sure your contents are engaging.

NB: Never copy other people’s content for your website. Google bot doesn’t like duplicate content. Otherwise, your article will never get ranked in Google.


  • 3) Get Comments on Your Websites

Yes, this one key factor that Google and other search Engines look at before ranking your site or any article you write. So always make sure you have enough comments on your website.

Especially when an article you wrote seems to be very competitive. Having more comments than your competitors can make the difference.

Google will rank you if you have more engaging comments on your blog post or website.


  • 4) Share Your Post on Social Media

One of the most effective ways of getting your blog post ranked is by sharing it on social sites, such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and others. 

Especially with Google+, since Google owns it, is is very vital that you cultivate the habit of posting there all the time when you write a post. Doing so will help to boost your ranking.

NOTE: Always don’t forget to post on Google+ all the articles you write. It is very vital for your ranking. It works well for me.


  • 5) Try To Use Relevant Images on Your Website

Google likes relevant images so much much. Have you tried to search for an article on Google and then clicked on the images tab? Well, you will notice that there are tons of images that are relevant to what you searched for.

Also, you need to know that you’re writing not just for Google bot or any other Search Engine, but rather, you’re writing for humans to come and read and to take action.

And many people today are attracted by images – So make sure your content has enough relevant images.


  • 6) Use Google “AMP” Plugin on Your Site             

This is another tool that has been so helpful to many affiliate marketers, is the use of Google Amp.

Well, what this AMP does is that it actually act as your virtual website standing in between you and your visitors to help improve user experience.

So if you have the installed one of the Google AMP, it will help speed up your site loading speed especially for mobile users.

Yes, having Google AMP plugin installed on your site will help all mobile users to have a good experience with your website, which in turn will help to boost your ranking.


  • 7) Always “Fetch As Google” – Very Important!

This is your last and also, one of the most important steps you must take in other to get better ranking in Google, Yahoo & Bing. If you follow all these 7  steps, Google and other Search Engines will rank your website.

 To do this all you need to do is to create a FREE Google Webmaster Account (or Google Search Console). If you have this account you can easily do that.


The Benefits Of Fetching As Google

The advantage of doing this is that – when you fetch as Google, you are in effect telling Google Bot that ” Google Bot please come and see, I have written a new article which I want you to check and see if it will be of help to you”.

Yes, as Google Bot will immediately come and check as soon as you Fetch As Google. I do this all the time and it works perfectly for me.

In fact, using all these techniques help me to easily get ranked in Google and other Search Engine.


Where You Can Get FREE Help – My Recommendation

As I told you earlier, most Affiliate Marketers do fail because they lack proper training and support from an expert who is already in the business.

However, the good news is that there are few Classic online platforms that offer to teach you to step by step all you need in order to succeed as an affiliate marker, plus CLASSIC available trial tools which are very vital in helping you to succeed.

You can begin learning by trying it for FREE their first lessons even before making any payment. So you can testify for yourself how legitimate Wealthy Affiliate is and how their training really works – Yes, the most helpful community that is ready to help you succeed.

So are you struggling an affiliate marketer? Do you need help in making a successful online? Why not try my recommended program.


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Hope this article has been helpful and I’m sure you have learned something? However, if you have any question or comment, just feel FREE and leave it below.


My best wishes,



4 thoughts on “7 Steps to Explode Your Ranking in 2018”

  1. Stephen,

    I think long tail keywords are great for ranking high in Google. It is definitely good to target keywords that have lower competition. You have a much better chance of ranking higher. I know they’ve recently changed Google Webmasters. I am unable to find the “Fetch as Google” feature. I use to use that feature frequently. I hope they bring it back.


    1. Hello Lisa,

      These steps are classic approach you can use to able high on Google anytime you’re wring your contents. Especially if you’re a beginner and starting off as a newbie with a brand new website.

      Using Low hanging Keyword Fruits, Long Tail Keywords & applying all the formulas mentioned in this post are a very wonderful way of ranking high and getting to Page one of Google.

      I also fetch as Google all the time and Lisa, that Fetch as Google feature is still there when you log in to your Google Webmaster account.When you log in to your Webmaster account, you can find the Fetch as Google just at the top there where you will see Search Console.

  2. Hi there
    Thanks for sharing, writing post and sitting waiting for it to rank high in the search engines is long gone.
    There are so many blogs out there that without working hard to rank, all the work may be for nothing.
    I never use longtail keywords well, but then maybe because my niche is very narrow but I guess I too have to start using longtail keywords.
    Is there any training out there that only show how to search for long tail keywords?I do see posts mentioning it but I think I need more training.I`m not the person who gets things quick so I think a course dedicated to longtail keywords will work better for me.
    Thanks really informative and well written.

    1. Hello Roamy,

      Your comment is well appreciated and I’m so happy that you understand what I was trying to explain in this blog. Yes, as you read and have even confirmed. There are tons of blog websites out there that are not doing well at all in Search Engines, I mean they are not being ranked well.

      But why, you may ask? well, the answer is very simple, they are lacking the proper training and correct  tools that one needs as an affiliate marketer in order to make success. 

      Also, one key to success online with any business is support and help from expert, and it looks as though they are lacking any of these things as a result, leading to their failure to succeed.

      And as for your question regarding where you can go and get all the help you need about Long Tail Keywords, – there is no better place like Wealthy Affiliate, the only platform the offers to teach you step by step all the tricks you need to know in order to succeed with any online business.

      Wishing you all the best.

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