7 Strategies To Succeed As an Affiliate Marketer – Learn the Secret Here

7 Strategies To Succeed As an Affiliate Marketer


Are you searching for  Affiliate Marketing tips for beginners? OR Affiliate marketing strategies for beginners? Maybe you’re now starting & looking for some Affiliate Marketing success tips for beginners. Well, in this post, I’m going to show you 7 strategies to succeed as an affiliate marketer.

Yes, I will show you my secret strategies that has worked for me in making success as an affiliate marketer. You will learn how to  explode your ranking and achieve real succeed as an affiliate marketer.


The Problem Most Affiliate Marketers Face

Most affiliate marketers do fail because, they lack the proper training that will help them in their journey of achieve their monetary goals.

Most affiliate marketers do find themselves on platforms that do not really work. Yes, most online programs that promises to teach people on how to achieve success online do not really work as they claim.


Most programs would even demand that you pay some money before allowing you to get started,- without any hope or guarantee of getting your money back.

Now in this post, I will not just show you my secret that has really been working for me for the past years, but also I’m going to help you discover My #1 Recommended Program that has helped thousands to build successful businesses online.


Now here is the secret, let get started …


7 Strategies To Succeed As an Affiliate Marketer

To be successful as an affiliate marketer, you need to know what successful affiliate marketers are already doing to achieve success online.

And as I said, I’m going share with you what has been working for me so you can also start seeing real success in your business.

I’m actually going to divide this strategy into two (2) sections and they are:

  1. How to easily rank in Search Engines and get traffic as a result
  2. How to Make some good sales out of your Traffic.

You’re going to achieve all these goals through your content. Yes, content is KING.


How You Can Easily Get Ranked In Search Engines

To write content that easily get rank in Search Engines like Google – such as getting ranked on Google’s Page One, there some few secret strategies you must know and implement.


  • 1) Always Try Using Low Hanging Keyword Fruits

So what are Low Hanging Keyword Fruits? You may ask. Well, when we talk about low hanging keywords we are talking about Keywords with very low competition.Always Try Using Low Hanging Keyword Fruits

This is especially very important if your website is relatively new. Your competitors will always rank ahead of you if you keep using keywords with high competition and high search volume.





For example, I will go for a Keyword with as low competition as 10, or even 6, or 4. even if the search Traffic from that keyword is 100 or even 80.

Rather than using a keyword that has a search volume of 600 or even 1200 with a competition of about 120 or even 150. If you keep doing this you will never get ranked on Google’s Page One.Always Try Using Low Hanging Keyword Fruits

And the reason is that Your competitors whose websites are older have more authority in Search Engines like Google than your website and so they will always rank ahead of you. That is why I always recommend using Low Hanging Keyword Fruits.


  • 2) Use Long Tail Keywords All the Time

This is also very vital if you can easily rank on Page one of Google. But what are Long Tail Keywords you may ask.Always Make Good Use of Long Tail Keywords

Well, the expression Long Tail Keywords simply means keywords that are much longer. You need to know that your competitor who already have some authority usually use Short Tail Keywords


For example, your competitors may use a keyword like; Work Online. However, I will recommend that instead of using work online which is too short and for that reason may have more competition.


I will rather recommend using something such as; How to work online from home.  To be able to achieve this effectively, you need a good Keyword Tool.


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By so doing, Google will easily reward you and you will stand the chance of getting ranked on their Page one, even position one.


  • 3) Always Post Your Article To G+ & Fetch As Google

What do I mean by this? Well, what I simply mean is that, anytime you write a new post, try to first post it to Google Plus (G+) and then go to Google Search Console(Or Webmaster Tool) and Fetch As Google

If you don’t have a webmaster account you will want to create one now. If you ever experience any problem in doing this, you’re warmly welcome to contact me through my Email address as you can see at the top right corner of this website.

OR preferably, you can leave me a comment and add your Email address to it. And I will surely get back to you as soon as possible.

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Now lets have a look at the “other four (4) secrets”  you  need to know when creating contents that can really convert.


The 4 Secrets Formula To Creating Contents that Convert

NB: I’m going to continue with with the numbering so starting from NO. 4.


Problem + Solution + Benefit + Call To Action

I have used this for years and it is one of the things that has helped me make money on the Internet over the years. I use it writing any type of sales material and I also use it on my blog post. It is a proven formula.


  • 4) You First State the Problem

People are struggling to loose weight, others struggle to keep their hair nice and soft, still there may be some who are struggling to get some Traffic to their website.

So whatever the problem that you’re going to solve, – in a couple of paragraphs tell them The Problem. Define it. Clarify it.


  • 5) Tell Them Your Solution

At this point let your visitors know just what the solution is. People who want to build their own website may have no idea on how to go about it, state it clear to them what they can do to solve the problem.


  • 6) Let  Them Know How They Will Benefit 

Yes, at this point you need to convince your visitors to see how the solution you have given them can really benefit them. If you’re able to do so, then the next step which I’m going to show you will be successful.

Using how to build a website as an example.

The problem

Not knowing how to build a website

The solution

The training a my #1 recommended program can help you do that.

The Benefit

Now let them know how this Training Program you recommended can help them  build a business the right way that can make money.


  • 7 Your Call To Action

This is the final step, at this point you have already convince them of how your recommended program, products or whatever can help solve their problem.Now Tell Your Visitors What You Want them to Do (Your Call To Action-CTA)

So, what next? guess what? Your Call To Action (CTA). At this point tell them exactly what they should now to start seeing the benefits.

So let them take Action Now. And then you can make your sale. You need to know that their taken action will tell if you’re going make some sales or not.




NOTE: Although this is no all the secrets I use, I can’t talk about all in this content. However, if you follow this simple secrets I have shown you, then you’re surely going to see some success come your way.


If You Follow through the Secrets Steps I have Shown You, then Success Will Surely Follow You

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Your feedback on this post are warmly welcome. Leave it in the small comment box below.


All the best,



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