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There are many affiliate programs when it comes to health care. However among the many, my only and #1 Recommendation is Health talks Affiliate Program.


Overview of Health Talk Affiliate Program

Product: Health Talk Affiliate

Founders: No Info Yet

Price: Free to Start (Create a Free Account Here)


Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Verdict: My #1 Recommended Affiliate Program to all in the Health niche.


Why I Like Health Talk Affiliate Program

Of course, there are many health Affiliate programs out there that you can join as an Affiliate Marketer. However, if you’re a Beginner and your niche is about health, then My best and #1 recommendation to you is Health Talk Affiliate Program.


Below, I’m going to give you some solid reasons why I prefer Health Talk Affiliate Program even ,more than the Biggest Affiliate Programs out there.


Pros of Health Talk Affiliate 

  • Health talk Affiliate Program is Free to join.
  • Anyone from any country can easily register, compared to other such as Amazon.
  • Health Talk Affiliate Program is very easy to register compared to other Affiliate programs out there.
  • Health Talk Affiliate Program is the ONLY Affiliate Program that gives you banners already programmed to be posted on social media, such as Facebook and Tweeter.
  • You get up to 50% of Affiliate commission.
  • They have intro – video that explains clearly to you how to use their tools given to you.
  • Affiliate commission is very great compared to other popular affiliate programs such as Amazon and the rest.
  •  They have a tool called Custom Keyword Link that allows you to track all sources of your incoming traffic, thereby knowing which Keywords mare performing well.


Cons of Health Talk Affiliate

  • The ONLY con about this Affiliate program is that their products are not as many as compared to other affiliate such as Amazon.





So as you can clearly see for yourself, when it comes to affiliate programs out there, although there BIGGER and very popular ones, yet if your niche is about health, then my best recommendation to you is Health Talk Affiliate.

As you rightly read from the Pros above, their program is very easy to get registered, there is no barrier regardless of which country you come from.

Also what I really like about this Affiliate program is that fact that they give you Affiliate banners purposely prepared for social media and they have  a special tool that makes it possible for you to post banners directly on Facebook and Tweeter from their site

Also they have health summit talks which they give almost every month. And as a member, you’re given your own special affiliate banners with the Date of the Health Summit Talk on it.

So your job is just to click on the social media share button already prepared for you as part of the tools on their website and then share it on Facebook and Tweeter.

Very simple and easy to do. If anyone from Facebook is suffering a disease that is going to be addressed in the Health Summit which will be presented by their specialist (doctors), and follows your LINK to buy any products, you get your commission.

Also, Like any other affiliate program, they have Email Links and text Links, in addition to the banners they provide.





Some Health Talk Testimonials

Below, I’m going to share with a testimonial from a Wealthy Affiliate member who introduced this Health Affiliate Program to me and how without any hassles he was able to make some income out of this affiliate program.

Of course I haven’t earned anything yet because I joined this program only a week a go, however, I’m so passionate about it that I want everyone in the Health niche to know about this program and to promote their products.

Now see the Snapshot of the Testimonial I’m talking about.


So as you can see clearly over  there  at your right hand, this is a snapshot I took directly from Wealthy Affiliate, a premium member called Mary who introduced this wonderful Health Affiliate program to me.

If you cannot see clearly because of the picture quality of the snapshot I took, I recommend you click here to have a look at this testimonial yourself.










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