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Jaaxy is the Best Keyword Research Tool

Are You Looking for The Best Keyword Tool Free to use? You will no doubt agree with me that to be successful with your SEO and get better rankings in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing, you need a good Keyword Research Too.

This is because it will help you be ahead of your competitors. I mean Your keyword tool is  the KEY if your page or post can get ranked on Page one of Google.


But is Jaaxy Keyword Tool FREE? You may ask!

NOTE: The truth is that, you’re allowed to Create a FREE Trial Account for 30 FREE Keyword Searches and unlimited use of Jaaxy before making any pay.


Yes, Keywords are basically, the foundation of Search Engines Optimization. (SEO). Now let me show you why Jaaxy is #1 when it comes to Keyword Tools


Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

As an Affiliate Marketer, you need the best Keyword Tool that can show you your competition, the number traffic you can get from any keyword you use & etc.

That is exactly what Jaaxy Keyword Tool does, it gives you a comprehensive data after each Keyword Search you do with it.


Even before we dig deeper into  this review I recommend you watch this video to see how Jaaxy  Keyword Tool works


An Overview Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Product: Jaaxy Keyword Tool


Owners: Kyle and Carson

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Support: Very great, fast support

Verdict: Very CLASSIC, & a well recommended Keyword Tool for all who want to achieve success online from their website.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Is #1


How Jaaxy Keyword Tool Works

As I have said earlier, having a good Keyword Research Tool is fundamental to building any successful business online.

When you try to search for a keyword using Jaaxy, Jaaxy collect data from the three main search engines, such as; Google, Bing and Yahoo and displays this data in a very comprehensive and simplified way.

What Jaaxy does is that it helps you to know the number of Websites you’re competing with for a particular Keyword, the number of Traffic you will get from that Keyword & the Total Search per month.


NOTE : If no one sees your website, then you have no business as well . . .



So What Are Keywords? 

Probably you may have heard about the term Keywords. But question is, what does this term mean and how does it affect SEO.?

Well Keywords, as the name implies, is what people enter into their browsers to search for in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing.

For Example: A person looking for a way to loose weight naturally may type in the Search Engine a Keyword like: “How to loose weight naturally” or: “What is the best way to loose weight naturally.”

Now here is where Search Engines like Google, will determine whose article should be displayed.

And if your website will pop-up at Page one, it will depend on the type of Keyword you used when writing your content.


What Really Makes Jaaxy Unique?

Other Keyword Tools do not display for you comprehensive data like what Jaaxy does when you enter a Keyword & hit the search button.

For example, Google Keyword Planner’s “Competition” column does not display to you  the total number of competitor sites for a specific keyword.

It informs you of the amount of competition between Google AdWords advertisers for a particular keyword.


I also recommend you watch the  video below to see for yourself a step by step guide on Jaaxy  and how it works, an overview of Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool.



⇒ You Can Try Jaaxy Here Now!



Some Keyword Terms Associated With Jaaxy & their Meaning

To help you understand these terms, I took a snapshot during a keywords research so you could see the interface of Jaaxy & how it beautifully displays data.

Base on this snapshot, I’m going to explain to you some Keyword terms associated with Jaaxy & their meaning.


Now lets get started with these terms

Keyword: This actually represent the Keyword or the phrase you entered in to Jaaxy to start searching for the best niche or Keyword for your Post or Pages you want to publish.


AVG (Total Monthly Searches): This represent the total number of searches a keyword receives per month. To put simply, this is the total search traffic that a particular keyword receives in all the three main search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing.

 For example when you look at the first keyword it shows that the Avg for that keyword is 64, Traffic is 11 and QSR is 57.


Traffic: This represent the traffic you will you will get if your page or post get ranked on Google’s first result page.This is the lowest estimated traffic that Jaaxy reveals to you as to the number of potential visitors you can expect to receive from a particular keyword.

So for example, when you look at the search result in Jaaxy, the fifth (5th) – which is; “what is the best way to loose weight naturally“you can see that it has an average monthly search of (Avg) of 139, Traffic is 24 which is quite good with a QSR of 7.


QSR. (Stands for “Quoted Search Result”)In this case Jaaxy helps you to know the total number of pages or websites that are competing for the same keyword or phrase in Google.

Jaaxy uses an algorithm to determine the exact number of websites competing the same keyword or phrase.

For instance, the keyword; “what is the best way to loose weight naturally“, has a very low competition of ‘7’.

NOTE: The lower the number of competition (QSR), the better the keyword or phrase. Which means you could easily get ranked on Page one of Google if your keyword competition is very low.


KQI. (Which is the Keyword Quality Indicator): These three different types of light helps you to see the quality and the potential of the Keyword you have chosen.

For example a keyword with Red indicator is bad, Yellow is good, though I will not recommend it for you if you are a beginner. Green is Excellent for you as a beginner since it has just some few competition.


The SEO Power: Based on the previous scores and ranging from 0 to 100, this metric helps you to see if your keyword is good for SEO.

This tells you how easy it is to get rank for a specific keyword and if you’ll get an acceptable amount of visitors. The higher the number  the better it is. Averagely, 80 and above is pretty  good.


Domain Search: This checks and tells you if there exist exact match domain names for 8 different TLDs (domain extensions) available for your chosen keyword.


Site Rank: This is a great feature that helps you to check how your website or a post you wrote is being rank in Search Engines, like Google, Yahoo & Bing


NOTE: There are other very fine and classic features of Jaaxy which I did not talk about, when you sign up, you will get to know them all.


Jaaxy Payment Plan & My Bonus For You!

Jaaxy has three different plans, one is FREE, but the other two plans, you would have to pay some amount base on their benefits.


Jaaxy’s Free Starter (Price $0)

This plan is available for all Jaaxy users so they can try Jaaxy and see how it works. Afterward if they are satisfied with it and will be willing to pay for the monthly plan.

This gives you the opportunity to use Jaaxy to perform 30 searches of any keyword you prefer.


You’re Welcome to Give Jaaxy a FREE Test Drive Here now!

Enter a keyword  & Start Now … 


Jaaxy’s Pro Plan (Price $19/month)

The Pro Plan has everything you need to begin your keyword search. This plan, though  designed for those new to internet marketing, I think its also great even for those already with much experience in ONLINE marketing.

Your $19 per month package comes with the following benefits:

Sortable Search Results
 Unlimited Search History
 Search Analysis
 Manual QSR Search
 Manual Domain Search
 Alphabet Soup (15/letter)
 2x Multi-Threaded Search
 2K SiteRank Analysis Scans


⇒ Sign Up For the Pro Package Here ⇐


Jaaxy’s Enterprise Plan (Cost $49 /month)

As the name implies, if you are looking for more, extra features, to bring your ONLINE Business to the next level, the I will strongly recommend the Enterprise Plan for you

The Enterprise Plan has the following great features:

 35 Search Results
 5x Speed
 Automated QSR
 Automated Domain Search
 Alphabet Soup (50/letter)
 5x Multi-Threaded Search
 Unlimited Keyword Lists
 10K SiteRank Analysis Scans


⇒ Sign Up For the Enterprise Package Here!


Now have a look at the table below to see the full details of each the three plans:



NOTE: Jaaxy has another Plan called Lite, but this feature is ONLY available fro use for those in the Wealthy Affiliate community. ⇐  Bonus

Wealthy Affiliate is an incredible place where you can learn step by step on how to build your own successful business online.


 My Special Bonus

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If you have any question or comments about this review, feel FREE to leave it below


My best wishes,



10 thoughts on “Best Keyword Tool Free – Jaaxy Review”

  1. Stephen,

    I have been using Jaaxy since joining Wealthy Affiliate. It is a very helpful tool. Your review is very detailed, I appreciate the way you laid out all the benefits. The alphabet soup technique is really a neat feature. I think if anyone is looking for a quality keyword tool, Jaaxy is a great place to start.


    1. Thanks Lisa,

      Jaaxy is certainly a no brainer at all. In fact I haven’t seen any Keyword Tool which can be compared to the wonderful job Jaaxy does. Helping you to know all your competition, the amount of Traffic a particular Keyword can bring to your website, your post rankings and to list a few.

      Yes, all these are the things Jaaxy does that makes it so special and different from any Keyword tool. And I’m so glad that you have testify your self how effective Jaaxy is and how it can how you with your SEO to boost your website Traffic.

  2. Great review on jaaxy, a lot of of great information that will really help your readers to understand what jaaxy is all about . appreciate it when I’m made to know that my post and pages bring benefits to my readers. Thanks a lot, I have used jaaxy and i know it’s great !
    I will continue to provide my visitors with quality contents.

    1. Hi Mohammed,

      Thanks for letting me that my review has proved valuable. As I revealed in my review, I will personally recommend Jaaxy Keyword Tool to anyone looking for a CLASSIC Keyword tool for SEO writing and many more things.

  3. I love Jaaxy and that’s an excellent review of the platform. It is the definitive place online for excellent keyword research and I’ve had some of my content rank on the first page of Google because of it.

    You have nothing to loose by trying it out as you get 30 free searches if you sign up for it so you can see what it’s all about. Do you use the Brainstorm feature a lot?

    1. Hi Brian,

      Thanks so much for letting me know that this review was informative. It is good to hear that you know something   jaaxy and you can even recommend it to others.

  4. Informative Review! You have given a wealth of information. Your readers will be well informed. Jaaxy is truly the wat to go.

    Those who are on a low budget can make use of the Free Trial and if they are WA they can use the free Keyword Tool. Thanks for the Post.

  5. Great review on jaaxy, tons of great information that will really help your readers to understand what jaaxy is all about.

    1. Thanks Norman,
      It has always been my pleasure to provide my readers with quality contents and reviews that will benefit. I appreciate it when I’m made to know that my post and pages bring benefits to my readers. Thanks a lot, I will continue to provide my visitors with quality contents.

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