Camel Life Reviews – Is It a Scam Or Worth Your Effort & Money?


I decided to research more into this newly established MLM program and to write my review on it because I realized that there are many out there who’re searching for Camel Life Reviews.

So You’re far from alone if you want to know more about camel life – as to whether its a scam or not. I this review about Camel Life, I’m going to give you all the detailed information you need to know about this new MLM program.

But before we even dig deeper into what Camel Life is all about, let take a brief overview of this newly established MLM program.


Overview of My Camel Life – Reviews

Product: Camel Life Inc.

Founder: Robb Heering – Co founder(CEO)

Price: Ranges from a minimum package of $99.99 – $249.99 sign up fee, plus $14.95 monthly fee payment


My Rating: 4 out of 10


Camel Life Reviews – So What is Camel Life?

Well, as shown in my overview above, Camel Life is a newly innovative MLM program who produces and sell organic ingredients and pure Camel Milk! – such as cosmeceutical, and nutritional products made with only the finest organic ingredients and pure, all natural etc..


Camel Life’s products ranges from products ranging from Camel Milk Baby Wash, to Shower Gels, Body Butters, and more. We are proud to use all organic ingredients and PURE Camel Milk!


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How Camel Life Started

It all started when Robb Heering, decided to relocated with his family from Connecticut to  South Florida in 2012 to pursue various business ventures.

Early in the year 2015, a friend of  Robb urged him to accompany him in a visit to a local fair. Upon their arrival, Robb walked through a local Petting Zoo section. He noticed a variety of animals ion the Zoo – which included, baby goats, a few cows, and other animals.

However, Robb also spotted on a young camel in the Zoo – He noticed that the young camel looked very weak and scary, in fact the bay camel was not given a proper care and attention.

He also saw that the staff in the Petting Zoo fed the camel with ONLY a handful of grain and a very small bottle of watered down milk. This camel was ONLY two month old and have been separated from the mother to join the travelling Petting Zoo.

So, out of concern for this baby camel, Robb decided to take the young baby camel from them and give it a proper care. His request was granted and so he brought the camel home.

They took proper care of this young camel to the point that when it was about a year, it grew from 80-pound baby to almost 800. In November 2017, a check made showed that the camel now weighed over 1400 pounds!


How Camel Life Inc. MLM Business Started

So now what will Robb do about this camel? Well, he started a thorough research about camels. In his research, he found out that camels milk had some amazing nutritional and medicinal properties.

Robb started contacting farmers worldwide and making trips to places like the United Arab Emirates to find out how profitable camel milk can be.

Upon his research, he found out that camel milk has a lot of useful values and was consumed since ancient times by the those in the middle east.

He also realized that Camel milk is more environmentally friendly than cows milk, as camel’s do not need massive amounts of grazing area like goats and cows.

On the other hand, Unlike cows which produce milk continuously, camels are not like that. So camel milk is a bit uncommon compared to that of a cow.


Robb Now Begins His Business!

So Robb decided to take advantage of his findings and start a business out of it. After working with chemists, formulators, and experts in the fields of organic cosmetics, organic foods, dairy products, and manufacturing for about a year, Robb now decided to start his Camel Life MLM business which was launched in September 2017.

As a result of his research, they have been able to come up with their own proprietary products which include: Camel Milk Baby Wash, to Shower Gels, Body Butters, and many more…


Camel Life Products & their Health Benefits

It is believed that a Camel’s milk is naturally made up of varieties of nutrients which includes some special proteins coupled with other skin care and nutraceutical products.

So most of Camel Life’s products are used on the skin with some being ingested – such as Camel Milk Capsules, Nutritional Supplements, and Shake Mixes infused with Camel Milk.

Camel Milk has some beneficial active ingredients which includes:

Essential Fatty Acids including Omega 3
  • Also, Omega 6  & Omega 9 oils.- Which transforms dry or damaged skin into supple, soft, glowing, healthy-looking skin.
  • It also contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids – Which act as a collagen simulator and provides natural and gentle exfoliating action which helps to improve skin look and feel.
  • Vitamins & Minerals – Research shows that a Camel’s milk is full of Minerals and Vitamins which includes; vitamins A, B, C, D, and E.  These vitamins contain anti-ageing properties as well as functional anti-oxidant properties.
  • A Camel Milk’s Immune Protein: – Research shows that this  Immune protein is one of the most important components in a camel’s milk which provides natural antimicrobials, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory agents, and anti-fungal properties.


How Camel’s Milk Benefit the Body

According the Camel’s Life Inc. and their findings, a Camel’s milk can help in fighting the following diseases:

  • Very good for children with mild or severe allergies.
  • It helps in fighting auto-immune disorders such as disorders like Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis and to mention a few.
  • A Camel’s milk is very rich in Anti-oxidants – which helps to eliminate free radicals in the body as well as helping to cure pigmentation and cancerous cells.
  • Research also shows that a Camel’s milk is made up of a chemical compound called alpha-hydroxyl acid which helps smoothen fine lines and prevents wrinkles, thus delaying the onset of ageing.
  • Anti-Diabetes: – A Camel’s milk is also known to very helpful in fighting against Diabetes.
  • A camel’s Milk is also very important when it comes to fighting against inflammatory problems such as coughing and bronchitis.
  • A camel’s milk is also found to contain a very low fat, thereby helping in weight loss compared to a cows milk
  • Another disease that a Camel’s milk is found to help in treating is Tuberculosis.



Camel Life Business Opportunity

While I can recommend to you Camel Life’s products for their usefulness, I will not recommend their business opportunity to you for some few reasons I’m going to list below. However, the decision still lies in your hand.

  • Camel Life Inc. is NOT  FREE to join. You must pay a minimum of $99.99 to sign up.
  • All MLM products requires direct face to face selling skills to be able to sell their products
  • Some of Camel’s products are quite expensive to sell
  • You must be able to recruit other people into the program to earn money
  • You have ONLY 10% chance of making a success with MLM programs, including Camel Life.
  • There is no guarantee of getting your money back of you fail to succeed.


So personally, Camel Life Inc. is a very legitimate MLM program, however, I cannot recommend their business opportunity to you as your means for success due to what I know about all MLM programs.

If you’re here for their products then I can recommend it to you due to the many health benefits that come from a Camel’s Milk.


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If you have any question or comment about this review, feel FREE and leave it below in the comment box.


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