How to Avoid Online Scam – Learn their Tricks Here

Many people today have stopped taking part in any online program or offer because the internet is full of scammers who cannot be trusted. Even though there are legitimate offers online.

However, there are others who are extra careful and will normally type in Search Engines for some popular  keywords such as; how can I avoid online scam. And they may want to do some thorough research before deciding to accept any offer online.


Even if they ever want to accept any online offer or what to sign up to join any online program, they would want to search for more reviews on the particular offer before deciding as to whether they would accept or not.

The truth is that online scamming are real, they do happen all the time. And these scammers are so wicked, they careless about what will happen to you after you have been scammed. They don’t even mind if your bank account will be left empty and become their own. And they do not care about how their action can affect you. Whether it will cost you your live or not. All they are interested in is your money, their own selfish interest.

So beware of these scammers. They are very tricky and you can easily fall a victim to their scheme and become their target. You must be careful when surfing the internet.

Online scammers are very smart, and they may present an offer in a way that make it look so legitimate, only to find out that it is a scam.Watch yourself.

They may exploit you by using all the techniques possible to get you believe in what they have to sell to you. Don’t just give out your private information anyhow to people you do not no. Unless you’re fully convinced of what you’re doing.

It is sad to say that most people get trapped and are caught of-guard because of greediness. They may want a quick rich scheme, and as a result of that, they may want buy any hyped product from these scammers that promises to make them rich overnight

So then, knowing that the internet today is full of scammers, how can we avoid scams online. Well, follow me as I show you some tricks of these scammers ans how you can avoid them.


Some things to Look Out for About these Scammers


  • Don’t Give Out Your Private Information

Most often, these scammers may ask you for your private information. Especially if they have made you believe that a products or service they want to offer you can make you rich. Or can bring an income that can make you a millionaire.

They may ask you for some vital private information such as; your Credit Card details, your account information or any personal details. Be watchful. Also never send any money online in exchange for any offer you are not too sure about it legitimacy.

These scammers may eve request that you send them the money through bank wire, money gram or Western Union. Be careful about any of such request online.


  •  Beware of Get Rich Quick Scheme

Yes, this is a typical example of a scheme or a technique that these scammers are found of doing. And always get the naive to believe in their schemes. But how do they do it? Well, let me show you.

These scammers may ask you sometimes to just pay a very little amount of money that doesn’t make it look like a scam.

For example, you can be offered a product that tells you that you just have to pay $35, and claim that this $35 can generate you about $2000 to $5000 within just some weeks and months.

Sometime you may even hear such things as, there is a discount of 45% or even 50 % if possible. And they may often tell you that this offer is limited and so be quick to buy and enjoy the discount, only to find out that its a scam.

You just need to be extra careful. Any offer online that promises to make you rich overnight is or any get quick rich scheme is questionable. Don’t pay attention to hyped products online that promises to make you a billionaire overnight.


  •  When You Cannot Contact the Owner

Most online scammers will try to hide their true or real identity. Yes, they may be hiding behind the scene while wickedly looking for or demanding for your secret information or private information.

If a company cannot offer you an easy way to get in touch with the owners through their website or web page, but rather hiding and and demanding for your private information, then I’m sorry,  you should be careful. It might be a sign of another scam.

If it is website or sales page that is offering you any products online, try to contact their support team.

This is a quick test you can do to find out if a particular offer is legitimate or not. If you don’t get any response, you better stay far off from such offer. It could be a sign of danger.

  •  Be careful About Up-sells

One of the things to look out for is up-sells. Sometimes that is the technique scammers use to get the unwary. They may try to make you believe that they offering a promotion of a very important products that can change your life at a very ow price.

You may sometime be offered something that will cost you only for about $10, $19 or if any $25.But that may be just the beginning.

Then as soon as you enter your credit card information to make payment, you will be offered another up-sell, again and again, and  sometimes coupled with some down-sells as well, along the way.

Before you are aware, you have paid more than $1000 of some additional product you need to buying addition to your initial offer before completing the program or whatever they claim can change your life. Be careful of any offer that may require that you make a lot of purchases to be able to see success.


  •  When There Is No Support

You should also be on the look out for any online products that does not provide any support. Surely, if a product is truly legitimate and care about their customers, they will have a good and timely support team that are ever ready to assist and answer any questions that may come from their prospective customers.

So the best thing to do is to try to contact the support team of where this offer is coming from.

When you try to contact the support team of any company or an online program and you don’t get any response within 48 hours, then you better stay far off such program or offer. It could be a sign scam.


  • You My See Fake and Scammy Pictures

Sometime all you will see is on a product sales page or the website of an online offer is a very huge mansion, the latest posh and luxiriant car or someone sitting on the beach or laying down on the beach either relaxing or holding a laptop.

This could be a typical scam. You must be on the watch for such false schemes. All they may want you to believe is that when buy their scheming offer, you may get rich and be able to enjoy all these things.

Any legitimate online company will not try to showcase themselves with such luxuries for their services offer to be accepted. Rather, they must prove their legitimacy and credibility by displaying the products or services they have to offer on their website home page rather than trying to showcase such things as Luxury cars and big mansions.

  • They May Try to Offer  You a 90 day Guarantee

This is another  scheme these online scammers use to lure their viewers into believing that since there is guarantee, then it is a legitimate offer.

So be very careful about any products that promises you of a guarantee. It could be a real scam. If after 90 days you don’t get what the products promised to offer you and at the same time you’re not able to contact the owners or the support team, your money is gone forever.

Yes, they may promise you of a grantee just to lure you into believing that their offer is legit. only to realize that it is a scam. So if if you ever see any offer that keeps telling you about guarantee. You must be careful about such offers.

So all these are some things to look out for when it comes to scams online, so be careful not to be their target. Don’t fall a victim.


  • Always Do Thorough Research From Review Sites

before you decide to buy any products or accept any online offer out there, make sure you have done  a thorough research on any products or offer. You must read reviews on such a products from all reputable site that have their review on this new post.

Make sure there is a unanimous review on the products being offered to you. I you find out that you’re not convinced about what the reviews have to say about a particular online offer, please it will be advisable to stay far away from such and offer.

Only buy or accept an offer that you have done thorough research about, and which you’re are fully convinced about, based on all the different reviews you read from and your research..


What You Can Do to Avoid Scams Online

So, now that we have discussed some of these tricks and techniques used by scammers on the internet. Let us now look at some things we can do to protect our selves from these skillful scammers.

  • You must always make sure you have a very secured password for all your online account, including your Emails. And your password should be longer enough coupled with a mixture of letters and alphabet. Another thing you can do is to make sure you change your password regularly.
  • Never allow anyone to access your computer or device  remotely, unless it is someone you really know and trust. 
  • If you ever receive any spam Email such as the get rich quick scheme. The best thing to do id that you trash the spam Email. Don’t open the email. If you have opened it, the it is advisable you don’t click on any link. But if mistakenly you have clicked on LINK, then make sure you do not disclose any private information of yours. Such as your Credit Card details.
  • Always make sure the firewall of your PC or laptop is on. This is because the firewall on your computer serves as a security shield that helps protect your PC from any scamming attack.
  • Also make sure any website that tries to sell you anything or tries to offer you any product has a or uses a secured SSL encryption to help protect your site, such as; HTTPS . most of these scamming site do not come with a secure SSL. when you see a website that still uses HTTP or nothing at all. online starting with the domain name, then you must be vigilant.
  • Always make sure your Antivirus is secure and up to date to help protect your system from any intruders.


At this point, I am very sure you now know how to avoid online scam. Well, I’m sure there is no doubt that this pot has helped you learn how to avoid scams online

So does far, I’m pretty sure that you might have learnt a loot about these online scammers. But the big question is, where can we go to or start from if we want a legitimate online platform to join.

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