How to Check Your Ranking in Google – Do It Here For FREE

Are you an affiliate marketer? Do you own a personal website? If so then surely you want to know how to check your Ranking in Google and other Search Engines such as Yahoo & Bing.

I want you to know that if that is your concern for being here then you’re really at the right place.

In this article, I’m going to show you how you three (3) different ways you can successfully check and know your rankings in Google Yahoo and Bing.

It is very interesting that as Affiliate Markers or online entrepreneurs, we all want to know how well our website are doing in Search Engines.

And Google being the King and the Major one among all SEO(Search Engine Optimization), we all want to know how we are doing when it comes to our website ranking.

In fact it is estimates that Google alone hod about 60% of all the Search Traffic on the web or the internet. So yes, its worth getting ranked in Google.

Now let begin with the reason why you’re here. Three (3) ways to check your ranking in Google, Yahoo and Bing.


3 Ways To Check Your Website Rankings In Google, Yahoo & Bing!

As I said, I will be taking you through three (3) basic ways you can check your website rankings here. And the first step is ….

  • 1) Checking Your Ranking With Jaaxy Keyword Tool

This is the first and most effective way of Checking your websites rankings in Google, Yahoo & Bing. Why am I saying this? You may ask.

The other two (2) methods we will be disusing about cannot do that. With them, you can only check your rankings in Google – Yes, Google alone. Not in Bing & Yahoo.

But how does Jaaxy Keyword Tool helps You in Checking Your Rankings in Major Search Engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing.

To help you do that easily, I have created a video LINK here that you can follow. It will explain to you step by step how Jaaxy Keyword Tool Works and How You can take advantage of it.


Below is the Video Link, watch it and do as you have learned, it very simple …


Below Are Some Good Reasons Why Jaaxy Is My #1 Recommendation

  • Jaaxy helps you to select the best Long Tail Keywords that easily get ranked
  • You can check your ranking in Google Yahoo & Bing
  • With Jaaxy helps you can know the number of website you’re competing with for a particular keyword
  • Jaaxy helps you to know the amount of Traffic you will get for each keyword
  • Jaaxy can help you to choose a good & profitable domain name
  • Jaaxy helps you to select the best Affiliate Program for your niche site
  • With Jaaxy, you can save a keyword list for future use
  • Jaaxy also gives you search history where you can trace all your old Keyword searches
  • Jaaxy is designed to brain storm which products are best sellers on the market.

NOTE: for the sake of demonstration, I decided to put in this post a plugin for Jaaxy,  Try entering a Keyword such as; How to make money online” and see the result Jaaxy gives you.

You must sign up before seeing the result, and you can Create a FREE Trial Account Now!


In fact, Jaaxy even do more things than I have said, For My Full review on Jaaxy, I recommend you check from the  Links below –  these two post I wrote about Jaaxy

The two post are …

⇒ What is the Best Keyword Tool for SEO? Jaaxy Is #1

And the Other on is – this one gives you a full comprehensive review on all that you need to know about Jaaxy

Best Keyword Tool Free – Jaaxy Review

Yes, from this two post above you will learn all that you need to know about Jaaxy, plus what you have leaned from the video above.


  • 2)Using “Serplab” to Check Your Ranking

This is another FREE tool that can help you to check your website rankings, it actually FREE to use. But the limitation with this Tool is that, You can o\ONLY check your rankings in Google.

You cannot check your rankings in Yahoo & Bing. Also, ONLY Jaaxy keyword Tool, this tool cannot be used for keyword research and lacks other benefits which Jaaxy gives you.

To use serplab, you can can type this LINK into your web address:

Yes, so that is one way you can check your website rankings. As you ca see from the snapshot below.

As you can see above, I used Serplab to check my rankings on two articles I wrote on My Website,.

The first article shows that I’m on Google’, position number 26, and the second search shows that I’m number one, being the king myself, and yes, I have checked and seen that Google and actually ranked me on the first position of Page one.



  • 3) Using Google Incognito to Check your Rankings

With this method, as the name implies, you will be using a tool from Google itself to do the checking. This method is also very simple, however, it also has limitations just like the Serplab.

The Incognito mode is checking from your own web browser, in fact you can check from different browsers, such as; Mozilla Firefox, Internet explorer & Google chrome, but for the sake of time, we will online be talking about how you can check with “Google Chrome”.

So to do this, there are some few but simple steps you need to go through to accomplish that. The steps are:

  1. Move the mouse pointer to the right right side of your Chrome browser’s address bar
  2. At the right side of the address bar, locate the three (3) vertical dots on your browser.
  3. When you move your mouse pointer on the three (3) dots – you will see Customize and Control Google Chrome..
  4. Click on those three dots, and a drop down menu will appear.
  5. On the drop down menu, – select “New Incognito Window”  and click on it.
  6. Now you will be taken to a newly opened window, at this place whatever you search on Google is in private mode.
  7. No cookies are used here. So if you type in your keyword and see your website ranked on Page one (1), then it is real. You Rock! Google has ranked your website one their first page!


So yes, these are  the steps you can follow using Google Incognito Mode to check your actual ranking.


NOTE: If you just type in your keyword in Google, using the normal search without the Incognito mode, Google can sometime deceive you into thinking that your website have actually been ranked on their First Page.

However,  in reality, it may be false, this is because your browser uses cookies to store data and especially if you’re logged in to your website, it is easier for you to be deceived into thinking that you’re on Page 1, meanwhile you may even be on Page 4 of Google.

On the other hand, incognito mode does not use cookies, so whatever result Google displays is the real and your actual ranking on their Search Engine with that particular keyword.


So to achieve the correct result, you need to always search using incognito mode, that is if you want to know your actual ranking on Google. Bing also does the same thing.


I surely hope this article has proved to be very helpful. On the other hand, if you feel you have any question or anything you do not understand, just feel FREE and leave it below.


All the best here,



2 thoughts on “How to Check Your Ranking in Google – Do It Here For FREE”

  1. Checking rankings in Google is essential for anyone who has an online business and relies on SEO for traffic. Personally, I’m using Jaaxy. It may not be free after 30 searches but it is still a great investment for your online business. I always use Google Incognito after writing new content to see where I am actually positioned at in Google. I have never heard about Serplab but I will check it out now that you mentioned it.

    1. Thanks John,

      I’m glad you know about Jaaxy Keyword Tool and the many wonderful works it does. It is so useful apart from the fact that you can use it to check your website ranking in Search engines you can also use it for other equally good things.

      Serplab also works fine in checking your rankings, but it can only check your ranking in Google,l not other Search Engines, Like Yahoo and Bing, like Jaaxy can do for you.

      And another google tool you can use is their incognito mode, which also work so well for me.

      Thanks a lot for leaving your comment.

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