How To Earn Money Online Free-Learn the Secret Now

Probably You’re among the many out there looking for a way to earn some money online. If so, then You’re never alone.Your content must be helpful to your readers

There are over billions out there having the same desire of working from their own comfortable home and making some money online. Now the BIG question is can You really make money on the internet from home?


Well, the answer is a BIG Yes. There are over millions out there who work online from home and are earning some good income which is far better than any traditional 9 to 5 job can offer.

Honestly, if You were asked how You feel about Your Traditional job, what would be Your answer? Can You really say You love Your job? Or is it the stressful type? If Your answer is the latter then we are here to help you today to become your own boss online.


Why Working From Home Is More Beneficial

There are a number of good reasons why many folks consider working from home. Some these include:

  • You’re not under any pressure from the so-called boss in the office.
  • You avoid all the stress that comes from being in a traffic queue.
  • You have time for Your family & other important matters
  • You can earn unlimited income compared to Your traditional 9 to 5 Job.
  • You can plan on a vacation trip with Your family at any time.
  • You’re able to buy what Your heart really desire with your income.
  • You do not have to wake up too early to prepare for work.


Yes, these are just some few of the many good reasons why many folks decide to work from their comfortable home instead of the 9 to 5 job the sacks and drain You of Your strength. 



How To Get Started Earning Income From Home

There are basically 4 simple steps to this.

Of course, there are other ways You can make money online from home. But the method I’m going to show You is the simplest and most popular method used by millions out there to earn income online.

Make Money With these 4 Simple Steps

The steps are:

  1. Choose an interest (anything You’re passionate about). Your Niche.
  2. Build Your Niche Website.
  3. Get Traffic to Your website (Traffic is the people who visit Your website.
  4. Now Its time to start generating income from Your Traffic.


Yes, this is all You need. And I can assure You that if You’re able to achieve these 4 simple steps You’re on Your way to success. This is what the gurus out there do and nothing else.


The most important thing is building a responsive website with engaging content. I mean content that is useful to Your visitors. Once Your visitors find value in Your content, You’re building trust and that leads to more conversion.


Choosing Your Niche – Your Passion.

A niche is simply a GROUP of PEOPLE.

These people are interested in something, but something specific. The key when choosing this group of people is to be very specific because if you are too broad, then it is going to be difficult to talk to your audience.

It is like someone walking into a supermarket looking for advice on “how to improve their metabolism”. It is not going to happen and you are not likely to trust the source of the information. Definitely not like the experience you would get if you walked into a store that specialized in metabolism.

Within the online world, there are 3.75 BILLION people. That is the biggest marketplace in the world by a long shot so you want to really become an expert within the very specific category you choose.

When it comes to choosing a niche, there are tons of products are there that you can choose to promote. Amazon alone has some millions of products that they need website owners to promote for them.


Some popular niches You can build Your website around include:

  • Electronic products such as Drones, Mobile phone & Tablets
  • Weight loss is another hot niche you can think.
  • Your niche can be for people looking for help for hair loss.
  • You can choose to promote stimulation toys for infants.
  • You can also promote learning apps for babies.
  • You can also promote classic children’s books.
  • If football or basketball is Your passion is that can also be Your Niche


NOTE: For more information on choosing a profitable Niche Check Here


So there are tons of products are there that people are always searching for which you can build your website around and promote them for a commission.


Traffic Is the Key To Your Success Online

Yes, any online business owner knows that traffic is very vital. Why because if you have the best website with valuable content and even the best offer and there is no Traffic, You’re just beating about the bush.

All Your work is waste. Most people start with online business and quit because they don’t get the traffic they expected within a certain amount of time.


However, there are online training platforms where You can get all the Tips and Tricks You need to generate the amount of Traffic You need for Your success.


Where To  Get the Best Training For Your Success


When it comes to online training programs and courses, there are countless thousands of them out there. However, not all of them can be trusted or reliable.

Some may require that you pay over $350 to $500 per month to receive such training.

There are others that would even demand more than that. Some may even go to the extent of asking for your personal information such as your credit card information before you get to know what they have for you.


NB: Always be watchful of any offer that demands first for your credit card information. Yes, offers that have NO FREE Trial are REAL Dangers to watch out for. It could be one of the scams out there.


My #1 Recommended Training Program

The key things to look out for when searching for the best online training program are:

  1. A Good & Reliable Step by Step Training.
  2. A platform with a good Support system in place.
  3. A platform that offers You a FREE website to get started.
  4. A Training platform that gives You all the Tools You need to succeed.

If You’re looking for the best online training program that will give You all the basic but important list above then my best recommendation to You is Wealthy Affiliate.


They have the best step by step training program specially designed for both Newbies and Expert in online entrepreneurship.

So no matter Your level of experience, Wealthy Affiliate will give You all the training You need through videos and text tutorials to help you build a successful business online.


What I even love about this platform is the 24/7 Live Chat available within the community where You can get help from experts who are already making a success.Wealthy Affiliate 24/7  Live Chat Support


In addition to that, Wealthy Affiliate will guide you step by step on how to Build Your own FREE website as soon as You sign up to join the platform.


You can watch the video on how to Build Your own FREE website in Just 30 seconds by Clicking on the Link below.


Build Your Niche Website In Just 30 Seconds
     Click Here To Build Your Own Website In Just 30 Seconds


The Good News About Wealthy Affiliate Training

Back in 2007 when Wealthy Affiliate was just 2 years old after establishment (by Kyle and Carson) – Two Canadians. You have to pay a full premium membership to access to the community.

However, because the owners of this platform are so caring and want all who want to build an online business but do not have the means to pay for the Premium Membership can now create a FREE Starter account.

Yes, Wealthy Affiliate allows You to create a FREE Starter account which gives you full access to the first 10 lessons of the module of the 7 Training modules.


Your FREE Starter Account Gives You the Following Benefits

Your FREE Starter Account ($0) gives You the following bonuses!

  • Two (2) Free website
  • Beginner work through video
  • 24/7 Live Chat
  • Amazing Support from over 1000,000+ active community members
  • Access to the Step by Step Training for FREE starters
  • Affiliate Bootcamp course one (1)
  •  Free access to your own Affiliate blogs within the platform
  • Access to 2 training classrooms
  • Ability to get enrolled into their affiliate program
  • Then finally your opportunity to start earning while learning


They will teach you step by step all that you need to do in order to build your own genuine business online.




⇒  Give Wealthy Affiliate A FREE Test Drive Now! 


How Wealthy Affiliate Helps You Make Money Online.

After teaching you how to build your own business website, Wealthy Affiliate will also guide you on how to make money from your website.

Yes, you will be taught how to promote products from Affiliate Programs (or Affiliate Networks) – such as; Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, ShareASale, Click Bank, CJ Affiliate and list a few …


Yes, you will actually be working as an Affiliate Marketer, so you will be promoting products from these most reputable affiliate programs on your website for a commission.

You get your commission when a visitor to your website clicks on a LINK of a product you’re promoting and then goes to the Affiliate site to buy it.

Your commission varies, depending on the products bought. Some Affiliate offers up to 50% commission, others may offer to give you 5%, 10% up to about 20% commission.


So the commission you may get will highly depend on your affiliate program and the products you promote on your website.

In fact, there are tons of thousands of products which you promote and earn commission from it. And you can make a lot of money doing this.


Want to Start Now, and be part of the many SUCCESS STORIES  &TESTIMONIALS   which are being told every day?


  ⇓                         ⇓

⇒ Click Here Now To Join Wealthy Affiliate,  the Most Incredible Community & Start Your Own Journey of Making Success Online!


If You ever have any question or comment, please feel FREE and leave it below and I will get back to you.


Wishing you all the best,



20 thoughts on “How To Earn Money Online Free-Learn the Secret Now”

  1. Hello Stephen, As one who is a member of WA, I can only sing its praises. As you have said this is such a great opportunity to learn to earn. The training is amazing and the community is so supportive and caring. I highly recommend becoming a part of this great community where anything is possible.
    in peace and gratitude, ariel

    1. Thanks Ariel, I’m so glad you have found this wonderful community that is helping millions of people worldwide to build their own successful businesses online.

      Indeed, Wealthy Affiliate is a NO Brainer at all and it is worth everybody’s consideration. Yes for all who want to build their won genuine businesses online.

  2. Hi there,
    Great website, I absolutely love it and you really give good deal of info and detail which would definitely make me want to join up. Especially like the build your own site rubix free website now. Really good idea.
    You might want to go through,though there is  nothing that detracts from how great the page is in general

    1. Hello Stephanie,

      Thanks for sharing your thought on this post, and for letting me know that you found the post informative. I appreciate that. Of course, that has always been my desire to create content that will help meet the needs of my readers and visitors to my site.

      I’m glad you want to consider joining the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. As I mentioned in the post, if you’re really interested in doing and business or working online for a regular successful income, then there is no other platform to join than Wealthy Affiliate.

      Yes, my NO.1 Recommended Affiliate Program and I will keep recommending them for the sake of their good reputation.

  3. Hey man, first of all thanks for this great, interesting and very informative article on making money online.
    I joined wealthy affiliate a few months ago and I have to say that I am enjoying the membership and the community quite a lot.
    But I haven’t made my first sale yet 🙁

    1. Hey friend,

      Thanks  a lot for sharing your experience about Wealthy Affiliate and what you’re enjoying there. Your comment will help all to know the truthfulness of the  Wealthy Affiliate platform.

  4. Good write up about Wealthy Affiliate. In fact it is pretty intense! I also like the fact that you are given a free starter to try it out which allows you time to think whether do you want to continue. And I would assumed that the free account would not be expired. I would also like the fact that it provides basic facilities such as quick creating a website using WordPress and this should get me to hands on immediately as you learn through.

    1. Hello friend,

      Thanks so much for sharing your opinion on this review. Indeed Wealthy Affiliate is a wonderful platform to start any ONLINE business. Especially since you will be given a FREE starter. This will help all who would like to join the premium membership in the future to taste and see how Legitimate Wealthy Affiliate is.

      I will recommend you try the FREE starter first to see how WA works.

  5. Stephen, this is a very informative article on Wealthy Affiliate, I had no idea that it was possible to earn money online for free. I’m always skeptical whenever I read or hear such claims. However, I did a little bit of research on Wealthy Affiliate and people had lots of good things to say about it, so I think it’s the real deal. Is there anything that you dislike about the Wealthy Affiliate program?

    1. Hey man,

      Glad to meet you. It very true that most people are skeptical zboit trying anything online because the internet today is full of SCAMMERS. But the truth is that there are also legitimate offers online. Snd Wealthy Affiliate as you said is one of them.

      For me personally, to be truthful with you, I have not yet seen anything negative about Wealthy Affiliate. Only that the whole course, the platform and the training you will receive from them is time consuming. I mean, you will need to invest time so you can fully benefits from your training, and I don’t see this to be a problem since the training is for your own success.

  6. Great Wealthy Affiliate review. it was the free to join offer that convinced me to join. So many sites say they are free to join but they take your payment details when you sign up. Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t do that. Like a lot of others, I have been scammed in the past but with WA there was nothing to lose so I joined. I also like the fact that there are no up-sells and it is so easy to get help when you need it. The only thing in your post I would change is your rating of WA. I would give it a 98 out of 100.

    1. Thanks a lot Margaret,

      It is good to hear that many people can testify how Legitimate Wealthy Affiliate is. In fact, I will recommend WA to all who wants to do some business online.

  7. I want to make money, but right now I can’t make any financial commitment because I just got married and have increased the cost of my expenses.

    I was thinking of joining your recommendation and may be after I make money with the program I can upgrade. Is that possible? And how long I would it take for me to earn with the free account?

    1. Hi Dave,

      First of all wishing you al the best with your marriage. Yes you can start for FREE hear at Wealthy Affiliate and I mean FREE.

      And once you sign up for the FREE Starter account you czn continue to remain on the FREE STARTER forever. It has no limited time.

      Only that, like I revealed in my review, the PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP has got advsntages over the FREE Starter.


  8. Stephen, this is a great article about Wealthy Affiliates. You are so on point with the fact that you really can build a great online business with this platform!
    I have recently joined the Wealthy Affiliate family and I am amazed at the amount of help and training that there is.
    Any ideas on how long it takes before you start to see results, or begin to earn a living using this platform?

    1. Hi,

      First of all I want to say thank you for appreciating my review on Wealthy Affiliate, indeed the most successful platform anyone can start earning some money ONLINE.

      But to for your question on when anyone can start earning some income. I want to let you know that as you read from my review; Wealthy Affiliate do not promise to make you rich overnight, rather they give you all the train ing and support you need in order to succeed with your ONLINE Business.

      And so to put simply, I will say when you start to earn directly depends on when your effort in applying practically all the things you are learning.

      Thanks a lot. Hope i made sense.

  9. Hi Stephen, I like the idea of starting for free and testing the waters but how many hours per day/week I need to work before start earning money? I can not leave my job yet and I want to try it. I do not think that I can work over 1-2 hours ped day.

    1. Hi,

      Good to hear that from you, indeed Wealthy Affiliate continuous to offer this FREE Starter membership for all who wants to try their plat form and see the truthfulness in it and how it works. So I will recommend you try the Free starter and see how Wealthy Affiliate works yourself.

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