How to Increase a Website Traffic – Learn the Secret Here

Do You Have a Personal Website? Are You in desperate need of traffic? Do you know how to increase a website traffic so you can get more visitors to your website? Well, follow me as I show you how you can easily do this.

How to Increase a Website Traffic

So as I said, in this post, I am gong to show you the secret of getting some organic traffic to your website. I will show you five steps you can take to be able to get this traffic on your website.


Eight(8) Steps to Get Traffic to Your Website

Many today have built their website, but with no traffic. And the truth is that a website with no traffic is useless. Why? because it is the traffic that will bring you money.

But how? You may ask. Well, traffic is the people out there searching for information on the internet. People looking for products to buy.

And if your website is not recognized or seen by these visitors, what it simply means is that you will get no traffic at all. And NO traffic means no income, because it is the traffic that leads to conversion, thereby generating you income.

The truth is that most websites nowadays do not survive and they shut down and collapse because their owners give up when they do not get traffic as they expected.

But how much traffic can you expect to receive on your website, Well, when it comes to getting traffic to your website you need to be realistic. You cannot expect to get 100,000 visitors per day when you have a new website.

Only those with an old website which has lasted for over 5 to 10 years can expect to see such traffic. These experienced website owners must have built a lot of trust with their visitors on the internet over the years to be able to start seeing such traffic.

However, with determination and patience, you can expect to see some reasonable traffic. You can target about 2,000 visitors in a day. But all depends on what you do. It requires some hard work to be able to achieve this desired result.

So then how do you get this traffic to your website to generate you income?

Let me show you how through the steps below.

Well, there are many ways through which you can drive traffic to your website. Some of these include; SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC, Email marketing, Video marketing, guest blogging and many more …

But in this article, I will show you the method that I used which worked best for me. That is using SEO to properly leverage your traffic.

The fact is that most website builders target the three (3) major Search Engines,How to get FREE Traffic From Google, Yahoo & Bing namely; Google Yahoo and Bing, with Google being the major among the three.

And the reason is that most online searchers look for what they need by typing them through these major Search Engines.

Google is known to be the biggest of the three because it is estimated that it holds about 65% of the search traffic. That means that about 65% of the over 3.5 billion people who use the internet use Google as their major  Search Engine.

Now let me take you through the steps and techniques you can employ to get some good and the desired traffic you need to your website.


  • 1) Write With ConsistencyAlways Try to Write With Consistency

Google, being the major Search Engine, will not rank your website within the first few weeks or months. rather, it can take about 6 months going before you can start to see some traffic dripping in bit by bit.

 According to research, Google likes consistency, so if you can write consistency then you would be able to build trust with Google. And Google will in turn give you authority.

It is often best to write about 4 to 5 articles in a week, if your circumstance will allow. If not, at least you should be able to write 2 to 3 post in a week, which is quite better.

You cannot just write only one article in a week and expect to get ranked by Google or any of these three major Search engines.

The advantage of writing with consistency is that, Google will be visiting your website more often if you’re able to do that, thereby leading to more authority from Google. Once you have built that trust with Google, you can expect to see some good traffic coming in.

So write with consistency and be patient, and you will eventually see the desire result.


  • 2) Produce Original ContentYour Content Must Be Original

Google and all the other Search Engines value quality content. So do your utmost best to take your time and write content that have much value to your readers.

One thing you should note and be very careful about is copying other people’s content from their site. You should never do. If you do it, what will happen is that Google bot will notice and will not rank your content.

So always try to write content that is fresh and informative to your visitors. I meanWrite Unique and a High Quality Content quality content. If you’re able to do this, surely google will pay you off and give you the authority.

If your contents are persuasive and engaging, you can expect some better result from Search Engines, such as Google. And in this way, your visitors tend to keep long when they visit your website. Because you have given them something worthwhile that makes them feel engaged.


NOTE: Your content must be original, unique, persuasive, useful, natural and informative to your readers. In this way, you can expect to get ranked.


  • 3) Your Content Must Be Significant & HelpfulYour content must be helpful to your readers

This is very essential because you’re writing not just for Search Engines sake but most importantly, for your visitors to read. So you need to write your content in a way that is beneficial and helpful to your readers.

I mean they should find some value in what they read. By so doing, you build trust with your visitors and they will keep visiting your website for more valuable information.

To be able to do this effectively, you need to do some research before writing. And in the course of your research, try to know what other websites have about the subject you plan to write about.

This will give you some clue and insight on how to go about writing your content. In addition to that, because there is so much competition in the system, try to know the level quantity your competitors are using.

Also, if they are writing about 1000 words about the subject you intend the write about, then try to write more than that. you should be targeting about 1500 words. If they are writing about 2000 words, you should target 2500 to about 3000 words.

In this way, you will beat them with words which is a good factor for your ranking. But remember, you’re writing to your visitors, so don’t write useless or meaningless words that do not make sense.


  • 4) Find A Low Competition KeywordFind Low Competition Keywords

Keywords are very vital when writing content with the aim of getting traffic. Why? Well, when people are searching for things they need on the internet, what they type in these major Search Engines are called keywords.

So before writing anything any post or article, try to do research to find out which keyword has the least competition with good traffic.

In fact, looking for a good keyword should be the starting point of any content that you create. You should always be targeting keywords with low competition so you can stand the chance of getting ranked in search engines.

It is always good to use keywords that have their competition below 100, possibly 50. In this way, you can easily get ranked in Google and the other Search Engines.

You can read more on Keywords Here  to help you determine which keyword tool is best to use whenever you’re writing your post.


Use a Keyword ToolUse the Best Keyword Tool

And to be able to do this, you need a keyword tool. Keyword tools are very important when creating any blog post. And there are many keyword tools. However, some Keyword Tools are more effective and useful than others.

One of my favorite Keyword Research Tools is Jaaxy. It is the NO.1 and the best when it comes to Keywords Research Tools. It the only keyword tool that I can guarantee, that will deliver to you accurate result when used for keywords research.

You can read more on Jaaxy from the post below to learn how to find the best keywords for your blog post.

Other Ways to Generate Traffic

  •  5) The Social Media

The social media is another powerful tool that can help you get some traffic to your website. You can get traffic from some popular social platforms such as; Google plus (G+), Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and many more…

Fortunately, there are social media plugins that you can install on your WordPress admin area which allows you to share your post directly from your website on social media platforms.

And with these plugins installed, all who visit your website would also try to share your content, especially if your content is captivating to your visitors. They would be moved to want to share it with their friends on their social media timelines.

Always don’t forget to share any post you create on Google+ (plus) first before even sharing it on any social media platform, since G+ is owned by Google.. Doing so will increase your chance of getting ranked in Google and thereby leading to traffic.

So indeed, the social media is a very good platform where you can take advantage of and get some considerable traffic.


  • 6) Video MarketingMake Good Use of Videos

Using video marketing is another very classic way of driving some good traffic to your website. It is estimated that, of all the social media platforms, Facebook brings the highest traffic, followed by twitter, Google plus (G+) and then Pinterest.

However, when it comes to the two major forms of traffic, they are Google Search Engine (SEO) and YouTube.

So if you can create a video and post in in You Tube, you can easily get ranked and start getting some good traffic.

 The most interesting part of the game is that, Google owns both You Tube and Google SEO itself. And getting ranked in You Tube is not as difficult as getting ranked in Google’s Search Engine.


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  • 7) Using Email Marketing

Email marketing is another most powerful way by which you can drive tons of traffic to your website. In fact, most experienced marketers nowadays use Email marketing.

It is often said that Email marketing is the main source of traffic. As I mentioned earlier, most these successful online marketers use Email marketing.

To be able to benefits from Email marketing, you will need to build trust first with your customers. I mean your website visitors. remember, the more subscribers you have, the more traffic you will get.

And because most of your subscribers have already built their trust in you, it easier to get them take action on your website, by either buying something or taking any other action you will ask them to do.


  • 8) Try Pay Per Click (Known as PPC)You Can Drive Some Tons of Traffic from PPC

This is another fantastic way you can drive traffic to your website. This is another investment you can make to get traffic to your website.

PPC which stands for Pay Per Click means that when you do such advertisement on ads such as Google Ads, Yahoo and Bing Ads, you pay anytime a visitor clicks on any of the Links you are using for the advertisement.

You don’t pay so much for this ads advertisement. You can pay as low as $0.05 toUsing PPC to Get Some Traffic$0,10 depending on your CTR. The higher your CTR, the lower you pay.

Google Bing and Yahoo ads all offer, PPC that you can take advantage of and drive some good traffic to your site.

PPC has some advantages and some disadvantages, why because people can click on your link without taking any action. So although you can get a lot of traffic, it doesn’t guarantee that you will make sales out of it.

I remember doing PPC on Bing Ads, I got a considerable traffic of about  I almost got about 380 visits from my Bing Ads. but the truth is that online three people took action.

So yes, you can get a lot of traffic from PPC. Only be careful because you’re paying for it, and it should be able to bring you some sales.

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At this point, I’m pretty sure that you now know how to increase a website traffic. Yes, all the 8 steps listed are some good ways of driving traffic to your website.

Please, don’t forget to leave your comment below or ask any question you have about this post. Leave your comment or question below.


My best wishes,




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