How to Make Money Selling Online – Step By Step Guide


Do you want to know How to Make Money Selling Online? Well, it is very simple & you can do this very easily as I’m saying.


The Problem People Have About Selling Online

Many people have heard about selling products online, but they just don’t know how to go about doing this. So in this post, I’m going to take you through a step by step way of making money online by selling.

A lot of people even want to do it without having their own website. However you need to know that the foundation to any successful business is having your own built website.

Some folks try to do all their selling on social media, but the truth is, you want always achieve a good result with social media as with having your own business website.

Maybe you may be thinking, but I don’t no how to build my own website, well, the truth is building your won website nowadays is not as it used to be, you don’t need to have some special programming skills.

Yes, with the help of WordPress, you can do that very easily – without any hassles at all, in fact within some few seconds and you’re done, yes, in some few seconds.

I just chipped in this to let you know that its very important having your own website ready and running before you can achieve any successful online business.


NOTE: Having your own website is so vital because, it makes you brand yourself and your visitors come to know you. In this way, they can be visiting all the time for more information and other stuff, – if they have come to trust you.


If you don’t already have your own website you can check here for my step by step guide on how to build your own website. It very easy – no hassles at all.


Now after building your own website we can continue with setting up your own online store, yes, you can now begin to sell online. Lets see how!


How to Make Money Selling Online – Step By Step Guide!

Basically, there are two ways in which you can possibly do this. One way is by setting up your own online store and advertising your own products for people to come and buy.


  • Selling Your Own Products Online

Yes, you can do this especially if you think you have more products that you want people to come and buy. 

You actually take images of your product and display them on your website for advertisement. And then when people visit your site they can make their own decision of buying it or not.

You can either do your own shipment and ship the products top them in their own country or locally – in your own country.

Or preferably, you can decide to register with International Shipping Companies like MyUS, who will do all the shipment for you without any problem at all.


By so doing, you can sell your own products and make a lot of money online as you can see below.

However, I will online recommend this method to you if you have enough product that you really want people to come and buy. But what if you have no product to sell?


Welcome to the “second method”. Another way in which you can possibly sell online and make a lot of money is by selling other people’s products on your website. This method is called Affiliate Marketing.


  • Selling Other People’s Products

This method, which is also known as Affiliate Marketing is very common and popular among most website owners.

This is because there are thousands of online retail stores out there who would like you to advertise their product for them on your website.

When someone visits your website and then buys any of these products, you’re rewarded with a commission by your affiliate program.

In fact there are ton of thousands of affiliate programs out there, who you can join and start promoting their products on your website.

Some of these affiliate programs include a well reputable ones such as;

  •  Amazon Associates
  • Rakuten (LinkShare)
  • ShareSale
  • CJ by Conversant Affiliate
  • Click Bank
  • eBay Network
  • Affiliates Window
  • VigLink
  • Health Talk Affiliates – For those in the Health Niche

And the list can go on and on ….


Yes, you can be making some very good income from these affiliate programs. It is estimated that Amazon alone has some millions of products that you can promote on your website for money.

You can choose which products you want to promote on your website. From Electronics to Home Gardens, E-toys, Health related products, Games, e-Books, beauty products and many more …

However, it is always good to focus your attention on products that on product which people buy often online.

In fact, electronics alone is broad  enough for you to choose from. For instance, under electronics include the following: Laptops, Mobile phones, Drones, Cameras, Portable speakers, Headphones etc…


So, you have a lot to promote and make money out of it. But to tell you the truth, succeeding as an affiliate marketer  requires some effort. This is not a get rich quick scheme. You mus be willing to work hard for success to follow.


But the effort is worth it. Some folks I know are making $5,000 to $10,000+ every month. As I said it doesn’t happen one day. And you must be willing to put in some effort to achieve this.


Where To Get Help As an Affiliate Marketer

There many online platforms that offers to teach you all the tricks you need to make success an affiliate marketer.

However, most of these platform will require that you pay some money before you can benefit from their training program.

On the other hand, some training programs offer to teach you for FREE, in a step by step way trough videos and text tutorials.

Among them is Wealthy Affiliate, which I can well recommend to you. They have both premium and free membership.

And they offer to teach you step by step on how to build your own FREE website hosted on their platform for you. And then how you can make money from your website.

What makes this community so CLASSIC is their wonderful community – full of expert who are always helping new ones to make success online.

You will really enjoy their 24/7 Live chat available all the time, which gives you the opportunity to ask members on the platform questions anytime you need their help.


⇒ You Can Claim Your Own FREE Membership Here Now!


Yes, at this point, I’m confident, that you now know How to Make Money Selling Online. As you have seen, it is pretty simple and you can do it.

Many are achieving success through affiliate marketing. So it is by no mean impossible. If others are doing it, you can also do it. You don’t some college certificate to do this. Neither do you need some University  degree to be able to achieve this.

You don’t even need to be an expert to make success with affiliate marketing. All you need is your time and wiliness to learn and apply what you learn.


If you’re really interested in making money online through selling, then I recommend you sign up for FREE with the recommended program above using the link I have provided.


There, you will learn all that you must do to achieve success. Including all the tricks you need to know as an affiliate marketer.


If you have any question or comment about this post, I recommend you leave it in the small comment box below and I will get back to you.


Wishing you all the best here,




10 thoughts on “How to Make Money Selling Online – Step By Step Guide”

  1. I see that your article refers to a number of companies in the Affiliate Networks space. I am sure that most people, like myself, are familiar with Amazon Associates.

    However the other players, you refer to in your article, it would be of some help if you provided a sentence or two about each one.

    How does each one help an affiliate marketer and why an affiliate marketer should consider each one, their payment plans, do they pay by Paypal and a number of similar related questions.

    1. Hello David,

      I understand your question. Each of these Affiliate programs listed above are very unique in their own way. And like you even said, they all have their payment plans. However, that wasn’t the focus of this article and that is why I didn’t focus much on detailing their payment systems. 

      But I think each of them are classic, well reputable affiliate networks which anyone can join. Especially when it comes to their commission percentage. Some even give up to about 50% commission to their Affiliate site who promote their products. 

      So you have no problem with these programs which I listed above in this blog post. If you’re interested in joining any of them, you’re warmly welcome to join them. No fears! No worries!!

  2. Hey Stephen,

    Nice post about affiliate marketing. A point that you brought up that I really liked is how you said affiliate marketing isn’t a get rich scheme. Many companies who offer affiliate training usually say you can make money fast, but that is simply not true. That was a big appeal to Wealthy Affiliate for me. They are upfront and give you your money’s worth. It isn’t a scam like a lot of them out there. I think people need to come to the realization that if they want to make a lot of money in anything, then hard work is required. There’s no way around it.

    1. You’re right Michael, Affiliate is a very good business to start with online, however, it is not a get rich quick scheme. Like any other business, it requires some measure of effort to achieve the success you really want.

      But success is by no mean impossible – what do I mean? Well, I mean if you’re willing to put in some little effort and learn to apply the training you receive, especially by joining some online training programs such as I recommended to you, then you will soon tart seeing some outcome from your hard work.

      Anyone interested in building their own genuine business that will really lead to success can give my #1 Recommended program a try.

  3. I’ve been looking for ways to make more money, I’ll have to give this a try. I have a friend who does affiliate marketing, she seems to be doing pretty good at it.

    I never thought that it was something you can do on your own, I figured you had to work for somebody else. I will give this a shot, since there is nothing to lose.


    1. Hello James,

      You’re warmly welcome to give my training program a try. As you said, Affiliate Marketing is indeed a very fine opportunity for all interested in building a genuine business online, that is their own. You learn to become your own boss online.

      And I can assure you that it really works. If only you’re willing to put in some hard work. That is by learning step by step through my recommended training program and learning to apply all that you learn. If you do, then you will also be among the thousands out there who are making tons of money everyday through affiliate marketing.

      As I said, you can give my recommended training program a try, especially as you’re not required to pay anything for the start, You can try the first lessons and then if you’re satisfied with what you’re learning, then you can upgrade to premium level for more benefits.

  4. Hey Stephen! Just read this simple and informative guide! I’ve done a bit of affiliate marketing here and there, but you opened my eyes to many affiliate programs i did not know of – such as Shareasale and Affiliates Window.

    That said, this Wealthy Affiliate program you speak of piques my interest. May i know how long do the people in this Wealthy Affiliate Community take to earn their first online sale?

    1. Hello Neil, 

      I’m glad you passed by my website and I’m happy that you found some value in my article. Yes, there are many affiliate programs out there that you can take advantage of, and ShareSale and Affiliate Window are some of the most legitimate ones among the many you can think of.

      I’m also gals you’ve shown some interest in Wealthy Affiliate, it is good to hear. To answer your question, Wealthy Affiliate is indeed a very awesome platform anyone can think of. And the training you will receive is just incredible.  

      In fact, some of the folks who come to Wealthy Affiliate start making their first sale in just some few months. Some even make their first sale in the first month. I know of some folks who made a lot of sales within some few months. 

      So the fact is, your success highly depends on what you do with the training you receive. You must be willing to learn and apply whatever you;’re are thought. In this way, your success is well guaranteed.

      Since Wealthy Affiliate allows you to try their training program even before making any payment, why not give it a FREE Test Drive.

      All the best.

  5. Hi Stephen, Nice article ! I have learned so much from your article, Easy to understand and follow. especially the Affiliate Program list, I will try each of them to see which one suit me the best.
    Wealthy Affiliate definately is a good community. Free training is provided, Can learn a lot of things even just joining as free membership. Definately worth to join.


    1. Hello Wilson,

      It has always been my pleasure to write for the benefit of my visitors who come to my website. I’m glad you were able to find some value in reading this article. 

      You’re right and I agree with you perfectly, where would I have been had it not been Wealthy Affiliate. I would’ve have know about all these stuff. And that is why I highly recommend their training program to all who are interested in building their own business online.

      Wishing you all the best.

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