How to Sell Your Art Online – Paint Yourself Successful

My name is Kyle.  I am going to be completely honest with you…  I don’t know a thing about creating or selling art.

But, what I do know is how to SELL STUFF ONLINE.  I have been doing it for the last 11 years and I have been personally helping people (including many folks in the art business) for the last 8 years create and grow businesses online.   So, I suppose I do know a thing or two.

Art, to be honest, is an EASY sell within the online world…

Perhaps exponentially easier than the offline studio.  Unlike when someone strolls through an art studio offline, they are not typically in a purchasing state of mind.  They are “looky loos” and a sale is much more difficult to close…not to mention the ridiculous “cut” that a studio gets if you sell your art.

What if you could cut out the middle man and connect with an ENGAGED audience that already has their credit card out and are looking to buy your art?  You can.  That is the opportunity the Internet presents you, and I am personally going to show you how.

OK, Kyle…how are you going to do this.

You are on this page for one reason and one reason only.  YOU want to get exposure to your art and you want to earn money selling your personal “Picasso”.

I am not going to sell your art for you, but what I am going to do is offer you THREE simple steps you can take to get exposure to your art and then I am going to give you some insight into how YOU can sell your art online.  Cool?

THREE Simple Steps to Selling Your Art Online

Step 1: Give Your Art a Home (A Website)

The first thing you need is a website or a blog.

This is not just for your art, this is to allow you to engage with your potential customers and will act like the most interactive “studio” in the world.  This allows you to engage people in your art, to talk about your art and the art industry in general (whatever you interests may be), and build yourself as an authority online.

And of course, sell your art.  You can actually get some really awesome websites for completely FREE these days through services like  Literally 10 minutes from now you can have a website that looks like the following, up and running and ready to sell your art.

Get Your Free Art Websites

An example art site you can create with SiteRubix!

Got an idea for your initial website?  You can get started with your website as soon as… NOW, and get it up and running for free.  This is a fully functional website and gives you access to Wealthy Affiliate, a community that will train you and help you with your art promotions online.

Start building your website right now using the little tool below that will tell you if your free domain name is available.

Or you can go directly to the website and start building your AWESOME art site!

Step 2: Getting Your Art Exposed (Getting Traffic)

You could have the best art in the world, but without getting real people to see it, you have no chance of selling your pieces.

In other words, without traffic (people), you have no business.  You are in no better position than you are now and that is why the very first thing you should do after you have your website is  get yourself training on how to get traffic within the online world.

Get traffic to your art

The Internet will get you exposure like this to your art!

Statistic Alert: There are 2 BILLION people online.

That is a lot of people and that is the sort of potential you have online.  Your art can get amazing exposure online and get exposure in a way that no studio could ever offer you.   Your website is going to be your foundation for selling, your traffic is going to be the audience that buys your art.

So where do you get this training?   If you set-up a website already from Step 1, this will have granted you access to the Wealthy Affiliate community which is THE PLACE that you are going to get this training (included with your website).

If you already have a website for your business and you just want the training on how to get traffic (again this is totally free to get going), you can sign-up directly to the website.

Step 3: Keeping Your Online Art Business Progressing (Getting Help When You Need it)

Imagine having 1,000’s of experts within the online world you could rely on if you ever had any quesitons about promoting your art or getting more exposure to your art.

Close your eyes and picture this. OK.  Open them.

This is a reality and getting help from ME PERSONALLY is ALSO a reality.

This is where you can get help directly from me! :)

This is where you can get help directly from me! 🙂

This is my profile within Wealthy Affiliate where I help people on a daily basis.  At anytime if you ever need a hand with anything, you simply pop by with your questions about your online biz and I will hep you out.  🙂

If you have help 24/7/365 with your online business, everything from getting traffic to your website, to building your actual site, if you need help there will be someone there within the community to lend you a hand.

Got Questions About Selling Your Art?

Then please promise me one thing….you won’t hesitate to ask me questions in the comment area below.  I am here to help you out and I would love nothing more than to help you get up and running with the online world and help you create a successful (and profitable) campaign for selling your art online.   Hit me up if you need anything and I will be sure to get back within “hours” most of the time.

I look forward to helping you paint your picture of success online!

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