How to Write Good Content for Website – Step by Step Guide

The common problem most website owners do face is when it comes to writing contents on their website. Yes, most website owners don’t know how to write content how to write good Content for Website​.

When I say good content, – I mean writing content that leads to conversion. Yes, content that will move your visitors, people who come to your website to take action.

You may have been wondering why people do visit your website but you do not make any money. Even though they do come, they refuse to buy any of the products you’re promoting on your website.

So the BIG question is, how can you write good content that leads  to conversion. Content that will make your visitors want to buy something or take action when they visit your website.

Writing a Good Content that Convert! – 4 things You Mus Know

Well, this is the secret!

State …

Problem + Solution + Benefit + Call To Action

I have used this for years and it is one of the things that has helped me make money on the Internet over the years.

I use it writing any type of sales material and I also use it on my blog post. It is a proven formula. try it.


1. You Need to First State the Problem

Yes, Let Your Visitors Know the Problem, – whatever the problem it is that you’re going to talk about, make it clear, let them know what the problem is.

​For example:

 People struggle to get traffic to their websites

People are struggling to build their own website

Others get traffic but they make no sales, that is another problem you can talk about

Also, there are people who are struggling to loose weight

Others are also struggling to keep their nice and soft

All these are potential problems people face which you can talk about. Now what next, well let see the next step.


2. Present the solution to the problem

At this point,​ you have already made clear what the problem is, your visitors now want a solution to the problem. So tell them what the solution is.

You need to convince them your solution is to best to to help solve their problem. In this way, you’re helping them solve their own problem. Good!

For example, in the case of traffic, tell them what action they can take to get more traffic to their website.

3. Let them know How  they Will  Benefits From the Solution You Have Given them

At this point, let them know the features of the solution you have presented to them and how they will benefit themselves. most people make the mistake of talking about how great a product is without talking about how it will benefit his visitors.

For example, if it is a training program you’re recommending to them where they can learn all they need to get some good traffic to their website, let them know why the program you’re recommending to them is the best.

​You could say that, our training program gives you all the tools you need to be able to get traffic to your website.

For instance, we have a keyword tool that helps you to choose the best keyword that will let you need your competition and the number of traffic you will get to your blog for a particular keyword.

Or you could say that, our training program even allows you to Take a FREE Test Drive of the first lessons even before you make any payment, so you can testify for yourselves how it really works.

If you do,  it will make them trust you. Yes, your visitors will come to trust you very much authority.

4. Now Tell them What to Do – Call to Action (CTA)

Tell them what to do now. Let them know what they should do now, don’t assure they already know what to do. Use some  Call To Actions such as;

Clicke Here Now

Fill Out the Forms Here

Click On the Link Below

Become Part of the Ongoing Success Testimonial

NOTE: But always make sure your call to action is relevant to your content, – that is what you’re promoting. Also, don’t forget to use relevant images – very important!

If after writing your content you can be confident that you have followed this pattern, then you’re good to go – Yes, success will follow you!

So always follow this pattern as your formula for writing your content and success will surely follow you.

NOTE: Don’t over-write because people nowadays don”t like reading, so writing about 2000 words will make your content boring to them. Your content should be between 1200 to 1400 at-most.


Other Important things You Must Know When Writing Content!

Also, I want you to know  that, there is no need to fear competition. Competition is everywhere! But rather, you need to  first focus on being unique – Yes, that is what matters, your Unique Selling Point (USP) that is what matters and people will buy it.

In addition to that, one key area you can focus when writing content is making good use of the social media, It very vital because, a lot of people on this social media platforms, such as Facebook, twitter, Pinterest and the rest do make purchases using these media platforms.

So I will  advise you to make good use of social plugins which will allow you to post your articles all the time on these social platforms anytime you finish writing your content.

And finally, don’t forget this; I  recommend making good use of INTERNAL LINKS. –  Google especially  likes internal like very much, so use more internal LINK and it will help boost your ranking up!


I’m very confident because this is a formula that has really helped me in my business online. Yes! It really works for me and I know it will work for you.


So always don’t forget the four simple formula when writing your content:

  1. State the problem
  2. Tell your visitors the solution
  3. Let them know how they will benefit from the solution you have given them
  4. Now tell them what to do – Call To Action (CTA)

If you’re not making success as an affiliate marketer, or with any online business, then perhaps you are not getting the best training program and the support you need.

However, I want you to know that there are some better online training programs that allow you try their training program for FREE even before making any payment.


I therefore Recommend You Give MY #1 Training Program a FREE Test Drive Here & See For Yourself How Over 1,000,000+ Are Making Money through this Program!


Your comments are warmly welcomed and if you have any question about this post you can leave it below.


My best wishes,



2 thoughts on “How to Write Good Content for Website – Step by Step Guide”

  1. Hey, Stephan, I like your information that you are providing about writing content that works, this gives us knowledge in an informational and interesting concept of your product, and being unique, as to get ranked, then, of course, being able to engage with a conversion. You hit it right on the button and it is laid out very understandable. Can you be a Little more specific on the best way to utilize internal links and which ones and types would be the most beneficial, Thank you Jack

    1. Thanks Jack,

      I’m happy you found this post very informative and helpful. Indeed writing good content is good both for SEO in term of getting ranked by Search Engines, but not only that, it will also help you get conversion especially when your visitors find your content to be very engaging and helpful in solving their problems.

      When I said internal links, I meant linking your articles withing your posts and pages together. For example, supposed you’re wring a post about building a website and then you talked about the importance of getting traffic to your blog. And at the same time, you have an article already written within your posts that talks about how to get traffic to blog, you can link the two together – that is internal linking, which is very good for your website.

      Google likes internal links so much, and it really helps you to get better rankling.

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