Is Hempworx a Scam? Can You Really Make Money With them? Read this Before Joining

What Is Hempworx? Is Hempworx a scam?

Did someone introduce to you HempWorx? Were you told you could make some money from HempWorx? Well, if so, you may have thought, what is HempWorx? Is HempWorx a scam? Can you really make some money with HempWorx?


Well, these are the very questions that will be answered in this review. In this HempWorx review, You will discover exactly what this MLM company is about and as to whether it is worth your time and investment.


Before we dive deeper into this review, however, let’s take a closer look at an overview of what HempWorx/MDC is and then we can dig deeper into what this company is all about.


Overview Of HempWorx/My Daily Choice

What Is Hempworx? Is Hempworx a scam?









Company: MDC/HempWorx

Founders: Josh & Jenna Zwagil 

Affiliate Pricing: Starts from $39 – $599, depending on your choice. (You Can Pre-Enroll Here)


Overall Rating: 9.7 Out of 10


So, What Is Hempworx? OR MDC?

HempWorx also called My Daily Choice(MDC), is one of the revolutionary and most legitimate Multi-level Marketing companies in the world. HempWorx is committed to providing independent business owners the most attractive and highest quality product lines. It is considered one of the top-trending industries.


Now available in over 150 countries, My Daily Choice has the goal of helping change the lives of thousands of individuals or families across the globe with good health, life-changing income, and freedom by empowering people with smart daily choices.


Unlike other MLM companies, My Daily Choice is not just one product company, one industry, or even one ingredient, rather, MDC ascends into the top industries in the world with the most unique combination of products and services to dominate the marketplace.


YES! … and that is why you see the two combinations of names and two different products used consistently in this review. Both My Daily Choice & HmepWorx are two companies combined as one. So, in a nutshell, both MDC and HempWorx are one company.



MDC/HempWorx Life-Changing Products

With over 100,000+ satisfied affiliates and customers, MDC pride themselves on bringing the highest quality products to the Network Marketing industry. 


But how? You may have thought!


Well, MDC is 100% committed to staying on the cutting edge of science and nutrition technology with their Life-Changing products. Using the most purest and natural ingredients, to their world-class manufacturing facilities, to unique formulations, MDC products stand out clearly as one of the best out there you can get in the market when it comes to health, wellness, and nutrition.


MDC/HempWorx Life-Changing Products

Before we continue to dig deeper into this company and its business opportunity, let’s have a brief look at their different products lines. Below you will see some of the various unique products that HempWorx/MDC offers you.

NB: Products are from these two combined companies:

HempWorx ProductsHempWorx Products

  • CBD Oils
  • CBD Pet Oils
  • CBD Infused Dog Treats
  • CBD creams for Anti-Aging and Pain Relief
  • Anti-Aging Cream with Apple Stem Cells
  • 750mg of active CBD
  • 500mg of active CBD
  • 150mg of Hemp-Derived CBD Per Box (5mg per cup)



⇒  Check HempWorx CBD Products Here  ↵




My Daily Choice ProductsMy Daily Choice Products

  • Three Delicious Flavors – Hazelnut, Vanilla, Mocha
  • Weight Loss Spray with Garcinia Cambogia
  • Natural Energy Spray with Vitamin B12
  • Alkalinity Spray with Coral Calcium
  • Deer Antler Velvet and Superfruits
  • Sleep Spray with Melatonin and Valerian Root
  • Brain Spray with Cognizin and Sensoril



⇒  You Can Order MDC Sprays Here  ↵



Here Are Some Recommended Products To Check Out

Below you will discover some of HempWorx best selling products that have proved to be very helpful to customers:


1. The HempWorx Present CBD Infused Coffee

Listed here are the  nutritional values of the Hemp Worx CBD Infused Coffee:

CBD/Hemp Coffee Infused

  • 150mg of Hemp-Derived CBD Per Box (5mg per cup)
  • Organic Medium Roast Arabic Coffee Beans
  • Gluten Free, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and Non-GMO
  • Very affordable – As little as $2.30 per cup!
  • With Zero THC





2. The Keto Coffee CreamerThe Keto Coffee Creamer

Below are the various nutritious ingredients and features that make the Keto Coffee Creamer so special:

  • Three Delicious Flavors – Hazelnut, Vanilla, Mocha
  • 75mg of Hemp-Derived CBD Per Box (5mg per cup)
  • Gluten Free, Vegan, Non-Dairy, Cruelty-Free, and Sugar-Free
  • It has Zero THC




3. The HempWorx Dog Treats

Below are the various ingredients of the HempWorx Dog Treat & why many people are buying this particular product:HempWorx Dog Treats

  • HempWorx Dog Treats with 2.5mg of CBD per cookie
  • It’s 100% Natural
  • It’s wheat free, soy free, corn free
  • Veterinarian formulated
  • Made in the USA





⇒  Check Prices For these Product Here  ↵



So, What Is CBD?

Perhaps, you may have wondered what CBD is all about after coming across it as part of the product lines of HempWorx. Well, let’s us explain things to you.

CBD, (also known as Cannabidiol), is one of over 85 Cannabinoid chemicals in the hemp plant. However, CBD, unlike THC does not produce euphoria or any form of intoxication. Also, CBD is becoming increasingly popular in the world for it full scope of benefits – due to clinical reports and test data showing little to no side effects and a lack of psychoactivity (typically associated with marijuana products and high THC).


NOTE: To put simply, the CBD derived from Hemp is far different from the one sourced from Marijuana. This is because the CBD produced from Hemp has a very low level or NO THC, the component in Marijuana that is responsible for making people feel high.


In effect, using any of HempWorx’s CBD products which are 100% natural Hemp products will have NO psychoactive effect on you. What we simply mean is that you’re not going to feel high for using any of HempWorx’s CBD products.


Some Health Benefits Of Using CBD/Hemp Oil

The list below shows some of the health benefits of the HempWorx Hemp Oil. The good news is that these products have proved to be very useful and helpful to so many people in terms of their health. 

Some Health benefits of the Hemp Oil Include:CBD/Hemp Oil Health Benefits


  • Some people have found that Hemp helps them relieve pain instantly.
  • Others say that Hemp has helped them fight against their chronic Arthritis
  • A report shows that Hemp Oil has helped others reduce anxiety.
  • Some people have found that Hemp helps them lose weight.
  • It may promote a healthy energy level.
  • Experiences show that Hemp may also aid in digestion.
  • Others have found that it helps to remove wrinkles & prevents future formation.
  • Hemp may help retain moisture & promotes ultimate rejuvenation.
  • Some also feel that it makes them look younger (Anti-Aging)
  • Some people have found that Hemp helps their increase potency.
  • Some people have found it helpful in fighting their cancer.
  • It may help boost your skin’s hydration and suppleness.
  • Some people have found that it helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles for more youthful skin.
  • Other have found that hemp helps them suppress ailment such as nausea & muscle spasms.
  • Some people have found that Hemp has helped them experience good sleep habits.
  • Experience from other Hemp users also shows that it may help to fight insomnia.
  • It may support optimal immune function & regeneration of healthy cells.
  • Hemp Oil may help promotes a sense of serenity and overall & overall well being.
  • Other users say Hemp stimulates natural hair growth.



Wants Some Success Stories About Using HempWorx/MDC Products?

I got some 3 stories from REAL users of these products, their stories to share with you. But for some reasons, I was told not to mention their real names. So names have been changed in this article.


  1. Vick who used to experience seizure frequently has now had her seizure kept under control because of using  CBD Hemp Oil.
  2. Also, Craig, whose dog had some health challenges is now doing so much better because of the CBD dog treats
  3. Scott, who hadn’t slept a full night in almost 4 years… after using the sleep spray the first night he slept!


Now that we have an overview of the product lines of MDC/HempWorx, let’s now have a look at the unique and most lucrative business opportunity presented by this company and why you should not miss out!



HempWorx/MDC’s Unique Business OpportunityWith My Daily Choice, Success Is A Choice!

Often times, when people want to create financial freedom, they are restricted by many things such as bills, expenses, skillset, time, and opportunities. However, when you become an affiliate of MDC, “Success becomes a Choice.”


MDC pride themselves as the top MLM  lucrative business offer. Why? Because they have really effective tools, marketing systems, websites, and support.


It is chocked full of training and testimony.



What makes the business opportunity of MDC so special is that they have a dynamic business opportunity in place, powered by a lucrative compensation plan. In fact, MDC is among the few MLM companies that are 100% debt FREE!


My Daily Choice/HempWorx Affiliate Program

As we have discussed in this review, MDC provides revolutionary online marketing systems and state-of-the-art success tools to give our Affiliates every opportunity to succeed in the business. 


Being so generous and recognizing the hard work of their affiliates, MDC reward those efforts by paying a whopping 85% of the total Business Volume (BV) through their unique Affiliate Rewards Program. 


To become an affiliate of MDC, there are affordable pricing options to choose from. You have the option to select any of the MDC products with packages that range from $39 – $599 depending on your product choice. 



Becoming A Retail Customer of MDC

Did you know that an affiliate or a retail customer of MDC, you have the privilege of buying from any of their industry-leading products at wholesale member pricing, which is up to 25% off of their suggested retail price? 


What this simply means is that, when you retail a product pack, you will earn the difference between the wholesale member price and the retail price. 



Preferred Customer Loyalty Program

As an affiliate of MDC, you can decide to enroll preferred customers who will be purchasing MDC’s products at wholesale pricing. in this case, their BV goes into the Jump Start where you will earn Jump Start Bonuses. 


The Most Amazing Compensation Plan!

Without the need to bombard you with so many words, I recommend you watch the amazing compensation plan video of HempWorx/MDC yourself to see the unique and the best business opportunity this company present to you.


This comp plan of My Daily Choice is just amazing to see! With the opportunity of even getting a car as a bonus reward for your hard work.


Want to take a tour Yourself?…👇👇


⇒ Check the Amazing Opportunities MDC Present To You Here  ↵



The Good News? We Have the Best Mentor!Bo The Greatest Mentor, Is Our Coach

What even makes our team so special is the fact that we have Bo Tipton, a member and a mentor at Wealthy Affiliate as our coach. Bo is a very successful man and with him in our team, he guides us on every single step of the way.

You’re also welcome to join this huge opportunity & potential yourself. If you’re interested, don’t keep too long as your spot could be taken. So you can give you one of the TOP SPOT on our team before they are all taking. Every single day people keep joining our team.



MDC’s Binary Team Commissions 

My Daily Choice’s Binary Commission is one of the most aggressive Binary plans in the entire Network Marketing industry. Not only does the comp plan pay up to 20% on your pay leg, but also, MDC is one of the only companies in the world that has a monthly earning potential of $1,000,000 per month with NO FLUSHING! 


How To Qualify For Binary Team Commissions

Well, You can qualify for Binary Team Commissions by purchasing a Builder Pack monthly or having a minimum of 40BV. You must have a combined personal volume on your left leg and right leg of 90BV.


For instance, you would need 90BV on your left leg, and 90BV on your right leg to fulfill the combined 90BV requirement. At the end of the month, if your lesser leg has a minimum of 300BV, you get paid for the Binary Team Commission.


Also, anytime you personally enroll three (3) customers, you get some free products as a bonus from MDC. And there is NO limit to how many customers you can enroll.


MDC’s VIP Auto Club – Paid Monthly

As part of their comp plan rewards, HempWorx/MDC has some aggressive VIP Auto Club as a monthly reward to their supper affiliate, making it possible for you to drive away in the car of your dreams! The MDC VIP Auto Club


So, are you thinking of a dream car you want to buy? Well, if so, then look no further – the MDC VIP Auto Club will make your dream car become a reality! When you qualify for the VIP Auto Club, MDC sends you branding materials to put on your vehicle, and they pay the bill for you! 



If I want to continue to talk about the amazing opportunities & features you get as an affiliate of MDC/HempWorx, I wouldn’t finish today. 

Here Is a Final Secret & the Breaking News I Want You To Know!…👇


MDC’s “Done For You(DFY) Marketing System!”

With MDC, the hard part of Network Marketing is covered, using their done for you marketing system!


YES, MDC has put an Auto Rotator system in place that does some of the work for You. So Before you can even enroll some customers yourself as your personal enrollees, MDC has a Done For You Marketing System that put new affiliate and customers under you, who are real customers you benefit from. And this is done using MDC’s AutoResponder Technology System without your effort.


I just signed up yesterday. Personally, even though I haven’t enrolled anyone yet. I currently have 41 Pre-Enrollees, 4 Active Affiliates, and 3  Active Customers. This is just awesome!


Also, Ariel, my upline just signed up a day before I did and just within two days she made $200. So you can see the potential this opportunity has to offer everyone.


Besides that, MDC has some technology system in place, that really makes it easier for you to succeed in thisMDC's Cloud Technology Makes It Easier For You To Recruit business. In fact, the features are just many, I can’t talk about all here.


NOTE: Did You Know? MDC allows you to sign up as a Pre-Enrollee without making any payment yet, just so you can take a tour of their awesome dashboard, the business opportunities and all the beautiful things they have put in place just for YOU!





So, what are You Waiting For? Become a Pre-Enrollee now and start “Your Tour” of the awesome business opportunity here now!👇👇


⇒  Use this Link To Become A Pre-Enrollee Now  ↵


My Final Verdict

With all the amazing features and benefits of MDC, there is NOTHING to add more than to say HempWorx/My daily Choice is a very Legitimate program.


My Verdict?   Legit!

Is HempWorx A Scam? NO, Its a LEGIT Opportunity






If You have any comments, feedback, or questions about this HempWorx/MDC review, they are warmly WELCOMED Here.


With My Daily Choice, “Success Is A Choice!” 😎 




HempWorx Review











  • You Can Pre-Enroll To See Inside The Opportunity Available
  • Done For You Marketing System that Helps You Get Some Customers & Affiliate With Easy
  • Step by Step Video Training By Expert In the Industry
  • The Best Compensation You Can Get In Any MLM Business
  • MDC/HempWorx Is Currently Operating Worldwide


  • Some Counties Have Not Yet Legalized CBD Products

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  1. What a helpful review. I have explored MLM in the past but could not keep up with the meetings . How can it be you do it online?CBD oil has a lot of great benefits but I am interested in the Keto coffee creamer for my brain fog,

    I like that there are different flavors. Do you have a post on the creamers?

  2. I worry about taking products I don’t know anything about but the fact that you’ve said these are natural and good for our mind and soul, I’m more interested in looking into these and maybe even start researching Hempworx, thank you for showing me this, I am excited. Always good to know things aren’t a scam for sure before going ahead.

  3. Stephen,

    As an affiliate marketer, when I see MLM I usually run the other way, but this company seems to provide a legitimate way to earn with marketing the company and products.  The payout structure is actually very easy to understand and I can see why you gave them a rave review.  The CBD industry is growing at a rapid rate daily with all the benefits this product offers to many people.  I am going to be checking into this company more thanks to your honest review of them and how they work.



    1. Glad to hear that Susan, indeed the CBD industry in trending and this company is one of the best MLM companies I have come across as far as products and business opportunity is concerned.

      I look forward to seeing you soon in our team after doing your research.

  4. What a wonderful review, easy to comprehend and well detailed, this is the first time am hearing about hempworx and I never knew such a brand exist, I was scrolling patiently to know your final verdict about it and am glad you endorsed it to be legit. Can it be delivered anywhere in the world? And does hempworx products(especially the sprays)  shipping takes much time before delivery . I anticipate your honest answer. Thanks. 

  5. Thanks for your honest review about Hempworx! Kudos! Sincerely, I haven’t ever heard about this platform. I’m hearing that name for the first time and am reading through the post repeatedly now to learn about it more and to decide as to whether to join or not. I just wanted to ask a question about the weight loss spray with Garcinia Cambogia – Is it possible to get the product delivered to customers anywhere in the world? Thanks for the great review!

    1. Hi Israel,

      Thanks for connecting. I’m glad this review on HempWorx has opened your eyes to another great opportunity out there. 

      Yes, our sprays can be delivered everywhere in the world no matter where you live. It is shipped worldwide

      All the best

  6. Hello, there!

    Nice review! I’ve never heard about this company, but you brought here really good, clear and complete information so it is very easy for people like me to understand what is all about.

    It seem to be both a great shop for customers and a great job for online marketers.

    I will definitelly have a closer look on their products and services in the future. I’m saving your post right now.

    Thank you for your high quality content!

    1. Hi Anna,

      Thanks for your comment here too, I’m happy that this review has served its purpose by helping you discovered another great opportunity on the internet. You’re welcome to join our team if you like it. We are achieving some great momentum here.


  7. You did a very detailed review, Stephen. Loads of information to digest. I have been hearing a lot about the benefits of CBD and lately, Hempworx appeared even more. My concern is that of the upfront payment. I have learned not to pay upfront for any affiliate program. You did get me interested but I am not from the US. In my country, CBD is not legalized. 

    1. Thanks, Sharon,

      I’m glad you got loads of information from this review. Yes, and you know that is the rule of the game and the principle behind any network marketing company. You cannot get started without paying anything at all. At least, you must start with a package.

  8. Thanks for your insightful article on Hempworx and listing all the benefits that CBD oils provide. Nice to know that Hempworx offers so many different health products from CBD oils to coffee creamers, coffee and dog treats, so it caters for everyone. Also good to see that they also have such a lucrative business opportunity to become an affiliate. 

  9. Hi!

    I’ve never heard of this hempworx before but I have to say, you’ve got me interested. I have used various CBD oils over the last couple of years and the stuff really works. I could get behind a product line like this. 

    I’m still pretty new to the affiliate marketing world so there are some things you mentioned I’m little confused about.

    You mentioned Binary Team Commissions. Are you supposed to buy one of their Builder packs or have a customer buy it to qualify?

    It seems like you have to shell out a bit of money to join this. Is that true? If so, how much?

    Thanks for sharing this info. I’m going to head over to their website right now!

    1. Thanks for your comment Tina,

      I thought you would have taking a free tour of our system so as to see how the whole process works yourself since it is free taking the tour.

      Yes, to join our team, you need to at least buy one of the builder packs and then you can qualify as an active affiliate. This is a pure network marketing business, not an affiliate marketing.

      If you would like to be part of our team, just let me know.


  10. I have seen a lot of CBD products available online lately and also a lot of hemp products, which I have never heard of until recently.

    I am not the best saleswoman on the planet, but these products look great, especially the fact that they are natural, which we need in this world of synthetic products. The product that most interests me is the hemp oil, as it seems to be a jack of all trades.

    I suffer from insomnia. Do you know anyone who has used this oil for this condition? I am willing to try anything at this point.

    1. Hi Michel,

      I can’t give any false claim about that at the moment. But since these are just food supplements and natural with NO side effect, I highly recommend you get one of the products and try it yourself to see how it works for you.

      Thanks for commenting.


  11. This looks quite interesting. I know CBD oil is gaining rapid popularity, so I can see how investing in this could be lucrative. Only concern I have is the MLM model–you can certainly earn good money off of it, but many people find it very hard to gain traction in MLM businesses. Do you have any tips for being able to market yourself and find customers outside of your direct family/friend circle?

  12. I know of this as one of my wife’s friends does this.  I myself am not a fan of MLM.  I’m not the type of person to do this stuff.

    I am familiar with their products although we have none because I have seen them at a get together and my wife keeps threatening to get something.

    You are so right that it is a good deal.

  13. Thank you for sharing this great opportunity to become a member of hempworx. After I read you article this company looks great for what they offer to their members. I’m not a fan of MLM programs but with this pre enrolle opportunity I will give it a try to find out if is good fit for me.

    The price is a one time payment or is a monthly membership?

  14. Hi Stephen,

    Its clear that cbd oil is a fruitful niche with lots of interest in it nowadays. I was glad to find your review of hempworx as I had heard a lot about them but never really looked into it much. They seem to cover a fair few products which you dont always see with mlm’s! 

  15. Fantastice Review!  I always enjoy coming across a company that I’ve never heard of before and having someone like yourself provide a comprehensive review. 

    The CBD industry is still in its infancy and will grow immensely over the next few years. 

    The fact that there is also a CBD for pets shows the potential growth for this industry. Can you tell me the benefits of giving CBD to pets? 

    I’m not one to consider MLMs but I may look into it further especially seeing that they offer a pre-enroll option.

    1. Thanks Paul,

      I’m glad you enjoyed reading this review. You will change your own life and that of many people through our business opportunity and our health products.

      We look forward to seeing you soon in our wonderful team.

  16. There is a lot of great information about Hempworx in this post! You have definitely peaked my interest. 

    My son has high muscle tone which has resulted in significant motor delays. I have been researching CBD products because they can help relieve the tension from his muscles. Do the Hempworx products clarify if they are safe for children (specifically, the oils)? 

    1. Thanks Kate,

      I’m so happy you found some value reading this review on HempWorx. I think since these are not BIG Pharma products but food supplement, your son should be okay taking our products.

      May I please know how old your son is, then I can give you a good answer to your question? 

      Looking forward to hearing your answer soon. And thanks for commenting.


  17. Hi Stephen  Thank you for writing the post on Hempworx…  It sounds amazing, I really like the idea of the auto rotator system. Anything that makes my job easier is good! The products look very helpful for a wide range of ailments. From every thing like poor sleep to healthy coffee… This looks like a great opportunity. 

  18. Hi Stephen,

    Thank you for the information on Hempworx / My Daily Choice.

    I heard of CBD products and their health benefits. My Daily Choice Spray products are something new to me, I am curious to know how the sleep spray actually helps in sleeping.

    The Hempworx business opportunity looks good. I will look into it.

    1. We look forward to seeing you out team Christine,

      If you join the team and get your own products, you will see all the amazing things it does. 

      Thanks a lot

  19. The CBD market seems to bursting in growth. I was aware of the Cannabis CBD and its amazing properties but was not so much aware of the CBD quality of Hemp. With all the research and discover surrounding Medical Marijuana, CBD and Hemp its seems like it would be a good product line to be involved with. Are there any geographic restrictions on becoming an affiliate?  

    1. No Myles,

      If you want to become an affiliate of HempWorx/MDC you can do it no matter where you leave in the world. Of course some countries have not yet approved the shipment of our CBD oil yet, but our sprays ship to every part of the world and you can become part of our team if you’re ready. Just let me know and we will give you one of our TOP SPOT reserved in our team.

      Thanks for commenting.


  20. This was a most interesting and informative article which a lot of people have been wondering about I’m sure because CBD products are everywhere these days. I’ve been wanting some concrete research before I jumped on the bandwagon. A question in the back of my mind is, is it all just the placebo effect and not the real deal? Is that all we get is a few testimonials from made-up first names?

    1. Hi Sue,

      The testimonials on our HempWorx/CBD products are many, but for the sake of writing and wanting to overly bombard my readers with too many words, that is why I decided to include just these few you see in this article.

      Nevertheless, thanks for letting me know this review was thorough and helpful reading. It been my pleasure all the time to provide my readers with something worth their time when visit my site.

      We look forward to seeing you in our team and working side by side with you.


  21. Hi Stephen; My Daily Choice/Hempwork seems like a good oportunity to start the new year with? I was thinking that your life experience with the company was longer. As your testimoney about the company and products sounds so knowledgeable and real. Hempwork, My Daily Choice.

     Stephen; are you saying that the five sprays that you displayed are powerful enough to be sprayed on the outer skin and work powerfully on the inner being? If I can hold you responsibly should in case I find any  difference I certainly will be joining Hempwork because of your testimoney.


    1. Hi Dorcas,

      I can guarantee that our sprays work effectively well with NO side effect so far, since they are all made from natural plants and therefore are all natural supplements.

      With the spray, you spray it into your mouth. It has some very good taste and works very well for what it is meant for. So you don’t use it on the body, but inside. 

      I hope I answered your question?

  22. It looks like CBD products have been some kind of a trend lately because I have been seeing them everywhere. I just started my online blog and in search of affiliate programs. Thanks to this super profound review, I now have a great idea of what to expect and Hempworx would definitely be my go to program.

    1. Ho Solomon,

      Glad you enjoyed this review on HempWorx. Indeed CBD products are now the trend on the markets, especially because of it health benefits.

      We will be happy to have you in our team. We still have some TOP SPOT reserved for anyone who decides to join our team now. And you’re going to have some great success with us.


  23. This sounds really interesting. I am all for hemp as I have experienced the benefits from it myself. The system sounds interesting and I will do more reading on it. Have you yourself been using the products? 

    I am always a bit sceptical towards programs you have to pay for but it gives me a sense of trust knowing that someone else is doing it and is recommending it. 

    1. Glad to hear that Alexandra,

      It is always good to hear that people are using Hemp products are experiencing some benefits from it. Yes, you will have to pay before you become an affiliate, however, you’re welcome to becoming a Pre-Enrollee so you can take a free tour of our opportunity and products line so as to see how it works out for you.


  24. Hey Stephen, 

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this article on “Hempworx” as it’s interesting and contains tonnes of valuable information. I’m looking forward in joining this platform but I have a question which I must ask. In case if I’m not happy with the platform, do they offer a refund policy? 

    Thank you for answering my question and for this detailed blog post. Well Done Stephen! 

  25. Thank you, Stephen, for this thorough analysis of the Hempworx program.

    I’m always suspicious of MLM schemes as so many of them are scams, where the members lower down not only make no money but end up paying for product that they can barely give away.

    Hempworx sounds different.

    First of all, marketing what sounds like great products. And very topical, as the world wakes up to the amazing health benefits of hemp derived products without the side effects of marijuana. I like the sound of the infused coffee, the Keto coffee creamer and the dog treats Being able to cream your coffee without compromising your Keto diet is a big plus.

    There compensation scheme also sounds fair and achievable.

    Hempworx/CBD does indeed sound like a rewarding business opportunity.

    Thanks again, Stephen for this useful information.

    1. Hi Phil,

      Thanks for leaving your comment here on this HempWorx review. Indeed Hemp has now become very useful and common when it comes it it benefits in terms of health.

      We welcome you to joining with us in the most lucrative business opportunity that Hempworx has to offer.


  26. This is one of the most honest articles that I’ve read about a MLM company. Most of the websites won’t be that forward and won’t share as much information.

    I also don’t have any experience with CBD Oil and I’m hearing more and more about it so that’s why this article appealed to me as well.

    I’m amazed at all the issues that it can assist.

    What has been the most dramatic change (that you’ve heard)  that has happened in someone’s life/health after starting to use CBD products?

    Thank you for the great article. Very interesting.

    1. Thanks Nancy,

      I’m glad you enjoyed reading this article. I wrote a couple of experiences people have had using the products in this review Nancy.

      Maybe you will have to take your time and re-read this article again to find those real user experiences.

      Thanks you.


      1. Thanks Stephen. I did read that but wondered if you had any more experiences to share.
        I like to hear more about other real-world experiences with CBD Oil.

        1. Here is another experience, a woman in our team whom I will call Sarah, used to experience brain seizure often. She mentioned that when she has one seizure stroke, like episodes. It takes forever for her brain to clear. Which truly means it’s brain fog.

          But recently when she had one she was able to be functional enough to get to the spray and thought hey why not? and get this… According to her within minutes, the fog had totally dissipated! So she is a huge supporter of the BRAIN spray and speaks confidently about it.

          I hope this helps, Nancy.

  27. I know Hempworx pretty well, as I tried some of their products. I have arthritis, and one of the products that many people recommended me was their CBD oil. I ordered it and I pretty much like it, it’s not as good as drugs but it’s better than many other brands I used to try in the past.

    I was thinking about promoting their oil, as I plan to start a blog in the nearest future. You didn’t mention anything about their commissions – I mean, how high are they (as a percent)? Or does it depend on how many items you’re selling? I’m not sure if you know the answer, but if you do, it would help me a lot. Thanks 

    1. Hi Ashley,

      Thanks for leaving your comment here. I’m happy you’re already using CBD oil and seeing some good result. Of course this is not a BIG Pharma drug so you can’t expect to see immediate result. It will take some time after usage before it begins to work well for you and that will require that you continue to use it consistently.

      Also, about our affiliate program, this is an MLM program, so you will need to join our team in order to benefit from the comp plan. The video I left in this review explains everything you need to know about the HempWorx opportunity.

  28. Out of curiosity, how does their link tracking and such work and what is the cookie length?  I know many programs do a great job on rewarding you if sales convert, but only on a specific timeline. Amazon for example has a really short conversion period. These don’t strike me as products people tend to buy on their first visit, they probably research quite a bit before trying something like this because of the negative association with “drugs.”  

    1. Hay Craig,

      This opportunity is just incredible to look at. As soon as someone Pre-Enrolls through your affiliate link, he becomes your referral for life and the good thing about this program is that, once the person Pre-Enrolls the system does the work for you by both sending series of Email to this, but not just that, also, the system works to place new affiliates and customers under this Pre-Enrollee which makes it easier for the person the decide of signing up as a customer or an affiliate to the company.

      So in short, I will say that cookies really work well with this system.


  29. Hello,

    Great Review! This could very well be the online opportunity I have been looking for to remedy a cash-flow issue I am currently having. In my research of looking online for opportunities to earn online, my research proved to me that affiliate marketing is a fairly lucrative industry. My goal is to become an affiliate marketer.

    Although the Hempworx products have been proven to be great products (one needs to have a great product too), but my main interest is actually with the compensation plan Hempworx/MDC has. It looks great!

    I have never heard of the Hempworx/MDC Company before, and honestly I have had nothing but negative experiences with MLM type programs (to the point of being gun-shy). However, I have always said if I could find the right one (MLM type program) I would have an opportunity to make some decent money.

    I found an affiliate program to assist with my goal of becoming an affiliate marketer, but if your program (and I will be doing more research) proves to validate my interest. It will be a great compliment because while I am learning to be an affiliate marketer I can earn some extra money to finance my training and hopefully get away from the brick and mortar employer!

    I booked marked this site to reference and return to. I have to do my due diligence. I reiterate, the compensate plan looks good!

    Thanks for bringing Hempworx/MDC to the forefront!


    1. Thanks Danie,

      The good news is that not all MLM programs are the same, so we look forward to seeing you working with you after you have done your due diligence research. HempWorx is a huge industry with great potential for everyone.

      Thanks a lot for passing by and for your generous comment.

  30. Steven,

    Thank you for informing me on the benefits of Hempworx and whether it is a scam or not. I am definitely looking for better products to promote and become an affiliate of. I heard that Hemp and CBD have now become legal on the federal level. This is huge news for the industry and could help bring alot of jobs to the economy. 

    I’ve always been kind of skeptical about the industry until recently. I was not aware that a promotion like this existed where anyone can come in and benefit from the products as an affiliate. The commission structure looks legitimate and not too expensive like some of the other MLM companies. As long as they don’t scam people out of their money like MOBE, then they should be able to make money legitimately while helping others achieve their dreams of creating passive streams of income online. 

    I watched the video from the founder and have been impressed with what I have heard so far. I like to do my research first before jumping into anything, as I have been burned before by amazing promos. It looks like you have been able to have a bit of success as a starter, so that’s a good sign. I have signed up as a pre-enrollee to try out the platform, but I will do more research on the products before proceeding to the next level. 

    I wanted to thank you for this very thorough and informative review on the benefits and cons of the program. It could be very useful now that CBD is legalized.

    1. Great Steven, I’m so glad you took the initiative to become  Pre-Enrolled of our unique system and business opportunity.

      This a huge opportunity and a very great potential for everyone. I understand if you want to do your research before finally joining our team. But I know you’re never going to regret becoming part of this huge opportunity.

      I personally look forward to seeing you inside and working along side people like you.

      Thanks a lot for commenting and looking forward to hearing from you soon.


  31. Great information!  And also a thorough review of HempWorx.  Sounds like a pretty good program!  

    I am not very well versed on CBD products, but this article has definitely peaked my interest.  I do know that it is rapidly growing in popularity, with so many uses. 

    Lots of food for thought…🤔

    Thanks! Chris

    1. Hi Chris,

      I’m happy you mentioned that this review peaked your interest. You’re also welcomed to joining our wonderful team.

      My best wishes

  32. There is nothing scammy about HempWorx, I agree.  It’s not my favorite CBD product on the market BUT, I have reviewed the MLM compensation plan and it has a lot going for it.

    I’ve been in many MLM’s over the years so I’ve seen hundreds of comp plans.  DFY websites that you can add and link your own content to are definitely the way to go in this day and age!

    1. Yes Fyre,

      That is why we are bring you something unique here. The ONLY MLM company that comes with a Done For You Email Marketing system, making it very easy to achieve success with.

      If you will not mind, you can also become part of our HempWorx team and benefit from huge opportunity that we are sharing to everyone.

  33. This is very informative as we’ll as interesting I honestly was looking to make money online completely fed up with my current job I wanted to start something that I know would help me in the end something I could control.  And I might just try this or dig in a little deeper into and learn about who they are 

    1. Thanks for commenting Niesha,

      We look for ward to seeing become part of our team and joining us in this wonderful opportunity. My best wishes,


  34. Before reading this article I never heard of Hempworx or “My Daily Choice”. But this article alllowed me to learn more about the company. Finding an online business can be very difficult. Because there are so many options, and a lot of these companies are pure scams. So I really admire reviews like this one.  

    1. Thanks a lot Jamiro,

      It is always our great pleasure to make available new opportunities so all can benefit from. We do write a lot of reviews on this website. Both scams and legit opportunities and we will let you know if an offer is legit or a scam.

      Thanks a lot for passing by and leaving your comment on this HempWorx review.

  35. Glad to know that Hempworx produces such a wide range of products. I have read much about CBD oils on how it has worked for many people. I am planning to buy CBD Oil for anti-aging and pain relief, early next January, and if I am going to order the CBD Oil products, then it will be from Hempworx. I love that they have a pool of products, giving me a lot of choice

    1. Yeah Ngonidzashe,

      Our products are of great varieties, and each one has got it unique benefits in terms of health. I know you will be very excited to get our products as they are very nicely packed and and the nutritional values are just awesome.

      Just get one and you will see what we are talking about.

      All the best,


  36. I have my elderly dog on the Hempworx treats.  He has arthritis and they help him move more freely and need less of his pain meds. A friend of mine is a seller and even here in Colorado, they’re still a popular product. Given that most people here can buy edibles with CBD and/or THC at a store within a few miles, I think it says a great deal about the quality of Hempworx products that people buy from them instead. I know many MLM companies don’t work as well as they claim to work but I’m glad to hear that Hempworx is the exception to that rule.  Do you know if affiliates get a discount buying the products for themselves? 

    1. Hi Marie,

      Thanks for letting me know your dog is already benefiting from our HempWorx products. I know you’re seeing some great result for trying it on your older dog as you said. You’re not the ONLY person experiencing the benefits of HempWorx products. There are many people doing so as you rightly read in this article.

      And for your question about affiliates getting some discount, I think I answered that in this post. As an affiliate, you get the products at a very good discount, since you buy it at a wholesale price and then sell it for a retail price or even more. So, you get a lot of benefits by becoming an affiliates of our system and then earn some commission as well for introducing our system and products to other who may be in need.

      Thanks a lot for commenting. We look forward to seeing you in our team and working side by side with you to change both people’s lives in terms of health and financial status.


  37. Hi Stephen,

    I have been using CBD oil and other CBD products for some time now for a few different hormonal issues, and I am blown away by how much better I am feeling. Also, my dogs have been consuming it to help with their anxiety! It is truly amazing how well our systems respond to the cannabinoids.  Thanks for sharing this company. I will be looking into if for sure.

    Much love,


    1. Hi Ciara,Your testimony is among the thousands that we hear every single day of people who use Hemp Oil/CBD products and see some great result in terms of their health.

      We look forward to that Ciara, I  know if you join our team, not ONLY will you help people get to know our awesome products and then change their lives, but also, you’re going top help both yourself and others financially.

      Your comment is much appreciated.


  38. Hmm. Lots of food for thought, there, in your article. My only problem, and it’s not with what you’ve said, is with the product. I’d like to be able to use the product and see results. I am a chronic migraine sufferer and I’ve tried CBD oil, to no avail. It hasn’t worked for me, but I continue to hear many good things, such as what you’ve shared about it. This makes me wonder if I’ve been using it incorrectly.

    Do you know if I need to be giving it more time? I’m using it correctly–as the label says, under the tongue for a full minute–but I wonder if I need to be giving it more time–as in over some days doing what I’ve done, or even weeks. If you have any advice for a guy whose chronic pain hasn’t been dealt with properly, yet, please let me know. Thanks.

    1. Hi Kevin,

      Sorry to hear your experience, that you’re not really seeing some good result. I have heard that before from someone and then the person told me that it was the source he was buying his CBD oil from, that was the problem, not the CBD product itself that was not working.

      So, I highly recommend you try doing these two things. First of all. Try changing the source you have buying your CBD oil from, as many people are not truthful, since they know people need the products, they can just produce something that is not authentic. 

      Our products are very natural and really work well, from the experiences we have heard and seen. Another thing I will tell you is that, if you have just started using the oil, then don’t expect immediate result, as it may take sometime for you to start seeing the real result.

      Also, know that these are not BIG Pharma products that works quickly, rather they are natural food supplements, so you will need to continue taking the oil to see positive result.

      I hope I answered your questions.


  39. Hey, Stephen

    Thanks for your thorough review of Hempworx. I have personally never heard of the company, not have I tried hemp products, but you article certainly has garnered my interest. I know it is becoming more and more of a big deal in the health industry, so it could be a great opportunity to jump on. Thanks again! I might have to check it out for myself.

    1. Hey Steve,

      If you haven’t heard about our company, then I’m glad you have discovered it in this review. The opportunity this MLM company is offering is just wonderful, If you could take a FREE tour of our system you’re really going to benefit yourself very well.

      So, you’re warmly welcome to joining us in this wonderful opportunity.

  40. Thanks for sharing this wonderful review of hempworx. I have heard of CBD networks but I’ve never joined any because I’m in a third world country and I don’t know how to get these products. Does this company ship to third world countries? If yes, who bares the shipping fees? The company or marketer?

    1. Hi Lok,

      May I know specifically which country you’re coming from? I’m also not in the USA, but I’m able to do this business. This is simply because even though we don’t ship our Hemp/CBD products to Africa and other countries where it is not approved yet, we have other products like the sprays that can be shipped to anywhere in the world.

      So No matter where you’re coming from, you can benefit from this opportunity. We look forward to seeing you join our team soon. As I mentioned in this article, the earlier you join the team, the better it will be for you since you’re then going to get a top spot on our team.

  41. Thank you for your interesting article regarding Hempwork,

    I have to confess to not having a fantastic knowledge regarding CBD oils however it is clearly a growing industry with massive potential and huge health benefits. 

    My query would be whether if you sign up with Hempwork do you receive continual support like you would with a organisation like Wealthy Affiliate and whether the product is as easily distributed for those residing outside of North America.

    1. Hi friend,

      Our support system is just wonderful, we have Facebook Group and wonderful leaders in our team that really know the game, I say they know the game I really mean it, Yes. We have people who know what they are doing and are very successful already.

      So, you really don’t have any problem about that. In addition to getting access to the best training and support system, You also get what is called a done for you marketing system, whereby HempWorx uses their own Email marketing system to get people under you and join your team. So before you even start to Enroll Affiliates and customers personally, HempWorx has already placed people under you which you benefit from each of them.

      I highly recommend you join soon, that is if you really wants to become part of our team, so that you can get a top spot on our team earlier, which will benefit yourself.

      All the best.


  42. I love hemp products! I use a vaporizer daily, and I use water-soluble rapid absorption (150 ML) CBD Oil.CBD Oil is nice because you can do so much with it, sometimes I’ll put it in my tea, food, etc. I find it just relaxes me a lot. It’s exciting to see CBD infused with all these different types of products! I never would have thought to use coffee creamer CBD or even the coffee itself! As I’m already into the marketing world, I can tell this company definitely has its bearings right. Thanks a lot for the great article, it’s really laid out the functionality of this company’s opportune affiliate program. Looks like you might have a potential investor on your hands right here! 

    1. Glad to hear that from Koda,

      When we hear such positive responses from real users of our products, it really makes us feel happy. You’re warmly welcome Koda. So glad to hear all these positive words coming from you.

      Indeed, you really look like a potential investor. We look forward to seeing inside as part of our wonderful team and working side by side with you to changing the world not just in term of health, but also financially.

      In fact, we are so looking forward to working with you.


  43. I’m happy to know about this great company and their products. Reading the review I can see that the company is legitimate and their products are really beneficiary to the body. 

    I like The Keto Coffee Creamer and the beautiful ingredients it has. Also I like Hemp Worx CBD Infused Coffee which has great nutrients and it is also very cheap. Just $2.30 per cup. 

    I must really appreciate this health article. Great job

  44. Hi there Stephen! Personally I have not heard of Hempworx/MDC until l read your review and this sound like an good opportunity l want to try it.  Further. the compensation plan seems good, and also the marketing has done for you. But l don’t know whether my country – Malaysia – is included.

    FYI, l have been using CBD oil daily for sleeping purpose, which help tremendously. I am sure there is a great demand since CBD oil is still new in my country.

    All the best!


    1. Thanks friend,I’m happy you already use CBD products. As you know, Hemp is now one of the hottest products on the market as far as health is concerned. And as you can testify yourself, CBD oil is very effective in fighting against a whole lot of sicknesses.

      But not just that, also it usefulness in many areas of life such as skin care, books and etc..

  45. Hi Stephen! Thank you for reviewing this MLM opportunity. I must admit that the compensation plan sounds really cool! And I had never heard of this Binary Team Commissions, but it also sounds great.

    I’ll continue checking out by myself. I’ll pre-enroll now to take the tour. Thank you very much for the info on this post!

    1. You’re welcomed to taking a free tour Henry and we welcome you to joining us as an affiliate in this lucrative business. 

      Anytime you’re ready for this business just let me know.

  46. Hello! I have been using CBD for years to control a seizure disorder. It has been the absolute only medication successful in controlling my seizures so needless to say, I am an advocate. However, there are a lot of MLM companies selling products of this nature. What benefits does this product have compared to others? Also, it seems like this is a hemp derived product, not a cannabis, is this correct? Do you know of anyone using this product for seizures and if so, how is it working for them?

    1. I’m very glad to hear that you’re benefiting from using CBD for your seizure. As you read in this review, a woman is also having the same benefit from our CBD oil. She said for her experience, had it not been CBD oil, she wouldn’t know how she will continue to battle with her disease.

      But with the use of CBD, she now has control over her seizure and even though it hasn’t stopped completely, she doesn’t experience it often as she used to experience when she was not using CBD, Hemp products. So, in short, I will say our products work, looking at all the user experiences we have.

  47. Hi Stephen, 

    Thanks a lot for the great article. I am beginning to do my research on the many CBD network marketing companies that are out there. I am also glad that the products are CBD because I really believe in what CBD can do for the benefit of human kind. 

    One question I had is that does the product ship anywhere? What about Canada?

    Thank you 


    1. Hi Imran,

      Thanks for commenting. The truth is that, not all countries have legalized CBD products even though the CBD derived from hemp is different from that of Marijuana which has a very THC, the component responsible for making you feel high.

      Of course our products, especially the CBD’s cannot be shipped to all countries, however, you can get our spray packs which are also very useful if you want to use them, you’re welcomed to placing your order. We hope that we soon will be able to ship CBD products to all countries including Canada.

  48. That’s awesome that Hempworx has an affiliate program! That’s some cool stuff, I’ve never heard of CBD infused dog treats, is that safe for them? Also I love coffee, I’ve had to cycle off of it for a while because I was drinking too much haha. I’m curious about the CBD infused oil, isn’t that counteractive to what coffees purpose is?

    1. Hey Nate,

      Glad you commented. Our CBD infused Dot Treat works very well. as you might have read from this review, there is an experience of someone who gave our CBD products to his older dog and the dog loves our products so much.

      So, in short, I can with great confidence that we have a good products to offer the world. Not just good products, but our products do work well and they are natural as well.

  49. I love everything cbd it helps me and a lot of people I know personally. I am already involved in another hemp company currently. I am intriqued however about hempworx after reading your thoughful article and review. I have bookmarked the site for further reading. I do not have the funds for a new business but maybe after the new year. Have you been paid by them and are they on time? Do you use the product yourself? My concern is that one it is MLM plus they have only been in business 2 yrs? What do you think of the long term?

    1. Hi Cathy,

      I know you already have some knowledge about the MLM industry. But to tell you the truth, I have reviewed so may MLM companies, however, I haven’t come across ant Network Marketing industry that provides all the resources this company has to offer. 

      Not just that, the products offered by HempWorx are natural and proven to work for so many people. I have ordered for mine as I mentioned that I joined not long ago. The good thing why I trust this company is their use of technology. Also, their done for you marketing system makes it so easier for for anyone who joins to achieve success.

      Just click on the link to see inside for yourself. Pre-Enroll and you see the may resources and features they have put in place to make you achieve success with easy.

  50. This sounds like an opportunity I want to try. CBD oil is making inroads and is especially sought after in places where marijuana is not yet legal. It seems to have a track record of growth and the future looks like it could only go up. My wife bought some CBD gummies and she said it helped her get better sleep. 

    1. Hi Derek,

      You will never regret joining our team. As i mentioned in this review, some of our team members have already started making money in just a week after starting.

      Just Pre-Enroll to see for yourself the wonderful opportunity that is changing lives. You lose NOTHING for Pre-Enrolling. If you decide it is not for you, we will just give your spot to another person, that is the ONLY thing you will lose.

      Thanks for commenting.

  51. I knew someone that was in a MLM program that promoted health drinks. I thought the drinks were pretty good and bought them from him. He didn’t really promote it and I think he just focused on using the products himself. This looks like a really good opportunity. Thanks for reviewing this. I can now see how the compensation program works and I work with a lot of people that I can probably promote this with!

    1. Hi Eric,

      Thanks for commenting. Please do let me know when you’re ready to Pre-Enroll, I will guide you what to do. 

      All the best,


  52. I am quite intrigued by the CBD products that this company is offering. I know it is starting to become highly sought after now for the health and physical benefits. 

    Is there any way I can get it on wholesale discount? I am not necessarily interested in becoming a distributor per se but I can see they offer high value products.

    1. Hi Jessie,

      CBD is now becoming the hottest products on the market as far as health is concerned. Yes, you can choose to become an active customer of My Daily Choice and in this way, you can get our products on whole sale price which is at a very low price.

      If you want to order, you can contact me through my website so that I can give you the best option and the best way to order our products. 

  53. Hi Stephen,

    Obviously the company that you are promoting has a high approval on your part. 

    On the other hand it is appreciated that the different health products offered are of quality. 

    It also provides excellent commissions to all its members, with training and tools that make their work easier. 

    I will analyze the compensation plan a little more, then I will return to clarify doubts. 

    Thank you very much and greetings! Claudio

    1. Hi Cloudio,

      First of all, I want to thank you for taking the time to comment here. Indeed this company is providing an opportunity that is not common to find anywhere else as far as Network Marketing is concerned. 

      The tools, training, compensation plan, and the whole business opportunity are just wonderful. I just wish you take a tour of our website your self, by Pre-Enrolling and then having a look of what we have to offer that is changing the lives of so many in the world.

  54. Personally I have not heard of hempworx before, but due to the information I got from this site I am really tempted to give it a trial actually am sure to try it before the day ends.

    I have been trying to figure out any online platform where I can work from home and earn money without necessarily going to work from home to job place. Now it’s clear with Hempworx that it’s a legit and real website one can get through and get some benefits out of it.

    On my opinion add more links that lead to the hempworx for new members to sign in via your link.

    Thank you


    1. Matthew,

      If you’re really looking for an online opportunity, then you’re warmly welcome to joining us in this wonderful opportunity. Already some in our team have started making money in just two days to a week after joining, so what are you waiting for?

      Come join us and let make it happen for you, as you also help change the lives of many out there.

  55. Hi Stephen,I just had a look at your article.Good work on producing this.I have always heard about hempworx but never really looked into it.There are some interesting points in your post here. e.g.

    the medicinal properties in the oil

    the compensation plan

    the fact that part of the marketing has been done for you

    Its amazing to see how much network marketing has changed over the years with tech now involved.I tried it back in the day old school when you had to make a list and ring folks from a landline lol.

    Anyway,good article Stephen.

    1. Hi Billy,

      Thanks for commenting. Yes, that is what makes HempWorx so special. The “Done Foe You” marketing system. The technology, our wonderful natural products and the lucrative business opportunities inside are just awesome to see.

      Yes, with MDC/HempWorx, the old method used in Network Marketing is no longer useful, we have everything that really makes marketing so easy and simple for everyone.

      I wish you could just take a tour of our website to see all these amazing features with your eyes.

  56. Hempwork really has nice products worth anyone’s money. Someone tried to introduce me to it not necessarily for the sake of money but I needed the products for my own health needs. Unfortunately the program is not available in my country and it is really expensive to ship the products so I have to sit back and wait for the company to grow to other countries including mine.

    1. Hi Anita,

      I’m happy you have already heard about our company and even wanted some of our products. May I please know which country you come from? Because currently, My Daily Choice is located in over 150 countries, so I’m sure they should be operating in your country as well.

      If you could tell me where you leave in the world then I can tell you whether we are we ship there or not.

  57. I must say that I have never heard about this affiliate network but I see a great potential here. It is very important that products are natural and tested because trust is what is most important. I will definitely try them and see how it perform on my blog, I will share my results.

    1. Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for commenting, Indeed HempWorx is booming as one of the best opportunities out there as far as internet business is concerned.

      Please do come to join us and you will never regret doing so. Already members of our team have started making money in just a week after joining the program.

  58. Thank you for sharing with us this great post on Hempworx.We are meeting many programs which are helping people make online money.Some of them are legit others are scams.

    None can say that Hempworx is a scam because after reading this post i decided to start learning about this opportunity until I get money to start.

    Thank you for making my day fruitful

    1. Hi Julienne,

      Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed reading this review. I look forward to seeing you soon as you have said, I know it will be a life changer for you.

      Thanks for commenting.

  59. Hempworx binary program is very similar to the company that I joined back in January, the company is called NPUsa, not sure if you heard it before. Their products are pricy but I do like their super lutein eye supplements. I have a question, how long has this company been around? Personally for me to join MLM, I like to know where I am going to be in the company. 

    I do take CBD oil everyday for my backpain, which helps tremendously. I take tincture 500mg. This sound like a good program to join. Will consider it. Thank you for the review

    Happy Holidays

    1. Hey Nuttanee,

      Thanks for commenting. HempWorx, formally knows as My daily Choice has been operating since June 2017. So approximately two years now.

      But the opportunities presented by this company is just awesome to see. I have reviewed MLM companies, But I haven’t seen such a lucrative opportunity before.

      I’m glad you’re already taking some of our products, that is CBD products, so this is just an open way opportunity for you to take advantage of and start making some money out of what you’re already enjoying. Also, since you’re already using the products, you can confidently let people know how you’re already benefiting from using the products and how they are helping you deal with your pains.

      I surely look forward to working with you as part of my team in this wonderful journey.

      All the best,


  60. Hi Stephen, thank you for writing this incredibly thorough review. Although I’ve been part of various internet marketing companies over the years, I never thought I had the strongest abilities to achieve my money goals. this company seems different to me. There is a lot of potential here, no matter your skill level. I’m drinking the CBD and mushroom coffee right now and I love it!

    Thank you for this excellent review. You taught me things here that I had not yet discovered.

    All the best,

    1. Hi Sue,

      I’m so glad to hear that you’re already enjoying CBD products, that indeed shows how CBD/Hemp products have now become so useful and the hottest products on the market as far as Health is concerned.

      Thanks for commenting and you’re welcome to joining our team since you already use our products.

  61. I clicked on the site. As I was reading this I thought that I remembered that I had come across this before. And then when I clicked the pre-enrolled I saw the price. It was $69 plus $20 which came to $89. The problem is not the price but the fact that many people looking for Work At Home opportunities just don;t have the money. Either way it was a great article and I have bookmarked it so after the New Year I just might join up as I use Hemp in my E Juice

    1. Hello David,

      I understand what you mean, but let me clarify things out for you. Of course, you can become an active customer and an affiliate by purchasing the builder package which cost $69 +20. but this pack is for 40BV (Business Volume). 

      However, you can choose to buy(order) one bottle of pet CBD for $39 but the kit is always $20. Which makes you become both a customer and an affiliate.

      So please check back and reply to me, if there is anything I need to clear off for you.

      Looking forward to hearing from you.


  62. where has this been all my life?!? I am an avid CBD user, a stay at home mom, and completely in love with the natural lifestyle. My life could literally change if I got involved with this company. What do you find is your best way of marketing? With MLMs like this, many people use social media, but I honestly don’t want to feel like an advertiser to my friends and family. Any tips?

    1. Hi Syney,

      to tell you the truth, peoples lives are already changing. I never knew after struggling all these years I could come across something so special that works like this opportunity.

      It is just amazing to see how people in my team have already started making money just a week after joining this company. One member even surprised me the most with her success, that in just two days she has already made $200, this is wonderfully converting like crazy

  63. As with all MLM setups, I suppose the key to Hempworx being successful is the quality and then price of their products – a large majority of MLM items are overpriced and no better than what you’d find in the local store. 

    You obviously like this company, so I’m guessing the products really are top line with them?

    1. You’re right Chris,

      The prices of the products are quite good, but just that, HempWorx is making a lot of success because they produce quality products that really benefits their customers. Yes,products that are actually having some good impact in the lives of people who use them.

      Also, members are making a lot of success due to the FREE Done For You Marketing system they give to all their affiliate. It really makes it easy for each affiliate to succeed.

  64. Hi,

    Hempworx sounds very interesting and I like the idea of an autoresponder referral program.  It gives you customers.  Obviously you have to put more work in to climb up the ranks, but the idea is excellent.

    As someone who has dabbled in MLM before, I prefer a company that has stood the test of time.  I was in Cabouchon, but though it started successfully, it went under because of top level politics within the company.  Petra Doring had to cut her losses and start over.  This time trading from Germany, her home country.

    My favourite MLM companies are Amway and Forever Living. CBD oil is good but I still need to know more about it first.  For example is it good for arthritis?  Please put up more benefits that we can get from using CBD oil.

    The compensation plan looks good, so no qualms there.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Stella,

      Thanks for letting me know you have taking an active part in MLM before. Indeed MLM is a good business if you know the game you’re playing and play it well, just like affiliate marketing, they all require some effort and skills to succeed.

      I know about Amway and I also know about Forever Living, as I have a friend who is currently their customer and distributor.

      Thanks for the heads up and for letting me know you want more information on CBD Oil. Indeed there are tons of the uses and as you have said, I’m going to list all the benefits of using CBD Oil to this review.

      You’re welcome to checking them up later on.

      All the best,


  65. This is ironic because I just ordered the Hempworx CBD 500 mg oil last week.

    I was so excited to come across this because I have issues, mainly being overweight, diabetes, and neuropathy.I know that CBD oil is the big thing now and I can understand why!

    I’ve taken another brand of CBD oil but it didn’t give me any results and maybe it’s because I didn’t stay on it long enough.But I’ve read a lot about Hempworx before and now you’ve provided even more information for me!

    Once I see results, I am going to write about this on my website and join and promote Hempworx!Thanks Stephen!

    1. Hello Rob,

      I’m glad you already know about CBD and have seen some benefits that comes from using this products. Especially as you mentioned that you have ordered for HempWorx CBD 500mg. It just shows you already know the benefits of using CBD oil.

      I look forward to hearing your personal stories of how you have benefited from using CBD and then becoming an affiliate and a regular customer yourself.

      My best wishes,


  66. Hey there Stephen! It seems like a fantastic opportunity, even if I am completely novice in this field. I have one question though: do you know if you can start your business from anywhere in the world? I currently live in Chile, and I think this business would interest a lot people here. Thank you for this review anyway. I’ll look a bit more into the product to see if that really interests me. 

    1. Hi Ben,

      HempWorx/MDC is currently operating in over 150 countries. So, there is NO country barrier or restrictions here. You can become an affiliate and a customer from anywhere in the world.

      You’re welcome to working with us as a team.

      Thanks for your comment


  67. Thank you for this very detailed and outlined review on HempWorx and MDC.

    I agree with the products offered by HempWorx and its multi usages to lead a much more healthier life.

    I appreciate the video which makes it so much more understandable in how their compensation plan works.

    I really got intrigued but have to read through all the information at least once more, therefore this article is saved.

    Thanks you for sharing.

    1. Hi Sylvia,

      Thanks for letting me know you benefited from reading this review. I’m glad you said it was thorough. It took me about two days of research to come up with this review, so it certainly deserves the credits.

      All the best,


  68. I think one of the things that is hard for most people in an MLM is signing up people under them. It looks like MDC has that part covered pretty well, especially with the option of pre-enrolling. I am wondering — is there a time limit for how long a person could remain pre-enrolled, before making a decision of whether or not to become an active affiliate or customer?

    1. You’re definitely right, Danette,

      For sure, getting customers and even affiliate to join an MLM business is the hard part, but so is affiliate marketing, making sales isn’t an easy thing. Is it?

      They all require some effort and hard work to achieve real success. But as you rightly read, HmepWorx being so helpful to their affiliate, has put in place this Done For You marketing system, so that even before you personally enroll someone into the business, MDC has already placed some active customers and affiliate in your team under you, making it easier for you to succeed.

  69. This sounds like a pretty good company and I’m sure they are selling a product that is in demand, but personally I would never join them since it’s an MLM company.

    Yes I know that may sound harsh but from my experience VERY few people succeed in mlm busnesrs for a number of reasons. One being your success is tied to the people you recruit rather than your own efforts.

    Also usually the people that join early have a better chance at succeeding too.

    Again this is an amazing review and it seems like a good company, but I can’t join it.

    What are your thoughts about mlm companies?

    1. Thanks for your comment Michael,

      You need to know that, there is NO online business that is easy to succeed with. The same thing applies to affiliate marketing as well, isn’t it? You need to put in some extra effort just to make one sale in affiliate marketing.

      So, the fact that you failed before in an MLM business doesn’t mean every MLM opportunity will lead to your failure.

      Looking at all the good arrangement and amazing opportunities presented by My Daily Choice, even performing some Done For You Marketing system, it is hard to hear that any of their affiliate or distributors did not achieve success.

      You can just take a tour to have a look inside of the amazing offers that MDC is giving to all their affiliate.

      I hope I made some sense here,

      Thanks for commenting,


  70. I enjoyed your through review here. While I’m not a huge fan of MLM’s, natural products do intrigue me. Is there a difference between this type of product and the very popular essential oils? Have you personally found that these products have helped you out with your various ailments? Nice thorough write up 🙂

    1. Thanks Eric,

      Yes, Eric, natural products are good for the body and they are good for all of us. I personally love them a lot. Yes, CBD/Hemp Oils are far different from essential oils in a sense that, these are naturally produced oils with no addition of chemicals.

      Also, CBD oils have good records of helping a lot of people in terms their health. So CBD stand out as the best when it comes to natural oils that benefits humans. Beside their health benefits are other benefits that are too many to count.

      I haven’t used them myself yet,(this is because of some restrictions in my country) but I’m hoping of getting some for myself and I know it will be very helpful just as it has done for so many people. 

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