Is Icoin Pro a Scam? Is It Worth Your Effort?



Overview of iCoin Pro

Products: iCoin Pro

Price: You pay $39.95 per month

Founder: Paul De Sousa


My Rating: 4 out of 10


So Is iCoin Pro a Scam?

Well, iCoin Pro is not a scam, but rather, an MLM program that teaches cryptocurrency for individuals who are interested in learning more about crptocurrency.

So basically, iCoin Pro says they provide individuals with – education, information, and training on everything cryptocurrency.

Icoin covers Blockchain technology, and what other cryptocurrencies can be used for  to buying your first Bitcoin, and keeping you up to date on changes, news, and updates, iCoin Pro stands out as the most complete Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency training program available anywhere.

What it means is that iCoin Pro’s training programs was designed for individuals who are interested in  was designed specifically for individuals who are into crptocurrency businesses and want to learn how to take their business to the next level.


Pros of iCoin Pro

  • iCoin Pro is not a Scam
  • Compensation plan available to members
  • Cryptocurrency training available to members


Cons of iCoin Pro

  • iCoin Pro cannot be tried for FREE
  • there is no guarantee that you will get your money back when you fail with iCoin Pro
  • Confusion Compensation plan – very difficult for you to fully comprehend.
  • Like every MLM program – iCoin Pro requires a direct face to face marketing skills
  • It requires that you make some amount of sales before you can qualify for the compensation
  • iCoin Pro also require that you recruit other people into the program to qualify for compensation
  • iCoin Pro is a newly established program – and so it has a very low reputation and popularity.


How to Become a Member of  iCoin Pro

To become a qualified member of iCoin Pro – You’re required to pay a member fee of $39.95 , which you’re are suppose to do so every month.


iCoin Pro’s Compensation Plan


Before we proceed with iCoin Pro’s Compensation Plan, I recommend you watch this video if you can – which will give you an overview of all that you need to know about iCoin Pro’s Comp. Plan.


Also, to be able to qualify for iCoin Pro’s compensation Plan, you need to be able to refer new members to join the training program through your affiliate LINK.

So you get paid based on your sales of $39.95 affiliate  retail membership – and also  by recruiting other new members to join the iCoin Pro training program.

And to qualify for your payment, it is required that at least you generate one $39.95 monthly subscription


iCoin Pro’s Membership Rank

iCoin Pro has six (6) different membership ranks within their compensation plan – as shown below:

  • Unranked Membership: This is where you sign up as an iCoin Affiliate and qualify for commission.


  • Star -1 Membership: At this point, you’re required to at least sell three of the $39.95 monthly memberships to retail customers or your own recruited affiliates members.


  • Star -2 Membership: At this point, you’re to maintain at least twenty of the $39.95 monthly memberships across your downline – including your personal sales.


  • Star -3 Membership: At this level, you’re to maintain at least one hundred of the $39.95 monthly memberships across your downline – in addition to your  personal sales. 


  • Star Elite:Membership: This is where you’re required to maintain at least five hundred of the $39.95 monthly memberships across your downline – including your  personal sales.


  • Star Presidential Membership: This is the final stage of the ranking level – where you’re required to maintain at least five thousand of the $39.95 monthly memberships across your downline in addition to your  personal sales.


iCoin Pro’s Powerline Commission

When Affiliate Members or customers of iCoin Pro join the program – they placed in a start line queue.

This queue is arranged position by position – in an orderly way, depending on who joins the program first.

In total, you’re able to earn up to five powerline positions under you.

If for instance you’re able to sell one $39.95 membership per month – you can earn up to 3% commissions in these 5 Powerline positions.


iCoin Pro’s Fast Start Bonus

iCoin Pro gives you Fast Start Bonus when you’re able to sell the $39.95 per month membership to both Affiliate Members and retail customers

The Fast Start Bonus is paid out in 5 levels –  in a uni-level compensation plan structure, which depends on your rank.


See the example below on how the Fast Start Bonuses are structured.


Unranked Affiliates earn $10 on level 1 – that is your personally recruited members.

  1. Star – $15 on level 1 and $5 on level 2
  2. Star – $20 on level 1, $5 on level 2 and $3 on level 3
  3. Star – $25 on level 1, $5 on level 2, $3 on level 3, $2 on level 4 and $1 on level 5


iCoin Pro’s Residual Commission Payout

The residual income is calculated using a 2×14 matrix compensation plan structure.

This 2×14 matrix places an iCoin Pro’s affiliate at the top of the matrix, with two positions directly under him or her, as shown in the pyramid structure below:


Your Matching Bonuses

iCoin Pro also gives you some matching bonuses using your downline matrix commission.

And this is done through their uni-level compensation plan structure. See the structure below:

In this case, iCoin Pro arranges using  their uni-level Matching Bonus at 6 levels in total.

The amount of levels you get paid will highly depend on your rank and the effort you put in.

Unranked affiliates earn a 10% match on level 1 (personally recruited affiliates)
1 Star affiliates earn a 20% match on level 1
2 Star affiliates earn a 30% match on level 1 and 10% match on level 2
3 Star affiliates earn a 40% match on level 1, 10% match on levels 2 and 3 and 5% match on level 4
Star Elite affiliates earn a 50% match on level 1, 10% match on levels 2 and 3, 5% match on level 4 and 3% match on level 5
Star Presidential affiliates earn a 60% match on level 1, 10% match on levels 2 and 3, 5% match on level 4, 3% match on level 5 and 2% match on level 6.


So looking at iCoin Pro’s compensation plan, although confusing, it looks very attractive.


So Who Is iCoin Pro For?

Well, to be frank with you, iCoin Pro is not for just anyone, especially if you are not into this Cryptocurrency and and trading. Which I call it a lot of confusion.

If you know the in and out of these Cryptocurrencies, then maybe iCoin Pro will probably work for you.


However, as I have advised you – don’t look at just their compensation plan to be enticed to want to sign up with iCoin.

Otherwise, you will en up being a failure. And remember, this is not just a business opportunity, but rather, a platform for training those interested in learning more about Cryptocurrency, in other to be able to take their business to the next level.


Also, this is an MLM program, which requires that you sell their products – And to tell you the truth, selling such products  is not an easy job at all. It requires some special marketing skills to be able to do this.

In addition to that, you’re required to go rounds looking for other members who may be interested in the program – so you can recruit them into iCoin Pro’s Cryptocurrency training and educational program.

If you cannot do any of the above mentioned, then you better not try this program at all. Why because you may end up being a failure!


So at this point, what do you think? Is iCoin Pro a Scam? or Is It Worth Your Money and Effort? Well, there is no doubt you can now confidently answer this question.




Wishing you all the best,




6 thoughts on “Is Icoin Pro a Scam? Is It Worth Your Effort?”

  1. Oh, while it might not be a scam, I wouldn’t get involved with anything that includes those “matrix” systems. I’ve been with a few of them and I’ve learnt my lesson. The more people get in to the matrix the harder it becomes for the last person to earn anything. Only if you’re at the top of everyone, you might make money.

    1. Hello Rich,

      I certainly agree with you. this is another MLM program that teaches cryptocurrency. So it is a combination of affiliate training program as well as MLM, with a similar pyramid compensation plan attached.

      While iCoin Pro is not a Scam,as you read from this review, I don’t think it is good for just anyone – ONLY those who are into Cryptocurrency trading, who knows the in and out – such as Forex trading and Bitcoin can real,ly make something out of this program.

      And as it is also another Multi-level Marketing program, your chances of being a failure is very high, as it is true of all MLM programs – that ONLY those on top of the Pyramid (the so called Up-liners) see some success.

  2. Ahhh a cryptocurrency MLM…how long has this MLM been around for? I’m guessing its pretty new?

    Do you know how they propose that you find people who want to purchase this product? Unlike traditional MLMs, you can’t throw cryptocurrency parties or drop flyers in the mail.

    Sounds like quite a hard business to make money from.

    1. Yes, Dear,iCoin Pro is a newly established Cryptocurrency MLM program. So it has been around not quite long ago. 

      To be frank, I not know of any member from iCoin Pro claims to have see some success. For sure I know some earlier members who get the chance to be on top of the Pyramid will see some level of success. But I also know that it wouldn’t be an easy game at all, as its true among all MLM’s.

      I will not recommend it to people who’re serious and really mean business anyway.

  3. Hey Stephen,

     Thanks for your entry, I’m always happy to read review about programs/platform in the online make money world; you made it very clear for me about iCoin Pro, it’s not my cup of tea let’s say so.

    I’m glad I’ve stumble on your review, I will not waste time with this program.

    Thanks mate.

    1. You’re welcome Stefano,

      It has always been my desire and willingness to give my readers the best and most comprehensive review ever. So they will be fully satisfied by the time they leave my site.

      I’m glad you found this review on iCoin Pro very helpful and you’re now able to make your decision base on what you have learned from this review.

      Wishing you all the best.

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