Is Igalen a Scam? – Is It Worth Your Effort? Find Out Here



Maybe you have heard about this newly established MLM program called iGalen and  have been wondering what its really about. Perhaps you have even bee asking yourself  this question; what is iGalen? is iGalen a scam or is it worth my effort?

Well, in his post, I’m  going to give a detailed and a comprehensive review  about all that you need to know about iGalen.

But before we even dig deeper into what iGalen is all about, let take a brief look at an overview of this MLM program called  iGalen.


An Overview of iGalen

Product name: iGalen


Price: Minimum Sign Up price (Package)  is $79.45

Owners: Chan Heng Fai (Chairman), and Rajen M, PhD (CEO)

My Rating: 4.5 out 10

My Verdict: Can’t  recommended it to you & will tell you why!


So What is iGalen then?

Well, iGalen, taking from it own name, is a Multi – Level Marketing company founded by Chan Heng Fai who is the chairman and Co-founder and Rajen M, PhD who is the CEO and also Co-founder.

This company got it name from Claudius Galen who was known to be the greatest physician of ancient Rome – who further developed the theory and practice, based on findings of  Hippocrates and carried Greco-Roman medicine to its highest peak.

He was well known at the time to have some profound understanding of the human body. So this MLM company, iGalen, was built based on the name is this great physician in the ancient Rome.


Of course, iGalen  is Not a scam as I said. However,  I can’t  recommend it either due to many reasons you will learn from this review. If you are looking for a genuine money making program, let me help you discover My #1 recommended  program called Wealthy Affiliate, founded by two Canadians called ‘Kyle’ and Carson. I’ve been a member for quite sometime now. It’ FREE to join. No credit card required.





6 Reasons Why I Cannot Guarantee Your Success With iGalen

Below are some tangible reasons why I think iGalen will not be the best business opportunity for you:

  • 1) You Need to Be a Very Skillful Marketer to Succeed.

All MLM programs require that you have some level of good selling skills. If you know you cannot convince people to buy their expensive products, then don’t try it, else you will be a failure. 

If you cannot sell, then keep in mind that no money for you. Yes, this is a simple truth and the reason why many MLM members do fail miserably.


  • 2) You Mus Be Ready to Recruit Other Members

Also, as   as a network marketer, part of your job is to recruit new members into the program. If you cannot convince people to use their hard earn income to sign up for this program, then forget it. You will make nothing.

Remember, that recruiting people is part of their compensation plan, as i true of all MLM programs. So you mus be prepared to do that.

I know of a friend who has been into this business for over 6 years now, but still no success. he is still struggling. He has signup to more than 6 different MLM programs but nothing better seems to come up.


  • 3) You Cannot Try iGalen For FREE

Yes, this is not only igalen, but all MLM programs, you’re not allowed to try it for FREE. So if you fail, you would have lost your hard earned money.

  • 4) No Guarantee of Getting Your Money Back

Yes, as I said, you’re not allowed to try iGalen for FREE as its true of all MLM programs and if you fail to succeed, you’re not going to get your money back, So you will loose your money with no return.


  • 5) Over 90 Percent of All MLM Members Do Fail

Yes, this is a true statistics that I’m basing my point on, that more than 90% of all MLM members do fail. So the truth is that, it will be very difficult for you to be able to make sales, if any at all.

So the possibility of you succeeding with iGalen is very low. And I can’t guarantee your success, since I don’t know how skillful you’re in marketing.


  • 6) Over Expensive Products

In fact, one of the main reasons why it becomes very difficult for MLM members to succeed is because of the fact that their product are overly expensive.

As a result, it becomes a BIG challenge for MLM members to make sales. Why? Because people who may even need such [products may find it difficult to buy as a result of their pricing.

So, I have told you why I don’t think iGalen or any MLM program will be a good business opportunity. However, the choice still lies in your hands.

On the other hand, if you think you’re very skillful in network marketing, then you can give iGalen a try and see how things work out.


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iGalen’s Emulin+ Product & It Benefits

Before we even move on to the health benefits of the iGalen Emulin+, watch this vide as Dr. Joseph explains how this products works.


The  Emulin+ and It’s Benefits 

The iGalen’s Emulin+ was created by Dr. Joseph Ahrens, a former director of research for Florida Department of Citrus. He was able to identify three (3) phytochemicals which they named Emulin® at various key enzymatic control points that affect carbohydrates digestion, storage and metabolism.

According to them, these vital compound have been left out in our modern day diet,  as most our food today are processed and refined.

And so they claim that, the three actives of Emulin® work together to protect your body and manage the ill effects of any excess carbs consumed.

Also, the Emulin+, is said the fight against Inflammation and Refined Carbohydrate. But what do these two terms mean? Well, let me explain.


The Two Types of Emulin+

The Emulin comes in two different packages, namely, the Emulin +C, which stands for the Controller and the Emulin +M, which stands for the Manager

The Controller Plus


The Controller version is recommended for individuals with poor blood sugar control. It has been said though,  that it really works well.

The Manager Plus


The Manager version is made basically for the those who want to minimize the effects of refined carbohydrates in our bodies, with the aim of helping to prevent diabetes from the body.


This is another video that explains how the Emulin+ works. You can watch this one as well.




Other iGalen Product Yet to Be Released

The following are some other products that are yet to be launched by iGalen. You can have a look at them.

  • Ovinex™

Sheep Collagen

  • Liphagel™

Joint Pain Relief

  • Longvida®


  • GS515®

21st Centure “Pre-Digested” Ginseng


iGalen Global Compensation Plan

Like any MLM company, iGalen also uses pyramid scheme to pay their members. However, their compensation plan seems to be somehow good. Basically, they have six (6) different ways of paying their members. These include;


But even before we get into details about their compensation plan, this is a video from iGalen that you may want to watch. Watch it and let move on.


  • 1) Retail Profit (Up to 35%)

The retail profit is the first level, and at this level, iGalen claims that you can earn up to 35% by purchasing their products at wholesale price and selling them at a retail price.

And here is their compensation formula for this level;

Your Retail Price – Your Wholesale Cost = Your Profit.

  • 2) Fast Start Bonus (Up to 30%)

According to iGalen’s compensation plan, the Fast Start Bonus pays you immediate income on the initial order of the people you bring onboard into your iGalen business and is a great way to get your business up and running.


  • 3) Team Commission (Up to 12.5%)

At this point, your commission is calculated from your placement tree, which is made up two legs; one on the left, and one on the right. So in this case, you will receive your compensation based on your being able to successfully build your own two legs

Also, your Sponsor or upline may decide to place people in your group or down-line, and these people will count toward your team commissions and rank qualification.


  • 4) Leadership Matching Bonus

 At this level, iGalen explains that you earn a Matching Bonus based on a percentage of Team Commissions from people that you personally sponsor up to 5 levels.


  • 5) Leadership Bonus Pool

 At this level, iGalen claims that only members ranking Ruby or above qualify for Leadership Bonus. Number of levels and percentages override are based on the ranking of the member. Please see qualification chart to learn about ranks.


  • 6) Lifestyle Bonus

This is the final level of the compensation plan, and at this level, iGalen claims that you stand the chance of getting some incredible Lifestyle Bonuses.

Starting with the rank of Ruby, you will qualify to receive a monthly lifestyle bonus which can be used towards a new car payment or other luxury expenses. As shown below.




My Final Thought On iGalen

As I have said throughout this review, iGalen is very legitimate, however, the only problem I have with iGalen and all MLM programs is their business opportunity

I mean, their members find it very difficult to succeed with their business opportunity. on the other hand, if you think you can succeed with it, you’re FREE to give it a try.

Also, you can decide to give my recommended program a try – it NO MLM program. You do not need any direct selling skills.

And you will get all the training you need in order to succeed. Since you can try it for FREE, you’re welcome to give it a FREE  Test Drive”  before making any payment.




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So at this point, what do you think? Is iGalen a Scam? Is it Worth Your Effort? Well there is no doubt that you have your answer already.


Leave your comment or any question you may have about this review and I will get back to you.


All the best,




About the Author


I’m Stephen, the founder of Jobs If you have have read my “About Me Page”, you will understand that  my goal is to help others succeed online as I’m doing, by exposing scams and reviewing top rated products. I can help you start your online business














  • Compensation Plan
  • Igalen is Not a Scam


  • You Cannot Try For Free
  • Confused Compensation Plan
  • Hyped Products
  • Over 90% MLM's Fail
  • You May Loss All Your Money

30 thoughts on “Is Igalen a Scam? – Is It Worth Your Effort? Find Out Here”

  1. MLM is NOT a pyramid scheme. Does anyone know what a pyramid scheme really is? It is business where there is a CEO (or owner) at the top & employees work for the company to make the company more money. The employees get a wage & never advance to the top so they always make wages. There is no product(s) sold. One example is government.Everyone in government has a position below the top & gets paid accordingly with no hope of owning the government. In MLM you are the owner of your company & you get paid according to how hard you work. iGalen’s scientists have proven records & scientific studies of their of their products. Klamax & Emulin are not “ME TOO” products like most of the other MLM companies out there. People are buying their products because they are getting results from the products because they do what they are sold to do. I got my life back. After 4 years of being sick & in & out of the hospital I can finally enjoy life again. I don’t care about the business end of it but will let everyone know what it has done for me. The products work! It is not all about money!

    1. Hi Candi,

      thanks for your comment. I’m not disputing your argument. I didn’t have enough knowledge about MLM business I know do understand how it works very well.

      So, thanks for the information. However, those who sign up should keep in mind that making success in MLM business is not an easy task. It takes REAL effort and skills, coupled with determination. If you’re not ready to do this then you better don’t try it at all.

    1. Hi Edgar,

      Thanks for sharing the video, I will go and watch it. And probably give You my feedback on what I observed from the video.

      All the best.


  2. Igalen has its best product so your success depends on you., its not hard to share here in philippines because a lot of people needs this product here.,

    1. Yes Sandrex,

      I know very well that iGalen is not a scam and I also know very well that depending your level of skills as a network marketer you can make some money out of it.

      However, you will agree with me that the majority of all who sign to join these network marketing companies with the intentions of making some money do not see any real success at all.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying iGalen in Philippines,

      My best wishes to you

  3. Hi there, I found your review and I wanted to point out that I know for a fact that you are wrong with some of your information here. You gave iGalen 8xs for things they did not have; however, they do have 5 of the things you gave them an X for not having. You truly should update your information as it is a reflection of your own business. They do have live chat, free websites and domain hosting for all distributors. It truly is in poor taste to not UPDATE your article (even if you were to say – at the time of the article they did NOT have – if that was the case. The products speak for themselves and are fantastic and many people have benefited from them. Essentially, you are putting fear in people who may very well be able to make a successful business from iGalen.
    F – alse
    E- vidence
    A -ppearing
    R – eal
    Just my thoughts from one respectful business person to another!

    1. Hello Connie,

      Thanks a lot for letting me know that iGalen has made some new update which I need to ad to this review. But the truth in the matter is, I always want my readers to know what they can expect from any offer they are going in for. As to whether it is worth their money and time or not.

      I know that iGalen is not a scam and I’m very sure you read that very clearly in this review. I don’t like sounding Bias in any review I do so I try to do my maximum best to tell the truth.

      You yourself well know that when it comes to Network marketing which we all know to be MLM business, it is not easy succeeding. I know a couple of friends who have ventured into these network marketing businesses and have seen no success come their way yet.

      As I said in this review about 90% of MLM members do frail and that is a huge number of percentage. So I don’t see why I should hide that from real prospect looking for a genuine way to make some money online. I mean I need to let them know the truth about the offer they are about to venture so they can decide for themselves if they still like it or not. That is my work as a reviewer of products and offers.

  4. Hi Stephen!
    I feel the need to certainly mention, as an iGalen distributor, that your review lacks much information and is inaccurate on many fronts.
    On the surface, the way this review is written is to sway folks toward Wealthy Affiliate of which you yourself may or not be a an affiliate of, I don’t know.

    I would encourage you to do some more research on the points reflected in your comparison grid. You’re misleading people with the inaccuracies.
    I am a realist and am not in any way saying iGalen is a perfect company.

    I get that everyone has their opinions on MLM companies etc, I’m not going to get into a debate with anyone about compensation plans.
    But to blanket any MLM as a “NO” just because it is an MLM I don’t think is fair assessment.

    As far as your review on the products, the info you’ve included is just copied and pasted from the corporate website. There’s no research here to give the product a fair review and in fairness you’ve really no opinion that I read?
    You omitted the fact that Dr Joseph Ahrens, the formulator of Emulin+ is twice Nobel Nominated for his work in the area of metabolism and the link to inflammation.
    You fail to mention the published, peer-reviewed double-blind study conducted on Emulin+ and the fact it outperformed Metformin, the world’s most prescribed drug for Type 2 Diabetes.
    A second human study has been completed on weight loss/weight management and pending publication.
    Also a 3rd will be published (Q2 2018) as the Emulin+ product was recently enhanced to even better manage inflammation.
    The future products listed are not in the near pipeline.

    iGalen has recently, as of October 2017, launched an AFA extract Stem Cell Release product called Klamax. The formulator, Dr Stefano Scoglio from Italy, was nominated in 2017 for Nobel Prize in the category of Medicine for his product and work in the stem cell space.
    He has 8 clinical trials and 10 Scientific publications to his name.
    All iGalen products are patented as well.

    I just wanted to chime in as I think when someone decides to write a review the credibility is in the research and deriving assessments from that is important as an info resource to the readers. With accuracy being extremely important in my opinion!
    The review? I’d rate it maybe a 3/10.

    1. Hello Cliff,

      I have read your comments and I can say I understand you for given such a comment, why because I know very well that as distributor of iGalen, you will only want to hear good things about them. Not anything negative. But the fact is, I feel the truth must be told. And anyone who visits my website can testify to the fact that they find valuable information.

      If you said my review lacks some information about iGalen I will understand you, for example you mentioned of the fact that I failed to mention; Dr Joseph Ahrens, the formulator of Emulin+ is twice Nobel Nominated for his work in the area of metabolism and the link to inflammation.
      You fail to mention the published, peer-reviewed double-blind study conducted on Emulin+ and the fact it outperformed Metformin, the world’s most prescribed drug for Type 2 Diabetes.

      But even that, I can’t just talk about everything iGalen does, my job is to let people know what iGalen is all about and as to whether its a scam or not.

      And You saw that from this review, that I never mentioned that iGalen is a scam, so I don’t know which accuracy you are talking about. And if you’re talking about the points I listed about some problems that are common among all MLM programs, what do you think? isn’t it true. I’m talking from real experience and what I really know about all MLM programs.

      You need to be very skillful in marketing, else you wouldn’t make anything from MLM programs. Also, did I tell lie by saying you will be doing the job or recruiting other members, Isn’t that true? Is that not what you’re doing as a member of iGalen? And again, is iGalen FREE to join? Are you not required to pay something before you can start off with any business with them?

      So I’m telling people the real truth behind iGalen and all MLM programs. This is not half truth. But a complete one. As I said, I understand you because you’re a distributor for iGalen and so you will only want to hear good things about them, but my work requires that I tell every truth I know, so that my visitors wouldn’t be deceived and then based on my review they can also make their own decision.

  5. Wow, I was just about to sign up and join IGalen. My gut feeling told me to look up some reviews on it before I did.

    I’m so so glad that I did follow my gut and I ended up here. This article gave me all the insight I needed on iGalen that their website didn’t.

    I’ll be sure to share this with my friends on social media. I like the sound of your recommendation though. I may have to check WA out.

    1. Hey  James,

      I’m so glad you took the intiative to do some research about iGalen. In fact, that is the best thingvto do especially when the offer you want to sign up with requires that you pay some money in other to be able to start.

      And you are smart enough to do this. Most people fall into scams because when they see or hear about an online offer that looks so good to be true, they just take tgeir credit card to buy in to the offer or accept it and at the end, they find themselves totally disappointed.

      Yah, as  you said I recommend Wealthy Affiliate for so many reasons. And as I said you can start Wealthy Affiliate for free, do in this case there is no fear of loosing your money at all. Plus all the benefits you saw in my comparison table.

  6. I did join two MLM companies in the past but because I wasn’t at all good in selling and recruiting people, I decided it’s not for me.

    Although there are MLM companies that are flat out scams, I believe most of them aren’t as long as there are products involved. I do not also personally recommend it to anyone who is looking to make a decent living online simply because I do not like their pyramid scheme compensation plan. It’s kind’a of a “first-come-first-served” basis which means if you come in last, those who were ahead will stand to benefit more and that’s not very encouraging.

    Thanks for this detailed review of Igalen.

    1. It my pleasure Alice to meet you today and I am happy you are also confirming the fact that MLM programs are not the best platform for anyone interested in making some successful income online.

      And it is good that you have had  experiences MLM programs before and you can testify yourself how it is difficult to make any success with MLM programs.

      That is why I always recommend affiliate marketing to all who are interested in making some successful income online. And I recommend Wealthy Affiliate as the best place to get all the training you need to make some successful income and all for free.

  7. Hi, Stephen,

    Thank you for sharing this review on iGalen. I completely agree with you that these MLM companies over-hype the products and even persuade us to do so while selling to our known contacts. Having already experienced being part of an MLM company – Anyway, I do not prefer joining MLM companies anymore. They show big dreams and how the top lines have achieved financial freedom, etc… which is very far from reality.

    1. Hey Carthik, 

      Thank you too for passing by and for leaving your comment on this post. You are right as you read and rightly said, I personally will never recommend any MLM program to anyone. Of course, they can hype their program and products. But no matter how it is, I will never recommend any MLM Program, especially for anyone interested in making money online.

  8. I have a friend who has recently become a distributor for iGalen and so she’s been trying to recruit me so I thought I’d do a little research and found myself on this iGalen review.

    I have to say you’ve confirmed my suspicions. I’ve been involved in MLMs before and I just don’t like the business model..

    There seems to be a lot of health-based MLMs popping up all over the place but they’re all over-hyped, the products are way over-priced (so they can pay the commissions) and I really don’t like the 2-leg commission structure – I’ve heard from other people that you’re constantly trying to balance out the too legs and as you only get paid from the biggest ‘power’ leg so this effectively cuts your commissions in half.

    I agree that iGalen is not a scam but definitely not a company I want to be involved with. Thanks again.

    1. Thank you too Simon,

      I marvel me to see how people nowadays are very cautious, always trying their best to do research before buying or accepting any offer given to them online. And I want to commend you especially for taking that wise course. The scams nowadays are too much online and if you’re not careful, you could easily be a victim.

      iGalen although as you read, has not not scammed anybody yet, and we are hopping that it doesn’t happen. I don’t recommend it either, since it is one of the MLM programs, specifically because of their pyramid scheme compensation plan. Moreover, if you join any MLM program and you cannot convince people and recruit them into the company, then you should know that you’re doom to failure.

      Also, as you confirmed, they try to hype their products too much. Some even make it look as though their food supplement products can cure almost all sicknesses in the world. And these products too are expensive, making it difficult for you sell them. And as you know about any MLM program, you’re only allowed to sell their products and nothing else.

      So if you’re not skillful in marketing and cannot sell their products, then know that you will not get anywhere at all. However, unlike MLM programs, Affiliate Marketing which I recommended, as being my NO.1 recommendation, you can decide to promote any products you’re passionate about, in this way you can convincingly and successfully  sell, since you love what you’re doing and since you’re promoting a particular products because you are passionate about it.

  9. Hi Stephen,
    To my way of thinking right off the bat if any MLM online business fails to provide info about how much money it would involve in joining the opportunity immediately the word “scam” would cross my thoughts and I would pass on it.

    In your review you stated that you could not find out how much $$ it would cost to get involved with iGalen. That simply is unacceptable on regarding that company failing to provide this info anywhere on their site.

    iGalen is also like dozens of other MLM business opportunities that, in fact, I am aware of that promotes wellness and health products. I hope that the founders of this company do not believe that they are unique within the industry regarding their products as, sorry to inform them, they are not! It’s also quite funny that each one of these companies, individually, all believe that their health/wellness products are the absolute best compared to their competition.

    As far as iGalen’s compensation plan/business model structure they have implemented a binary plan. An individual would only have to recruit two others placed beneath him/her, each on a leg and from that point it would grow in the downline – that is assuming that all other members on the team could all recruit two others.

    I also emphatically agree with your final assessment of not only iGalen’s opportunity but really ANY MLM business program that is on the Internet. A person simply cannot truly build a highly profitable online business for him/herself through a company that is structured as an MLM. Everything involving people being placed on his/her downline would have to work perfectly. A person two levels below who does not do his/her part in recruiting new people would mess up the entire structure of that team.

    Plus, you simply would not see all of the profits as people in one’s upline would all benefit monetarily on sales that you, yourself had made. How fair is that? Yet, that’s the nature of the beast regarding MLM businesses.

    Great review, Stephen. I agree that while iGalen is not a scam, neither is it a great opportunity for a person as well.


    1. I agree with you perfectly Jeff, that MLM business and their schemes are not reliable programs or platforms that anyone interested in making money online should join. No wonder you said anytime your hear about MLM opportunities the word scam comes to your mind.

      And as you read and rightly said, iGalen has refused to provide or make available the cost involve for anyone who want to join their program and that alone makes their system questionable. Personally I will not advise anyone to join a program that refuses to bring out or make clear the price or cost involved to be able to join them.

      Also, like all MLM programs, iGalen uses pyramid schemes as their compensation plan. Therefore, you will have to be going rounds looking for people to convince them to sign up for this program as your down-lines, meaning, you will be doing recruiting job. Yes, you’re required to recruit others to join the iGalen program. If you cannot convince people enough to sign up, then know that you’re not going to gain any money at all.

      In addition to that, as you rightly said and read from this review, iGalen, like all MLM programs, claim that they have the best products ever, however, if you start using their products, you will realize that there is a very great and big loopholes in their products about how effective it really works. People take MLM products and at the end they start to give a lot of complains about such products, although no one has complain yet about iGalen products, it may be because they are new in the system and not many people have used their products. As you  read from this review, time will tell if their products and money working scheme will really work.

      However, as you read, I do not recommend any MLM program for anyone who really want to achieve success that will bring you true income. Yes, many who try MLM opportunities fail, that is why I do not recommend it to anyone, including you.

      If you want to really build a successful business online, then try Wealthy Affiliate, as Jeff rightly recommended, which is free to start as you read from my post. Yes, I confidently recommend it for you, if only you want to build a business that will really bring you success.

  10. Hello Stephen,
    Thank you for sharing with us this very helpful post. I am too against MLM schemes and I don’t think that they can bring you anywhere, not a successful online business. If there is not a real product that is the sign of a scam.
    I wouldn’t recommend it. I know many cases of people who failed while being part of a MLM scheme. There are other better ways to earn some income online.

    1. Thank you too Dream Girl for visiting for leaving you comment here. And I want you to no that you’re very right when say you disagree with all MLM programs. I also don’t support their activities, in fact, even against their programs,  especially looking at their pyramid compensation schemes.

      If anyone want to build a business that will yield success in the future, there is no need wasting your time and money on MLM programs that will not lead to any success. Rather I recommend you join Wealthy Affiliate since you’re not required to pay anything to start, you have absolutely nothing to loose and I think this is the best place to build ant online business you have in mind.

  11. HI Stephen, great post. It’s a very complicated job to explain a supplement product as well as the MLM system. I guess what you’re saying is that what most people should be wary of in an MLM is the tiered compensation plan? It never allows you to really advance before you BV runs out. I am in Market America, which is a binomial system, but not a tiered plan as all levels get 100% of BV through the line, and senior partners can place volume under any personally sponsored. The other thing I love about MA is that you can purchase all the products you buy anyway, so it’s not about buying and selling 1000 units of iGalen, which most people might not even understand or want. The other thing I understand from MLMs is that they incentivise the distributors to 1) sign people up by paying them a finder fee or 2) encourage them to hold product which creates a false picture of volume moving through the legs. It’s so tricky to make money on the internet, and posts like this is a great way to help people, and me, get good insight. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hello Millie,

      Thank you too for dropping by and for finding this post very helpful. Yes, I as you have rightly said, I personally don’t recommend any MLM systems to anyone who really want to build a successful business that will generate him or some regular income. On the other hand, if you think MLM system is good for you because m,aybe you have some special skills when it comes to recruiting people to join their program and convincing people to buy their products, then you can go in for it. 

      But, I will not recommend it for you. The reason is that, it has been estimated that highest percentage of all who participate in MLM programs with their investment, and with the view of building a business fail. Most of them do not succeed. That is why I will never recommend it for anyone as means for earning some successful income.

      You mentioned of an MLM program called Market America, which though, I have never heard about. From what you’re saying , it looks like their system looks a bit different, why because, as much as I know, all MLM systems do not allow you to promote your own products except their own supplement and and their own products brand.

      So anyone who really want to build a successful business that will yield him or her some consistent and regular income should try Affiliate marketing from the program I recommended in this review., where you can learn step by step on how to build your own free business website and also, how you can make some successful income out of your own built website. 

      You what it means is that, you actually get to be doing what you’re really passionate about, while making money online.

  12. The minute I saw MLM I just knew this was a red flag.
    Any company selling health products and also pushing their reps to get more people on board as well, for me it’s a recipe for disaster.

    I have tried this before and it got me nowhere, and like a typical MLM pyramid scheme, it soon all came crashing down like a pack of cards once those below realises they are working their butts off for those on top.

    Thanks for comparing the differences between iGalen and Wealthy Affiliate, the difference is clear.


    1. I’m happy to meet you Excelle,  and for your beautiful comment on this post. Yes, you no doubt share a common sentiment with me when it comes to MLM programs and their Pyramid Scheme Compensation Plan. By the way I’m sorry for you that you that you ever got involved in this kind of business which did not work out for you.

      The truth is that you’re not the only one who have failed with MLM program. Many who join similar MLM programs with the aim of building a business that will bring them success surely fail. And after they have failed, they will start given their testimonials about their loses. Some make big investment into these programs and at the end, they only find themselves disappointed. So it good that you have experienced it yourself and in this way, you can personally advise others who want to venture into such business, so they they will also no the danger involve in doing such investment into an MLM program.

  13. Your right, wa compared to igalen there is only one easy choice to make. You explained everything very well in detail and all made sense. but i have a question what mlm programs should we watch out for? it would be helpful to know. anyways great post .

    best of luck

    1. Thank you Matt and I’m glad you passed by to read about this review on iGalen. As you read and rightly said. I personally fo not recommend any MLM program to anyone and will never do knowing that they all use Pyramid Scheme as their method of compensation. 

      Anyone interested in making money online should try Wealthy Affiliate for free. No Credit Card is required. And you can make some successful income out of it.

      To answer your question. Another MLM program is yet to be launched. So watch out for it. It is named. Waszupp Crowdfunding.

  14. This is an interesting subject in both aspects; the product itself as well as the online marketing aspect to make money. The product itself, Emulin +M, do you think it would help those with arthritis? I’ve noticed that when I reduce carbs and sugars from my diet, my arthritis is not as bad. Do you think this could help?

    1. Hello Marker,

      Yes, I agree with you friend, the products has been hyped by the iGalen company and they claim to have some testimonials from their customers, but time will tell. As I said in this review, this is a new MLM program that has come into the system and as you know, all MLM companies are known for the same attitude, that of hyping their products just for people to buy them.

      They make a lot of claims about things their products are capable of doing. However as I have said, time will tell as to whether what they say about their products really work. In the mean time since there hasn’t bneen any complain of scamming we cannot conclude that their activities are real scams.

      On the other hand, as I have said, if you have the intention of making money online then with confidence I will not recommend you ever try iGalen’s business compensation plan at all. Neither will I recommend any MLM program as you rightly heard me. Since they all use the same Pyramid Scheme in running their program.

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