Is Initiative Q a Scam? Read This Before Joining

So, What Is Initiative Q? Is Initiative Q a Scam? or a Legit New Currency & Payment Platform? Perhaps someone introduced to you this new Payment platform called Initiative Q and promised you that you’re going to be rewarded just for creating an account with them.


But then You were not too sure as to whether what the person said was true or not. Well, I want to say you have made the best decision for reading this review on Initiative Q before signing to this new payment platform.


You made the best decision because the internet today is full of scams and you need to do your diligent research before accepting any opportunity online that requires that you sign up.


Before we even dig a little bit deeper into this review of Initiative Q, let take a brief overview of what new payment platform.

Overview Of Initiative Q 

Is Initiative Q a Scam?









Product: Initiative Q

Founder: Saar Wilf


Price: Its FREE..! Create Your FREE Account & Get Your Reward Here

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10



Now that we have an overview of Initiative Q, let dig a little deeper into this new currency and payment platform.



Please Watch this Short Video Before Moving Further.




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So, What Is Initiative Q? Is Initiative Q A Scam?

Well, Initiative Q  is a new currency and payment network built by ex-PayPal guys, called Initiative Q.  The Q currency is currently being allocated for free if an existing member invites you.


The idea is that if millions of people join, Q could become a leading payment network, and, according to well-known economic models, that means the value of the reward would be around $130,000.


Since new members are joining the payment platform every day, the amount you reserve decreases each day, and each member has a limited number of invites to do. 


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This platform can’t be a scam. You may ask, why? Well, that is a good question. The fact is initiative Q can’t be a scam because you’re not asked for any payment information, or Credit Card information. All You’re asked for is Your Name & Email address which will be used to verify your account after creating it.


Scammers will often demand sensitive information with the aim of getting your money. However, this new payment platform is rather taking the initiative to reward all new adopters of the payment platform for creating an account and referring new members to the platform.


So, this can never be a scam. Instead, an excellent opportunity you should never miss out. 


NOTE: Did you know? Initiative Q is giving away significant sums of their future currency to early adopters. It’s by invite only and I have a limited number of invites. 


You should also note that the amount of reward reserved decreases every day, as new members keep signing up. Also, each member has a limited number of invites.


Below is my personal invite link:



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You’re welcome to use the Invite Link above to Create Your FREE Account.


Your comments, questions & feedbacks are warmly WELCOMED.




Initiative Q











  • FREE Opportunity For Everyone
  • FREE Monetary Reward For Early Adopters
  • Worldwide Payment Platform For Everyone
  • You're Not Asked for Any Payment Info
  • You the Potential To increase Your Income with this Opportunity


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48 thoughts on “Is Initiative Q a Scam? Read This Before Joining”

  1. Initiative Q is a new one on me. This might be one of the rare programs that is legitimate. This is interesting as I read it.

    Whenever I hear no money required upfront, it peaks my interest a bit. The only time I ever read that is with Wealthy Affiliate.

    And they were true to their word about no money upfront and no credit card to join.Paypal is very reputable which leads me to believe this is legitimate.I am considering Initiative Q. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Rob,

      Yes, it is very true, Initiative Q is not demanding any money from you at the moment. Since its going to be a new Currency & a payment platform.

      You’re welcome to joining this new patent and revolutionary international payment system, yet to be launched.


  2. As other people here have said, the fact that the system was built from the people that were from paypal makes me trust this platform just a little bit more. Of course, I still want to do my research and join. Thankfully it is free to do so.

    Are people only allowed to sign up if they are invited by someone else? 

    1. Hi Jessie,

      You’re allowed to do your research first before signing up. However, as I said, you can get on board unless you’re invited by someone. So, anytime you’re ready to sign up, you’re welcome to using my link here.


  3. Hi Stephen

    OK I will take your word for it that this is not a scam and especially as if i do not need to give over any payment details i cant see how it could be. I must say i am a little unsure what it is all about and I am the same about the whole bitcoin thing.

    I think i will accept your invite and see what happens from there! Many thanks.

    1. Thanks Dianne, You’re welcome to signing up for FREE, as we are all waiting for initiative Q for the reward they are promising of giving us.

      Thanks for passing by,


  4. This is very interesting post Stephen. I still don’t understand very well how this work, but hey I didn’t understand WA and I try it and here I am. I may give it a try. I assume that you are member already. Will you be able to send me an invite or can we just click that link on your post?

    I like the post and how you developed the topic. You got me interested.

    1. Hi Leidys,

      You’re welcome to using my link here to signing up. You can just click on the link and you will be taking to Initiative Q website for the sign up. Yes, it’s FREE and so there is NO risk here. You lose NOTHING..!

      All the best,


  5. I am familiar with Initiative Q and signed up with them very early on. I don’t think it is a scam either, but we won’t really know for quite some time. Like Bitcoin, it will take a while to catch on. I do think it is a great opportunity and there really is no risk to join for FREE. 

    I did not get on the Bitcoin bandwagon, but my son did and he made quite a bit of money.

    Thank you for this useful information. Everyone should join.

    1. Hello Curtis,

      I’m glad you didn’t miss this one too. Indeed initiative Q can’t be a scam since you’re not asked to pay an upfront before signing up. Neither are you asked for any payment information. 

      Your son mus have made some good money with Bitcoin for joining the train and not missing up on the FREE reward. We are waiting patiently at the moment to see what Initiative Q has for all new adopters of the Q currency.


  6. I have to say, I’m intrigued by this.  Although a bit skeptical, I have gone ahead and signed up.  I’m not skeptical if this is scam or not as they haven’t asked for money so all they have is my name and e-mail.  I’m just wondering if it will pan out or fade away.

    I’m always looking for a better payment platform.  I hope this one turns out to be the one.

    Thank you for the review and bringing Initiative Q to my attention.

    1. Thanks for signing up Scott, since there is NO payment being asked of you, you lose NOTHING as well and as a result, its risk FREE. 

      Let’s all wait for the bonus reward that Initiative Q has for us during their launch. I’m happy you signed up and did not miss out on the train.


  7. Hello Stephen. I have heard about this Initiative Q stuff before. This looks like a great opportunity not to be missed. I don’t think it is scam because it doesn’t request for your credit card. Maybe this is an awesome opportunity for those who missed out on Bitcoin and Etherium.

    1. Thanks BEazzy,

      You’re right, Initiative Q is not a scam. I hope you’re not going to miss out on this FREE offer, since there is the chance that we will be rewarded something very great during the launch of Initiative.

      Thanks for passing by and leaving your comment on this review, If you have not signed already, please do it.


  8. Thanks for the review and recommendation. From what you have described it does seem like a legit site. As you mentioned asking for really vital infos can be a red flag that one is entering into a scam. You only have the pros listed and have not yet included any cons because I am sure they cannot be perfect and it would be really good if we know exactly what we are enterining into.

    1. Yes, Jay, Initiative Q is legit and I will recommend you sign up if you have not already done it. Don’t miss out on this special opportunity and FREE reward for everyone.


  9. Well Initiative Q certainly doesn’t look like a scam, but I wonder what sort of rewards they are offering for joining, and how they will get the rewards unless they are being sponsored.

    From what I am guessing it looks like a payment platform, similar to Pay Pal, so maybe they get their cut when people use the platform to pay for things.

    Strange that they don’t ask for credit card details though, as Pay Pal does, unless it will be worked like an ewallet system.

    1. Hi Michel,

      At the moment, we don’t know yet how Initiative Q is going to work until the launch. So, our work is to sign up and  advocate it to as many people as possible so they will also take advantage of the FREE reward that will be given out during the launch.

      Thanks for passing by and dropping your comment on this review.


  10. This is great topic Stephen! I must say that I did not know anything about this but from what I have read here, it is definitely worth a try. I am very happy that it is not some sort of scam because we all know that today there is a many platforms like this which are a big scam that only want our money. I will give it a chance and see how it works.

    1. Hey Daniel,

      You’re welcome to giving Initiative Q a try. We all did the same as we ware not asked to make any. Sign up and invite your friends to come and join you in this reward. We are waiting until the launch to see what Initiative Q gives to each of us who did the hard work of Inviting others to join the Q.

      My best wishes,


  11. Interesting post Stephen,  I missed out on the whole bitcoin thing.  In fact, I reviewed a post the other day talking about crypto wallets.  I had no idea what that was.  I do like the name Initiative Q and giving a username and email address certainly doesn’t rise to the level of a scam.  I might just have to try this out.  Thanks for posting.  

    1. Thanks Calvin,

      Glad to see your comment here. Yes, most of us didn’t take Bitcoin serious and as a result, we did miss the train and all the rewards that came along for early adopters. That is why you don’t want to miss this one too.

      Besides, it is FREE to register, so you do yourself no harm for getting registered. I surely recommend that you register before another opportunity bypass you.

  12. Well this seems interesting I think I might join up just because it could potentially be free money. I guess you can’t really call it a scam because their not asking for money. It does have some similar qualities of a pyramid but there is not an investment. Only time will tell if it’s a gold mine.  How many Q do you get for signing up? Do you know when they are going public?

    1. Hi Travis,

      Yes, it surely can’t be a scam, rather a great opportunity that you shouldn’t miss out, since you’re asked to pay any money in order to get started.

      The Q rewards you get is invaluable. It is just amazing. Any single individual you  invite there gives you a great reward of about Q7,153, which to me is a very generous reward, if indeed 1Q will be = $1, then this is a great value indeed.

      As for the going public for the launch, they are still in preparation since they need more users to adopt the platform before they finally go public

  13. Hi Stephen

    This is a really interesting post! It’s not often I come across products that aren’t considered scams, so this is refreshing to read and it’s really stirred my innate curiosity. 

    I like the fact that it’s created by ex-Paypal people, showing it’s trustworthiness. I missed the Bitcoin train but maybe I’ll jump on the bandwagon for this one. Do you know when it will be launched? 

    I’ve bookmarked your post for reference.



  14. When I saw this, I was like this sounds interesting and to be honest I agree you can’t call it a scam or pyramid scheme just because it’s free only name and email. I signed up I don’t see anything wrong with that plus the worst that can happen is like the guy in the video said they collect your data. 

    I just know in the future it could be worth the time in signing up we never know what the future holds. This was a good read and thanks for the information I hope all is well 


    1. Hey Matt,

      That is very true, a scam offer will not allow you to try their program for FREE or sign up without asking for any payment or Credit card information. So, for sure, Initiative Q can never be a scam opportunity.

      Thanks for leaving your comment on this review.


      1. You are welcome Stephen I thank you for the information in this Initiative Q review it was good read. Hey sometimes we should take the plunge and who knows it could pan out to be something good for the ones that signed up early you know?

        I hope the best for you and I hope you keep striving to be the best you you can be thanks again,


        1. That is very true Matt,

          And who knows if something very great is ahead and coming to our way. I believe Initiative Q will surely reward all their early adopters so let’s just stay tuned and wait to see what happens.

          After all, we didn’t pay anything for this offer. Thanks for taking to the initiative to sign up and for dropping your comment here.


  15. Hi I am excited to see this site,  I have heard of Initiative Q before, and now you got me to sign up.  What do you have to lose? I think its a good way to be involved in the internet currency. Sometimes you need to give things like this a shot.  I am semi knowledgeable in the area and looking forward to see how this grows.  

    1. Hi Nancy,

      I’m glad you did signed up today, as this is going to be a wonderful reward you do not want to miss out. As i said earlier in this review, if you missed the Bitcoin train, you do not want to miss out on this one also.

      My best wishes to you & your family.


  16. I too am a bit confused.  I did not have time to watch the video, so I will have to come back and watch it at a later time.  I was a bit confused because I don’t understand where the payout money comes from if it is free?  Also is this based on crypto currency? 

    1. You can always come back to read more on this Initiative review, Tom. You’re always welcomed. I don’t think this is anything you should get confused.


  17. Thank you for doing this review.  I have registered for initiative Q. If this payment method actually works fine I believe it’s going to be a huge one.  I also do not think it is a scam because you only sign up either with your google account or email without asking for further information.  

    Well let’s see time will tell. 

    1. Thanks for your comment friend,

      I’m happy you’re already a registered member of this huge profit and reward that await all early adopters. of the new currency and payment platform. The goof news is that  we paid NOTHING to get registered. So, in a sense, we have absolutely NOTHING to lose. This is risk FREE opportunity for everyone not to miss it. YES, there is no risk in this.

      I really like the fact that they ONLY ask you for your name and Email address which will be used to verify your account after registration. So indeed this is great opportunity for early adopters of this new payment platform that I think NO one should miss it at all.


  18. Initiative Q sounds interesting, but I’m still not understanding what the whole process is. How many invites is one allowed to have. As well what are the benefits of joining the program. Please explain a little more as you have piqued my curiosity. I will follow your link, but need to know a little more. Much thanks for the explanation.

    1. Hi Jag,

      Did you watch the video there? Perhaps you didn’t watch the video and you’re complaining of not understanding the whole process. Go register, there NO money being asked of You, you pay NOTHING. You’re not asked for any Credit Card details, so what is do you want to understand again. When you get to the platform. They give some thorough explanation there.

      So, I will recommend you first register and the go there to read more about what they launch. You don’t want to miss this opportunity if you did miss that of Bitcoin. It FREE to register, but you can ONLY get on board by invite of someone who is already there.


  19. Thanks for the information you have provided here in your site. I think I will spend some time and learn more about this site after reading up on your article. You make some really interesting points and I am intrigued to learn more. If I may ask, how did you find out about this site? Thanks, Kenny

    1. Hi Kenney,

      I’m also glad you passed by and left your comment here. This is very great & free offer for all early adopters of the Initiative Q new payment platform. As you read well, I was invited by a friend. You can ONLY get inside by invite of someone who is already on-board.

      So Yes, are welcome to doing your research about this offer, however, if you decide that you want to register, You’re welcome to using my invite link since you can ONLY create an account by getting an invite on an existing member.

      Thanks for your comment,


  20. Not really sure what this is all about? So it’s a virtual token that could potentially be worth currency in the future? Do you get a percentage of the people that sign up via your link or…?

    I missed the bitcoin train, so I might as well try this on out and if I hear nothing about it anymore, then nothing gained, but more important, nothing lost.

    1. Hi Laura,

      This is a great opportunity yet to come. But first of all you need to get registered. As this is the ONLY way you can get to the platform and learn more about the opportunity that Initiative Q is given to all early adopters of their payment platform.

      Yes, You’re given some reward in the for of Cash. But that reward will ONLY be given you after tha launch of the program. So currently we are all waiting for the launch. So, you want to share in the reward that IQ is given to all their early adopters, then I recommend you register and start referring your friends as well, which you can ONLY do if you get an invite from an existing member.

      Thanks for leaving your comment on this Initiative Q review.


  21. Hi Stephen,

    I was invited to initiativeQ last year and saw it as a great opportunity.

    I still think we are about 1 year to 18 months away from real big movement from the platform, but once it goes, I am sure it will ignite.

    I think the way they are getting their customer base in place before bringing in the merchants is a great way of doing things.

    Rewarding us for joining and inviting people is excellent.

    It is time we had a new payment platform and as long as they don’t go the same way Paypal went, we could all be in for a big treat.

    Joining now is a good idea.

    There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.


    1. Hi Tim,

      I’m glad you already got the invite into the Initiative Q New Payment Platform. This is indeed going ignite once the launch start. I’m yet to see how it goes for all early adopters of this new payment platform.

      The reward looks great indeed, I’m looking forward to it myself. I can’t wait to see how it goes once the launch start. But as you said, in the meantime, they want to get more people on-board to make sure they have reached their potential target of audience before starting to operate. I know this going to be worldwide and more powerful than even PayPal itself, once launched. It will indeed be great for all online markers and investors to take advantage of.


  22. Great Post! Initiative Q is a pretty cool sounding name, almost like a spy organization. That seems to be the opposite of what they are though. You are right because most scams require you to pay in order to join and then steadily increase the amount you “need” to pay. This is completely free!

    This sounds like an interesting opportunity especially since people who worked on PayPal are also working here. This looks like quite an interesting opportunity!

    1. That is true Renton,

      This can’t be a scam opportunity as long as You’re not asked to pay anything. All they are demanding of you is your user name and Your Email address which will be used after your registration to verify your account.

      So, You have NOTHING to risk for and there is no fear in this opportunity. I know when the time comes for the launch, most people will regret for not taking advantage of this FREE offer. The reward looks great for all early adopter of this opportunity. 

      I’m patiently looking forward to seeing how this New Currency & Payment  Platform will go. I you have not already registered I recommend you do so now as the train is on the move. Don’t miss it, anyway.


  23. Great post and good info.

    The fact that it is made by ex Paypal workers already shows it isn’t a scam. 

    I’m not a member yet but your post really convinced me, personally I like the thing they don’t ask your credit card or something like that!

    Many other platforms do and then the majority of us know it is a scam, I say the majority, you still have people who join it anyway and got scammed.

    Thanks for sharing, I’ll see you there!

    1. You did well for registering Emmanuel, I saw your request asking that I verify you. It is going to awesome for all of us. Yes, especially since ex PayPal guys created this opportunity. it can’t be a a scam in anyway. Besides you’re demanded for your credit card information. 

      So, there is no risk at all. Thanks for registering. Lets wait patiently for the reward. 


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