Is Money to Post a Scam? Is It Worth Your Effort? Find Out Here



So, is Money to Post a Scam? Is it really worth your effort? You are here because you probably might have heard about this website named money to post and you want to know the legitimacy of their promises as to whether it a scam or something legitimate.

Well, if that is your reason for visiting this website then I want to assure you that you’re at the right place. I will give you every detail you need to know about money to post, then you can decide for yourself as to whether you want to join this program or not.

Having said that, let now dig into what this program really is and see whether it is worth your effort or not. But before we even dig deeper into this money to post program, let take a look at some overview of this program.


Overview of Money to Post

Product name: Money to Post


Price: Free to Join

Owner: No Information

Rating: 4 out 10

My Verdict: Not a scam, however, I can’t recommend this money program to you as your sources of income and I will show you why I will not recommend it.

Now that we have any overview about money to post lets dig deeper into this online program and then see as to whether it will be worth your effort no not. So now the BOG the question is what is money to post all about?

Well. Monet to Post, as the name imply, is an online program that promises to pay you some commission just by doing copy and paste job, I mean posting their links to places like forum site, blog commenting site, social media  and many more …


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So basically, Money to Post claim that you can earn some money part time just by ads link given to you by them to any of the site listed above and then you get paid.

Money to launch also have a referral commission, which they say you will get paid by referring others to sign up for the program and the doing the same work you’re doing, by posting ads using links provided to you by Money to Post.


Getting Started With Money to Post

According to money to post, to get started with post ads, you need is to  have the basic knowledge of operating computer, surfing internet, opening websites etc… Also, you need to have internet connection, PC or else you can also work from cyber cafe. This work is available worldwide & one can work from any place, any time.

This really looks like  a very easy and simple to do job, as money to make it look when you visit their site, but it requires a lot to start seeing some little income coming.

However, when you visit their site, Money to Post makes it look as though you will not do anything at all and then you will start seeing money dripping in, that money coming into your bank account.

For instance, Money to Post says; this the easiest and most profitable job in the world, however, I don’t agree with them in a sense that, while this ads posting job may be easier to do, there is no grantee that it is the most profitable job ever.

I can say that you wouldn’t get paid more that $0.1 for posting an ad. And to me this not any money, it is just a supplement of your income.

According to Money to Post, your Ads payment ranges from $0.01 to $0.1. Add they add that, this payment will be decided on factors such as page rank, site popularity, content of the site etc..

So basically if you post their ads in website with no ranking in Google, or if the ranking is very low, there is the possibility that you wouldn’t get any payment for that particular ad.

If you really want a full time online job that will bring you a good, consistent and regular income, I will show you one.

And you should also know that most of these platforms where you will be required to post their ads, that is the links given to you, either on forum site, blog commenting site, a bookmarked site or whatever will often see your ads post as a spam and delete your ads from their site.

I tried it before and most often yours ads get deleted when you post them, especially in forums and other sites. So it wouldn’t be an easy job at all.

You need to keep in mind that, you will only get paid by Money to Post when your ads stay active at least for 30 days on these forums sites and others.

Also, Monet to Post says that; they “will be providing all the advertising matters & list of free classified websites, Forum Sites, Blog Commenting Sites, Bookmark sites, Etc… where you can Post Free Ads. So there won’t be burden for you to search the best sites”.

So, Money to Post makes it look like your work isn’t that much, isn’t it? But take a critical look at some Pros and Cons of this Ads posting job, Money to Post.


Some Pros of Money to Post

Blow are some things that makes working with Money to Post look a bit easy, although not really as they claim;

  •  Don’t need any registration or hidden fees
  •  Don’t need to sell anything
  •  Don’t need to invest any money
  • You don’t need a website to be able to start
  •  Don’t need to deal directly with customers
  •  Don’t need to call or contact anyone
  •  Don’t need to work set hours. Work in your own time/ You can do it part time.


Cons of Money to Post Program

Below are some things that make me feel that this is not the best job you can rely on for a consistent income;

  • Your ads posted ads can be deleted from  the site you posted most often which can frustrate you.
  • You will not get paid if your posted ads don’t stay active in the site where you posted them.
  • You will not  be considered for payment if you post your ads in a site with no proper rankings in Search Engines.
  • I don’t think 0.01 or 0.1 dollar is any income you can really rely on since there is no guarantee that your ads will even stay active.
  • Although this is not any job you should waste all your time on, Money to Post says your account will be terminated if you’re not active working for them within 15 days.

NOTE: So if you have earned any money with them your money is lost, since your account is terminated.

  • Also you should know that posting links in other people’s website is spamming, and spamming as the name imply is not a good thing at all. In fact, some site even shut down because of too much of spamming coming from all these ads posting.
  • In addition to that, link posting is a dying industry. This is because; Google, being the major Search Engine, is now spending billions on research each year in order to prevent people from benefiting from unnatural linking practices. 



Why Companies or Site Owners Pay for Link Posting

Another question to think about is, why do companies even pay link posting. Well , follow me as I explain why they do, and see if it is worth your effort or not.

So let me briefly explain to you why some companies or sites owners want these links, and why they even pay you to make them.

In major Search Engines like Google Yahoo and Bing, it’s very important to rank well in order to get customers. Better rank means more money for your company. One way to gain that rank is by getting links to your website.

Essentially, these links are like a ‘vote’, in a sense you’re actually  saying that your website is good and that people should visit there for what they need.

And what is the result of getting more links to your site? Well, the truth is that More links = more traffic  and good traffic leads to better rank, which is  = more money.

As a result of this, many website owners are in desperate need for traffic to their website and that is the main reason why you will have to do all these jobs for them and then get paid only a small amount of money

So, a few years ago, people figured out that they could just buy a bunch of votes for themselves. It was a good idea for a while, and worked pretty well. But that technique is no  anymore working.

Since Google, the major Search Engine, is now scrutinizing all such websites, meticulously, that uses this method to get traffic. And if you’re are caught by Google, your site would never get better ranking, since Google is no longer focusing on that to give ranking.



So apart from the many Cons or disadvantages listed above, you can also see clearly from this video that  this is not any good or reliable  online job that I can recommend to you, which  can really bring you the income you need to succeed.


So What Do I Recommend then?

Well, my NO.1 and only recommendation to all who visit this website is that they should try Affiliate Marketing.

But why affiliate marketing? You may ask. Well, I want you to know that from my personal experience, affiliate marketing is the best online business ever to start.

So What is Affiliate Marketing and how can you start and make some successful and regular income out of it.

Affiliate Marketing: Its the process of earning some commission through referrals coming from website, simply by promoting an Affiliate Products from some popular affiliate such as LinkShare, CJ by Conversant, Amazon, eBay, Click Bank, VigLink and many more …


You can Read more Affiliate Marketing Here, from my post on that for more detailed explanation.

So basically, what it means is that you will need to build your own business website as an Affiliate Marketer and then start by promoting products that you feel you’re passionate about.

And the get your commission when someone clicks on your affiliate link to the affiliate site you’re promoting their products makes a purchase. You commission rages in this case depending on the affiliate program you join and the products your visitor purchased.

The best among the list of Affiliate Programs listed above, which I can confidently recommend to you LinkShare (also known as Rakuten Affiliate Network). The reason is that they have the best and highest paying commission rate.

Their commission ranges from 50%, 40%, 30%, 20%, 25%, 15%, 10% 8%, 7% 5% and the rest, all depends on the products you promote on your website. You can join them below for free.

Rakuten Affiliate Network Welcome Program


How Can You Build Your Own Website

I’m very sure this is something you have been thinking about all this while, that how can I really build my own business website since I have no knowledge about programming?

The good new is that, building website nowadays is not like it used to be, I mean those older time when you have to crack your brain on all the HTML and CSS encoding to be able to set up your website.

Now, with the help of WordPress everything is very easy now. And even to make it easier for you, I will recommend you use Wealthy Affiliate website building platform known as SiteRubix.

The table below shows a comparison I made between Wealthy Affiliate and Money to Post. So you can clearly see the differences between these two opportunities and how much you can gain.


So, clearly, there is no doubt that if you really want to build a business that will bring you a sustainable income then Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to start.

They have made it so easy and simple to use. With just some few clicks and within just 30 seconds, you can have your own free website set up and running. And they will host it there for you for free.

In fact, Wealthy Affiliate allows all newbies to build their own two (2) free website, hosted on their platform for free.

For instance, you can enter a domain name in the SteRubix platform below and start building your own business website now.

On the other hand, you can also click on this video link to the Wealthy Affiliate website, where you can watch this step by step video on how to have your website set up in just 30 seconds


Also at Wealthy Affiliate, they have step by step video tutorials that teaches you all that you need to do as an affiliate marketer in other to be able to make a successful regular income.

The snapshot below shows how the training modules at Wealthy Affiliate looks like.

Read my full Review on Wealthy Affiliate Here for more detailed information on this great and wonderful community.

In addition to that, what even makes this community so great is the fact that they have a 24/7 Live Chat within the community platform, which gives you the chance to freely ask experienced members on the platform questions about anything that is bothering you.


Wealthy Affiliate Success Testimonials

The video below is also a testimonial from some members with the Wealthy Affiliate community about how much they are making with the help of this great community


Below is another testimonial video coming from Wealthy Affiliate members, you can watch it.

The good news as I said earlier is that, you will get all these good things at Wealthy Affiliate for free. Of course, they also have a premium membership.

But that is not force to join. You can decide to remain on the free starter membership forever, as long as you want.


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I hope by now you should have your answer to your question. So, if you are asked; is Money to Post a scam? What will be your answer? Well, there is no doubt you now have the answer to your question about Money to Post.


Wishing you all the best here,



4 thoughts on “Is Money to Post a Scam? Is It Worth Your Effort? Find Out Here”

  1. Hi there
    Thanks for sharing your review on money to post,there are so many programs out there that are in it just for the money and people unknowingly fall for these programs maybe because they do not read reviews.
    I see you gave money to post just 3/10 which in a way is generous, who wants to spend time earning $0.01? it`s not even enough to pay the electricity bill for the time you spend online.Such programs are simply said, paying(if at all) a lower percentage of the minimum wage.
    What I hate most about these sites is their excuse to terminate accounts for almost no reason so they dont have to pay members but people still join, I guess it`s the lure for quick easy cash.
    Thanks so much for sharing, really informative and all important points covered.

    1. It my pleasure friend, and I’m so happy that you dropped by to leave your comment on this review about money to post. Yes, I decided to be considerate by giving the 3 out of 10. At least they are not really a complete scam, just that their payment method is so poor. And it is not good for anyone looking for ways to earn some successful and regular income online. 

      Especially if you’re looking to build a lucrative business and brand your self online, then this not not the best option for you at all. You will online waste your time for nothing. That is why I always recommend Wealthy Affiliate to all my readers. So again, if really want to build a business that will help you to survive, at the same time doing what you’re passionate about, then I recommend you try Wealthy Affiliate.

  2. Hi, Stephen. First of all the very name of this opportunity, “Money To Post” sounds awfully suspicious to me. Some people may believe that the creative name is enticing. As I’ve been around the block a time or two, the name of the website alone would cause me to move to the opposite side of the room; not being at all interested in finding out what this program might be about.

    My initial reaction to this opportunity was verified to be a bit less than legit when I read your description of the actual work that would be involved to earn “money”.

    Posting ads online to earn money is the type of online business that I have seen before, in fact thought of them as nothing but complete scams. One such company recently was permanently shut down here in the U.S. by the Feds – Work At Home Institute.

    A few companies that I’m aware of try to sell the idea that Fortune 500 companies such as Apple, Hewlett Packard, and Nordstrom need people working from home to post ads online for them as somehow they don’t have the personnel to do this venture on their own. Spare me, please as it’s all a big lie!

    This particular program that you reviewed appears to be exactly like those that I am aware of. One company, to further sell the lie to naive people, even stated that one of its members earns $40,000 per month simply by posting ads online with her attempt to make people aware of what an Apple has to offer. Of course, it is easy to reveal the fact that this one individual also happens to be fictitious.

    A person making anywhere from one penny to one dime according to where his/her ads would be ranked online sure does not equate to the individual being on the road to financial freedom!

    No, in my opinion this “Money to Post” opportunity would definitely be one to pass on for any right-minded individual looking to legitimately earn money online in a business.


    1. Thank you very much Jeff for your comprehensive and thorough comment about this review. I am in agreement with you that Money to Post is not the best option at all for any serious minded individual who is interested in building a successful business that will help him make a successful income online.

      If anyone claims to have made $40,000 in a month just for posting ads, Jeff what do you think, this is surely a propaganda just to deceive and lure others into signing up such a program. I can never believe this, as fa as posting ads is concerned.

      If you saw from this post, the estimated amount a person can earn for per an ad post ranges from $0.01 to $0.1. And this depends on the ranking and the traffic of the forum you posted the ads. Also as you read, you cannot even guarantee whether those forums or wherever you posted your ads, they will allow your ads to say on their site without deleting it. Because most often you will find out that your ads will be deleted. And if the ads you posted  are not active, there is no way you can get paid for it.

      So, to put simply, ads posting is not any good job at all that is worth your effort, especially if you’re really interred in building a successful business online hat bring you a sustainable and regular income.

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