Is MyUS a Scam? Can You Really Trust their Service? Read My Review


Overview of MyUS & It Benefits

Products: MyUS International Shipping

Founder: Eric Baird – CEO

Registration: [Register Here with MyUS]   ⇐

Price: Get about 80% off on all your shipping – bonus


My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

My Verdicts: A very “Legitimate” company to help you do all your Shipping from US.


So, Is MyUS a Scam? Can You Really Trust them – Read My Review

You may be among the many out there who often ask some questions such as;? Is MyUS a Scam? How does MyUS work?

Well, MyUS as the name shows, is a very CLASSIC International Shipping Company based in the United States of America who helps all who shops in US to get their items shipped to their country.


The Problem People Face When Trying To Shop Directly From USA

You will certainly agree with me that its not an easy thing to shop in US and get your items shipped to your local country – if you’re not a citizen of US.


Most of the reputable stores in US us do not ship their things outside of United State. So if you try to shop from them they will tell you that they don’t ship their things outside of US.

For example, you may see a very good products from a store like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, 6pm, eBags or even Dell computers – which you may want to buy. Only to be told that the item cannot be shipped to your country. That is certainly discouraging. Isn’t it?

This is very challenging because you may see a products from any of these stores any you feel like you really need to buy this item, only to realize that it cannot be shipped to your country.

I well remember back then when I have not discovered MyUS, I saw a very good looking and Classic Dell laptop which I wanted to buy for my Online work. However, when I contacted Dell, I was told that they don’t ship outside US.

I was so sad about their reply, but I could do nothing about it since I didn’t know anyone in US who could bring the laptop to me if i should buy it.

So How Does MyUS Work? Let Me Explain!

Well,  basically, what MyUS does is that you register with them and when you do so, they will give you a United State address, as though you’re a citizen of US, then you can use the address given you to do all your shopping from any of your favorite stores in US.

We all want to shop from US, why because we believe that any item that comes from the United States is a high quality products, since they have a very high standard.

And that is where MyUS comes in to help you shop from the top and most reputable stores in the United States.

What MyUS does is that, after you have done the shopping and paid for the item, they will go the store you shopped from and collect the item for you – as though they did the shopping.

But first of all you need to register with MyUS, so you can get your US address for all your shopping.


It is this address given to you by MyUS that your item will be shipped to initially from the store. So this address is MyUS own address to their BIG Warehouse where they will keep your item for a peroid of time before shipping it to you.

This period of time highly depends on you. If you want your item to be shipped with one week after shopping, MyUS will do exactly that.

However, if for the sake of money you’re not ready to ship your item immediately, MyUS will keep your item in their BIG Warehouse for sometime.

In this case, you will pay a small amount of money for keeping your item there. Yes, a very llittle charges on that, depending the type of product you shopped.

And then within a certain given days, MyUS will ship your item to you in a very save and convenient way. You can even get your item shipped within 1  to 3 working days.

Yes, they’re the #1 international shipping company with a very good reputation. So you can certainly trust them for their service.

So with MyUS – you actually get FREE access to the top US brands which wouldn’t have been possible without the service of

The Three Steps For Shopping With MyUS

Basically, shopping with MyUS involves three (3) simple steps, as you can see in the snapshot below, which I took from their website.

  1. Register with MyUS and get your US address for shopping
  2. Start your shopping from any of your favorite stores in US
  3. Get your item shipped with MyUS at a discount rate.


⇒ Click Here Now To Register With MyUS & Get Your Own US Address to  Enjoy Shopping From the Best Stores In the United States!


So Can You Really Trust MyUS? Is their Service Legitimate?

Well, to help you understand what I mean, so you can clear all your doubt about MyUS. I intentionally took a snapshot of real testimonials coming from real member who have had real experiences with MyUS.

Their experiences and many others really confirm to ,that fact that indeed, MyUS is a very legitimate company and not a scam at all.

And I took this snapshot not from MyUS website, but rather a different website all together. I also had my doubt and so I wanted to be sure about how legitimate their services are.

But the may testimonials have now convinced me that MyUS is real shipping company – who brings shipping to your very door step.

Now have a look at the many testimonials below: It will help you convince yourself that indeed, MyUS is a very legitimate shipping company who can help you do all your shipping from US, no matter where you leave in the world.

MyUS Real Testimonials From Active MembersMyUS Real Testimonials From Active MembersMyUS Real Testimonials From Active MembersMyUS Real Testimonials From Active MembersMyUS Real Testimonials From Active Members


Other Testimonials From MyUS Website!

Now these are testimonials I found on their own website about how customers are very much impressed with their services. See below:

MyUS Real Testimonials From Active Members

MyUS Real Testimonials From Active Members


How Much Does MyUS Charge You For Shipping?

The shipping pricing from MyUS is calculated based on two thing. Yes, the pricing depends solely on two (2) things. And the two things are:

  1. The weight of the item you’re shipping
  2. Where you’re located – that is where your item would be shipped to.

In any ways, MyUS gives all their customers the best shipping rates ever, you will actually get about about 56% off as your discount for shipping with MyUs, compared with if you were to ship direct from the shopping store. That is a huge discount isn’t it?

NOTE: MyUS shipping pricing is solely depends on the weight of your item. So they don’t take the size of the item into consideration. No matter the size!


See the details below about how MyUS shipping pricing is calculated:

Also, pricing comes in two packages, and they have the single package and the premium package. The single package means you’re using MyUS for shopping ONLY once.

However, as a premium member of MyUS, you enjoy some bonus discount on all your shipping, since you pay a monthly membership of $7.

So if’re someone who shops often online, then I will recommend you sign up for the Premium Package.

On the other hand, if you’re using MyUS to ship ONLY a single product you bought from Us, then the single package will be good for you. See the details below:


My Final Verdicts on MyUS!

So looking at the many testimonials above, what do you think? Is MyUs a Scam? Can You really trust their services? Yes, all the above are testimonials confirm how legitimate MyUs is and how trustworthy their services are.

Of course you may certainly find a negative remark about them, and to me that is normal, because even the most reputable companies have their negative remarks.

So certainly, there may be some individuals who may think they were not satisfied with the services given to them by MyUS.

For all you know the fault was coming from such individuals but they will not admit that they rather are at fault. So surely, you may come across some negative remarks,

But what ever remark you see, the many testimonials alone show that MyUS, is never a scam. But rather the #1 online shipping company you can really trust & work with, to help you ship all your items from US.


I hope this review has proved to be helpful, however, if think you have any question about this review or comment jut feel free and leave it below – You can do that in the small comment box below.


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My best wishes to you,














  • They Help You Ship to Everywhere In the World
  • You Get About 80% Discount on Shipping
  • Ability to Shop From the Best Stores In US
  • You Can Try Their Service For FREE
  • A Well Reputable Company


  • A Few Complains

30 thoughts on “Is MyUS a Scam? Can You Really Trust their Service? Read My Review”

  1. Hi Stephen, It is a very informative article. I have a friend who moved from US to China one year ago. She loves US products and buys everything from US. Right now, she give me a monthly shopping list and I then shop in US and ship them to China. As you can see, it is not convenient process. Thanks to your introduction of MyUS, it is possible for my friend to buy US product in China like us at US. She evaluated MyUS, were happy with the service, and already started using MyUS.

    Thanks for sharing

    1. Hello Anthony,

      I’m happy that you already have some experience with MyUS, both you and your friend. I’m very sure that she is really enjoying the services being offered here by MyUS.

      It will help her not just to get hr products shipped in an easier and very convenient way, but also, she will enjoy the 80% discount which MyUS gives to all who ship their products through them.

  2. Stephen,
    thanks for your site information. I had no idea about MyUs . My son in law living in the Netherlands had problems with some early Xmas ordering. The problems you lined out with amazon and not being able to ship to his address. I will let him know definitely about your site and MyUS . Very thoroughly description how MyUS works.

    1. Hello friend,

      It my pleasure, yes, I’m always happy to hear that my post are being of some help to my visitors. Surely MyUS is a no brainer at all. Theirs services are just classic and fantastic.

      A very good opportunity for all who have the desire of shopping from the best stores in the United. Yes, with MyUS, no more restrictions again. You can buy from any store in the US that you want ad get it shipped by MyUS. 

      And the good news is that, you can get your products shipped at a very reduced rate. Yes, MyUS gives you almost about 80% discount on all your shipping.

  3. Hi, Thanks for a great review. It was so detailed I think it helped me make a decision.

    I live in the USA so ship don’t have too many problems with delivery but sometimes I do business internationally and this will help with that a lot. I’m glad I found this site.

    1. Thanks friend,

      I’m also glad that you found this post and review on MyUS very helpful. It is always my pleasure to be of help to my readers and all who visit my website.

      MyUS is indeed helpful, especially for people living outside the United States who who ant to shop from the best stores  in the United States such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart Nike and the rest.

      They will help you ship anytime at all you buy in a very easy and convenient way, without any hassles at all. And therefore, I highly recommend it to anyone interested in buying from the US. Now there is no restrictions again.

  4. Great review, are you able to use MyUs for any product from any online store? I’ve never heard of them before,
    Definitely something I’ll have to look into, as I do lots of shopping online, thanks for sharing this service for me to look into. I like the fact that there’s a 30 day free trail, can give it a try

    1. Hello Alec,

      Thanks for showing some interest in MyUS. Its definitely worth if you decide to look into it more. And Yes, to answer your question that is what I will say. MyUS allows you to buy anything at all that in the Unired States. 

      And as you said you said; you are even allowed to try MyUS for free so you can give them a try to see how it works youself

      All the best

  5. Well written review about MyUS shipping company.
    As per my knowledge, MyUS is helping lots of Dropshipping individuals worldwide. Lots of big E-commerce platforms are directly integrated with MyUS. One of my friend has used their services and he is very satisfied with MyUS. He had purchased some item from Amazon but seller was not ready to ship Outside USA. Then he came to know about MyUS and got himself registered with them.Of late he has ordered many Items and used their services to his utmost satisfaction.

    1. Thanks Arun,

      I’m so happy to hear this testimony coming from you. Wow, in this way, you help my work to be much easier for me. I personally know very well that MyUs is very legitimate, however, when others leave their comment testifying how legitimate MyUS is, like you have done, they make my work a little more easier for me.

      You really made me glad and I’m so  proud of MyUS. And you have heighten my confidence in them so much.

      That is why I will continue to recommend their services to all who want to shop from the United States and get it shipped to their local country.

  6. Hi Stephen. Thanks for this thorough and in depth review of MyUS. I’ve looking for a reliable company that is cost effective to ship items that I purchase from the US for some time now. I’ve heard of MyUS before but was not sure whether their service was legit. Now that I’ve read your review I know that MyUS is a company I use to ship my purchases from the US in an efficient and cost effective manner.

    1. Thanks Zola,

      I’m glad you have shown some interest in this blog post and review about MyUS. Indeed MyUS is a very legitimate company which you can very well trust.

      If you took nice, you could see a couple of testimonials of real members of MyUS and what they are saying about the company. The good news is the fact that MyUs even makes it more easier for you by giving you over 80-% discount on all your shipping if you register to become their member.

      Hopping you soon sign up with them so you can also enjoy some of the benefits MyUS provides fro all their customers.

  7. Hi, Stephen,

    After reading your thorough review of this shipping company, which no doubt you spent a lot of time researching info about them, I can only believe that MyUS would be considered to be a trustworthy alternative if a person would need items shipped to a location outside of the U.S.

    The number of testimonials do help, as if I were an individual who lived outside the U.S., and were I to have any prior experience with a shipping company that ended up being a scam, at first I would be leery of anyone who has such a business. The original problem might be traced to the fact that a prior shipping company provided a scam U.S. address and all products got lost.

    I can only assume, not having my own experience with this company that it would never be the case. A person would be provided a legit U.S. shipping address and not something that was totally bogus.

    The price is fair, especially if one chose the initial “Free Trial Premium” option to test it out before then paying $7/month once the trial period ended. That option does provide outstanding service.

    Thank you for sharing info about this company, Stephen!


    1. Hello Jeff,

      Thanks a lot for sharing this your though on this review about MyUs. Indeed MyUs deserve your consideration if you say so. I definitely agree with you. They are company with a very good reputation.

      And their services are so helpful. As you yourself saw from the many good testimonials that users or real members of MyUs were  voicing out. 

      Their testimonials alone tells us a lot. They just show how useful MyUs is and their testimonials also show that indeed they were very satisfied with the services that MyUs does provide.

      Also, apart from all the good services you get from them, they also allow you to use their FREE trial membership so you’re not worried about paying a membership FEE which they do every month as you saw from my review.

      So yes, MyuS is a fine opportunity for all who wants to buy from the USA and get it shipped to their local country

  8. Hello, I sell a lot of stuff on ebay sometimes as a hobby. Mostly just stuff around the house. I would like to sell internationally but i’m forced to only sell domestic due to increased shipping charges.

    Does Myus offer occasional deals or good rates? I have been waiting for a international shipping company to fix this problem. =)

    1. Hello friend,

      I can really see your concern. Its a very good idea. MyUS does provide such a good offer to all their customers. As you read, MyUS gives almost about 80% discount to all their customers on shipment.

      So yes, you have a good chance here to take advantage of. by and enjoying all the discount that MyUS gives you for using their International shipping service.

      Therefore, I personally recommend MyUs to you to just give them a try and see how classic their services are.

  9. Very informative review, honestly I never heard of this company until now as I said you have given great precise information on the functionality of this organization, and if they are as trustworthy as it appears, well that is all the better, I have my wife’s family in Thailand, Does MyUS reach there, as the regular postal service is very undependable, Thank you Jack

    1. Thanks Jack for leaving your comment on this post and for letting me know that this review has been helpful in explaining what MyUS is all about.

      You, as you have read, MyUS is a very legitimate International Shipping Company who actually bring shipping to your very door step.

      As you said, you can recommend MyUS to your wife’s family who leave in the Thailand, it will be very helpful to them, in getting all their goods or items shopped from the I\United States into their local country or wherever they leave in the world.

      All the best here.


  10. Wow, I did not know such companies even exist! That is fantastic and going to be used by myself and maybe even for my own customers!

    But did I understand that right: If I simply want to ship one item, I don´t have to pay for the membership. I just pay for the parcel itself.

    Can I shop from let´s say, three different shops and receive everything in one parcel from MyUS without a membership? That´s a bit confusing!

    Thanks for your help, what a cool service!

    1. Hello Manny,

      You’re right, MyUS is very fantastic when it comes to shopping online and getting your item shipped to your local country. And to answer your question, I will say yes – you don’t have to pay for any premium membership especially if you’re just using their service for one time shipment.

      You only pay a small parcel as you rightly said, with a discount of about 80%. So fantastic service indeed that MyUS provides for all who wants to shop online get their items shipped..

      And to answer your second question, I will say yes, when you register with MyUS, they will give you your own virtual US address as though you’re leaving in the United States – which you will use during all your online shopping. So, it is this address that the online store you shopped will ship your item to, which is MyUS own Warehouse address. So once your item is shipped to their BIG warehouse, MyUS will now process your item and get it ready for shipping to you.

      I hope I answered your question? All the best here!

  11. You’re right Sherman,

    MyUS really fill a great need indeed as you rightly said. With their service, customers from everywhere in the World can now shop from reputable store in the United States.

     Also it becomes a bonus for all the stores in US – since they also can now sell their products world wide with no restrictions as to who can buy such products. At the same time MyUS also benefit ma little from giving out this service to a buyers outside the United States who wants their items to get shipped.

    So it is actually a WIN WIN situation for all parties involved in this shipment business.

  12. This is a really awesome concept. So awesome, in fact, that I wish I had thought of it first, lol. Great way to position yourself (as a business) to help fill a clearly defined and common need. Works out great for all parties; the store, the customer, and this business.I didn’t know they existed. Thanks for the comprehensive and informative post!

  13. I’ve never heard of MyUS before but based on what I read in this review they seem to be a legitimate company. They seem to have quite a following of loyal customers, the people who wrote those testimonials seem extremely happy with the service that they received. I think they provide a great service for people who live outside of the US, what a brilliant idea. They’ve been around since 1997 that’s 20 years now that’s amazing.

    1. Yah WMP,

      MyUS have been around for over 20 years and have a lot of members (customers) who have have signed to their shipping services. As you saw from the many testimonials in this post, it really shows how MyUS delivers each promise they make to their customers’ satisfaction.

      They are really a legitimate international shipping company and I highly recommend their services to anyone who wants to shop from US to their local country.

  14. Thanks for that review. Shipping is a very complicated proposal most of the time with international shipping. While ebay does well with this from my experience, Amazon not so much. Anything that solves things in a way of simplifying the process is a great proposition and the potential earnings of those who profit from such solutions will make big dollars.

    1. Yah Andrew,

      I agree with you, Amazon does not do well when it comes to shipping across US. I think the store was established purposely for US citizens. eBay does well a bit. I have noticed that myself, a couple of time when I have tried to shop from them. Most of their merchants allow you to ship what you have bought outside US, which is not the case with MyUS.

      That is why MyUS is now the solution to all your shipment from US. They are ready to help you get all your items shipped from US at a very good discount. They are recently running promotion for all their members which will make it possible for them to even save up to about 80%. That is so incredible!

  15. Hi Stephen,

    A couple of years ago, I researched this as well as I was interested in having an address in the USA. At the time, I did not precede because of various factors, which I can not recall now.

    Anyway, I live in Ireland. In Ireland, our postal service recently introduced a new service, called Address Pal, which I believe is highly popular. You get a virtual address in the USA, and the UK and I assume other places. I have not had a need to use their services, so can not comment from a personal viewpoint.

    What would be interesting is a comparison between MyUs and AddressPal just to understand better the differences between them along with the pros and cons.

    I also would assume that the Postal organisations in other countries have similar services, so I wonder how MyUs compares to them.

    Kind Regards,

    1. Thanks David,

      I have personally not heard about this Address Pal. So I cannot make any conclusion or comparison between MyUS and Address Pal as to how legitimate their services are. But I will certainly do some research about this Address Pal shipping service and write my review about it. Perhaps you can visit this site later for more info on that.

      I certainly hope that their services help all the folks leaving in Ireland since this is coming from your countries own postal service.

      as for MyUS, they are located in the United States of America and their services are becoming more and more popular among many across the globe. Their legitimacy have already been established and all who use their services can attest to that fact, that they are CLASSIC in their delivery of your products to your won country.

      I surely hope that all who are interested in shopping from the United States get to know about MyUS and use their shipping services.

  16. I have been one of those who have wished I could buy items from US only to find that they do not ship to South Africa. What a downer. this article has really been enlightening. I will definitely be giving MYUS a test run in the near future.

    Can I buy a few items and have them all shipped in one order?

    1. Yes, Bryan,

      That is certainly inconvenient and very frustrating, especially seeing a products you’re very much interested in it from such BIG and well reputable stores like Amazon or eBay you want to shop for and you really need it ONLY to find out that the product cannot be shipped to your country. It so frustrating.

      And I have gone through similar experiences as you did. But fortunately, MyUS have come to solve all these problems once and for all for us. So if you do not have MyUS account and you still interest in shopping from US, then I will recommend you create your own account with them. It will be of much help to you.

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