Is Naturally Plus a Scam? Is It Worth Your Money and Effort?


Overview of Naturally Plus Global

Company: Naturally Plus Global

Founder: Takaaki Nagoshi (President)

Starting Price: $180.00


Rating: 4 out 10

Verdict: Naturally Plus is not a scam, however, if you’re here because of their business opportunity, then I’m sorry, I can’t recommend it to you, and I will explain to you why I’m saying so.


So, Is Naturally Plus a Scam?

So, the BIG question is, Is Naturally Plus a Scam? Well, as I said in the overview above, Naturally Plus is not a scam, but rather, one of the Multi-level Marketing companies out there founded in Japan and headed by  Takaaki Nagoshi, who are dedicated to producing natural food supplement or health product to help improve the health condition of many in the world.


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Naturally Plus says they help you deal with two (2) basic parts of your body that is so essential to you, that is your eyes and intestine, with the aid of their scientifically proven supplements.

Naturally Plus, from history, started off with only one product, which is their Super Lutein, and within 3 years after launching this product, Naturally plus made sales of over $100 million US Dollars. However, during the fifth year after establishment, their annual sales climbed to over $300 million US Dollars.

Until then, the company continued to rely on this one product since their establishment, 1999 until 2007, when Naturally Plus released another product called the hydrogen enriched water, Izumio. 

According to Naturally Plus,  this product (the Izumio) too became the NO.1 seller right from its launch. Afterwards, however, Naturally Plus has continued to produce additionally more than fifteen (15) different products including cosmetics and other health care supplement products.


See the Comparison Below

Although Naturally Plus is Not a scam.  However,  as I said earlier,  I can’t  recommend it either due to many reasons you can see clearly from this review. If you are looking for a genuine money making a program, let me help You discover My #1 recommended program called  Wealthy Affiliate, founded by two “Canadians”  called ‘Kyle and ‘Carson  I’ve been a member for quite sometime now. It’ FREE to join.  No credit card  required.


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Naturally Plus Products

Below, I’m going to share with you about Naturally Plus products and what they claim it can do for you. Don’t just believe anything you hear, make sure you’re fully convinced before accepting any offer, it is only the naive who believe every word.

Below, I’m going to talk about two of naturally Plus products and what they claim these products can do for you.


The Super Lutein

The Supper Lutein, which is the first product produced by Naturally Plus, is said to be a nutritional supplement specially designed to both help protect your eyesight and maintain overall health.

Naturally Plus claim that this product has continued to break sales records in the Japanese market since its launch in 1999. And so it is known by a majority of it users popularly as the “miracle supplement”.

Also naturally Plus claims that their Supper Lutein is vital because as you grow older, nutrients that are vital for protecting your eyesight are used up. And they say this is due to the fact that your eyes are constantly under attack from UV rays and blue light in sunlight, which continue to grow stronger in parallel with ozone layer depletion.

Also according to them, UV rays and blue light are also emitted from man-made sources such as computer monitors, office and factory automation equipment, televisions, portable electronic devices and fluorescent lighting.

Additionally, Naturally Plus says that “in today’s digitally oriented society, the amount of information digested visually is on the rise, and people are experiencing more stress as the result of fast-paced lifestyles, longer working hours, poor dietary habits and less time to rest and sleep… All of these factors contribute to eye fatigue”.

So Naturally Plus says, “these extrinsic and intrinsic factors can trigger oxidative processes in the body, leading to macular degeneration and premature ageing. And they claim to say that, this is why their Supper Lutein is vital, to provide you with a well-balanced formula that helps protect your eyesight and keep oxidation in check.

But the BIG question is, is it really true that Naturally Plus’s Supper Lutein can help your site as they have explained? Well, let’s take a closer look at some experiences people had with this Naturally Plus products and it’s after effect.

For me personally, I have said that I will not recommend any MLM program to anyone, whether their supplement products or business opportunities, why because it looks as if all MLM programs and their members try to forcibly hype their products just to be able to make some sales.

For instance, despite the hype from Naturally Plus about their Supper Lutein and its companion, the  Izumio and what they can do, READ this experience from this link to see complains from someone who used these products with her family and it after effect.

Now, like I told you, you can watch this video to see how members who have signed with Naturally Plus Business Opportunity try to hype this company its products. And judge for yourself if this is really something to believe.




But most people buy these products and at the end, they end up being totally disappointed. Also, you should keep in mind that, even if a particular product from an MLM company works well for others, it may not work well for you. And this is because everyone and his system and how it responds to a particular product.

So while a supplement may work for someone, it may not do the same for you. And this is a basic truth you need to keep in mind.


The Izumio

According to Naturally Plus, their IZUMIO “now boasts of a higher hydrogen dissolution ratio of 2.6ppm* which puts it at the top of the industry. IZUMIO gives you more. With more than 150 million units sold to date, IZUMIO is the brand you can trust”.

Naturally Plus also says that they have been an industry pioneer, why because they claim to have been dedicated to the development of IZUMIO even before the hydrogenized water boom. To



Naturally Plus Compensation Plan

Before I talk about Naturally Plus’s business Compensation Plan, Watch the Video below to see how they explain how their business opportunity works.



So as you can see from this video, about Naturally Plus business opportunity and their explanation about their compensation plan.

And like every MLM program, Naturally Plus want you to believe that they can help you make tons of money every month, I mean to achieve success.

For instance, Naturally Plus claims that they have unparalleled products that virtually sell themselves, and again they also say that, they have a proven business model with stable rewards.  So basically they want you to believe that they can help you to earn some regular and stable income.

Additionally, this is what they say; “At Naturally Plus, we’ve prepared a uniquely designed compensation plan and products created using one-and-only formulas to offer you a WIN-WIN situation in the fast-growing speciality supplements market. Based on the corporate mission, “Contributing to personal health and wealth by sharing our one-and-only formulas,” we’re changing the lives of millions one person at a time”.

 Now let see some details about this opportunity they are trying to hype so much. So, Naturally Plus, as I said earlier want you to believe that their business opportunity is so unique, so safe and so caring, adding that they confident that you’ll only benefit. Now see what you’re required to do;


So basically, Naturally Plus says you’re required to;

  • Only buy what you want to use
  • Only $180 to start (product price: $130 + registration fee: $50)
  • No inventory stocking or warehousing required
  • No monthly quotas to fill
  • No middlemen (exchanging of money between distributors)
  • Direct shipping from Naturally Plus distribution centres

Also, in addition to having one of the highest payout plans, Naturally Plus claims to offer you some special “pluses”  which you will not get anywhere else, as shown below.

9 Bonus Opportunities Specially Designed for Success

01 Sponsor Bonus
02 Daily Cycle Bonus
03 Leadership Bonus
04 Frontier Bonus
05 Spirit Bonus
06 Upper Spirit Bonus
07 Grand Spirit Bonus
08 Start-up Bonus
09 Star Bonus

 Also, here is another claim and hype from Naturally Plus, I quote  “Among the nine bonuses, six allow qualifying distributors to share in a percentage of total global product sales; that’s more pool-type rewards than any other direct-selling company”.



So Do I Recommend Naturally Plus Business Opportunity?

But can we really trust their claim to make you successful? Well, let me explain things to you. Well, it may be true that some of those who initially started off with Naturally Plus business opportunity may have seen a measure of success.

However, we cannot say they can continue to rely on this MLM business. They may only continue to benefits on the following conditions, as with all MLM programs.

First of all, their personal account must always continue to stay active and their down-lines as well, that means the people they recruited into the MLM program must continue to stay active, by regularly buying and selling Naturally Plus supplement.

In addition to that, you must be active in recruiting others; otherwise, both you and your referrals will NOT benefits at all from any MLM compensation plan.

And you will agree with me that selling products, especially if you’re not so sure and passionate about what you’re selling, as others may be complaining about the products you may be selling, can really make it very difficult for you to be able to any sales.

Also, it is never easy to convince others to join you in this business since many people are against MLM programs and their compensation plans. So, in reality, your chances of being successful with any MLM program, including Naturally plus is very low.


NOTE: The truth in the matter which I want to reveal to you is that almost 95% of all who join MLM programs with the hope of earning some successful income end up being a failure, they leave the program totally disappointed.



I also, I do not believe in Naturally Plus’s claim to be the only MLM program to offer you such special bonuses and benefits. They  are only trying to hype themselves in other to get other to sign up and to buy their products as all MLM programs are known to be doing.


So, is Naturally Plus a scam? Well, as you have read from this post, they are not a scam, I will not say they are a scam when they are not. However, if you’re really interested in building a successful business that will continue to yield for you some regular income, then Naturally plus is not the best option for you.

As I have told you, the majority of all who sign up to join MLM programs fail due to all the hassles they will have to go through. So unless you are a very skilful marketer you cannot succeed in any MLM program and that is why I said earlier that though they are a scam company, I cannot recommend their business opportunity to you.

Additionally, don’t forget also that, Naturally Plus is not free to join. You’re actually required to pay an amount of $180 to be able to start off with your business as a member of Naturally Plus  (product price: $130 + registration fee: $50 = $180).

However, I want you to know that there are by far better online businesses out there which you can do and which I can guarantee will bring you some successful income while at your own comfortable home.

And many of these platforms I’m talking about allow you to join for free without having to start with any money. Yes, you have NO fear of losing your money because you’re not required to pay anything to start. Its absolutely free, NO Credit Card required.

As you can see above, Wealthy Affiliate is by far better than Naturally Plus in terms of running a business that will really lead success.

Not just that but as you saw in the comparison table, apart from all the good things you can enjoy from Wealthy Affiliate, you’re allowed to sign up for free. As I said, NO Credit Card is required to join most of these better and successful platforms.


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I hope this review has been helpful? On the other hand if you fee you have any question or comment about this post; just feel free to leave it below.


About the Author


I’m Stephen, the founder of Jobs If you have read me “About Me Page”, you will understand that my goal is to help others succeed online as I’m doing, by exposing scams and reviewing top rated products. I can help you start your online business


Wishing you all the best with your endeavor,



Naturally Plus











  • You Can Make Some Money
  • It Is Not A Scam


  • There Is NO FREE Trial Membership
  • Over 90% of All MLM Members Fail To Succeed
  • No Guarantee of Getting Your Money Back
  • You Need Some Direct Face To Face Selling Skills
  • You Will Hev To Be Recuiting Other Members To Benefit

4 thoughts on “Is Naturally Plus a Scam? Is It Worth Your Money and Effort?”

  1. Thanks for writing this in-depth review on Naturally Plus. There are many MLM programs like this, even though it’s not a scam. The problem with this type of program is that it’s setup in such a way that makes it very difficult to create a sustainable long-term income. And I’m sure it will be really difficult to get people to join. However, WealthyAffiliate looks promising, is there anything that you dislike about WealthyAffiliate?

    1. Hello WMP,

      I’m so glad to have met you today, yes as you said you’re right, although Naturally Plus is not a scam, it is not any good business opportunity for anyone who really is interested in making money online from home. Naturally Plus is like all MLM programs and it will be very difficult to make some successful income as you read that almost 90% of all who join MLM programs with the aim of making money online do fail miserably.

      Of course, I did recommend Wealthy Affiliate to you and the reason is that many people are really making it from this program. Some $1000 a month, other $2000+ a month, however, you should know that Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme platform. I mean they don’t promise to make you rich overnight. You need to be willing to learn and to put into practice all that you have been taught through their wonderful step by step video training.

      You asked if there is anything that I personally don’t like about Wealthy Affiliate, well, to be honest I have never seen any platform which I can compare to Wealthy Affiliate, with all the good things you will enjoy here, all for free and the great community members who are ever ready to assist you to succeed.

      The only thing I think Wealthy Affiliate should reconsider is the fact that some countries are not allowed to join their community for free, they have to pay for the premium membership to be able to join the platform. But I learned this because these countries were formally allowed to enjoy the free membership. However, due to an increase in fraud, spamming and scamming rate in these countries, that is why they are restricted to only the premium membership. And they are doing this for the safety of those who sign up to join the community, so that other don’t take the free starter membership for granted and do bad things within the community, such as spamming.

      But apart from this, I don’t think there is anything bad about this great and wonderful community. Just sign up and see all these wonderful things for yourself, all for free.

  2. Hi I am a big fan of WA but I don’t think you should link your review of Naturally Plus Global with your promotion of WA, it just feels all wrong. In some ways, I think it pulls WA down, not sure why I think that but I do. WA is great all on its own not because NPG is bad. The review of NPG is excellent and pulls no punches, I don’t think anyone would sign up with them after reading your review!

    1. Thank you very much Anita, I always ;like to do some comparison so that people who are really interested in making money online can see the differences between Wealthy Affiliate what they can get out of the training program on the platform and even the fact that they can enjoy all these things for free.

      Anyways, I appreciate your view on this review, but as I said, I love to do comparison for people to see clearly which online opportunity is the best and then they can make the choice themselves. As you saw clearly, Naturally Plus is not not any better place to build your business online. Anyone who will try is doomed to failure, as it is true of all MLM programs.

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