Is Payoneer a Scam? Get $25 Bonus When You Sign Up!

Is Payoneer a Scam? Get $25 Bonus When You Sign Up!

So what do you think? Is Payoneer a Scam? OR is Payoneer safe? Are you here because you’re looking for Payoneer complaints. Well, in this Payoneer review, I’m going to give you some solid reasons based on my personal experience why Payoneer is not a scam.

Yes, I will show you tangible reasons why having a Payoneer account is safe. So let get started.

However, before we get started, lets take a brief overview about Payoneer account and what it is about.


Below Is A Brief Overview of Payoneer

Product: Payoneer

Price: Free to Sign Up. Sign Up Here & Get Your $25 Bonus  ⇐


My Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Verdict: A Very Legitimate Program to join.


Now that you have had some overview about Payoneer, let now dig a little deeper into what Payoneer is all about.


So Is Payoneer A Scam? Well, Let Me Explain

Payoneer is is not a scam but rather a very legitimate international financial services company that provides online money transfer and digital payment services.

So basically, having a  Payoneer account allows you to send and receive funds (money) into your international bank account,  Payoneer e-wallet, or into a re-loadable prepaid account – that can be used online or at points-of-sale to make payment or purchase anything you want online.


So with your Pay you can do so many things, now in this post, I’m going to outline four benefits of having a Payoneer account & why you should create one now!


4 Benefits of Having A Payoneer Account

Below, I’m going to briefly point out some awesome & classic benefits that comes from having a Payoneer account.


  • 1) You Can Get Paid Internationally

This is one of the main reasons why I signed up to join Payoneer. Living in the remotest part of the world, it would have been very difficult to take p[art in any Affiliate Program and get paid.

But with Payoneer account, I’m now able to join any Affiliate Program internationally & get paid from any merchant or Affiliate Network.

That is a fantastic service that Payoneer does provide for all their customers or members.

NOTE: With your Payoneer account, you can get paid from well know and reputable Affiliate Programs like Amazon  Associate, CJ Affiliate Affiliate, Rakuten, & many more … No matter where you leave in the world


  • 2) You Can Shop From Anywhere

This is another benefit that comes from having a Payoneer account. Especially if you love shopping often.

The good news is that Payoneer does not charge you for using your account to shop online. You are only charged for the amount you bought a product for and that is all.

If you have problem about shipment and you want to shop & ship internationally to your country, I recommend you create an account with MyUS.

They provide International Shipping to you, no matter where you leave in the world.  Read My Full Review on MyUS Here ⇐


  • 3) Enjoy Payoneer Referral Program – Get $25 Per Referral

Yes, even more than their International Monetary Services is their referral program.

Payoneer rewards you with $25 per each active member you refer to their platform. That is if these referrals activate their account by loading or doing a transaction of $1000.

NOTE: If any of your referrals activate their account with $1000, you then qualify for this referral bonus as your reward. 

Also,not just you, but the person you referred also get the same $25 bonus reward from Payoneer, for creating their account with them.

So then you’re not the ONLY one who benefit from this referral, but also the person you referred get the same reward.

For more details on Payoneer’s referral program, I recommend you watch this comprehensive and well explained video.


⇒  Create A FREE Account Here & Get Your $25 Bonus!


  • 4) Payoneer ONLY Charges You A Very Small Fee

The good news about having a Payoneer account is that, compared to other International account Like PayPal and the rest, Payoneer only charges you a very little fees for using their services.

For instance, when Payoneer processes your salary, you’re only charged a very little fee, somewhere around %2 to 3% which is far better compared to their competitors.

For more details on Payoneer services and charges, look at the snapshot below:




So Who is Payoneer For?

Well, I will say almost everyone, all who do transactions online are warmly welcomed to create their own Payoneer account for such  for  online transactions. So the following people can really benefit themselves by creating a Payoneer account.

  • Anyone who do online transactions
  • If your Affiliate Network, or Merchant uses a payment system that is not available in your country
  • Payoneer is for all who shop a lot online – you can use your Payoneer account to do that.
  • Anyone having a  website will greatly benefit from having a Payoneer account.
  • All merchants who do transactions online are welcomed to create a Payoneer account
  • College student who want to earn some extra-income online can create their own Payoneer account.
  • College or high school students who buy books online can also register for their own Payoneer account.


At this point, if I should ask you, is a Payoneer a scam? What will be your answer?

Well, I’m very sure  that after reading this review, you will agree with me that Payoneer is one of the best and most Legitimate Financial Service Companies out there that allows you to send, receive funds and even make online purchases with their account.


Plus your $25 bonus that you get as a reward for free anytime your referrals activate their account with $1000.


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Your comments and feedback are welcome. You can leave them in the comment box below.


All the best here,



2 thoughts on “Is Payoneer a Scam? Get $25 Bonus When You Sign Up!”

  1. Dear Stephen,

    Thanks for the detailed information on payoneer. Enjoy Payoneer Referral Program – Get $25 Per Referral is really good. I am currently using paypal and few sites are not supporting paypal and in those circumstances I believe I can use Payoneer. Thanks Again for the great Post.

    Your Friend,

    1. Thank you too Paul,

      Payoneer is certainly a no brainer at all. A very secured International Payment system that makes it possible for everyone out there to get paid no matter where you leave in the world.

      What I even like about them is their referral Program which makes it possible for you to make some extra income while you focus on your business. You just refer a friend and then Payoneer rewards you with $25 per each referral. Not just you but also the person you referred get the same amount – $25 when he or shes signs up with Payoneer and qualifies per their policies.

      So, I highly recommend Payoneer for anyone looking for an International Payment system and a good way to make some extra income.

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