Is Perfect Money a Scam? Is It Worth Your Money and Investment?


Overview of Perfect Money

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Is Perfect Money a Scam?

So, is perfect money a scam, is it worth your money and investment? Well, in this review, I am going to give you a thorough review about what Perfect Money is all about, whether its a scam or worth your money and effort.

Before we even start with this review on Perfect Money, I will recommend you watch this review video from a member of Prefect Money who claims their system works.



Perfect money as the the name imply, is an online electronic payment system that allows  internet users to make instant payments and money transfers  through the Internet – given Internet users unique opportunities and owners of businesses on the internet.


Perfect money claims to targets and to bring transactions on the Internet to the ideal level! Quoting them, this is what they say:

“In every operation performed in Perfect Money payment system we aspire to offer our customers perfect service”.

So basically, they are saying they have a very safe and a secured system through which internet users and business owners can securely make transaction without any scams or fraudulent activities.

Also, they make the claim that, their logo colour, which is pink, is  of absolute perfection that crowns world e-Commerce, and henceforth will be presented by an ideal financial institution, which is Perfect Money, thereby aiming to bring the transactions in Internet to the supreme level.


But the BIG question is, Is Perfect money Really save? Well, follow me as I show you what I found about Perfect Money.


*The Problem With Perfect Money’s Security System*

On their website, Perfect Money (PM), claims to have absolutely everything that includes -the utmost and highest quality security structural  system,  which makes their system perfection. Which are guided by this principle they used in  creating Perfect Money.

However, in the cost of my research, I found out that, the Security System at Perfect Money is greatly in danger, therefore, putting all who invest their money into Perfect Money’s System or anyone who tries to do a transaction on their system insecure.

What I mean is that in the course of my research,  “I found out that  many hackers are able to gain access into Perfect Money System” to hack other people’s money. Although they claim that their system is very secured.

So, what it means that is that, Perfect Money’s System is not secured at all and therefore any money transfer you do or save in their system will not be in a save place.

To help you understand that well, I recommend you watch the video below, which I took from YouTube and see how hackers are able to penetrate into Perfect Money’s system.

You can clearly see from this video, that Perfect Money is not a secured place to save or do your online money transfer.


If you’re looking for the best online International money transfer companies, let me recommend the best and most secured ones to you


My Best  Alternative Recommendations – (#)

In view of the security issues with Perfect Money,  – I don’t think it will be wise to consider saving your money with them, or use their platform for your online transactions.

If you’re looking for the a more secured platform, which i can testify due to my own experience, try the following three alternatives:


Some Ways You Can Use Perfect Money

Perfect Money says that, their online system can used in the following beneficial ways;

  • Make money transfers between users on the perfect money platform.
  • PM can also be used to make payment on the internet
  • Accept payments  on behalf of various business projects on the Internet
  • Store funds in a secure electronic account and receive interest
  • PM is also used to buy buy Bitcoin, gold, US Dollars and EUR currencies online
  • You can also pay for goods and services from other online stores
  • Store your assets in cryptocurrency with no risks and no need to set up an additional wallet;


What Currencies Does Perfect Money Support?

The following are some currencies that Perfect Money Support, which you can use to do transaction payment and other activities that their system support.

So basically, PM says each user account on their system support s a multi-currency, which is divided into four (4) different currency accounts as shown below;

  1. USD (PM units, the equivalent of United States dollar)
  2. EUR (PM units, the equivalent of Euro)
  3. GOLD (PM units, the equivalent of the precious metal, expressed in troy ounces)
  4. Bitcoin (property rights for the publication of entries in the global public database of network on behalf of Perfect Money are reserved by Startup Research & Investments LLC);


How to Become a Customer of Perfect Money

According to Perfect Money, to become their customer, you need to first register with them, which requires that you enter your account details  by clicking on their “sign up” link to register with them.

Also, Perfect Money says they have two types of accounts. Namely;

  1. Personal account and 
  2. Business account

Perfect money says that Personal account is intended for individuals, while business account is meant for business legal entities. However, PM says both account can be used for businesses. without any limitation.


What is a Premium Level Accounts and a Partner Account?

So Perfect Money has another two (2) types of account called Premium Level account and Partner account; The differences between these two (2) types of accounts are as shown below;


The Premium Level Account:  This is the type of account that  comes with exclusive features, especially when it relates to customer support.

Also, as a Premium member, you’re awarded at the end of the first year or upon reaching a certain level of turnover in the account. A client has a right to submit a special application to upgrade his/her status. Having your status as Premium also  reduces your service fees as compared to a Normal status.

NOTE: However, to receive a Premium status, you should be registered in the system for at least 1 year and deposit not less than 100,000 US dollars into your account, or its equivalent in another currency.


Partner account: The Partner account also has some privileges associated with it in a sense that it is usually opened by a representative of a payment system, a currency  services or an exchange.

However, any award associated with this type of account is based on a  decision  made by the Perfect Money Administration.


Can I Get My Payment Back?

The answer to this question is a BIG NO, you cannot. All payments made within the system are final and irreversible. According to Perfect Money, once a transaction is made, your money is not reversible.

So here you stand the risk of loosing your money if should in case you make the mistake of sending your money to the wrong person, due to entering the wrong account information.


So, Do I Recommend Perfect Money?

Well, to be frank with you, although Perfect Money is not a scam,  however, I cannot recommend it to you for the following reasons outlined below;

First of all, if you watched previously from  the video I provided above, the system Perfect Money is using is not secured at all. Why because hackers are able to get into their system and steal people’s saved money.


Also, Below, you will see some snapshot I took about members on the Perfect Money platform and their complains a bout the PM system.



Below is also another ‘complain’ coming from a member on the Perfect Money platform.


NOTE: Also you should note that, according to Perfect Money’s terms and conditions, if you ever make a mistake in transaction, whether internally to any of their members on their platform or to any one outside their system, you cannot retrieve your money back. 


So if you make a mistake any transaction, your money cannot be reversed. Its gone forever.

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2 thoughts on “Is Perfect Money a Scam? Is It Worth Your Money and Investment?”

  1. I try not to use Perfect Money, or other transaction platform other than Paypal. Most of these platforms are linked to scam websites like HYIP or Advertising site. It’s easy to deposit money into the platform but usually, it’s going to be tough to withdraw. The reason platforms like Perfect Money are around because they’re not strictly regulated like Paypal.

    1. Hello Kenny,

      Perfect Money is not recommended by me either, as you saw and read from this review. I do not recommend it as a result of their security issues. And as you aid you may also experience some problems when trying to withdraw your own money after doing some deposit.

      I agree with you that PayPal is a very secure platform and I will recommend it too to anyone who want to use the services of a financial money transfer company.

      However, I do also recommend Payoneer, another secured and well authentic platform which you can take advantage of, since they work Intentionally.

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