Is the ACN Opportunity a Scam? Read this Review Before Signing Up

Is the ACN Opportunity a Scam?

You’re probably among the many out there who have heard about the ACN Opportunity. But the BIG question is, what is the ACN Opportunity? Is the ACN Opportunity a Scam or is it a legit opportunity?

Well, in this review, I’m going to give you all the detailed truth you need to know about the ACN Opportunity

But before we dig deeper into this review, let take a brief overview of the ACN opportunity and then we can get started.


An Overview of the ACN Opportunity

Products: ACN Opportunity

Founders: Tony Cupisz & Mike Cupisz

Price: No info yet


My Rating: 4.3  out of 10

Verdicts: Not a scam though, but I can’t recommend their business opportunity to you. I will explain to you why I’m am saying this.


Now that we have an overview of this ACN Opportunity let get started now …


So Is the ACN Opportunity a Scam?

Well, quoting direct from Wikipedia, is a North-American based multi-level marketing (MLM) company which provides telecommunications, energy, merchant services and other services, depending on the country, through a network of independent sales agents known as “Independent Business Owners” (IBOs), who themselves can recruit new sales agents.

So from my “personal opinion”, the ACN Opportunity is not a scam and I will explain to you why I’m saying it is not a scam. However, if you’re here because of their business opportunity then I can’t guarantee your success with ACN.

The truth is the any MLM program that have real products which they sell is not a just a pyramid scheme or a scam. In fact scam MLM programs are those with NO real products for sale. All they do is recruiting people are demanding money from them.

Since ACN has a products which they sell, we can classify them as one of the legitimate Direct Network Marketing companies out there.


Pros of ACN

  • ACN Opportunity is not a scam.
  • There is a some good compensation plan.
  • You can make so me money if you’re good in network marketing.


Cons f ACN

  • There is NO FREE Starter Membership.
  • It requires direct face to face selling skills
  • There is NO Live Chat where you can easily get help.
  • You can loose your hard earned income for nothing.
  • No guarantee of getting your money back if you fail to succeed.
  • You will need to be very skillful in recruiting members.
  • Like other MLM programs, their products are too expensive to sell.
  • There is NO guarantee that you can make some money with ACN.


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But Can You Make Money With ACN?

Well, as I said earlier, ACN is not a scam opportunity. However, I cannot guarantee your success with this MLM company and for that matter I can’t recommend it to you.

But why? you may ask. Well, the truth is that all MLM companies operate in a similar way that makes it very difficult for you to make any success with them.


 Some 5 Solid Reasons Why I Cannot Recommend ACN To You!

  • But how? Well, as it is common among all MLM companies, ACN requires that you buy their products at a retail price and then resell them for some interest.
  • In this way you can also earn some money. But the truth is that because MLM companies hype their products as being so special, their prices are also very high, thereby making it very difficult to sell their products.
  • So unless you’re very skillful and can easily do direct face to face selling, I will not recommend ACN Opportunity to you, neither any MLM program.
  • In addition to that, you’re going to be recruiting people, so if you’re the type who can easily convince people into signing up for opportunities like that of ACN, then you can give them a try and see how it turns out for you.
  • Also, you will have to stay active all the time by buying their products and your referrals(or downlines must do the same) else, you will not benefit from their compensation plan.
  • Finally, ACN is not FREE to Join, and if you fail to succeed, there is no guarantee that you will get your money back.                                



 ACN Products Services

Unlike other MLM programs who are well known for providing products such as beauty, health related products and even wellness, ACN are into providing their customers some services such as as phone service, wireless, gas and electricity, merchant services, high speed internet, home security and automation, television – and more.

Some of their services include:

  • Phone service
  • Wireless
  • Gas & electricity
  • Merchant services
  • High speed internet
  • Home security
  • Automation
  • Television & etc …

So basically, they provide services for both business owners and individual residents.

According to them, since these are daily necessities of life and people often use such products and services, they are not forced to make purchases of the ACN products, but rather, people often buy these things naturally.


ACN Child Feeding Project

Quoting direct from their website, this is what they say, “Through ACN’s Project Feeding Kids program, you can help end childhood hunger right here at home by simply purchasing and paying for services you are already using and paying for anyway. When you become an ACN customer, a child gets fed. And every time you pay your select ACN bills each month, another child gets fed. ACN will provide 1.5 million meals this year”.


My Final Verdict on the ACN Opportunity

As you have read from this review, I’m sure it is very clear to you that ACN is not a scam opportunity at all. 

However, if you’re looking for an opportunity to make some money, then I cannot recommend ACN to you neither will I recommend any MLM program to as the best option to help you make some residual income.

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If you have any question or comment about this review on ACN Opportunity, please feel FREE to leave it below. Your personal reviews are WELCOMED


All the best here.



The ACN Opportunity











  • Compensation Plan
  • ACN Is Not a Scam


  • You Cannot Try ACN for FREE
  • You're Requied To Do Direct Face to Face Selling
  • You're Required to Recruit Other Members
  • There is No Guarantee to Your Success
  • There Is NO Live Chat Support

2 thoughts on “Is the ACN Opportunity a Scam? Read this Review Before Signing Up”

  1. Dear Stephen,

    Thanks for the detailed review on ACN. Although ACN is not a scam I don’t think spending time on ACN is worth better I would suggest blogging is the best option to build a long lasting online business.

    Your Friend,

    1. You’re right Paul, MLM programs uses the type of compensation plan that is not just confusing but also very difficult to make any money out of it.

      In fact and estimate shows that almost 90% of all MLM Members do fail to see success. That is why I do not recommend any MLM program to my reader. Or anyone who come to this website to read my reviews.

      On the other hand if anyone thinks he is good at direct selling and making money with MLM programs then he or she can go on to give ACN a try and see how it works for him or her. I personally cannot recommend it for anyone who reads my reviews.

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