Is The Jeunesse a Scam- Is It Worth Your ……

Is The  Jeunesse a Scam? Is It Worth Your Consideration? Well, Read My Review on the Jeunesse …..

Are you wondering whether the Jeunesse is a Scam? Read my review on the Jeunesse. What is the Jeunesse Global then?


The Jeunesse Global is a Multi-level Marketing (M.L.M) Company  founded by two Veteran network marketers, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis on September 09, 2009 at 9:00 p.m, who are into cosmetic manufacturing. Their opportunity uses a multi-level marketing sales structure. The company is known for its lineup of Luminescence anti-aging skin creams. 


Overview  of the Jeunesse Global

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Name of Products: Jeunesse Global

Owners: Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis


Price: $29.95 + $250 and more ….

My Rating: 3 out of 10


Listen to Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis as they tell their background story and how they started in the video below.



What then Is Jeunesse Global All About?

According to Jeunesse Global,  their products can help anyone who wants to look young and beautiful, which  is  a dream for most people living today, and Jeunesse Global is here to provide you with that solution.

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However, to look young and beautiful with Jeunesse, you would have to purchase a complete range of their products (Brand Name: Luminesce), and to follow the guided steps as shown  below:


  • Step 1: You need to purify your skin with their “Youth Restoring Cleanser ($50)”


  • Step 2: Apply the “Cellular Rejuvenation Serum ($143)”. This  will help reduce wrinkles on your body


  • Step 3: Apply the “Protective ($77) and Repairing ($108) Serum”, which will help to  protect your skin from harmful rays during the day and repair your skin in the night.


  • Step 5: Take one “AM supplement pill ($75 for 60 pills)” in the morning and one “PM supplement pill ($75 for 60 pills)” in the evening. This will help to combat the science of aging and help cells in the body function properly


  • Step 6: Drink a pack of “Propectin ($199 for 30 Sachets)” to detoxify your internal systems. It will help filter impurities and remove all dangerous heavy metal intoxicant from your body.


  • Step 4: Drink a pack of “Reserve ($143 for 30 Sachets)” every day. This will help to supercharge your internal systems and the key ingredient is “Resveratrol“. Drinking a  pack a day helps you maintain a healthier immune system, make you feel younger, and live longer – So they say.


  • Step 7: Finally, take a “Finiti ($162 for 120 pills)” pill a day, which will help to maintain healthy stem cells.


Pros of Jeunesse Global 

  • Jeunesse Global is not a Scam.
  • Compensation Plan


Cons of Jeunesse Global 

  • Jeunesse Global  is not FREE to Start (No Free Membership)
  • Products are Expensive to buy and Sell
  • It Requires direct face-to-face selling skills
  • False Claims  about Exaggerated  health benefits of their products
  • Only those at the top of the Pyramid Succeed with all MLM programs
  • Estimate made shows that about 90% of all MLM members fail to succeed.
  • There is NO Guarantee of getting your money back if you fail to succeed with iGalen
  • You will have to go rounds looking for others to to recruit them.
  • Confusing with their Pyramid Compensation Plan



See the Differences Between Jeunesse Global and My #1 Recommended Program


Of course, Jeunesse Global is Not a scam. However, as I said earlier I can’t recommend it either due to many reasons you can see clearly from this review. If you are looking for a genuine money making program, allow me to help you and recommend a program called Wealthy Affiliate I’ve been a member for quite sometime now.  It’ FREE to join.  No credit card required.




You can equally watch the video below to see just how to use their Luminesce cosmetics line



Jeunesse Global and Their Claims

Jeunesse Global claim that their products are your Youth Enhancement System (Known as YES) and capable of keeping you young as long as you continue to use their products as they recommend.


Like other M.L.M, they also claim that their products can cure almost all the diseases in the world, which I see it to be untrue and even ridiculous to their consumers. Because they make them believe what their products cannot do. and they say all these just to be able make their sales, as you can see below.

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Although some of their products may work very well as they claim, but personally I think that Jeunesse Global like other M.L.M companies hype their products too much and make people expect what they actually cannot deliver.


If you are thinking of buying their cosmetics to keep your skin young, you must keep in mind that each person and the way his or her skin respond to treatment. And so while their products may work perfectly for other, it may not really work well for you, depending on your skin.


For example they claim they are selling Instantly Ageless which is a powerful anti-wrinkle micro-cream that works quickly and effectively to diminish the visible signs of aging.

  • Reduce the appearance of under-eye bags immediately.
  • Visibly diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tighten, firm and lift the appearance of sagging skin
  • Minimize the appearance of pores for a flawless finish

But the Big Question is how effective is their Instantly Ageless product?

Well, watch the video below to help answer this question:



Like I said earlier on, after making  multiple reviews and thorough research, it looks like their Instantly Ageless does work but the truth is, ONLY  for a limited period of time.

So of course their products may work well for other, but not everyone, since each person and how his or her skin respond to treatment.

But what about their business opportunity?


Is the Jeunesse Global Business Opportunity Worth Your Consideration?

Again, they continue to make their claims, for example to quote them, these are some claims they make when you visit their website:

We are bringing people together under the simple idea that everyone deserves a chance to live a youthful, healthy life and discover financial freedom.“.

Our collective mission is to change people’s lives while making Jeunesse a household, world-renowned brand.”

We are Jeunesse. We are Generation Young”.

“We give you exclusive products, expert training resources and pro marketing materials to build your business on your terms. Whether you’re looking to earn some part-time income or grow your operations on our global platform, Jeunesse provides a lucrative business opportunity for all types of direct sellers”.


NOTE: To tell you the truth, if you are not a skillful marketer, then don’t ever consider joining joining any M.L.M company, including Jeunesse Global.

Why did I say that? well have a look at some details of  their compensation plan.


Now Have a Look at Their Compensation Plan

Jeunesse Global, like any M.L.M company have their own compensation plan and again like their M.L.M, I don’t see their plan to be so special why because to be able to benefit from their compensation you will have to be equally skillful at both selling and convincing people to join their program.

Now You can go through a list of some things you are expected to do when you sign up with Jeunesse Global:

  • You’re expected to pay a small upfront mandatory fee to join the business opportunity.
  • You recruit others to join you on-board to do the same thing.
  • You are strongly encouraged to purchase a signup package.
  • You are strongly encouraged to signup for a monthly auto-ship.
  • To be active and qualify for team commissions you must accumulate 100 Personal Volume (PV) points in one month and personally enroll two distributors who each accumulate 100 PV points within one month.
  • To continue to be  active member of the team, you must generate 60 PV points each month by selling products to customers or by buying them yourself.

Also You must note this:

You don’t get paid for sponsoring new distributors, rather you are paid on the sale of products to them and their customers.

You can decide to sell to customers with Jeunesse, the fact is that   according to their  income disclosure, people who just sell to their preferred customers in the compensation plan make far less commission  than those that are recruiting others into the business opportunity.



Watch the video below to see for yourself more on  their compensation plan. 



And for selling as I mentioned, if you are not a skillful marketer who can tactically convince people, then this program including all M.LM is not for you, since they all require that you sell and recruit people to join their team.


Signup Packages

BASIC ZEN PACKAGE  $214.95 (CV 100)




Basic VIDACELL Basic Package $199.95 (CV 100)

VIDACELL Ambassador Package $1049.95 (CV 500)


VIDACELL Jumbo Package  $749.95 (CV 400)

JUMBO PACKAGE $749.95 (CV 400)

VIDACELL Supreme Package $499.95 (CV 300)

SUPREME PACKAGE $499.95 (CV 300)




Instantly Ageless






And as you progress towards building your Jeunesse business, there are 15 different ranks that you can achieve in their Financial Rewards Plan.

You would have to recruit distributors (that is your downlines) to move up in the ranks.


So Is Jeunesse Global a Scam?

Well, up to this time I’m pretty sure that you know what Jeunesse Global is all about. I will personally not say its a scam, but the truth is that like any M.L.M program you will not get it easy in succeeding, you will have be very skillful in selling and also convincing people to be able to recruit them on board.

If you fail to do so then you will not gain anything with their program, some do say, it si a SCAM, probably it may be because they signed up with Jeunesse Global and were not successful.

The truth is that some do succeed with Jeunesse Global, but ONLY a few among the many who join them succeed, Like all other M.L.M companies.


Final word on Jeunesse Global

I’m very sure that by now you can decide as to whether Jeunesse Global is a scam or worth your consideration. But like I said earlier on, I don’t recommend any M.L.M program to my readers for three solid reasons:

  1. One: Because all Ml.L.M companies try to hype their product so much in an attempt to sell them to their consumers, only to disappoint people at last.. i personally don’t like that idea.t They try hype their products beyond what it can actually do just to convince people to buy


  1. You would have to be a very skillful seller to join them, otherwise you won’t succeed.


  1. You equally need to be going round like a crazy man looking for people to join you as your down-lines, how ill equally have to do the same by looking for other to join the program, else you will not make any income.


And this is the basic truth behind all M.L.M companies. If you’re not skillful at selling and recruiting your downlines, then no success for you.


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Hope this information was helpful? If you have any question or comments, just feel free and leave them below.





4 thoughts on “Is The Jeunesse a Scam- Is It Worth Your ……”

  1. Hi Stephen, Thank you for the skinny on Jeunesse. I tried MLM many years ago, worked hard at it, had to invest to get to the ground floor, and it ended up being a waste of time and money. I knew one woman who rose to the very top of another MLM company by living in towns for 4 months at a time, investing and re-investing over and over, and exhausting herself. She might have made it to the point of profit in her pocket had she not worn herself out! It is hard work, some make it, most don’t. Good review and conclusion.

    1. Yes Annie,

      MLM programs are not good for just anybody. You must be prepared to do all the recruiting and direct selling of their expensive products. If you cannot then forget it. you are not going to make any good money, you will rather end up loosing your hard earned income.

      So although being a good opportunity for some who have the skills in selling, it will not be a good one for you if you cannot sell and recruit others intro joining their program

  2. I knew a little about this company however it is good to read your thorough Review on it. Seems you have to have all the products for it to be beneficial and just another mlm business that you have to convince others to join. Big no no for me! Thanks for sharing your insight into this.

    1. Hi Sharon,

      It is good to hear your comment on this post, and telling us that you have some knowledge about Mary Kay. Well they have some good cosmetic products which can be useful for women especially, but I don’t recommend their business opportunity to anyone either. Because all M. L. M companies have the same Scheme, which I personally don’t agree with their compensation plans.

      If you are not good at selling and recruiting people, all I have to tell you is that don’t try any M. L. M company, because you’ll not succeed, you will not gain anything. It will be a waste of time.

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