Is a Scam? Is it Worth Your Money? – Read My Full Review

Maybe you have heard about this newly to be launched MLM company want to find out if it is a scam or something legitimate. It is smart on your part to check for review on. So the BIG question is, Is Waszuppusa a scam or legitimate? Well follow me as I reveal to you their secret here.

So what is Waszuppusa all about? Well as I have already told you, I’m going to reveal everything about them to you today. So you will get to know as to whether, it is a scam or worth your money. But before we even dig deeper into what really Waszuppusa is, let first look at some overview of this new MLM marketing company.


An Overview of Waszuppusa

Product name: Waszupp Crowdfunding


Price: No info

Owner: Ash Sahib( Full name: Ashraf Ash H Sahib)

Rating: 3 out 10

My Verdict: Not recommended to anyone interested in building a successful business online


So, now that we have an overview of this online platform, you may ask, what then is Waszupp Crowdfunding all about? And what they they claim to offer? Well follow me as we do a thorough review about this newly yet to be launched online platform.


What is Waszupp  Crowdfunding About?

Well, based on my thorough research and investigation, Waszupp Crowdfunding is an online  platform yet to be launched, which they claim to be a Social Network Marketing Company with a Crowdfunding  Program in mind.

This program was established by Ash Sahib, who is both the Founder and the SEO. He claims he is going to raise $1 Billion for worthy causes across the globe over the next 24 months.

So what this simply means is that, Waszupp Crowdfunding (also known as Waszuppusa) will actually be raising a small amount of  money from a very large number of people.

Since Waszuppusa is going to be a Social Network Marketing Company, what this means is that you will get paid based on their compensation plan. We will later discuss about their compensation plan, but for the mean time, let dig a little bit deeper into this yet to be launched company and see whether it will be wise consider joining them or not.


How to Join Waszupp Crowdfunding

Waszupp Crowdfunding claim that, for to be able to join their online program, you only need to $35, which is one time and a life time payment. So when you pay your $35, you will not be required to make any payment again.

Also, when you visit their website, they claim that when you sign up to join their program, you stand the chance of earning $2000 just in the first month through their automated system. Do you believe this? I personally do not believe in this false claim at all.

From my personal experience, any online platform that you can really make money out of it requires some hard work and dedication. I know it is only scammers who try to hype products along with false promises with the intention of getting unwary to dupe them.

It is only scammers and fraudsters who will promise you you to bring such a little amount of money in return for a BIG one. They may sometimes offer you something that may cost you only for $50 in return for $2000+ or even more. Some may even tell you that you can earn about $5000 to $10,000+ just by paying $50.

Any of such false claims and offers are a real scam. So beware of these scammers online and their tricks. Their offer may sometimes be tricky, they may sound to be true but at the end you will end up feeling disappointed.

NOTE: Any online offer that looks too good to be true is questionable. It maybe one of them, I mean online  scam. So beware, don’t just be fooled to sign up. make sure you’re are sure of what you’re doing.

So what Waszupp Crowdfunding is promising looks so strange. In fact any experienced marketer will tell you that making money online doesn’t come in just a month or some few months.

It requires real effort to be able to achieve this. So, although this program has not yet been launched yet and there has not been any complains of scamming, however, from my opinion and experience in the online world, this company is acting like a real scam.

Be watchful, don’t throw your $35 dollars away. Of course, looking at the amount you need to invest into this program. It seems like something small, but don’t  forget you’re not the only one paying. If they are able to get about 5000 people to register and to join them, you can imagine how much they will gain.

Just calculate and see for your self. $35 x 5000 = $175,000, which is a huge amount of money. So don’t throw your money away. Just imagine if you sign up and later you realize that its a real scam, you have wasted your money which could have been used for some useful purpose.


Some Claims of Waszupp Crowdfunding

When you visit their website, these are some things Waszupp Crowdfunding claim they can help you achieve. I want to quote directly from their website about what they say.

  • Change Your Financial Future: “With WASZUPP Crowdfunding’s “3×8 Forced Step-Up Matrix” donors can also become receivers and potentially create life changing financial freedom”.


  • No Monthly Autoship: NO products to handle. NO monthly fees, quotas, or volume to maintain. NO bothering friends and family with demonstrations or sales pitches on products they don’t need or want”.


  • People Helping People: “Be part of the largest global mission ever. Founder & CEO, Ash Sahib is to raise $1 Billion for worthy causes across the globe over the next 24 months. YOU can be a vital part”!

They also say that;  you are going to be receiving advanced notice and preferred placement, “IF YOU ACT NOW” to sign up. They are will be contacting you to give you more information.


Benefits of this Program (According to Waszuppusa)

  • You will get more time to travel since you’re working at your won pace.
  • They also say you will get “More time to volunteer and work less”
  • According to Waszupp Crowdfunding, you will get “More time with your family”
  • They also say you’re going to get more money into your bank account

All the above are just some of the claims you will see when you visit Waszupp Crowdfunding website.


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Waszupp Crowdfunding Compensation Plan 

The chart below is the  compensation plan that shows how you will get paid when you will get when you sign up to join the Waszupp Crowdfunding.


So, as you can see above, this is how Waszupp Crowdfunding Compensation Plan looks like and they claim that if you sign up to join their platform, this is the net amount yo’re going to be earning on each level.

Now let dig a little bit deeper into this matrix of calculation about how much you can expect to earn as a member of Waszupp Crowdfunding.

Basically, as you can see from the chart above, you’re required to recruit three (3) people on board as your down-lines and these three people are also required to bring three people each to join the program.

And when the these three people pay their $35 you get an initial pay of $25. Also these three people will have to do the same work you did by bring three persons each, making 9 persons and when they each pay their $35, you get a commission of $292 and it continues this way until the 8th level as you can see from the calculation below.

  • Level 1 – You’re to recruit 3 people and get a commission of $25
  • Level 2 – The three persons will also recruit 3 each which will generate for you $292
  • Level 3 – In this level, you have 27 persons under you, which will generate you $1710
  • Level 4 –  At this point, you have 81 persons, generating for you an amount of $45,000
  • Level 5 – At level 5, you have 243 persons under you, which will generate for you $1,017,000
  • Level 6 – Also at level 6, you now have 729 persons under you, and at this point they claim you will get “More Money”. No amount specified.
  • Level 7 – At this level, you have 2187 persons under you and Waszupp Crowdfunding claims you can earn “Even More Money”.
  • Level 8 – This is the final level, according to their Compensation Plan Chart as you can see above. And they claim that you can earn “More Money Than You Can Imagine”!

So as you can see from the cart above, this is a typical  MLM pyramid scheme that Waszupp Crowdfunding claims to offer you when sign up to join their platform. They say they can make your dreams come true. Meaning, they can make you rich.

So looking at Waszupp Crowdfunding Compensation Plan, I can say it is nothing but MLM pyramid scheme. Only that, they claim you will not be required to sell any products. However, you will still work from my opinion, since you will be required to recruit people on-board to be able to get paid.

In the video below, you will see a member of Waszupp Crowdfunding trying to hype this program although it has not been launched yet.

He also tries to explain about the compensation plan I have explained above. You can watch it.


Should You Join Waszupp Crowdfunding Program?

Well, personally, I don’t recommend any online program that pays it members through a Pyramid Scheme Compensation Plan. So, neither will I recommend Waszupp Crowdfunding for you, apart from the fact that their promises look so questionable.

So it is your personal opinion, however, here is a comparison of Waszupp Crowdfunding with an online Affiliate Platform that I always recommend to my readers as #1.

I recommend You Check the details between these two platforms and what they have to offer you, then you can make your personal decision as to which one to choose.



So as you can see from the chat above there are very legitimate online platform where you can learn step by step on how to make successful income online. If only you’re ready to learn and apply what you learn.

And the good news id that the platform I’m recommending to you is free to join. You do not need any Credit Card to Start. Its absolutely free ($0). 

Yes, you can learn how to make legitimate money from there. And is is a very big community platform where you can get all the support you need to start.

Plus a 24/7 Live Chat which allows you to freely ask experienced members within the community question about anything that is bothering you. So you can build your own free website and learn step by step how to make money out of it.


So Do I Recommend Waszupp Crowdfunding?

Well, my answer to this question is a big NO, and see why I do not recommend this program to anyone. Below are some some reasons why why I will not recommend anyone reading this article to join Waszupp Crowdfunding.

There are basically three reasons why I wouldn’t recommend this program to anyone who wants to make legitimate money online.

  • This is an online social network marketing program that uses MLM pyramid scheme as their compensation plan to make payment, why because you will have to recruit people on-board to join you into this program to get paid.

So it basically means if you cannot convince people to join the program, then no commission or payment for you.

  • Secondly, as I explain above, this program is no free to join, you will have to pay $35 to be able to sign up.

So what that means is that if it happens that this is a real scamming program and it disappears, you have lost your $35, which could have been used for some useful purpose.

  • In addition to what is above, this is a program that looks somehow suspicious, I mean very difficult to believe what they claim to offer. For example, see some reasons why I’m saying this.

I took a snap shot from another reviews website that explains into details what I mean by saying that this program is full of suspicion and for that matter if you want to join, you will have to be extra careful.




So as you can see from the snapshot above, this program looks suspicious as to it legitimacy, although , I will not completely conclude now that this is a scam, since it has not been launched yet..

However, anyone who wants to join this program will have to weigh it first out and be fully convince before deciding to join.

So the question again, Is a Scam?, Well, I hope from this review, you can now answer this question for confidently for yourself.

As I said earlier, there are many legitimate inline platform where you can learn step by step on how to make successful income online for free. You have nothing to loose.

A typical example is the My #1 recommended online program I compared to this Waszupp Crowdfunding. They can teach you for free, absolutely everything you need to know to make money online.




About the Author


I’m Stephen, the founder of Jobs If you have have read my “About Me Page”, you will understand that  my goal is to help others succeed online as I’m doing, by exposing scams and reviewing top rated products. I can help you start your online business




If you ever have any question or comment about this review, please feel free to leave it below.


My regards,



8 thoughts on “Is a Scam? Is it Worth Your Money? – Read My Full Review”

  1. I wouldn’t trust him with my dirty laundry!! He just has ‘that’ look about him! In all seriousness, very good review and thank you! I had not heard of this at all but after reading your review it reminds me of some of the so called fast movers you used to see. Like the $2 pay pal one! And so many others using a forced matrix. They are all dangerous and once again, thank you for alerting us.

    1. Thank you too Merry, I’m glad to see you and to hear your comment.Yes, I agree with you when you look at the owner of this business, just his outward appearance, you may be deceived. Of course appearance an be deceptive. So I do not recommend it either, as you read from this post.

      yes, the online offers are many, but because of the many scams out there, it is very difficult to tell which one is very legitimate. However, unlike these MLM with their pyramid schemes, Wealthy Affiliate is the only online platform that promises to help you build your own online business brand for free.Absolutely free, and NO.1 credit card required. So you ave nothing to loose. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate has proving to be wonderful by means of their great reputation, when it comes online platforms.

  2. Great review. The thing that threw me off about this program was that they pay via pyramid scheme. Like you mentioned in the post I’m not a big fan of that either. I’m going to check out that wealthy affiliate program when I get off work. I’ve heard good things about it so far.

    1. It is good to see you James and it is good to hear that you said you’re going to try Wealthy Affiliate out. Yes, that is my NO.1 recommendation and I will continue to recommend their platform to all who are interested in making money online. You can join for free as I said and you have absolutely nothing to loose.

      However, as you also mentioned I don’t recommend any MLM program that uses pyramid schemes to pay it members, because most of them cannot be trusted. And Waszupp Crowdfunding cannot be completely excluded, why because they yet to be launched and again, they haven’t done anything that credit them with reputation, and for that matter we can only be careful about their promises, because of our experience when it comes to online scamming.

      They will have to prove for the whole world to to know that they are not one of these online scammers before we can believe in their promises to make us rich.

  3. There are many, many internet scams out their whose main focus is just to ‘nose-dive’ into your pockets. This is what’s important to scammers!

    Never mind about helping you to understand what their program is about. Just quietly make your monthly payments and keep your damn mouth closed.

    These crooks love that! It seems this Waszupp program falls right into the residency of ‘Scam City.’

    Non-trusting programs put a bad hit on good internet programs, such as Wealthy Affiliate. WA is a program you can trust and do not have to worry about being Scammed.

    1. Hello Kennedy,

      Thanks for passing by and also for leaving your comment on this blog post. I agree with you perfectly that these online scammers are not just spoiling their own reputation, but also making these online programs that are well legitimate look questionable. And because of their scamming activities most people no longer want to trust any any online program again, even the most legitimate ones, such as wealthy Affiliate.

      Thankfully, Wealthy Affiliate has made things easier for all so that even those who are fearful of being scammed can trust their activities. Yes, the fact that you can join Wealthy Affiliate for free tells you that this indeed a very legitimate program or platform where you can really learn how to build a successful business that will bring you a lot of income in the future.

  4. I can’t imagine I fell into another pyramid scheme.

    I have been scammed by another similar system which used the same payment plan as this one.

    From there I promised myself I would never work for these systems ever. I am also very glad for giving wealthy affiliate as an alternative.

    I think I will go with this one. It sounds promising.

    Thanks a lot.

    1. Hey Dave,

      I am so sorry to hear that you ever became a victim of these online scammers out there. The internet today has become so dangerous indeed. And like you said, these MLM companies nowadays continue to lure people into believing in their so called Pyramid Scheme. If you’re not careful, you could easily become a victim.

      Of course not all MLM companies are scammers, but the truth is that, of the many MLM programs out there, only few of them can be trusted. That is why I personally do not recommend any of these MLM programs to my readers.

      Thankfully, there are many online platforms that are very legitimate, who can really help you to make some success online while at your own comfort home. And when it comes to these online training platform, the Wealthy Affiliate community stand out clearly as being the best ever. They are the online online community platform that promises to teach you for free. You absolutely nothing to loose at all.

      So as you said, try Wealthy Affiliate and you will never regret taking this step. They will teach you step by step on how to build your own website and also how you can make some successful income from your website.

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