Is Webtalk a Scam? OR Worth Your Time? Read this Before You Sign Up

So, What is Webtalk? Is Webtalk a Scam? Perhaps someone introduced to you this hottest, new & up-tending social media platform called Webtalk, and you have been wondering, is this going to be a truly genuine social platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & LinkedIn? Or one of the scams out there?


Well, if this is your concern, then it is my delight you’re reading this Webtalk review. In this review, I’m going to make things clear to you as to whether Webtalk is worth your consideration or not.


Before we dig deeper into this review, let take an overview of Webtalk and then we proceed with the review.


Overview of Webtalk Review

What Is Webtalk? Is Webtalk a Scam?






Products: Webtalk

Founder: RJ Garbowicz – the CEO

Sign Up Price: FREE $0 To Sign Up   (With no option to upgrade at the moment)


My Rating: 9.5 out of 10


Now that we have the overview about Webtalk, let’s dig a little deeper into this program..!


So, What Is Webtalk? Is Webtalk a Scam?

Looking at the overview about, what do you think? Is Webtalk a scam or a legit social media platform? Well, Webtalk, as the name implies, is one of the hottest, new and trending social platform that is yet to be launched.


According to the founder of Webtalk, this platform is going to be the best way to manage relationships in a way that other social media platforms have never introduced into their system.


Based on their experience on the platform, current users of Webtalk says that the platform uses a method to share information that is currently not offered on others social sites. You can have professional and personal contacts.


Upon my signing up, I realized that every Webtalk user has two contacts. Namely:

  1. Personal contact  & 
  2. Professional contact


Some Pros of Webtalk

  • Free Forever Plan
  • Webtalk has got a referral program for all users
  • Ability to use on personal and professional level
  • An opportunity to generate some income through sharing content
  • You can control what is seen by your contacts
  • You can develop new contacts for business
  • The Founder is very active and provides a lot of video and posts to help new users


Some Cons of Webtalk:

  • The platform can be a bit confusing for newbies
  • Beta Mode does not show precisely what you get with upgrade yet


Some Details About Webtalk

The site is very similar to other social media sites that you are probably familiar with(like Facebook). You have a Profile, News Feeds, photo galleries, and video galleries that can be shared personally and/or professionally.


Webtalk also provides File Sharing. This means, if you need to provide some files to a specific group of people, this feature is really nice to have. Soon they will have the ability to synchronize with other sites that you may be used to store files and information.


Don’t skip this “Demo Video”. Watch Webtalk’s CEO & Founder as he gives an overview of the platform and their affiliate program.


Webtalk’s Affiliate Program

Like many other popular programs out there, Webtalk also has an affiliate program that allows their users to earn revenue by helping the company make money. Many companies have grown to be huge companies using affiliate programs. Typical examples are; Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Ebates Rakuten Wealthy Affiliate and many more…


As of today (October 18th, 2018), Webtalk’s affiliate program has not fully launched to the members and users at the site. The company is allowing all users to build a group of affiliates by referring people to the site. You can join for free and invite others to join for free right now.


Currently, everything is tracked through the system. Later, when the affiliate program is ready, you can just join and earn from the people you introduced to Webtalk.


Final Thought On Webtalk

If you haven’t figured it out already, I am becoming a HUGE fan of Webtalk and have joined the site. I have started to refer my friends and professional contacts to the site. You may have received one of these emails or messages from me.


If you want to join, you need an invite from someone that is already a member. I would be happy to send you an invite and answer your questions. – Here is My Profile Stephen.Botwe on Webtalk


If someone else sent you here, please get back to them for an invite to Webtalk. Connect with me at the site and let’s see where this goes. Control what you share and you might just earn some money from sharing content with others.

⇒ Do You Have An Account With Webtalk? If Not, You Can Use this Link to Sign Up Here & Connect With Me  ⇐


So, at this point what will you conclude about Webtalk? A legitimate program or a scam? Well, I’m pretty sure that this Webtalk review has been an eye-opener into helping you understand what Webtalk s all about and the opportunity you have to earn some revenue on their platform.


If you have any question or comment about this review, you’re warly WELCOMED. Your feedbacks are also welcomed.


To your success,



Webtalk Review











  • Free Forever Plan
  • Affiliate Program For All Members
  • Founder Is Very Active & Supportive
  • Can Be Used On Both Personal & Professional Level
  • You Have Control Over What Other Can See


  • The Platform Can Be A Bit Confusing For Newbies
  • Beta Mode Does Not Show Precisely What You Get With Upgrade Yet

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