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Very likely, you’re are here because you want to know whether Zero to Launch is a Scam and  perhaps you’re among the many who have been searching for an answer to this question. So you started by typing, is zero to launch a scam?

Well, if that is what you want to know then I want you to know that it is smartness on your part to want to search on line for convincing review before accepting any offer at all.

As you know very well that the internet world today is full of scammers who are always looking for ways to con you of all your money.

So you’re being smart to do research before signing up or purchasing any offer at all online. So now, the BIG question is; ‘Is Zero to Launch a Scam’? Is it really worth your money and effort? Well follow me as I give you a very thorough review on this products.


Overview of Zero to Launch

Product name: Zero to Launch

Website: or

Price: No info

Owner: Ramit Sethi

Rating: 4 out 10

My Verdict: Although I won’t say its a scam, however, I can’t recommend it to you either. And I will tell why I can’t recommend this program to you in this thorough review. So follow along as I explain why.


So, Is Zero to Launch a Scam?

Ramit Sethi Founder

Well, Zero to Launch is an online training program created by Ramit Sethi, which is claimed by it users to be of much help for all who are interested in building a successful business online. Ramit Sethi says that he can teach you “how to Find a Profitable Business Idea in 3 Days”.

And then he adds that you can go from “no idea” to profitable idea – even if you’re busy and don’t know where to start.

Also, Ramit Sethi says that, if you’re someone looking for ways to earn extra income, he can teach you how to make a few extra bucks if that’s all you’re looking to do.

Ramit also says that if you have a blog or online business that you want to grow. You will learn how to take your business from where it is at, learn what you are missing and put a plan in place to grow.

Additionally, Ramit Sethi says he is “New York Times best-selling author and founder of I Will Teach You To Be Rich, the website I grew from a dorm-room blog into a successful online business with tens of thousands of paying customers”

Also, he adds that if you want to quit your 9 to 5 job and build a successful business that will bring you some regular income, he can help you achieve that goal.


For instance, you can watch this video to see how Ramit Sethi explains himself about how he can you to be rich, you can tell whether he is just hyping himself or not.


Zero to Launch Members and their Claims

When you read reviews from Zero to Launch’s Affiliate members, they all try to hype this product, with the aim of getting you sign up.

I took time to read reviews from members of Zero to Launch program and they all seem to hype this program in other to get people to sign up for it, as they will gain their commission through it.

And each of these members, after hyping this program they will show you their affiliate Link and tell you that if you sign up through their link you will help them get some commission.

So it is clear that they are all hyping this training program just to get people to sign up.

So it looks as if they are doing all they could to get as many as possible to sign up for this program which thy hype as being the best.

Here are some of the things you will hear about this Zero to Launch program from it affiliate members. You just need to be extra careful not to rush into paying for offer or buying anything online that you’re not really sure about.

Beware of scams. Online scammers are real and are ever ready to do all they can just to get your money, if possible, to empty your bank account or even your wallet. So beware.

All who have been reading my reviews do get this warning from me because it will be very painful to invest all your money into something that will bring you nothing and you cannot get your money back again.

So, what are the hypes and promises you will get when you try to sign up for this Zero to Launch program? Well, let me show you some of the things you will hear from both Ramit Sethi, the owner of Zero to Launch and all members of this affiliate program.

                       Navid Moazzez

When reviewing this program, Navid Moazzez, one of the users who has signed to this online training program claims that you can make a lot of money from this ZTL program. He said that he wants from just $200K to over $600K in the past 12 months. As I have said, I can’t tell for sure how truthful this testimony really is.

However, what I do know is that people are ever ready to say all that is possible to convince into buying their products or signing up for any program they have to offer, whether good or bad. So just be vigilant.

I intentionally took a snapshot of a graph showing his success with this Zero to Launch online training program.

Below is a snapshot I took from Navid Moazzez about what he claims he was able to achieve with this ZTL program. Have a look at it.

Navid Moazzez also claims that he has interviewed several of Ramit Sethi’s students to confirm their success with this program before signing up for this online program. And then he added that he will only recommend a program that he is 100% sure of.

Also, he says that using Ramit’s program, “you’ll learn the exact strategies, frameworks, tactics, and examples of how to find an idea, package it profitably, and use systems to scale it to the point you’re making money — even while you’re sleeping”!

In addition to that, Navid Moazzez makes another hype about this program, he says; “Zero to Launch went WAY beyond what I expected, though I should have expected that from a course taught by Ramit”.

“It taught me not just insights into how to start/run/expand an online business, but on techniques, strategies, and principles that I should be applying to all of my endeavours”.

As if that is not enough, Navid Moazzez says that Ramit’s Zero to Launch program  is the “FIRST and BEST” online business training system that includes every strategy, technique and tool to go from “no idea” to “automatic sales.”

But what do make from this claim? Is it really true that this program is the first and best training program out there online?

As long as I’m concerned, there are far better online training programs out there where you can learn step by step through videos tutorials on how to build a successful business online.

Some of these online affiliate training platforms are even free to join. And you can remain free forever, without paying anything at all. And they can teach for free how to build your own business online for free. No Credit Card required.

Navid Moazzez makes another false claim that “ZTL is the ONLY course that has been tested with 30,000+ paying customers, in 50 industries, over more than a decade. It is the ONLY online business course that covers the entire process you need to successfully launch your online business”.

However, as far as I know, this is a totally false claim.  Yes, there is no truth in what he is saying. And this shows that he just trying to get people to sign up to join this program, which we cannot say for sure as to whether is a scam or something legitimate.

Why I am saying what he is saying is a lie? Well, I know of very well reputable and better online training platforms with affiliate programs who are well known to be paying their members all the time. So there is no truth in what he is saying.

One of such well reputable online platforms is Wealthy Affiliate. Who even has a free starter membership where you can learn step by step on how to build your own business website, which will be hosted by them. And not only that, Wealthy Affiliate will offer to teach you for free, unlike ZTL, which has no free membership.

For example, you can see some differences between the Wealthy Affiliate online training platform and that of the Zero to Launch program. Then you can tell for your self which one looks far better.

So you can see clearly the difference between the program that they claim to be the best online training and that of Wealthy Affiliate. My NO.1 recommendation, where you can sign up for free. Absolutely free, No Credit Card required.


John Corcoran

Also in my search, I came upon another review of this Zero to Launch program by one of Ramit Sethi’s Affiliate Members, named John Corcoran.

Like Navid Moazzez, he also did all he could to hype the Zero to Launch program as being the best ever when it comes to online training.

He said that in just nine months after signing up for this online training program, he was able to earn $30,000 (in January 2015). As to whether what he is saying is true or not, he alone knows.

You only need to be careful so you don’t get fooled by offers that look too good to be true, especially if any of such programs promises to make you rich. You can be a victim of scams.

I don’t know on which planet this Zero to Launch training program stands out as the best online training platform.

But What I do know is that there far better training platforms out there where you can join for free and learn how to build a successful business that will generate you income.

.For sure, as I said earlier, I know they are all doing this with the intention of getting people to sign up for this program so that they can earn their commission.


5 Reasons Why I Will Not Recommend ZTL to You

Below, I will give you five (5) tangible reasons why I wouldn’t recommend this online training program to anyone who is interested in building their own business online.


  • 1) There is No Free Starter Membership

I strongly believe that any online training platform that is legitimate should be able to allow it, members who are new to the platform to try it for free and then if they are satisfied with the program, then they can sign up for the premium membership.

However, ZTL is just the opposite; you’re not allowed to try the training program for free, so if you pay for it and find out that it will not help you, you have lost your precious money.

Although Zero to Launch members claim that after 60 days if you’re not satisfied with the training you can ask for your money back, I personally don’t agree with that idea.

Why because of there no guarantee that you can get your money back once you paid and started the training. Also, you will agree with money that you cannot make a success with just 60 days.

So if they really want to give you back your money then they should extend the 60 days to about four months or even more.

Unlike ZTL, which cannot try for free, Wealthy Affiliate (WA), which I recommended to you, they offer you a Free Starter Membership.

And this free starter is not just for some period of time. But rather, you can remain a free starter for the rest of your life. Although though they also have a premium membership, which goes for $49 per month or preferably $359 yearly subscription.

But their premium membership which has more benefits compared to free starter is not forced to join. You do it if you ant more benefit.

And because they allow you to start the course for free, you get to know how truthful their training works. Also, you have nothing to lose since you’re allowed to join for free. Yes, You really sign up for free, unlike ZTL, which has no free starter.


  • 2) There is No Free Website Building Platform with ZTL

You cannot build your own free website with Zero to Launch, rather, they expect you to get your own website and then come and join their training on how to promote your website.

So if you’re a newbie to online business and do not know how to build your own website then ZTL will not be a good program for you at all. Since you need a website to be able to build any successful business you may have in mind online.

However, unlike ZTL, on the Wealthy Affiliate Community  Platform, you will be taught step by step on how to build your own free website and also a free hosting platform called SiteRubix.

And they have a step by step video training on how to build your own two free website, which will be hosted by them, all for free, as you saw in my comparison table above.


  • 3) ZTL Has No 24/7 Live Chat

Yes, you will agree with me that without support, it is very difficult to make a success online with any business you may have in mind. And that is where ZTL fail to deliver. Although they claim to have some sort of private coaching within their community.

But unlike their platform, at Wealthy Affiliate, you will get free access to 24/7 Live Chat within the community platform, which makes it easier for you to ask for help from experienced members within the community, anytime you feel stacked.


  • 4) ZTL Sign Up Payment/ Cost Not Specified

Yes, upon all the hyping of this program, not even one of the many reviews I read from members within the ZTL platform could confidently reveal the cost involved to be able to sign up to join this training program.

And that is a sign of warning, because from my experience, any online program which is not free, but then they also try to hide it starting price is questionable and could be dangerous as well.

Two things came to my mind when I did all I could but could not find out the sign-up cost or price.

I thought this program could either be a scam or the starting price is too high that the members are afraid to talk about it, thinking that if they do, people will not sign up for the program.

Unlike ZTL members, Wealthy Affiliate members are ever ready to disclose to you the premium membership price within the community, since it is even not forced to join the premium membership within the WA platform.


  • 5) ZTL Has No Keyword Research Tool

ZTL promises to make their members successful entrepreneurs; however, I know that any successful entrepreneur with a website needs a keyword research tool for SEO   (that is Search Engine Optimization).

However, ZTL fails to deliver this, since Ramit Sethi refuses to teach his members how to build their own free website, which is the foundation of any successful online business.

Rather, they tell you to get your own built website before joining their platform. But unlike Zero to launch, Wealthy Affiliate has free keyword research tool that you can you for your keywords research to help optimize your SEO in search Engine.

Yes, thus far you can see clearly why I will never recommend this Zero to Launch training program to you. Even though it has been hyped to look attractive by members within the platform.

But by far contrast, you can sign up for free with Wealthy Affiliate where you will learn incredibly all that is needed to make a success online. Yes, all for free and no credit card is required.

The video below shows a testimonial from a member of the Wealthy Affiliate community who have achieved success. You can watch it and see for yourself.



As you can see, the training at Wealthy Affiliate really works, and many are making thousands of dollars each day. You can also be one of them.


Are You Really Serious About Creating A Successful Business Online? Discover Wealthy Affiliate Here Now


So at this point, I hope you got all your questions answered about this Zero to Launch (ZTL) program? So if I ask you the question again, is zero to launch a scam? how will you answer?

Well, I hope this review has even made the answer more obvious and you can now decide as tow her you should join them or nor not.


In anyways I hope this review has been much helpful and beneficial to you. However, if you ever have any question or comment with regards to this review about ZTL, just feel free and leave it below.-


About the Author


I’m Stephen, the founder of Jobs If you have read me “About Me Page”, you will understand that my goal is to help others succeed online as I’m doing, by exposing scams and reviewing top rated products. I can help you start your online business



My best wishes,



22 thoughts on “Is Zero to Launch a Scam – Is It Worth Your Money – The Truth Exposed”

  1. So glad I found this post as I had been looking into this. It is so hard to know what is a scam and what is not a scam anymore. They all make everything seem so believable….mostly. I guess the first clue, should be when they start making the income claims. Anyone that basically says you can go from a low or no income to a high 5 digit or 6 figure income, is definitely a scam in my book. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Matt’d Mom,

      I agree  with you. Most of these prgrams out there although may not really be a scam. It looks as if the owners and even those who are affiliated to it are overly hyping them. As if they are best option out there. Meanwhile, there are platforms out there that are far better than them.

      Zero to Launch is not free to join. You are required to pay some money before you can benefit from it. Meanwhile we cannot  tell the how authentic these offers really are. If you pay for it and it doesn’twork for you as they claim it would, you have lost your money.

      So,  personally, I woulden’t recommend such a program to anyone. Since we cannot trust how helpful it would be for you. However, I can recmend to you an online program that offers you the opportunity to join their community or platform for free. In this case there is absolutely nothing to loose. Since you’re not required to to pay anything at all.

      And when it comes to such programs that you can join for free, Wealthy Affiliate stands out clearly as the best ever. Yhey have all that you need to succeed with your business online. The community is also very hrlpful, especially with their 24/7Live Chat. 

      So I can confidently recomnend such training orogrsm for you, if you are really interested in building a business that will bring a successful income.

  2. Thanks for the amazing review, Stephen. My cousin was talking about this few hours ago lol. I guess I will direct him to this post. WA is definitely 500% better than the Zero to Launch program. Great review and an amazing read! Thanks again!!

    A question though – can you review the “Digital Altitude” program too? Really love your writings hehe.


    1. Thank you too Kenny, it has always been my pleasure of providing reviews about products so that people searching for the legitimacy of products can really find what they are looking for. In this way, they will be able to know whether an online offer is something legitimate or just another scam.

      With regards to your request, that is the Digital Altitude program, I will do my maximum best to do my research soI can give a thorough review on it. However, in the mean time, I will you research other website that have already provided reviews on this program.


  3. I have never heard of Zero to Launch before so I am very glad to have come across this article to read, it was very informative about what ZTL is and the differences between them and Wealthy Affiliate. It’s always good to know about other companies and what they represent in comparison to other companies. Your page is laid out very nicely by the way.

    1. Thank you Rick for your comment on this review about Zero to Launch. As you saw and read from this review, although Zero yo Launch is not a scam , it is not the best training for you, especially if you are interested in making some regular income online.

      I strongly reommend Wealthy Affiliate for you as the best place ever to achieve your dreams.

  4. Thanks Stephen.
    Your article on Zero to Launch has been a great help.
    I did some research and there appears to be a multi-level cost to signing up to it.
    The first level course would appear to be $2,000 or more, so it is quite expensive.
    I would say that it is not for beginners at all, so the “Zero” part confuses me. It would seem to be more for people with an existing business which could be expanded.
    I read quite a few reviews and they swing from “brilliant” to “rubbish.”
    Your assessment of 4/10 is probably about right.
    For basic business, technical and strategic learning, Wealthy Affiliates is more detailed and more supportive.
    We all have to start somewhere and W.A. is an excellent place to start.
    I read somewhere that ZtL was not for affiliate marketing so if you want all the problems of buying and storing stock, that is the way to go. If you want a genuine, low cost, way to set up and run an online business, W.A. is the way to go.
    One similarity the two approaches have is the hard work learning and implementing. If you do not do the courses, completely, and put the advice and guidance into practice, you will not succeed.
    If it was all really easy and quick, everyone would do it.
    Thanks again for your article Stephen.

    1. It is good to hear from you too, happy. And I’m so excited to hear that apart from reading my post, you went further to do more research on this program. I shows you’re not a naive person just to believe in one thing. But rather you want to be fully convince yourself. In this way you can make a complete decision based on your personal judgement and assessment.

      As you mentioned, Zero to Launch doesn’t look like a good training program for newbies at all. It looks as though it was built purposely for those who are already expert and big business men and women who want to expand there business. And I’m glad that through your research you were able to find out the cost involved to be able to join this training program. 

      Looking at the cost,as you said, $2000, is not an easy money at all. Moreover, we can’t even tell how quality this training program is going to be. I don’t think it makes sense to pay such a huge amount of money if you’re a beginner and you’re now starting your business.

      Why not try Wealthy Affiliate for free, since they have been in the system for a longer period and have built a very god reputation with their customers. Moreover, with all the good things they have to offer you, Wealthy Affiliate allows you to join their great community platform for free. So basically, you have nothing to loose.

  5. Me and a buddy of mine were talking about zero to launch the other day at a cookout. We decided to check out reviews on it while we had free time. We came across this review and we knew from the jump that this program might not be the best option out. Just based off the fact you rated it a 4 out of 10. Great review it was good reading and very helpful keep up the great work.

    1. Hello James,

      I want to commend you for taking that wise course. This is something that most people fail to do and they end up being scammed by these scammers out there. It is always smart on your part to look for reviews on programs that look sound like something legitimate however when you did deep into them, you find out that they are a real scam. If not, they are not the type that can really help you achieve any success online.

      Yes, Zero to Launch as you read from this review is a program that is yet to be launched. And so we cannot conclude that its a complete scam, since there hasn’t been any record of scamming about them.

      However, as you read, I cannot recommend this new and yet to be launched program to you and even if it is launched,since time will tell whether what they claim they can give will really happen or not. But in the mean mean time I can only recommend one platform to you, if you really are interested in building a business that will yield you a successful  income online. Yes, and I recommend this Wealthy Affiliate program to all who are interested in building a successful business online.

  6. Hello Paul,

    I have been scammed twice online and I promised myself it would be the last. Until I found WA, which has changed my life, I’m so happy today. I would recommend WA to anyone, newbie or advanced marketer etc.

    I tell people to be careful of those new fake programs calming that they can make you money online. Then, when you register with them they take your money without giving you the proper training and tools.

    Thanks for such great review.

    1. I’m very sorry to hear that from you friend, it is not a good experience at all to get scammed by these online scammers who are always looking for ways to scam others. But also I’m, glad for you because you finally have seen the best place to start and grow your online business. 

      Thank you so much for letting all know that Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform ever to start any online business. I always recommend it to all who really want to achieve success online. And since Wealthy Affiliate is free to join, you have absolutely nothing at all to loose. 

      I agree with you that any online program that promises you to pay money so that they will make you rich is questionable. It is probably a scam and you should be careful about it. Why not join Wealthy Affiliate now, the most reputable online program, since it is free and you absolutely nothing to loose. Put your credit card somewhere and sign up now

  7. Zero To Launch really looks like a scam by the way you are describing it. Hyping something isn’t bad as long as it is done after providing some information about the actual program. Not stating the sign-up cost is the most suspicious part. If I wasn’t sure whether or not it is a scam, now I am. I have no problem paying for something, but at least tell me how much I’m going to and what you are offering me in return.

    1. I definitely agree with you John, that Zero to Launch although there has not been any complain of a scam yet, it is all because this is a new program yet to be Launched and so time will tell how legitimate their program really is. But they need to make it clear for all who are interested in their program to know exactly how much they will have to pay.

      As you mentioned, why will I invest my money into something or even try to sign up for it when I do not know the cost involved. That really makes Zero to Launch look so strange and questionable and for that matter I cannot recommend it anyone at all.

  8. Hi Stephen,
    Thank you for sharing this very helpful review in which you compare Zero To Launch and Wealthy Affiliate. In fact, I have been using Wealthy Affiliate and what I like most about it is the help that it gives you to start your online business. And like in many other programs I can understand from your review that Zero to Launch doesn’t provide this.
    So why would someone invest their time and money in a program like this? In contrast, Wealthy Affiliate lets you try the program for free and only then you can see its worth and decide to buy it or not. I really like the way that you have presented the information in this review and how you compare different elements of both the programs. I have chosen Wealthy Affiliate and I am very happy with this choice.

    Thanks you again for this helpful review!

    1. It my pleasure friend and I’m glad you found this review helpful. As you read, Zero to Launch is not free to join, they have no free starter membership. And so  you cannot try it to find how effective and legitimate their training is going to be.

      Unlike Zero to Launch, Wealthy Affiliate has a free starter membership as you confirmed, which allows anyone interested in making success online to try and see how their platform really works. The most interesting part of Wealthy Affiliate is that, you can decide to remain a free starter for ever as long as you want and enjoy all the good packages that come with the free starter membership. You’re never forced to sign up for free.

      Plus a great  and active community made up of both expect entrepreneurs and newbies who are ever ready to assist you anytime you need their support. Even more than that is the 24/7 Live Chat available on their platform. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform ever that I have seen, helping all who really want to achieve success online.

  9. Stephen,
    This review and comparison of Zero To Launch and Wealthy Affiliate is good to know. Why would you want to invest in a company that doesn’t provide any help in getting you to your ultimate goal…to make money.

    If Zero to Launch claims that if you join you can expect to make such great money you would think that they would provide the means to help get you there. Why would anyone want to pay for something that doesn’t provide coaching or a free website to help get you started? Or like you say, to try it out for free first and decide. Your comparison chart is very helpful to actually see the difference as to what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer versus Zero to Launch. Obviously, it is a no-brainer as to whom to choose.

    Thanks for the information!
    How long have you been with Wealthy Affiliate?

    1. I’m glad to see meet you Donna, and I’m happy that you found this review informative. Clearly every reasonable person can tell the clear differences between Wealthy Affiliate and Zero to Launch. ZTL claims that they can help you build a successful b business that will generate you some income. However, they refuse to provide you the basic things you need to be able to start such an online business, such a website.

      Rather, they expect you to go and get your own website before they can help you, and I think this a lone is big downside on the part of ZTL. Why because without a website you cannot build a good and even a better website building platform. However, unlike ZTL, Wealthy Affiliate will offer you your own two free website 

  10. These guys should get real.

    How can they expect folks to buy into their system when there is no information on the cost and the payment plans.

    Or do they have upsells they want to push on you while you are registering so that they can make as much money as possible while you are getting yourself started with them?

    1. Hello Dave,

      You’re right, surely they did not provide the cost of this program with the intention of getting people to sign up for this program and then they will continue with their up sells.

      Whatever is their reason for not providing the cost for this online training program, they should keep in mind that people nowadays are becoming more and more vigilant because of scams. And so if they think they can play tricks it surely wouldn’t work. Except those who will just believe anything they see online.

      They should know that their program has no free membership and for that matter they have to be transparent in all they do and whatever they want to offer. Of course, I’m not saying their program is a scam but they should make things more clearer for all who want to know what really they have to offer.

  11. Hi Stephen
    Thanks for this so informative review of what looks to me like an out and out scam.I know that as a professional reviewer you cannot say this but your review reveals all.I have done some research and Wa keeps coming up as a highly trusted and profitable option.Is it really that good?

    1. Hello Paul,

      Thank you for dropping by and I’m glad you have understood what I mean by saying you should be watchful about online scams. And it very true because many have falling victim to these scams and been duped of all their money, that is why I always try to alert my readers about online scams.

      However, as I recommended, anyone who want want to build a successful business online should consider signing up for Wealthy Affiliate since it is free and for that matter you have nothing to loose at all.

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