Is Zija International a Scam? My Unique Take

So what is Zija International?  Is Zija International a Scam? In this review, I’m going to take you through a thorough, my unique review on Zija International and I will help you to understand whether Zija International is a Scam or not. 

But before we begin to dig into what Zija International is all about, let see an overview of what Zija International is about and then we can continue to dig deeper.

Product: Zija International

Founder: Kenneth Brailsford

Price: $41+ for starting price


Rating: 3.5 out of 10

My Verdict: Although not a scam, I will not recommend it anyone interested in their business opportunity.


So Is Zija International a Scam?

Well, Zija International is one of the MLM companies known for producing and selling natural herb products, food supplement, wellness and beauty products. This company was founded by Kenneth Brailsford in 2005.

However, before founding Zija International, Kenneth Brailsford was known to a co-founder known as  Nature’s Sunshine products and Enrich international. For this reason we can say he must have had a lot of experience in direct sales marketing, that MLM business. Zija International is operating in over 50 different countries worldwide.

Like many other MLM companies, Zija International looks like a very classic Multi-level Marketing company. They even claim to have earn over $100 million  in just a year. I will not be surprise because the owner of this company seems to have very much experience in ONLINE marketing.

The problem I have with MLM companies is that, the only people that seems to benefits are founders of the company and up-liners who started very early with the company.

In actual fact, it is estimated that, over 95% of all who sign up with MLM companies, with the aim of making some money do fail miserably.

So although Zija International is a very legitimate company, I cannot guarantee your success with them, if you’re here because of their compensation plan and business opportunity.

For example, I recommend you watch this video coming from an expert in the online marketing business as he explain to you why you should be deceived by any MLM company that claims to make you rich.


SO as you saw clearly from this video, only those at the top of MLM companies pyramid scheme make the money at the expense of their down-lines hard work.

Also, I recommend you watch this video, especially if you’re considering joining any MLM company. You will understand why I say I do not recommend any MLM program to anyone who really want to build a successful business that will generate for him some regular income.



Yes, that is another real information coming from an expert in the online marketing industry. Although not all MLM companies are scams, they way they operate or run their companies, by hyping their products, forcing other to sign up with them and all the other staff really makes them look like real scams.


Who Can Benefit from Zija International?

You need to keep in mind that, Like all MLM companies, Zija is not for just anybody? You may ask why? Well like you read earlier, over 90% of all MLM members do fail.

And the reason is very simple, if you’re not an expect in the MLM industry, don’t try it. It is only the expert who succeed. You need to have some special marketing skills to be able to sell any MLM products, and the reason is simple, their products are quite expensive compared to other products sold in the world market.

And they claim their products are so special. For instance, when MLM companies develop a beauty product or a particular health care product, which they call food supplements or natural, they hype these products so much, sometime even claiming that their products can cure almost every disease.

And as a result, these products are sold with very high price compared to other health care products in the market. And due to their high price, it requires people with some special marketing skills to be able to sell these highly expensive products.

Another reason why most people fail is that, due to their pyramid compensation plan, when you sign up for an MLM company, you’re required to recruit other people on-board to join you in selling their products and recruiting others as well.

And you can agree with me that recruiting people to join you in a company whereby the person is not really ready to join is not an easy task at all. This sometimes even result in  ruining friendships. others even go to the extent of trying to recruit their own family members in the MLM program.


Zija International Products

Like many other MLM companies, Zija International also has numerous health care, beauty, wellness and other health related products. And according to Zija, most of their health care products are made with MORINGA, which makes them even more healthful for the body when applied.of Zija International’s products and their benefits.

Below are some of Zija’s products and how they claim they work on your body when you apply them.

  • 1) Zija’s SuperMix

    SuperMix-Cost = $125.00

From Zija International, this SuperMix which cos $125.00, is even packed with more Moringa than their SmartMix. Also, this SuperMix is an easy-to-open packet that you can add to water for a dose of pure nutrition – even on the go.

In addition to that, due to the fact that this SuperMix is packed with more Moringa, Zija says you’ll get an extra boost of 90+ verifiable, cell-ready vitamins, minerals, vital proteins, antioxidants, omega oils, and other benefits.


How to Use Zija’s SuperMix

Zija recommends that all who purchase their SuperMix follow this instruction in using it. “Add one (1) packet to 8  to 18 ounces of cold water and shake well. Drink one serving of Zija SuperMix in the morning on an empty stomach or at least 15 minutes prior to a healthy meal”.


Benefits of the the SuperMix

According to Zija Interational, the following are some health benefits of their SuperMix;


  • Increases energy
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Promotes healthy circulation
  • Delivers anti-inflammatory support
  • Heightens mental clarity
  • Nourishes body’s immune system
  • Nutrition that’s easily absorbed in the body
  • Helps promote healthy blood sugar levels
  • Provides natural anti-aging benefits



  •  The Améo Gene Expression -Zone 1

    AGX Breathe- Respiration Blend (5ml) Price= $46.60

This Améo Gene Expression, shortened as AGX,  is another product coming from Zija International.  And according to Zija, base on their own conducted analysis, this AGX contains some  essential oils within AGX Zone 1 such as; Balsam Fir, Eucalyptus Globulus, Marjoram, Sandalwood, Myrtle, and Oregano which is capable of aiding in soothing and opening airways.

Also, the AGX Breathe blend contains oils that help support healthy respiratory function and provides a stimulating aroma that can be beneficial when used topically or diffused.


How to Use the AGX

Below are the instructions on how to use Zija’s Améo Gene Expression;

  • You must diffuse AGX Breathe in an Améo diffuser for an invigorating aroma that can help ease the respiratory system
  • Secondly, add about 5 to 7 drops of AGX Breathe to a warm bath and soak to help relax and soothe airways
  • Then rub 2 to 3 drops of diluted AGX Breathe into palms and inhale to promote normal respiratory function
  • And the finally, rub 2 to 3 drops of diluted AGX Breathe to the neck and chest area to ease airways


Ingredient of of the AGX

I took a snapshot of the ingredient contained in Zija’s AGX. Look at it below.



  • AGX Cleanse – Detoxification Blend – Zone 2 

    AGX Cleanse -Detoxification Blend (5ml) Price =$46.60

The AGX cleanse Zone , is another health care product coming from Zija International. Zija says that like their Zone 1, this AGX Zone also contains some essential oils that helps in facilitating digestive detoxification.

According to Zija, since it was produced, the  Améo has individualized itself by taking a unique, scientific approach to fully understand essential oils.


How the AGX Zone -2 Can be Used

Below are some instructions on how to effectively apply the AGX Zone 2- coming from Zija;

  • Start by adding a few drops of AGX Cleanse to an Améo Veggie Cap and take by mouth in addition to your normal detoxification regimen
  • then add 2 to 3 drops of AGX Cleanse to your favorite drink and consume to aid in cleansing the digestive tract


Benefit of the AGX Zone 2

AGX Cleanse is said to contains oils that aid in the body’s natural cleansing abilities and promote an overall normal digestive system.


Ingredient Contained in the AGX Zone 2

Below is another snapshot I took about Zija’s AGX Zone 2;

Other Healthcare Related Products from Zija

As I told you earlier, Zija has a lot of products. However, we cannot talk about all of them. So IO recommend you have a look at  other products that Zija International has since the company was established.

AGX Digest – Daily Digestive Blend – Price = $78.76
AGX Energy-Vitality Boosting Blend – price =$46.60


AGX Focus-Concentration Blend (15ml) Price= $46.60




Zija International’s Business Opportunity

Also, like any other MLM company, Zija International also has business opportunity which commonly known as compensation plan in the world MLM’s.

But as I explain it clearly to you at the outset of this article, I do not recommend Zija international’s business opportunity to you, especial if that is the reason why you’re here. I have made it clear to you that statistics show that most MLM members fail, loosing all their invested money into the business.

You need to also know that No MLM company allows you to their program for free. At least you’re required to buy some of their products to be able to start off with them. So if you fail to succeed which is very likely to happen, you stand the chance of loosing all your invested money.



Compensation And Incentives

Now let take a closer look at Zija’s Compensation Plan. As I told you, all MLM companies seem to be boasting about their products and compensation plan, Always promising to make people rich but failing to fulfill their promises.

So what does Zija has to say? Well, according to Zija, they have a  “turnkey business model, easy-to-use tools, unmatched support, and lucrative compensation plan make starting and building your own successful Zija business a reality”.

So, Zija says they provide several unique ways to help people earn income and rewards, which includes;


Retail Sales

According to Zija, you can earn income by purchasing products at wholesale price and selling them at retail price. You keep the profit.


Fast Start Commission

With this type of their compensation, Zija says that you can also earn  about 15 or 25 percent of yournewly-enrolled Zija members’first order Volume.


Zija Rewards Program

In addition to the compensation plans above, Zija say that you also  have a Zija Rewards Purchase—which is sometimes called an AutoShip or recurring order, which give you the opportunity to earn Zija Rewards Points, which can be accumulated and exchanged for your favorite products, as well as discounts on SWAG and other perks.


Zija’s Pyramid Scheme

As I mentioned earlier, all MLM companies seem to have some level pyramid scheme compensation plan which they use to pay their members whom they have signed up.

You can see Zija’s compensation pyramid compensation plan from the snapshot I took from their website as shown below.


So, as shown above Zija claims to reward you if you’re able to successfully  build two (2) your two legs, that is by recruiting two people to join you to become part of the Zija membership.

And if they also stay active like yourself and work towards the same goal of selling products recruiting other active members to join the Zija membership, then you could stand the chance of earning some good commission.

However, if you cannot do this and your dowlines you recruit are also not active, then remember that you have absolutely nothing to gain from Zija International, neither any MLM company.


Zija International is a classic MLM program. It’s not a scam, but as I said, I can’t recommend it either due to the many reasons I have made clear in this  review. If you are really  looking for a genuine money making program, allow me to help you and recommend a program called Wealthy Affiliate I’ve been a part of since 2013. It’ FREE to join. No credit card required.



So, as you have seen from this comparison table, there by far good programs out there which are not MLM programs where you can learn step by step on how to build your own successful business online that will; generate for you a good income while at your own comfort home.

One of such well reputable platform is my #1 Recommended community platform with a real proven program that has already helped thousands of people to make tons of money online. One of such well recommended programs out there is Wealthy Affiliate.

You can read my full review on Wealthy Affiliate how it has helped many to make thousands of dollars online here. [My Full Review on Wealthy Affiliate]

They have a step by step well proven video  training plus text tutorials which are very easy top follow and apply. What I even love is their 24/7 Live Chat which allows you to freely interact with experienced online marketers in the community.

The community is so helpful. And everyone within the platform wants to help you succeed with your business. You can freely ask questions about anything that you do not understand and within seconds or minutes you will get the answer to your question.
And most importantly, you can join this platform for FREE without paying anything, yes, absolutely free, No Credit Card Required to be able to join this great community and that is what I love most about Wealthy Affiliate.
So a this point, what do you think? Is Zija International a Scam? Well from my opinion, Zija International is not a Scam, however if you want to build a successful business that will succeed, then I don’t recommend Zija International as your means of success, neither any MLM program.
I rather recommend you try what has already really worked for others, not just one person, but thousands of people who are generating tons money out of it.
My best wishes to you.

Zija International











  • Compensation Plan
  • They are not a Scam


  • Products are Overly Hyped
  • Products are too Expensive to Sell
  • You Cannot Start for Free
  • NO Live Chat Support
  • Over 90% of MLM's Fail!

2 thoughts on “Is Zija International a Scam? My Unique Take”

  1. Pyramid schemes are often very complicated and most people who join get fooled by this. They get impression that once they join they will soon have other people under them who will help them to make money but like you point out, it is really the people at the top of the Pyramid who are making serious money.
    Furthermore, these products are not easy to sell, they are expensive and there is a lot of competition, both in health stores and in online stores.
    People are far better of with Wealthy Affiliate, where they will get the help needed to build a real business from the ground and not be dependent on schemes like Zija. Thanks for a good review.

    1. Thanks Jojo,

      I’m glad you understand what thees MLM programs are really doing and the fact that it is never easy to make any money with them. It is even true as you rightly said, that only those on top of the pyramid make that money.

      And for sure, as you read from this post, almost 90% of all MLM members do fail in their endeavor to make some money. That is why I will never recommend any MLM program to anyone who is really interested in making money online.

      So if you are really interested in building a successful business that will yield for you some good income, then I recommend you try My #1 Recommendation, I mean Wealthy Affiliate./ Which is FREE to join. Absolutely Free to join. You will learn all that you need to know in other to make money online while at your own comfort home.

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