Last Minute Travel Reviews – Is Last Minute Travel A Scam?

Perhaps You’re among the many folks out there who begin by typing some keywords in Google’s Search Engine such as; Last Minute Travel Club Scam, Is last Minute Travel Reliable? OR maybe you’re here because you’re looking for Last Minute Travel Reviews.


Well, whether you’re here because you’re looking for last minute Travel Reviews or whether you want to know this is a reliable company, You have made the best decision for doing your review on this company before accepting any offer they may have.


It is always wise to do your research on any online offer before accepting. This is because, the internet nowadays is full of scammers and as a result,m you can’t just trust any offer or opportunity out there.


However, before we dig a little deeper into this review, let’s take a brief overview of what last minute travel is all about.


Overview Of Last Minute Travel Review

Last Minute Travel Reviews








Product: Last Minute Travel Club

Founders: Lady (Martha)Lane-Fox & Brent Hoberman

Sign Up Price: $50


Rating: 5 out of 10



So What Is Last Minute Travel Club?

Last Minute Travel Club founded in  London around April 1998 to March 2000 by  Martha Lane Fox and Brent Hoberman, is an online travel and leisure retailer club that makes finding & booking your hotel stay quick & easy with member-only travel rates. 


The company was founded to offer travel deals online. The founders were colleagues at media strategy consultants Spectrum. 


By the year 2000, Last Minute Travel Club had over 500,000 regular users. This is primarily because of the method used in promoting the company. 


The company is a Network Marketing company, commonly known as MLM. As a result of using this method in promoting their company, users who were already associated with the company kept recruiting new members on board thereby increasing the number of users worldwide.



So, Is Last Minute Travel Club A Scam?

Well, looking at the way the company has been in existence for such a long period, I will not say it is a scam. Usually, scammers don’t last long with their offers. They are usually caught and either they close down their company & website or they re-open it with a different name altogether.


So, the fact that LMTC has been in existence for such a long lasting period, this can’t be a scam company.


The ONLY issue with this travel company is that they seem to be more interested in taking people’s money than given their users good customer experience.


In my research and findings, I came across a review website called Trust Pilot and there I discovered that, even though Last Minute Travel Club is not a scammy company, their customers are not satisfied at all with their Travel & Booking services.


Below, you will find some of the complaints made by users who were not satisfied with their travel experiences with the LMTC company. It looks like almost 90% of their users seems to have some complaint about their experience with this company.


Have a look at all the complaints made by Last Minute Travel Club users:

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Here is another user complaints video I found on Youtube which you may want to watch.


So looking at the complaints above, what will you say about Last Minute Travel Club? Is Last minute Travel Reliable? Or is it a scammy company?


Well, as I said earlier, I will not brand this company as a scammy company due to their long-lasting existence, however, I will also not recommend this Travel Company to you as the best option, especially looking at the many user complaints.


If you’re looking for travel companies, there are many of them out there that offer excellent deals regarding Booking & Leisure, if that is what you want.


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