Make Extra Cash From Home – Earn $2K /Month Here

Make Extra Cash From Home

In this post, I’m going to show You an easy way You can actually make extra cash from home online from my secret online money making platform.

At the same time, I will show you how this platform can help You gain REAL Facebook likes, YouTube subscribers, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Blog followers, etc…


So How Does this Work? 

Well, let’s get started…


First, let me show You how this awesome (SECRET) platform can help You gain REAL YouTube Subscribers, Facebook Likes, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Blogger Followers and many more…


Shhh! Be Quite
Don’t Tell Anyone Now…

Shhh…..! Be Quite!! Don’t Make Too Much Noise About this Secret,
 ONLY Some Few people Know. Don’t Spread It Now…!  Okay? 






“Don’t Let Anyone Know Now  Else the LIONS Will Attack”





Now let Me Show You How It Works

Have you ever met someone who sells services that turn out to be nothing but robot traffic? In the same way, it doesn’t help you much if all your Facebook likes and Twitter followers are just robots!


“That is a common problem most people don’t know”

If this is a problem you are facing, your worries are over! In this short post, I will show you how to increase your likes, followers, comments, etc., on all your social networking accounts and websites while making REAL money from the platform I’m introducing to You.


Get Ready For Action Here

See below how Your Twitter account followers can increase in no time.

See how You can Increase Your Twitter Followers, Facebook Likes & YouTube Subscribers


The same thing applies to your YouTube Likes and Subscribers, Facebook Likes, Blogger Followers and many more.


Follow the Steps Below:

1. Go to

2. Sign Up Your FREE Account – Very Simple

3. Activate Your Account – It Takes less than a minute

4. Get Your first FREE 100 coins.

5. Sign In to Your Account
6. Click Add New  → Add Site / Social Network. As shown below:

How the FollowLike Platform Works


7. This site provides you with a way to increase your social impact with real, organic likes and follows.

This will increase your likes, follows, comments, etc. for Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reverbnation, Soundcloud, Tumblr, Twitter, Ask.FM, Vimeo, VK, Dailymotion, Youtube,, Twitch, Flickr, Diigo, Delicious, Pocket, Pinterest, Reddit, Stumbleupon, 9Gag and any legal website you wish to promote.


How Do I Set It Up?

It’s really simple. Let’s say you need to increase your likes on your Facebook fan page or Your YouTube Subscribers.

1. Select what you wish to Promote

2. Type in your URL to add (your Fan Page link)

3. Type in a General Title or Message (this is your Fan Page name)

4. Decide on Your Cost Per Click (15 is recommended to quickly increase your Fan Page likes).

> You do not need to change anything else. You can always tweak it later.

5. Click Submit Link

6.  Wait a few days. Real human beings will be added to your Fan Page. These are real people you can contact, interact with, promote your business to, etc.


NOTE: The same method is used to promote Your YouTube Videos to get more comments, Subscribers, and likes. You can also do the same for Your Twitter account.


How You Can Make Real Money From the Platform

Below are some ways You can make money from the platform.

1. Refer your friends to earn 400 coins.

2. Share your referral link to earn 0.5 coins for every click.

3. Like the Fan Pages of other members and gain even more credits.

Follow the User Guide at the Top
The User Guide at the top of the menu column makes it super easy to navigate 
and understand everything about how to get the freest coins and likes.

It’s easy!
















  You Can Sign Up For FREE Here


This Part System offers even MORE VALUE

1. Like other member pages and earn coins

2. Earn money


> Simply follow the instructions as outlined above and from the easy User Guide to earn free coins. The more you do, the more your coins add up.
This means more LIKES and FOLLOWS for your Fan Pages.

As well as more Likes, Comments, and Subscribers on Your YouTube Video.







> If you want to gain Likes and Followers faster, you can also pay for premium membership, more coins active referrals and more.

Active payment choices are Paypal and Payza. So You can either get paid through Paypal or Payza.


Affiliates can earn both coins (credits) and cash. This is done a number of ways.
1. Refer others and gain 400 credits for each new active referral

Refer Others and Earn Cash


2. When your referral is active you earn 15% of all your referrals Coin earnings for life.

3. You earn $0.15 for each active referral.

4. You earn 1 credit for every unique visitor to your referral link.


Create Your FREE Account Here


NOTE: FollowLike provides many useful links and tools to make it easy to earn credits.


Also, keep in mind that your main focus for being on this platform is not for making money but rather the best place to increase your social media followers and likes and also get more YouTube Subscribers to Your channel if you have one.



Remember that LIKES and FOLLOWS are only useful to you if they are REAL. Robots do not make good customers…


Social media is an ever-growing multitude of platforms. Section One shows you a very effective way to start to quickly gain real Facebook likes, Youtube subscribers, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr blog followers, etc. But that is just the start and were far too many stops.

The real success begins when you start following back and posting. When you create a following using the steps in Section One, you gain a base to work with that can make your social media success really take off.


*Hint – Using tools such as:
1.  Heroic Social
2. TweetDeck
3. Hootsuite
4. and
5.  Buffer

It is not necessary to use all of these tools at once. They are all very handy allowing you to schedule posts for the future all at once. This is very useful, because you can set aside one block of time to schedule your posts, and you’re done.’s business plans have a great feature that lets you schedule your posts for the best time. This automatically ensures your posts are sent out at the time when the most people are likely to see them.

They also provide hints and prewritten tweets to your new followers, most active followers, most influential followers, etc., which really helps to build community.

Remember that getting likes and followers using the information in Section One give you a really good foundation for your community, but it’s the interaction you have with them that will build a huge (and profitable) community.




The more you interact with your followers, the more they will share. My own accounts have taken on a life of their own.


These tools make managing your social media accounts much more efficient, giving you more time to engage with your followers and gain even more followers.


They also help you to quickly see who isn’t active so that you can remove them and increase the value of your followers.


Multi Follow is a must-have Chrome extension. This is a highly useful tool that allows you to follow everyone on the list of suggestions when on a Twitter page.


It also allows you to quickly remove inactive followers if you aren’t already doing that with one of the other tools. They also offer similar tools for Instagram and LinkedIn.


Always remember that LIKES and FOLLOWS are only useful to you if they are REAL…! Robots do not make good customers…


“Don’t worry, the Lions won’t attack anymore. Let others know. Don’t be selfish.”


To Your Success!




8 thoughts on “Make Extra Cash From Home – Earn $2K /Month Here”

  1. Great post on Social media Stephen, well said.
    And I do agree that there is too many similar companies out there promoting facebook likes or subscribers however they only turn out to be robots.

    Robots do not increase social engagement which defeats the purpose of using such purposes.

    I like how this system also rewards you for liking other members pages, it is encouraging users to “give and take” so to speak.

    Do you have any recommendations for increasing social engagement?


    1. Hi Cem,

      I’m so, glad You found this post. Indeed Follow-Like is the best platform for increasing our reach on social media as Affiliate Marketers. You can increase Your social media followers and get more likes on both Your twitter and Facebook Business page.

      In addition to that, this is the best place where You can increase Your rich on YouTube. So if You have a YouTube channel that is not growing, You have a very good opportunity to enhance Your reach to more customers and also get more subscribers, all for FREE.

      As for Your question, I will say Yes. You’re allowed to request for comments and likes which are all engagement on Your social account, which helps to increase Your reach on social media as well.

  2. This is interesting! I have never ran into this before but sounds like that I need to take a closer look. The problem is that I only have a couple of hours a day to work and promote my sites so it may be tough to fit this into my daily routine but at the same time I do realize just how important social media is and that it need to be taken advantage of. I will be sure to check this out in more detail so thank you!

    1. Yes, time is the factors as You’re talking about. You’re right. But think about it. This is also equally part of Your business and it is going a long way to help You build REAL social media followers and not just that if You have a YouTube account, it’s a wonderful way to easily increase Your subscribers which is ideally good for our business. Isn’t it?

      So You can give it a try and see how beneficial it is going to be for Your business.

      My best wishes to You.


  3. This tool can come in very handy to build up my YouTube followers to build my rank and authority. Google and other bigger search engines place a lot of empathy with engagement which is often hard to come by.
    I will certainly check this out and thanks for the great post.

    1. For sure Jeff,

      This is going to be very good for Your business. I’m on the platform and I see the REAL value of it, that is why I want everyone to also get to know it So all of us can benefit from it.

      It a very good opportunity and a nice way of getting more subscribers and not just that, but also engagement on Your YouTube video by requesting for comments using the credit You have gained Yourself. And as You rightly said. This is very good for SEO. Google will recognize Your videos and blogs, thereby leading to better rankings.

      I surely hope You try it so You see the REAL value of it.

      All the best.


  4. I think I can use such a program. I already know some stuff and I think I can get used to using this in a couple of days. However how much does it take referring enough friends and sharing my referral link? I really don’t want it to consume a lot of time. Do you think that I can handle these if I work a couple of hours per week?

    1. Hello Furkan,

      Your main focus for using this program is not just for referring people and making money out of it. Your main focus is on building your social media followers and likes.

      And if you have YouTube Channel, this platform is going a long way to help you build your channel successfully by getting more subscribers.

      With this platform. You will get more followers and likes on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr Blogger and many
      more social media platforms which will help boost your traffic to your website thereby increasing conversion.

      So they help you deal with REAL humans instead of bots, which is a good traffic to your website. As a result, don’t think about you making money with them. But rather focus on they helping you to get REAL Traffic to your website as you interact with REAL humans.

      I hope this helps to answer your question.


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