Mary Kay Cosmetics Catalog-Is It Worth Your Money

Hello Folk, Have You Ever Heard About Mary Kay Cosmetics Catalog, Is It Really Worth Your Money Or Is It a Scam?Image result for mary kay cosmetics catalog



Have you ever wondered about Mary Kay Cosmetics Catalog? Is It Really Something You Can Trust? Is It Worth Your Money? OR Just Another Scam.Image result for mary kay cosmetics catalog


Well, if you have been wondering about Mary  Kay Cosmetics Catalog, as to whether their beauty products are genuine or a scam then you’re really welcomed to this review on Mary Kay’s Cosmetics Catalog.


Mary Kay Cosmetics Overview

Products: Mary Kay Cosmetics

Owner: Mary Kay Ash


Products Price: Prices of each product vary

Rating: 5 out of 10

Verdicts: Not a Scam but rather a very legitimate beauty cosmetics products.


 Mary Kay Ash

Yes as indicated the preview above, Mary Kay Cosmetics is a Make up beauty products – MLM company founded by an American business woman called Mary Kay Ash, in the year 1963. Mary Kay Ash was known to be an entrepreneur and  a Philanthropist.


So this is an American based (in Addison, Texas, outside Dallas) privately direct sales company that sells cosmetics, that is beauty products. In 2015, Mary Kay cosmetics was known to be the fourth largest direct selling company in the world,  with a wholesale volume of US$3.7 billion, according to a report from Direct Selling News.


 In the year 2011, the company reported  about $2.9 billion in earnings as well as a team of around 5,000. Direct Selling Information positions Mary Kay at the number 4 setting on its 2015 DSN Worldwide 100, with an estimated  income of  about $4 billion in 2014.


The truth is that many cosmetic companies come and and go, only a few among the many are able to stand the test of time.


In addition, only some few of these beauty companies are able to take the initiative in changing the way beauty is done forever. Thereby making their cosmetics so classical. And for this Mary Kay stands out as one of the best.


Therefore, Mary Kay is known to be one of the pioneers in the beauty industry, with her innovative skills. The fact is that, not only did Mary Kay intend to establish a beauty industry but also known to be a philanthropist had in mind the idea of helping women all over the world to transform their lives.


So not just did she intend producing these very classic  and top quality Mary Kay beauty products, but, with Mary Kay business opportunities that would allow women to experience financial freedom. And in turn those same women could help to transform the lives of women around them


Mary Kay Tells Her Story

When it comes to cosmetics, Mary Kay brand stands out as one of the topmost due to it impressive record in  performance. And being a home to about 4 million beauty consultant and over 250 cosmetics  beauty products which are available in more than 35 different countries is indeed a great achievement on her part.


To gain an insight into how and why Mary Kay started this beauty and cosmetics products company watch the video below for more inspirational insight.



Again listen to Mary Kay herself as she tells CBS 60Min Rewind about her intentions in helping other women achieve some success  and even grow their own business as herself.In this 10 minutes video, listen as Mary Kay speaks about her intent in helping women.



She mentioned at one point that women need confident to be able to be able to excel in life and to become the sort of people that God created them to be. You can really see that how this woman had the desire of helping others, especially, women.

Mary Kay Cosmetics Products

Mary Kay’ Cosmetics Products are Products are distinctively made by Mary Kay IncImage result for mary kay cosmetics researchers, uniquely for Mary Kay markets. The research and development wing is very is thorough,  massive and also well respected.


According to their marketing research, there is an average of 90%  products satisfaction rate.


This previous year alone they were granted more than 130 patents, for a grand total amount of over 1200 patents for innovative items, modern technologies as well as packaging layouts.


It all started with 5 simple products which has now grown into an expansive portfolio of Mary Kay products that span across the Skin Care, Makeup, Body Care, Fragrance, Mens’ spaces and many more …


To be able to meet your beauty concerns and needs, each Mary Kay product category is packed with a number of unique and satisfaction guaranteed beauty products.One product that stands out is the Mary Kay skin care products, which  are some of the most widely known and popular.

The video below shows a review on the Mary Kay Skin Care Products and how it really works.



The Mary Kay skin care products include the best-selling Mary Kay Time-Wise collection which is purposely designed for mature skin and packed with anti-aging benefits.

The video below shows  a review on the Mary Kay Time-Wise and how it works.



In addition, other skin care products from  Mary Kay include the Mary Kay Acne-Prone system which was purposely designed to prevent and treat acne, the Mary Kay Botanical Effects collection which infuses the natural powers of Botanicals into skin care, and of course the MK Men’s collection.


Some Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

Image result for mary kay cosmetics catalog

The list below shows some recent anti-aging products:

  • Mary Kay® TimeWise Repair® Volu-Firm® Eye Renewal Cream
  • Mary Kay® TimeWise Body TM Targeted-Action® Toning Lotion
  • Mary Kay® TimeWise Repair® Volu-Firm® Lifting Serum



Products Categories

There are 6 basic categories of the Mary Kay Cosmetics as shown in the list below:

  1. Skin care.
  2. Makeup.
  3. Body & Sun
  4.  Fragrance.
  5. Men’s.
  6. Gifts

Mary Kay continues to regularly produce new products, and consumers can always browse these products on the Mary Kay site, an IBC web site, an e-catalog or personally at a house beauty program.The Makeups come in fashionable shades along with a large selection of traditional combos package.


Mary Kay packages include special offers that attract customers. And some of these offers include:

  • Free of cost skin care examination.
  • Free of cost make-up examination.
  • Hose a Mary Kay celebration and get free product.


Mary Kay In Touch

This is basically about a tool that shows  how a customer can place an other for any of the Mary Kay Cosmetics. The video below shows how to place an order for any of these products.



Mary Kay Consultant Business Opportunity

Well, Mary Kay Inc. claims that their business structure is based on a concept called “dual marketing.” But although Mary Kay Cosmetics Catalog claim that their platform is not a Multi-level Marketing Company, I personally see Mary Kay to be an M. L. M company. Why?


The Reason:  The truth however is, Mary Kay Consultants earn money not only by sales of products, but also by recruiting other people into the Company. And that is what all M. L. M Companies do. So like other M. L. M companies, you will have to work very hard in recruiting people to join the company.


The startup price  to sign up to join the Mary Kay Cosmetics platform is $100 and also retail sales will gain experts 50% if they sell at complete list price. With those strong beginnings. This compensation plan is one really attract people into signing up with the Mary Kay Company.


The startup comes with the following some packages;  products to show with, samplers to hand out, as well as sales brochures and also DVDs. And these  usually include limited-time special offer for new IBCs like the ones blow:

  • Free custom color look.
  • 50% discount on a Mary Kay website.
  • Free business announcement eCard.
  • 40% savings on a business kit with business cards.


They also have very useful training available. And team payment begins when an IBC reaches senior professional level, at this point, he / she makes 4% payment on all down line sales. That number goes up as she climbs in the ranks, as much as an outstanding 13%.


Should You Join Mary Kay Consultant Business Opportunity

Well, I personally do not recommend any M. L. M Company. But  if you think  you’re very skillful in marketing, that is in convincing others to join you as your down lines, then probably you may succeed in making some income with the Mary Kay platform.


However, if you that you are not you’re not skillful in selling by convincing others to buy a products or if you cannot recruit others on-board  as your downlines, then never try any M. L. M Company despite their Compensation Plan..


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I hope this review was helpful? If you have any question or comments feel free to leave them below.


My Regards,




6 thoughts on “Mary Kay Cosmetics Catalog-Is It Worth Your Money”

  1. M.L.M’s are for super socially saavy people who have a large network. I’m actually still surprised that M.L.M’s are a viable business model today and that regular people still make money off them when there are so many new cosmetics lines popping up online and are heavily promoted by YouTubers.

    Not to sound rude or disrespectful but I feel like Mary Kay is targeted for an older generation. Personally I don’t know anyone in their twenties or 30s who uses them but perhaps the brand is just more popular in the US than Canada. I wonder if they will still be around in a decade or two.

    That being said, I read Mary Kay’s bio last summer and she really is an incredible, inspiring woman. I admire all that the she accomplished.

    1. Hello Vanessa,

      Thanks a lot for sharing your thought on this page.For sure as you read in my article, I agree with you and I personally do not recommend any M. L. M company or platform to anyone although their compensation plans may look somewhat appealing and attractive.

      I don’t recommend any M.L M company because if you’re not a very skillful marketer who can really convince people to purchase products then success cannot be yours. At the same time you’re expected to go round to look for people and recruit them as your downlines which in turn will generate for you some income. And so if you cannot convince people to buy tor to join you in the program then absolutely, you cannot never have any success.

  2. Very interesting blog about Mary Kay. Very informative…I had no idea she had such a difficult time starting out in business. I’ve never tried her products but am thinking about it now. Thanks for writing and making us aware of her fascinating history. When did she pass away and is the company being run differently now?

    1. Hi Karen,
      I’m glad you shared your thought on this post and thanks for letting me know that you found this post very informative.
      Sorry for given you this update but unfortunately, Mary Kay Ash passed away on November 22, 2001 at Dallas, Texas, United States.

      And currently the business is being run by her son, Her (Richard Rogers). I can say its still running just as it used to be as a direct selling company.

  3. I was a Mary Kay consultant for many years in Mexico and in the UK. I was top in sales but I sucked at recruiting, therefore, I never really made it big. Their products are very good, I was very pleased with them all and still use some even though I resigned over 10 years ago. I wouldn’t recommend anyone joining if you love your family because such is their drive to make you successful, you could easily forget that you’ve got a family.

    1. Hello Sharon,

      I’m very glad to hear this from you and thank you very much for sharing your experience with Mary Kay company with us. Yes I know very well that most people are very good in sales, while others can easily convince people to join them in business, there by recruiting them on-board

      It is interesting to hear from you that although you ever worked with Mary Kay company but you wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. It really confirms with what I said in this Page. For sure, those who think they can make it with sales and recruit other members as their downlines can decide to join any M. L. M company they want, but as for those who have no selling skills should butter not try any M. L. M comapany, because they will get no where.

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