Part Time Jobs for 16 Year Olds – Learn How to Make Money Here

Are You between 16 to 20 years? Are you searching for part time jobs for 16 year olds? Well, if that is your desire, then I want to assure you that you will love reading this post.

As you rightly heard from this post, you can work part time from home and make some passive income while still in your youth as a 16 year old.

However, since you’re new to working online and with no experience, you surely need to know which factors to consider before trying to do anything online at all.


Factors to Consider Before Working Online

As I said, you’re new to the online world and have no experience, if any, very little. So you need to consider and know the following before deciding to work online as part time.

Below are some few factors or questions to consider and to think about carefully before trying to work part time as a youth in your 16’s.


  • What Work Can You Do Best?

As a youth, you need to know your strength and what you can do best. Why because although there are many jobs online, not all of them best suit you. There may be some that you may be a little good at, but others may require that you receive training before you can do it best.

Also, keep in mind that most of these online part time jobs are looking for those who’re already experienced in working to hire them. So you definitely need to know what you can do best.


  • Where to Get Your Part Time Job

This is definitely very important step to consider, this is because the internet today is a very dangerous place. The reason! Well, know that while there are many legitimate jobs online, there are also many scammers out there who are looking for ways to scam.

And these scammers have many techniques to get you. They can promise to make you rich in few days which you can easily fall into their trap, as you have no experience online.

Yes, even adult are many times scammed by these online scammers and as I said, you can easily be their target and fall a victim to them. So surely you need to know where bet to start from.


  • How Long Can You Work?

This is definitely another factor that you do not want to overlook. Being young, your strength needs to be put into consideration. For that matter, how long you want to work is really important.

It is estimated that youth in their 16’s can work for a maximum of 12 hours in a week. That is during normal school days. I mean you work while schooling. And this is how you can achieve the 12 hour in a week.

You can work for 4 hours during your school week days and then do 8 hour on Saturdays, while you rest on Sundays to preparing for another week.

However, on vacation, that is during long vacation holidays, you can expand your working hours from 12 to a maximum of  35 hours

And this is how you can achieve your 35 hours, hours each day for the week days, given you enough time to rest, then 8 hour on Saturdays, making 33 hours, then 2 hours on Sundays.

However, I will recommend you use your Sundays to rest and prepare for another week of activities.


  • How Much Do You Expect to Earn?

This is another big question, which I’m sure you’re very much interested in. Yes, when it comes to money, we are all keenly interested, isn’t it? Well follow me as I explain things to you.

But you need to know that it takes time to be able to earn some money online. In the mean time, you can expect to earn some little passive income. However, earning a huge block of money takes time and hard work to be able to achieve it.

You need to be careful about any online offer that tries to sell to you a get quick rich scheme. You need to beware of scammers and fraudsters on the internet as I mentioned earlier on.

They are always looking for ways to steal people. You need to be extra careful when using the internet for any business.

NOTE: You need to keep in mind that, how much you’re able to earn highly depends on what you do and how you do it. There is nothing like  any legitimate get rich quick scheme out there.

All such offers are not real. if you see any offer that seems too good to be true, then you need to beware. It must be a scam.

It is estimated that the average national minimum wage for youth in their 16’s to 18 is $4.78 per hour, depending on your skills. However, if you’re an apprentice, you can expect to earn some where around $4.13 per every hour.

On the other hand, if you’re working for yourself as your own boss, you can expect to earn more than that. All depends on what you do and how you do it.

And I strongly recommend you be your own boss online and work for yourself. In this way, your earnings are not limited and you can expect to earn more online.


Job Opportunities for Youth in their 16’s

Now that we have considered these important factors, the next question is what are some job opportunities for youth in their 16’s. Well, whether you’re in your 16’s in 18’s below are some job opportunities that you can consider.

  • You can work as a Auditor part time
  • You can also participate in an online survey and make some income
  • You can do make – ups and earn some decent income
  • You can also work as a fun park game attendant
  • You can also  do sales and marketing jobs
  • Food and Restaurant other
  • You can do a customer service job
  • You can also do Catering services
  • You can work at a fun park as an admission associate

You can read more on my post about top paying online jobs here.


The videos below also show some decent way you can earn some income from home on part time.


Below is another video that shows some decent way in which you can earn earn money as a teenager and a youth in your 16’s.


So, as you can see above, the list can go on and on. But all these are jobs that require that you work for others and receive your payment and depending on your abilities, you can only expect to receive some little income.

However, if you can work for yourself and do your own small online business, you can expect to earn something much better that working fro someone for payment.


 My NO.1 Recommendation

So, you may ask what then do you recommend? Well, I want you to know that youcan receive training online to become your own boss. In this way, you will no longer work for anyone; rather, you work for yourself.

I mean you can do what is called affiliate marketing. But what does it mean to be an affiliate marketer. Well, let me explain things to you.

As an affiliate marketer, you earn commission by promoting other people’s products and then when customers buy the products you gain your commission for promoting the products fro them.

On the other hand, as you saw in the video above, you can also promote your own products and sell them for money as an affiliate marketer.

However, the best way to be an affiliate marketer is to build your own business website and promote your products and other affiliate products on it for your income.

You can build your own business website in a very easy and simple way. For example, click on the video link below to see jut how to build your own website with just some few clicks


So, as you can see from the video above it very easy to build your own website. But to be successful as an affiliate marketer, you need training to be able to make all the money you want.

And you can get such training from my NO.1 recommended Affiliate Program. They will teach you everything you need to know to be successful as an affiliate marketer.

The most interesting part is that, they will teach you all for free. No Credit Card Required to join them. [Check them out here].

Yes, they will teach you how to build your own website for free and how you can make money out of the website you have built.

They have a Live Chat which gives you the opportunity to interact freely with other experienced marketers within their community.

And you can ask them questions about anything you don’t understand. They are ever ready to help and assist you to make success. This is how their Live chat looks like.


Thus far, you have learned a lot isn’t it? You can see that there are numerous part time jobs for 16 year olds that you can do and make money from.

But as you read, among all the list, the one I can highly recommend to you is Affiliate Marketing. And as you read, you can get all the training you need to be successful as an affiliate marketer for free.


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If you have any question or comment about this post, just feel free, to leave them below.

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6 thoughts on “Part Time Jobs for 16 Year Olds – Learn How to Make Money Here”

  1. Working online is a great idea for someone 16 to 20 years old. It would be very compatible with a school schedule and a busy social life. The videos were very helpful and the example of the live chat was encouraging that questions are easily asked and answered. Thanks for your recommendations.

    1. Hello Lane,

      Thanks for you comment, and thanks for letting me know that the videos in this post were helpful. I will do my best going forward to provide more videos in my articles so you can enjoy them anytime you visit my website.. As you read, I highly recommend affiliate marketing to all who are interested in online part time jobs.

      I always do that, and the reason why I do so is because as you read from my recommended affiliate platform, this is the only platform where you can receive step by step video training on how to on how to make success online. In addition to that, you will meet a community of experienced online entrepreneurs who are ever ready to help you make success, plus the 247 Live chat. 

      All these are reasons why I always recommend affiliate marketing to my readers and Wealthy Affiliate as being the NO.1 Affiliate Platform.

  2. Love this post! Great idea to direct these thoughts towards teenagers!

    These are wonderful ways to start learning how to go about making money. Love Rachel’s video! 🙂

    Kids can be really creative and once they get jumpstarted like this, they could come up with more ways to earn money.

    Do you get a lot of reponse from teens?

    1. Hello Audrey,

      I am glad you said you were able to take the time to read this post and even watched the videos I included in this post. I have always had the desire of helping both young ones and older ones alike. That is why I always continue to create article for both young ones and old people.

      To answer your question, I will say that at the moment, though the responses are not that much from many young ones. However, there even some parents who have commented that they really love this post and that they would recommend it to their children. So, I’m pretty sure that, in the future I can expect to get more response from many young ones in their high school who would love to work part time from home.

  3. I love this site! I am going to suggest my grandson and daughter take a look at this.

    What I like is the post on all the different ways all walk of life that can consider online marketing and affiliate marketing. This is a site I would refer to any that wants to know more about using the internet to make money.

    1. ​Thank you so much friend for your comment. I am glad you said you would recommend my website to your grandson and daughter, they will surely benefit themselves by working as affiliate markers, especially if they join the Wealthy Affiliate community, since they have all the training available at their disposal to help them make success.

      So let them join the Wealthy Affiliate community as you said, and work part time from home. And you will never regret. They will surely learn a lot, which will go a long way in helping them building their own business brand that can hep them in the future.

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