Part Time Jobs for High School Students – You Can Make Money Here

Are You a High School Student? Are You Searching for Part Time Jobs for High School Students? If so then I you will definitely love reading this post.

I want you to know that there are so many part time jobs that you can make money from as a High School Student.

However, I will show you my NO.1 recommended platform where you can best learn how to make money online. Yes, I let me show you the secret of making successful money online by building your own small business. Now follow me as I show you the list.

Working as a high school student has proved to have some benefits. The video below explains some of these benefits. Watch it.


Part Time Jobs for High School Students

Below are a list six different online jobs that you can do from home as a high school students. However, as I said, at the end of these lists, I will show you my NO.1 recommendation, on how to build your own online business and become your own boss as an entrepreneur. So keep raiding.


  • 6) You can Work As a Private Tutor

As a high school student, you may have some skills that can be of much help to parents who want their children to do well at school.

In fact, apart from taking their children to school, many parents spend a lot of money on their children to help them get better grades at school.

So you can take advantage of this opportunity, and use the knowledge you have already acquired to help such parents while making some little income out of it.

You can help parents who would love their children to learn how to read, and you can even help such children to do their school home works, project work and other academic activities.

Like a baby-sitter, you can expect to earn some decent income while at home by working as a home tutor on part time. However, you need to have the passion for teaching to be able to work as a home tutor.

I mean, you should have the joy and interest in teaching to be able to work as a tutor.

One advantage of home tuition is that you can actually schedule and set  your own time for your client and that gives you freedom to choose when you will work and when you will do your own activities.


  • 5) Being A Car Wash Attendant

    A High School Student Washing a Car



If you’re a high school student, one big opportunity that you can take advantage of is by  working at a car wash bay. Working at a car wash bay has many benefits.

One of them is that, you may get some tips from client who may come to the bay to wash their cars. Another advantage is that you don’t get bored, its a work that always keep you busy, since, there are customers always coming to wash their cars.



On the other hand, some few disadvantages is that, you may always  get since you’reA High School Student Washing a Car working with water, also, you may easily damage most of the dresses you take to work, due to the nature of the job.

Although, you keep busy working all the time, the amount of money you can expert to earn as a car washer may not be that much.





  • 4) You Can Work As a Baby Sitter

Babysitting is another good opportunity that you can take advantage of as a high school student. Any you can make some good income out of it. Usually, babysitters work on Friday and Saturday evenings.

This gives them the rest of the week as a free time to pay attention to their own important matters such as; paying attention to their own school curricular (academic) activities and home works.

Babysitters, as I said can earn a considerable amount of money. If you work as a babysitter, you can expert to earn somewhere around $12 to $16 dollars per hour, depending on the age of the baby.

You can get a babysitting job by recommendations, or referrals. So if you are known to be good at babysitting then most parents can entrust their babies in your care,

What that means is that, the possibility of you getting another baby sitting job highly depend on your reputation and how other parents recommend you to others.

However, you can also acquire CPR-certificate training for babysitters who  are always in high demand because of their being trained. In this short course, you may learn things like; feeding techniques, first aid training, diapering and interview tips.


  • 3) You Can Be a Landscaper/Lawn Care

Taking care of lawns or doing landscaping is another part time job that you can think about. In this job also, you have the advantage of working outside to be able to enjoy the sunlight while you work for your money as well.

Today, many hire young people to have their  lawns mowed and their hedges trimmed each week and you can take advantage of that, that is if your circumstance will permit you to do such a job.

As a landscaper, you can expert to earn some considerable amount of money in a month. Some landscapers pay about $175 per month to their customers, who are in turn expected to work 4 days in a month.

Suppose you have four customers, and you visit each customer in a week. So you work four days in a week, you can expect to earn something like $175 x 4 = $700 in a month, which is not bad at all. With this money, you can buy whatever you need for your school activities.

On the other hand, if you live at a place where you experience cold winter climate, you can take advantage of that by doing snow shoveling from sidewalks and driveways  during the winter season to so little income out of it, while you work on lawn in the summer season.

Of course, working on as a landscaper can be a little bit boring, however, this the type of part time job that you get to schedule your own time for your customers, charge your own rate and then get the advantage of working outside to enjoy the sun.


  • 2) Can You Take Care of Animals?/ Animal Shelter

If you are the type who love animals then this is a great opportunity to do what you’re passionate about while making some money out of it. Especially if you have in mind of becoming a veterinarian, then this type of part time job suit you very much.

It will give you first hand experience in how to take good care animals, since you will get the opportunity to work closely with them. At the same time, you will get some little income out of it.


Although this type of part time job can be unpleasant at time, such as helping in euthanasia of animals suffering from incurable diseases. It can be a little challenging in doing this.

However, like i said, if you have the interest of animals at heart and are interested in becoming a veterinarian then this is a good part time job that can help train you for the future

You can expect to earn some considerable amount of money by taking care of animals. You will enjoy it if this is where your interest is. Yes, if taking care of animals is your passion, then you will really enjoy this type of part time job.



  • 1) Be As an Affiliate Marketer (Well Recommended)You Can Make a Lot of Money As an Affiliate Marketer

This is my NO.1 job that I always recommend to my readers; I am always passionate about it. I love it so much because I’m an Affiliate Marketer myself. As a high school student, you can work as an affiliate marketer and make some successful and lucrative income from it.

And one big advantage is that, you don’t work for anyone, as an affiliate marketer, rather you become your own boss online, while making some regular income out of it.

But you may ask, what is affiliate marketing? Well, let me briefly explain to you the meaning of the term affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is the act of receiving commission from anMake Money As an Affiliate Marketer advertiser based on referrals coming from your website by promoting their products on your site.

So what it simply means is that, you promote other people’s products for them on your own website and then when visitors come to your site and click on any link to make any purchase you get your commission based on the commission rate offered by the advertiser.

So you can join some popular affiliate programs such as Amazon Affiliate, eBay Network, Click Bank, CJ by Conversant, LinkShare Network, ShareSale, VigLink and many more and make some regular income when people buy products you promoted on your website.


What You Need to Become An Marketer

A Personal Website

Well, to become an affiliate marketer, you must have your personal built website. But this not any biog issue. Building website nowadays is not difficult at all. You do not need to go through any hassles at all.

Gone are the days when you have to be an expert in programming to be able to crack all the HTML and CSS encoding to be able to set up your own website.

Now by the help of WordPress, building website has become more easier  and simpler compared to those times hectic CSS and HTML coding.

With just some few clicks, and seconds, you can have your own website set up and working, ready for business.


You Need Support

Yes, to be successful as an Affiliate marketer, you need assistance to be able to achieve what you are expecting to earn.

And when it comes to getting help as an affiliate marketer, I always recommend Wealthy Affiliate as the #.1 place to receive any help you need to make success.


Why I Recommend Wealthy Affiliate

They can teach you all that you need to succeed as an affiliate marketer. For example, Wealthy Affiliate has step by step video training to help you understand what you need to do as an affiliate marketer.

Additionally,  Wealthy Affiliate has a 24/7 Live Chat within their community which makes it possible for you to freely interact with the over 850,000 members within the community who are ever ready to assist you in case you need any help.

Read my full Review on Wealthy Affiliate Here

Also, watch the Review Video below to see why I Highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

Also, in this wonderful community platform, you will meet experienced online entrepreneurs who can help you to make success and achieve your goals.

One most beautiful part of this platform is that, you can join Wealthy Affiliate for free without paying anything at all. NO Credit Card Required to join Wealthy Affiliate.

In working as an affiliate marketer, you have control over your own schedule, you work for your self by building your own lucrative  business online and becoming a boss yourself.

How much you earn as an affiliate marketer is not limited. You only need to take the training you receive serious and apply all that you learn.

If you’re able to do all this, with time, you can expect to earn somewhere around $2000 to $5000 in a month. Of course, all depends on what you do and how you do it.

You can also watch this Video Review on Wealthy Affiliate about some success testimonials about Wealthy Affiliate.


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So as you have seen and read, there are many part time jobs for high school students which can make some money from. But among all the list above, My NO.1 and only recommendation is working as an Affiliate marketer.


So you can join Wealthy Affiliate from the link above. And if you ever have any question or comment about this post, please feel free to leave it below.


My best wishes,




8 thoughts on “Part Time Jobs for High School Students – You Can Make Money Here”

  1. So glad that I have found your website, it’s already bookmarked too. 🙂

    I have a 16 year old grandson who is already at his 3rd job always feeling dissatisfied. His parents do believe he is too picky, typical teenager.

    I, on the other hand, have the feeling he really hasn’t found the right thing for him yet.

    He is good with computers and I think I will recommend to him to work online.

    It never occurred to me this also can be a possibility.

    Thanks, for this great article. 🙂

    1. Hi Sylvia,

      I’m also glad to meet you today and I’m happy you mentioned that you have bookmarked this article and that you’re going to recommend it to your 16 year old grandson. The truth is that most people today don’t like to work for others, I mean the so called boss in the office.

      My personal experience is a typical example. I have worked for a lot of people and I always found out that i’m not able to work for a particular employer for so long. At most, three (3) years I will have to quit my job and then start a new one.Finally, I realized that I needed to do my own business online. And fortunately, I found the Wealthy Affiliate community. the best platform ever that I have come across in life.

      So as you said, let him try to do something for himself online. Let him build his own passionate business online. And you will see that he will soon start to enjoy working, since he doing something he is passionate about. What he really loves.

      See you again.

    1. Thank you Norman, I’m glad that you found a lot of useful information from this article. That has always been my determination and desire. I will continue to do my best to maintain this standard of creating good and quality content that will be of great help to my readers all the time.

  2. This was a very good article, I agree that WA is a very good pick. If a teen started by the time they are in their mid twenties, if they follow the training they could be set for life.

    I hope that kids read this post and go out and get a job. Once they do you can see the change in them. Making your own money is a great feeling.

    So of course making a lot of money would be an off the chart great feeling.

    But, as I said this was a well thought out and helpful post! Great Job!

    1. Hey Rick,

      Glad to see you and to hear your comment on this post. Yes, I agree with you that all things who are able to join the Wealthy Affiliate community and take seriously all that they learn can build their own brand business online. In so doing, as you said, they are building their future. Yes, they could be set for life. It could be their life time regular income. A decision that they will never forget in life.

      So, yes, all the list of jobs above can bring High School Student some money though. But the one I highly recommend is working for your self as your own boss online. And all teens or High School Students who are interested in building their own online business should join Wealthy Affiliate and receive all the training they need to make success.

  3. Thank you, Stephen. This article was well-thought out and delivered. Even though I am not a student, I am so inclined to utilize one of your suggestions.
    You make it seem ‘doable’ as they say in slang language. It is all about committing yourself to a goal and taking action as you have pointed out.
    Not only is the money potential a motivating point, but the experience to be gained ‘first-hand’ in some of your suggested tips.
    I like your writing style, it is gentle and communicative in a very sincere way.
    Thank you so much for taking the time and giving the tips.

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Thank you too for passing by. As I always say, it is my pleasure to always help young ones and older ones alike. If you have taken notice, my articles are about all age groups. All can read my post and really benefit themselves.

      this particular one was much focused on young people, especially High School Students who are looking for part time jobs to do while schooling. And all the job list above are some good ways through which all High School Student can make some from. However, as I said, the most effective way of making money is by working for your self, by being your own boss online, while making some regular income from it.

      And anyone interested in Affiliate Marketing as I recommended can check the link I provided above and join my NO.1 recommendation, where you will receive all the training you need to make success online, by building your own brand business.

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