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Many people today are interested in working online from home as their full time works. On the other hand, there are people who are interested in part time work at home jobs. Maybe you may fall in one of the categories above.

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Did you know that you can work part time from home? Whatever your circumstance may be, whether you do full time 9 to 5 job or you’re a stay at home mom, you can work part time at home to earn some income.


Why You May Consider Part Time Work at Home Jobs

Today, in this modern world, many are interested in working at their own comfort from home. Others are just too tired of the regular 9 to 5 hour work.

On the other other hand, there may be some stay at home moms or dads who would want to make good use of their precious time to earn some money while at home.

Also, if you’re a college student or what ever level of education you may be pursuing, you may probably have the interest of working part time in other to have some money to pay for your fees, purchase your books and even to be able to pay all your utility bills.

Yes, whatever your reason for wanting to work part time from home. I want you to know that there are many legitimate online jobs that you can do as part time while at your own comfort home.


Some Online Jobs You Can Do While at Home

As I said, there are many legitimate work at home jobs that you can do while at home.Below are some examples of legitimate work at home jobs that you can do from home. For example, you can works as;

  • Virtual Assistance from home.
  • SEO Specialist from home
  • Travel agent while at home
  • Freelance Writer from home
  • An Affiliate Marketer from home
  • Data entry person while at home

Yes, the list can go on and on, there are countless legitimate work at home jobs that you can do as part time from home. And most of the part time jobs listed above are well known  “top paying online jobs” that you can do from home.


Now lets discuss each of these work at home jobs listed above in details to see what is actually involve to be able to do any of these online work.


Working As a Virtual Assistance

So, what at all is involve in being a virtual assistance? You may ask. Well, working as a virtual assistance involves a couple of task that you may be assigned to do. And these could include doing things like, reading and responding to a companies Emails, scheduling blog post, scheduling meetings, booking flight, managing a companies website and etc.

Image result for virtual assistant


As you can see, as a virtual assistance, your work is very broad, depending on your experience and what you can do, you will really enjoy working as a virtual assistance while at your comfort home.


On the other hand, looking the at scope of work performed by virtual assistance, it means that to be able to work effectively as a virtual assistance, you need some basic basic computer knowledge, coupled with some  typing skills and a measure of organizational skills.

Depending on your working experience and skills, you can expect to earn somewhere around $14 to $50 per every hour when working as a virtual assistance.


Working As a SEO SpecialistImage result for seo specialist

Well, who is a SEO specialist? A SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialist as the name implies, is someone who write articles for website owners so that their site can easily be seen and get ranked by major Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.


And as a SEO, your work is so special, why? Well, there are many websites today that are competing for the first pages in these three major Search Engines.

So if you’re a good SEO specialist, who can write content that get ranked in the first page of Google, the biggest among the three Search Engines,  then you have something good at hand that will bring you the income you need at home.


Also, as a SEO, you need a good Keyword Tool to help you write articles on keywords that have low competition, which will make it easier for articles you write to easily get ranked in Search Engines. And depending on your skills, you can expect to earn some regular income as a SEO specialist while at home.


Working As a Travel AgentImage result for travel agent

A travel agent: Often, those who work as a travel agent are self employed, in a sense, they don’t work for anyone.

This involves taking over the entire planning and preparation process for clients, by doing things like finding and booking the best flights and accommodations, recommending excursions and arranging an itinerary, helping  and making sure the client secure the proper amount of travel insurance and doing your utmost to  resolve any issues that may occur when planning the trip.

As a travelling agent, you have a great opportunity, why because, there are many who would like to travel but have no idea on, booking a flight, weighing luggage or organizing an itinerary for a safe and stress-free trip.

So it is your job to help all these many clients on how to go about doing all these, and you can earn some successful regular income out of it. As a travel agent you can expect to earn about $30,000 to $60,000 per year.


Working As a Freelancer

Who is a freelancer? Well, a freelance writer is someone who works as self a employed or an independent contractor who is not committed to a particular employer.

Image result for freelance writer


So, in a sense, a freelance writer can write articles for many companies since he or she is not committed to any particular company. So a freelance writer may work just by writing only one magazine or more.

Also, the truth is that, the more diverse a freelancer can be, the more his or her opportunity or potential of earning more income while at home. Additionally, doing freelancing comes with it own benefits.Image result for freelance writer

Below are just some few of the many  benefits that a freelancer has;

  • A freelancer is not bound to the regular 9 to 5 hour working days
  • They can choose how many hours they want to work in a week. either 10, 15 or 30 hours in week.
  • Also a freelance writer is free from all the stress that comes from commuting, as they work from their own comfort home as their office.
  • In addition, there is no pressure working as a freelancer. You work at your own pace.

However, as a freelancer, since there is no supervision and you work from your own comfort home, there is the need to be discipline to be able to work and meet your targeted goal of how much you want to earn.Image result for freelance writer

Some freelancers may decide to charge per every hour they work, while other may want to charge per a post they have written. However, in an average, a new freelance writer can expect to earn somewhere around $20 to $40 per post written.




Work As An Affiliate Marketer (Recommended)

Be Your Own Boss As An Affiliate Marketer


What is Affiliate Marketing?

 Affiliate marketing is a forms of online marketing whereby you refer someone to an online product and when that person takes an action and  buys the product based on your recommendation, you receive a commission.

So what is involved in being an Affiliate marketer? You may ask. Well, follow me as I clearly explain things to you.


To be an Affiliate Marketer, you need to build your own website, set it up and have itImage result for affiliate marketing running.In fact the most effect way of being an affiliate marketer, as I said is to have your personal website as a publisher.

Once you have your website set up and ready, you can now  join affiliate programs such as Amazon, eBay, LinkShare, ShareSale, Click Bank, CJ by Conversant and many more and begin to promote their products on your website.

And then when someone clicks a link from your website and buys anything from any of these popular affiliates sites you get your commission for the referrals coming from your website.


I hope you’re not scared when I mentioned the fact that you you need to build a website? No. You need not be at all. The fact is that building website nowadays is as simple as typing a document in a Microsoft Office Word. Unlike those days when you have to be a specialist in programming to be able to crack HTML and CSS encoding, now it is not like that.

Thanks to WordPress, building website now requires just some little skills in computing. And even what has made it more easier is the platform I want to introduce to you.

Yes, if you want to succeed as an Affiliate marketer, then I strongly recommend you join my NO.1 recommended Affiliate Platform where you will be taught step by step on how to create your won website and then learn how to make some money out of it.

With this Affiliate Platform you will receive all the tools and training needed to succeed as an Affiliate Marketer.

So, you may ask, what then is this NO.1  recommended affiliate platform that I’m recommending to you. Well, it is Wealthy Affiliate, the most reputable online community where you can get all the training you need to succeed as an Affiliate Marketer.



You can read my full review on Wealthy Affiliate Here. Wealthy Affiliate is the only platform that allows you to join for free and learn how to make money while at home.

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You are going to meet experienced online entrepreneurs who always looking for you interest. You can always ask them questions and they are always ready to give you their assistance.

You will also have access to the 24/7 live chat within the community. This gives you the opportunity to freely ask questions about anything you’re confused about, and the members are ever ready to help you out.

At this point, I’m sure you have no doubt that you can work part time from your own comfort home. Yes, there are many part time work at home jobs that you can do while at home to earn some consistent, regular income.


I hope this post was helpful in answering any question you may have. If you have any question or comment about this post, just feel free to leave it below.


My best wishes,



10 thoughts on “Part Time Work at Home Jobs – You Can Make Money Here”

  1. Hi Stephen, I really like the sound of affiliate marketing, once you explained it it does make sense and I can think of lots of websites I’ve visited that implement this business model.

    I’m seriously looking for a way to work from home, I’m sick of working to make other people money, I feel ready to become my own boss and I think affiliate marketing is my best bet.

    You mentioned that Wealthy Affiliate has the best training course for beginners on and I really like the fact you can join for free, is there a trial period and what’s the paid membership option?

    Thanks a lot for your help. Simon

    1. I’m also very glad to hear that, Simon, working online from and being your own boss is the best decision you can ever make in your life, and I want to assure you that you will never forget this in your life.

      Personally, the very idea of working foe someone is not something I ever recommend for anyone. I have worked fore people before, and I know how it feels to work for someone. You’re actually helping the person to make money from your labour, meanwhile, they don’t even recognize your hard work to show some appreciation.

      So I strongly recommend online affiliate marketing to you, especially if you want to do what you’re really passionate about while you earn money. And doing affiliate marketing gives you control over time. Allowing you to choose when you will work, no more boss control.

       You also have more time plan for vacations and holidays with your family and most importantly, you have more time to take good care of your family

      But you cannot succeed with any online business with help and support. And when it comes to getting help or support, the best place to get such help is Wealthy Affiliate. They have absolutely everything that you need to be successful with your online business. Plus a great community full of expect who are ever ready to assist you.

  2. Hi Stephen

    One of the reasons I began to work from home is because it didn’t make sense anymore to sit in traffic everyday to go and do something for a boss that I could be doing from home for myself.

    It took a long time to learn how to make money effectively but well worth it and you also realize there is no limit to how much you can earn online! 🙂


    1. Hello Kamail,
      I agree with you very well, and I personally don’t buy the idea of working for someone in the office as your boss, when you can learn to be your own boss online, Yes, as you said, you can become your own boss online.

      Of course, as you mentioned, it takes to learn how to become a successful boss online, by building your own brand business. But it is by no means impossible, and you can do it as I am doing now.

      i will recommend that all who can, should try working part time or even full time from their comfort home and they will never regret doing that and taking such a decision.

  3. Thank you Stephen for sharing this informative post with us! Well done!
    Regarding Wealthy Affiliate, it is definitely a good way to get into the affiliate marketing business. WA provides you with all the training, tools and support you need for online affiliate marketing success.
    Wishing you best luck in your future endeavours.


    1. Thanks Balsam, it is good to meet you and I’m glad you left your comment on this post. Thanks also for letting me know that this post was helpful reading it. As you read, I recommended Affiliate Marketing among all the online jobs I listed, and that is because I work as an Affiliate marketer myself and I know the benefits that comes from working as an Affiliate Marketer.

      But as you saw in my recommendation, anyone interested in Affiliate Marketing surely needs some training to be successful, since there is much competition in the market. That is why I strongly recommend Wealthy Affiliate as the bet and my NO.1 reputable platform where you can receive all the training needed to be successful as an Affiliate Marketer.

  4. I was fascinated by all the online jobs that are available. I still work full-time and I’m especially interested in the Affiliate marketing side of things.
    can I make any money from this whilst still working all day and how long does it normally take to start earning money online?
    Looking forward to your response, Jeff.

    1. Hello Jeff,

      Yes, Jeff, there are may online jobs available that you can make some income from as you read from this post. I’m glad you have interest in Affiliate Marketing. Of course, you can make some successful  income from working as an Affiliate Marketer even though you are working full time. As you read all these are jobs you can do part time. And Affiliate Marketing is one of them.

      But as for how much you can earn, most people ask this question, but the truth is that there is no fix amount as to how much you can earn working as an online Affiliate Marketer. It all depends on you and what you do. You must get training to be able to succeed as an online affiliate and you must take the training you receive very serious by performing all the task assigned to you in the course of your training. If you’re able to this, then you will surely make the money you’re looking for.

      And as for training, the best place to get it is wealthy Affiliate as I recommended. They have all that you need as an online affiliate Marketer to be successful.

  5. Interesting article thanks for sharing. I have recently started offering SEO services and it’s amazing just how many people are interested in optimizing their websites. With google being such a critical part of business these days, I guess it’s no wonder. Wealthy Affiliate is a good option too as long as you pick the right niche. Cheers, Karen

    1. Hello Karen,

      Thank you too for passing by and for reading my article. For sure I agree with you that being an SEO is great, seeing all the competition out there, many website competing for Google’s first page. There is also a growing need for SEO specialist to optimize their website for them. And so if you have this skills, then you are going to make a big money out of it.

      Yes, anyone who wants to be a good SEO specialist can as well get the best training ever on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. I recommend it to all who are interested in making money online from home. Whether they want to work full time or part time.

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