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Are you Aware You Can Start Blog Free  and Make some money online?  Well, the truth is that you can start your own blog free, that is,  make
money by writing Blog base on your own interest and that of your visitors. And that sounds very appealing isn’t it? Making money while writing blog on subject that interest you most.


Of course the best way to become a successful blogger and make money wring blog is by having your own website setup and learning to write great articles, I mean quality blog post that will be of much help to visitors to your site. Read my post  here on how to build your own FREE website.

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Now Let Me Take You Trough How You Can Make Money Writing Blog.

Of course, writing a successful blog that will generate income is not an easy thing. especially if you are new to blogging on the internet.  That is why its vital that you get to know the secrete behind writing a successful m\blog that you can make money from. First of all you need to ……..


  • Choosing a niche (that is your interest)

This very important because when  writing about what you love or your interest is, you are able tom well express yourself, give detailed information that will be of much benefits to visitors to your website. For instance, let say I I have more knowledge about health and nutrition. I can choose a niche that is about healthy living and foods.

By so doing I will be able to give visitors to my website valuable information that they may be searching for on the internet about healthy living and food.And trust me, once you’re able to build that trust and people know that when they visit your site they are going to get what they need, it is going to generate more traffic to your site.


Traffic lead to making money, no traffic, no money. So once you have traffic on your site you can now begin to make money from it.

Watch the video below to see how to come up with a niche …


Making Use of Curate Content

Another vital thing that can help you in blogging is making use of content curation. But you make ask, what is content curation?

Well, Content curation is the process of gathering information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest.

Since looking for ideas to write a new blog post can be a very challenging, one good method that is of much help is by using curated content that you have gathered on the web.

This includes a list of inspiring quotes that can be included in a short article based on that quote. Provided your article provides value to your readers.

NOTE:  Never try to copy other people’s  article.Be careful not to make such a mistake. Google  don’t like anyone duplicating what others already publish elsewhere.

One thing you can do is to require the work of guest bloggers, although its not recommended having guest bloggers on your site.

Guest bloggers are people who publish content on your site in exchange for free links back to their site.

Although, this may be of help, especially if you don’t  like writing articles.  It’s a give and take situation.


Create A Roundup Question

This probably may be one of the best ways to get ideas for your blog post.

Creating roundup question is simply asking questions of other influence bloggers to comment on. By so doing you get more ideas on how they go about their blogging and what leads to their success.

Also, by reaching out to them you will be able to add value to your visitors by getting insight from other bloggers.

(Forinstance You can ask a question like: What are the best way of getting traffic?)

When other experienced  bloggers reply with their  comment, this can give you some ideas and insights on your next blog post. So it is a good idea to try to interact with experienced bloggers, with the aim of learning and getting valuable information from them.

For this reason, make it your habit to get out there an asked questions, you’ll be surprised of how many blog topic ideas you can write about.


Imitate What Works Well For Others Bloggers

I don’t mean stealing other bloggers work, but I mean you can study what’s working well for them and try to follow their footsteps. It will go a log way to help you succeed.

Also, learn what type of articles is getting the most shares.

After doing all these you can then come up with ways to better your blog post to draw more visitors to your website. I will recommend you try an online  tool called BuzzSumo.

But what is Buzzsumo?

Buzzsumo is a very powerful online tool that allows any user or blogger to find out what content is popular by topic or on any website


After getting to know what articles are drawing the most victors, you can now implement your own unique techniques in your article to help you attract more visitors.

Writing about any old topic isn’t going to make your blog post successful. Knowing the kind of articles people are searching for is what going to bring more readers to your blog.

You can make a living from blogging, learn new things from other bloggers in your niche. Watch the video below to see how experienced bloggers are able to succeed.




Make It You  Habit To Read More Books

Making it a habit to read more read more books will help you get ideas relevant  for your blog. It also keeps your mind focus on the article you are blogging about. Therefore making it possible to write quality content for you visitors.

Reading more books will also motivate you to reach your goals. Learning strategies on how successful bloggers are creating a wealthy lifestyle is a great ways to come up with new ideas for your blog.

It’s also make it pretty more easy to write a blog article on topics by gathering information you learn from reading books.

The information is a great way to get ideas and add value to your readers. Reading inspires us to blog more and come up with great content.


Try To Keep a Journal

Finally, I want you to know that this is one method that works very well for me. of course, it  may sound a little funny, but you’ll be surprised of how many articles, I have written just by thing writing down thing in my journal. So the fact is that it a good idea that will help you in your blogging.


So try to write done  of things you come across on the web. Anytime you’re searching on the internet take note of of topics that are relevant to your niche. doing this help give you more ideas on how to write great blog post and even how you can better your website.


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I hope this information helps. I you have any question or comment about this post feel free to leave them below.


My best wishes,




10 thoughts on “Start Blog Free-Make Money Writing Blog”

  1. Hello Stephen, I thought this article was so informative. I especially liked the tips about curated content. As writers we are always looking for more ways to be entertainng and engaging. Thank you so much for this, In peace and gratitude, ariel

  2. Stephen,

    I found your post very helpful. I really like the idea of keeping a journal. I know sometimes an idea will come to me, but I don’t write it down. When I am getting ready to do a post, I can’t remember the idea. It is always a good idea to write it down. Good advice.

    1. Thank you Lisa, I’m happy that you found some valuable information from this post in particular. It is my hope that anyone who visit this website find something worthwhile before leaving.

      My best wishes to you.

  3. I like the blog on how to start a blog very informative and creative the way that you explain how to start. I have learned a few tips like creating round up question and keeping a journal. These tips will help me to improve on how I write my blog.
    Thanks Stephen

    1. Hi carol,

      I appreciate your comment on this post, the truth is that many people who want start blogging fail because they fail to learn and keep these basic but powerful tips in mind, which will lead to their success as online bloggers.

      It has always been my desire to share my knowledge with all who want to become successful bloggers online.

  4. Hi Stephen,

    I liked your article explaining how you can start blogging for free with Wealthy Affiliate. It’s FREE to sign up and they actually give you 2 FREE websites as well. If you are thinking about learning how to make money online. Take Stephen’s advice and join Wealthy Affiliate NOW! IT works! I know because I learned everything I know from Wealthy Affiliate. There’s no better way to make a living!


    1. Hi Jack,

      Thanks a lot for dropping by, Is my pleasure to meet people like you who share the same interest with me.

      Nice to meet you.

  5. Hi Stephen, great tips! I read a lot the last few months to improve my writing (I write 1-2 hours/day) too.

    But I prefer to read articles on websites. Most of them are informative because I want to learn more about my niche. If I was reading more creative stories and books, could I improve my skills faster?

    1. Hi friend,

      Thanks for appreciating my article, it good to hear this from you that you found some tips in this post.

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