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If You’re like me, perhaps You have been on the Wealthy Affiliate platform for a quite some time now. You had some success (monetary) goals when You first signed up to the community.


But You still haven’t seen any of Your “monetary goals” come through yet. And You’re paying $49/month, aren’t You? That is what I’m concerned.


For me, I followed the Training provided by WA for 1 year but made Nothing,($$00), until I found this  Secret Program.


Well, the truth is this, Wealthy Affiliate is one of the Best Online Training Platforms out there that You can ever find.


“However, there some success secret You won’t find in the Training provided by WA”.


“Don’t Get Me Wrong”

I’m not telling You to leave Wealthy Affiliate because I’m also still a Premium member. I just felt what has helped me will also help You make some money easier & faster, thereby making it pretty easier for You to pay for You WA membership.


Keep Reading this Post Because I’m Going to Reveal to You A Success Secret that Has Helped Me Personally…!


However, WA is not a get-rich-quick platform. Depending on the type of Niche You chose and the effort You put in will determine Your success.


It REALLY takes time for You to see some success come Your way. Some folks come to the platform and leave because they feel disappointed after quite some time if they realize that they have not seen any money come their way. 


My Personal Experience With Wealthy Affiliate

Now lets me tell You about my personal experience with Wealthy Affiliate. I have been with this community since March 2017. We are now in July 2018.

Just calculate the number of time I have paid the $49 Premium Membership. Approximately 16 months now.

So 16 months x $49 = $784. So this is how much I have paid so far.


Now let’s do some maths here…


My Earnings With Wealthy Affiliate

Well,  when I started, I went through the Bootcamp Training with the hope of promoting Wealthy Affiliate to other people out there. Since WA is FREE to get started, I felt that it will be easier to promote.

I can say the training they provide works in a sense that I have most of my review articles ranked on Page One of Google and receiving organic Traffic.


However, the problem is the conversion rate. The conversion rate at Wealthy Affiliate is like gaming. It is relatively low to my liking. 


For instance, I have almost 30 FREE referral, but out of the 30 referrals, ONLY One(1) of them decided to go Premium.


 See A Snapshot of My Referrals Below:











































So, looking at the Snapshot above, what will You say? Have I been lazy with my business? You will surely agree with me that, that isn’t the case.


The problem is that the conversion rate for promoting WA is very low. that is the reason why out of over “30 referrals”, ONLY One person decided to go premium.


Now See How Much I Made & Do the Maths Yourself

See my earnings below..!



Yes, as I said earlier, ONLY One of my referrals decided to upgrade. What I like about WA is their recurring commission.

Because this person decided to stay for 4 months, that is why You can see the $78 commission there waiting for me. But if you do the maths, will You say I gained profit or loss?

Just deduct the $78 commision I have made with WA from the $ 784 membership fee I have paid. Which equals = $78 – $784 = $708.


So per my calculation. I’m still at a loss of $708 which is pretty bad, isn’t it?



Are You Experiencing Something Similar?

I don’t know about Your Niche. But I’m sure You’re probably facing a similar challenge of not seeing any money coming Your way.


“But Don’t Get Me Wrong”

This is not a problem with members of Wealthy Affiliate alone. It’s a global challenge. In fact, over 90% of all Affiliate marketers do fail to see success.


Here Is What Helped Me & Will Surely Help You As Well..!

There are some success secrets you don’t know

So What if I showed You this Secret Program that ONLY a few people know. They will teach You a secret tactic that has worked for me and I think will do for You as well.

I discovered this program when I was reading an article written by a member of Wealthy Affiliate. How they have helped him personally. So I gave it a try and I’m glad I did.


“They are helping thousands out there” And You can be one of them.




Still Struggling to Make Sales? This Funnel Change Everything For You..!






As I said don’t get me wrong I’m saying You should leave Wealthy Affiliate.


But rather, this program is going to help You make some money REAL quick, So You can easily pay for Your WA membership and then focus on Your building Your long lasting business with Wealthy Affiliate.


The good news is that it is FREE to get started. And they can help You make some REAL Quick & Big money easily.


NOTE: They gave me this eBook, which was a REAL “eye-opener” for me. It cost ONLY $7.95, however, if You cannot afford it just leave it and go for their FREE Training.


They Will Help You. Don’t Wait..!


⇒ You Can Access them Here Now ..!


What If You’re Not A “WA” Member?

Perhaps You’re reading this post but You’re not a member of Wealthy Affiliate. Well, this program is going to help You as well to have a REAL taste of what it means to make some money online.

Maybe You’re also still struggling like many of us used to do. Perhaps You have tried all the different methods out there with NO success & hope.


It’s No Fun To Work Your A$$ Off And Make Little Or Nothing For Your Time And Effort… Is It?


If you’re still struggling…

Be rest assured that you’re going to see what REAL success means with this program. You can’t fail with them because they do absolutely all the work for You to make some residual income.


You Can Access this Secret Program Here Now..! It’s FREE To Get Started!!


Your comments and feedback about this post are warmly WELCOMED. Also if You have any question, You can feel FREE to leave it below.


To Your Success,




6 thoughts on “Still Struggling To Make Money? Let Me Show You A Simple Secret”

  1. I have actually gotten two premium referrals and 12 starter l time but the premiums seem to quit after one month.

    Do you think it is the quality of the people I am marketing to? I feel like they are relying on a quick fix and I want to turn them the other way because I feel like it is not mutually beneficial for both of us. Even if I get a Referal commission from it.

    Thanks for sharing an honest result of this program.


    1. Hi Jesie,

      Thanks for leaving Your comment here. Yes, I think it’s the quality of people You had. Most people want get-rich quick, and because wealthy Affiliate is not a get reach-quick-scheme, they come and within some few days or months they quit.

      As I said in this article, Wealthy Affiliate is one of the Best Online Training Platforms out there, however, the conversion rate here a bit low, especially if You’re in the make money niche like mine and promoting Wealthy Affiliate using the Bootcamp Training.

      So if You’re still struggling to make sales then You can try the the program I’m recommending to You. They will help You make sales quickly so You can pay g\for Your WA membership and continue building Your full time income here.

      All the best,


  2. Indeed it’s true that sometimes it’s disappointing when one has put all the effort in building an online business and nothing is happening. As you say, if I also count the months I’ve paid for my monthly subscription versus what I have earned it’s gonna sound like am a looser.

    At the same time I like the assistance, lessons and training videos in WA and that has really measured up to what I’ve paid. If I was taking these lessons from a formal University I would have paid far much more than that.

    I would like to try out this secret program you have shared but I wonder how practical is it?

    Wishing you the best.


    1. Hello Paul,

      Thanks for your comments. You’re definitely right, the support and the Training we receive from Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate is surely worth it. As I always say, Wealthy Affiliate is and will continue to be one of the best Online Training Platforms anyone can join.

      The ONLY problem is the conversion rate. If You have patience You will surely succeed. It is just that some of us, looking at out currency rate, paying the $49 a per month isn’t easy at all. And when You consider this amount and the fact that You have pay it monthly without making some income to replace it, it becomes s BIG issue for us.

      Because my currency is ‎GH₵ 4.4  = $1, I always have to do conversion, which make is difficult to pay for my membership here. So I felt is there other members here also going through the same problems, this program I’m recommending will help them make some money quick so they can easily pay for their membership and continue with their long term business here.

      To your success,


  3. Yeah. Me too facing the same problem. The conversion rate is too low. Thanks for the secret program. I signed in the program. I going to do the 12-day program.
    I can also see a dream car program inside. Let me try this and reach you. Thanks for sharing this and helping me.

    1. You’re right friend,

      The conversion rate is very low. I don’t really know why people come to the community and refuse to continue with the Training. They don’t even file up their profile. My concern is however that we are still paying the $49 which is not an easy thing at all. making this payment monthly and not seeing any result is very bad.

      I’m glad You found the program I’m talking about. They will greatly help You. They have a lot of Tactics that makes it highly impossible for You to fail.

      If You carefully follow the instructions given by them Yo’re going to make some money very soon.

      Your success,


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