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Well, if you were ever asked, what is the best keyword tool for free? What keyword would have come to your mind?

Well, Consider my brief reviews on Keyword Tools . There are many keyword tools that you can find on the the internet. Here is a list of some few of them that are commonly used for SEO’s, that is Search Engine Optimization.

  • Jaaxy

  • Google Keyword Planner. Google Keyword Planner is the best place to begin keyword research. …
  • KWFinder. …
  • Moz’s Keyword Explorer. …
  • Keyword Tool. …
  • SEMrush.

Now let me take you through my reviews on these keyword tools.


Well, when it comes to the best key word to use when writing a  page or a post for your new website then my recommendation is Jaaxy keyword tool.  I completely rely on Jaaxy for my keyword research. It is user friendly and easy to understand, with ACCURATE data reading. Jaaxy is an online application so you can use it on any PC or Mac computer because there is no software to download.


In my this Review, I recommend Jaaxy for its ease of use, speed


and data accuracy. although the others listed below can also serve well. I can say Jaaxy is the most ACCURATE keyword tool anyone can think of.

Jaaxy is a revolution in finding high traffic keywords with low competition for all type of online marketing.


The Jaaxy Keyword tool will find you highly desirable keywords to use that will connect with people in the Search Engines. By using data directly from Google, mashing it together with Jaaxy’s own proprietary data, Jaaxy delivers keyword results WITH SUPPER ACCURACY to such an extend that you have never seen before.

For people who rely on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)to drive traffic to their sites, Jaaxy is your dream tool. It could take you hours to find a single keyword like the one above, however Jaaxy finds it in seconds and returns hundreds of keywords like this for every search you do. With it user friendliness, I highly recommend Jaaxy for you online marketing business.



Read My Full Jaaxy Review Here

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is the best place to begin keyword research.

It’s designed for advertising, but you can use it to research organic keywords by customizing your results for one of your competitors.

Enter your product or service, your competitor’s landing page and product category. Customize your search for certain kinds of keywords.

Also with Keyword Planner, you can do the following:

  • Search for new keyword and ad group ideas
  • Get search volume for a list of keywords or group them into ad groups
  • Get traffic forecasts for a list of keywords
  • Multiply keyword lists to get new keyword ideas


You should pay attention to keyword ideas and ad group ideas, as both can help with SEO. Ad group ideas contain a set of related keywords that might not show up in general keyword ideas.


Google Keyword Planner                                                       Google Keyword Planner


Another keyword I would like to talk about is KWFinder, which is a long tail keyword research tool with a great interface. It shows you trend, search volume, CPC, and level of difficulty in results.

But if you click on an individual keyword, a second pane pops up showing its difficulty level (from one to a hundred) and the current Google search results:

KWFinder may also helps you dig into local keyword research – you can target your search results by city, state or country.


KWFinder                                                           KWFinder

Moz’s Keyword Explorer

The next keyword I would like to talk about is Keyword Explorer is a new tool by Moz that adds some extra dimensions to keyword research. In addition to Volume and Difficulty, Keyword Explorer offers:

  • Opportunity: Relative CTR of the organic results on a SERP
  • Importance: How critical the keyword is to your campaign
  • Potential: A combination of all keyword metrics to help you prioritize


Moz Keyword Explorer                                                  Moz Keyword Explorer

Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool is a great starting point for keyword data mining. The tool uses Google Autocomplete data to create its database of long tail keyword suggestions.

Anyone using Google’s Keyword Planner for keyword research would also have to use Keyword Tool. Since Keyword Planner is designed for advertisers, it won’t always show lucrative long-tail keywords that Keyword Tool manages to capture.

This tool is free for the first 800+ keyword suggestions; sign up for the pro version to see data such as search volume, CPC on AdWords, and competition. It also allows you to export your results to CSV.

Another cool feature of Keyword Tool is that it also helps you find long tail keywords for YouTube, Bing, Amazon, and the App Store.

Keyword Tool                                                             Keyword Tool


When it comes to keyword research, SEMrush is a one of the best topmost keyword tool  with an impressive list of features.

SEO and PPC research

Search for keywords that perform well on both Google and Bing. Gather in-depth information, including CPC, volume, trend, number of results and ad copies.

Find related keywords and phrase matches

Use the Full Search Report to find relevant alternative search queries for latent semantic indexing or alternative targeting.

SEMrush may analyze the common keywords found on the top 100 domains for a search term on Google and Bing. These related keywords come with synonyms and other suggested variations.

Use regional databases for international SEO

SEMrush also helps you adapt keywords to different international regions by offering 28 regional keyword databases. And if your website’s multilingual, the tool also has keyword research capabilities in 16 languages.

SEMrush Dashboard                                                   SEMrush Dashboard

Competitive analysis

You may also find the keywords your competitors are ranking for and estimate the value of these keywords based on several web performance indicators.

SEMrush also helps you dig into your competitor’s landing pages to brainstorm your own content optimization.

Use their Competitive Positioning Map and Organic Competitors Report to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your direct competitors’ SEO strategies.

All these are pretty good KEYWORD TOOLS. But above all as I have mentioned earlier on, my best and topmost recommendation is JAAXY.

All the best,


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  1. Hi SBotwe
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