The Top 10 Affiliate Programs – Join the Best Affiliate Programs Here

 What are the Top 10 Affiliate Programs to Join? Are You Wondering Which Affiliate Programs Stand Out As the Top Among All?

If You Are Searching for the top 10 affiliate programs, then I want to assure you the you have found the best place to really know which affiliate programs stand out as the topmost and best among all.


First of All What is Affiliate Network

Well, an Affiliate network or program is a platform that act as an intermediate between a publisher and a merchant or advertisers. In this case, the publisher is a person with a Website who create post, products reviews or blogs about affiliate products and then help visitors to his or her website to purchase the products they need and then get commission from it.


However, the merchant or the advertiser is the person who owes the products and whose products can be promoted by publishers using the publishers website.


Unlike Advertisers or Merchant who will have to pay some amount of money  to be able to join an Affiliate Network, for Publishers, its absolutely free to sign up and to start promoting products from any affiliate program or network.


But the BIG questions is, what are the best Affiliate programs to join. Now let me take you through the top 10 Affiliate Programs that pay very well.

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Here is my list of the top 10 affiliate programs that are well reputable, pay very well, which you can consider joining if you are a publisher or marketer who wants to advertise affiliate products on your website:


NOTE: Please note that the numbering below do not determine or indicate which one is the great or the best. In fact all the list bellow are among the top ten (10). I just gave the numbering according to my own preference.


So don’t think these numbers shows which one is the first and which one is the last in actual fact both are great Affiliate Programs to consider.


    1. Wealthy Affiliate

When it comes to affiliate programs, there is no other one to talk about than WealthyImage result for Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate. I mean there is NO way we can talk about affiliate programs without mentioning Wealthy Affiliate.



Why I Recommend Wealthy Affiliate

Well, Wealthy Affiliate is not just an Affiliate platform, but more than that. Why? you may ask. Well, Wealthy Affiliate is the only platform where you will be given step by step training video training on how to create your own Website, get traffic from your site and then make money out it, by generating you some income.


Watch the video below to see how you can make some income through the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

Of course, Wealthy Affiliate is more than an Affiliate Program. Why?  Well,  the truth is that  Wealthy Affiliate is the only platform where you will meet experienced community members who are ever ready to give you all the help needed  for you to be successful.


This includes 24/7 life chat with members within the community as shown below, given you the opportunity to seek any assistance you may need.


The most interesting part is that you can join the Wealthy Affiliate platform for free. No Credit Card Required. You can Click on this LINK  to have a look at the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. And if you are interested, you can join for free. For a full review on Wealthy Affiliate click on  this LINK



   2. Click Bank

In actual fact, click bank is not the NO.8 Affiliate Network, as my numbering may confuse you, but rather known to be one of the best and biggest  affiliate networks out there. Click bank is very huge with uncountable products which you can promote on your website.


Click Bank have been in the system for about 17 years. They focus much on digital information products. As I said earlier, Click bank is know to be one of the largest online retailers, with more than 6 million unique products which you can promote on your site.


  3. Rakuten Affiliate Network
Rakuten Affiliate Network Welcome Program

The third most popular Affiliate program that you can join is the Rakuten Affiliate, also known as LinkShare. They are known to be among the top 3 e-commerce companies in the world with more than 95,000 products from 38,500 advertisers (merchants) and over 18 million customers around the globe.


Like Amazon Associate, when you sign up with Rakuten Affiliate Network you also gain commission when people make purchase of a products through your website.


But the truth is that the commission you gain from Rakuten Network for a product bought by a visitor through your site is much more, compared to Amazon Associate. Only that with Amazon, you have numerous products you can promote on your website.

 Click Here to Join the Rakuten Affiliate Network

    4. C J Affiliate by Conversant

The fourth most popular and well paying Affiliate Program you can consider joining is the C J Affiliate formerly known as Commission Junction. By conversant, C J Affiliate is able to reach millions of consumers out there who are searching online through affiliate marketing network to buy a product.


These conversant companies include; Commission Junction, Greystripe, ValueClick Media, Mediaplex and Dotomi. C J Networks is also known to have a high commission rate with numerous of products that you can promote if you sign up to join them.

With more than 15 years of international experience, the C J Affiliate network have their offices located in seven different countries countries, which includes;  France, Germany, Ireland, UK, Spain and Sweden.


   5. Amazon Associates

Amazon is also one of the most popular and well reputable affiliate programs out there that anyone looking for the best affiliate program to join can consider. Why do I recommend Amazon associate.

For sure, Amazon is an Affiliate program that needs no introduction  due to their popularity. Its an American base electronic commerce found in Washington, Seattle.


In actual fact, Amazon is known to be the largest internet based retailer that is located in the United State. Amazon associate is known to have millions of products that you can promote on your website and then earn some commission from it.

Image result for amazon associate

Any as illustrated in the picture above, this is how the Amazon associates platform works, whenever a visitor to your website clicks on a products LINK to make purchase from Amazon, you get commission depending on the products the person bought and the commission rate for that particular products.


NOTE: Although you may not gain much commission from Amazon Associate for a product purchased through your website, they are know to have numerous products than any Affiliate program out there which you can promote on your website.

   6. eBay Partner NetworkImage result for ebay partner network

The eBay Partner Network is one of the online Affiliate Programs with thousands of products that you can promote on your website. eBay Partner has been on the internet for more than 20 years. They also provide first class tools, tracking and reporting.


NOTE: The eBay Partner network is also known to have a very high paying commission rate. And as I said, they have thousands of products that you can promote on your website.


  7. ShareAsale

Yes, we cannot talk about Affiliate Marketing Network without mentioning ShareAsale.Image result for shareasale This Affiliate Network or Program has been in the online marketing business for over 15 years now. And its one of the Affiliate Programs that I can strongly recommend for you.



They a considerable paying rate with thousands of products which you can promote on your website and get commission if anyone makes a purchase through your site.


Image result for viglink

   8. VigLink

VigLink is another Affiliate network out there that allows you to promotes millions of products through their network. But the questions is how does VigLink work?


watch the video below to see just how the VigLink Platform works.

Well, this is what VigLink  does, it identifies commercial products mentioned within content on your website and then  links them to destinations determined in real-time, advertiser-bid auctions.

 Why I Recommend VigLink

Through VigLink you can have access to promote products from popular affiliate such as Amazon, eBay or Click Bank who may not have approved you to join their platform because probably your website is new and have a very low traffic.


If you can also read a full review on the [VigLink Affiliate Program  Here].

⇒ You can join the VigLink Affiliate Program Here


    9. RevenueWireImage result for RevenueWire

Like Click Bank,RevenueWire is a global eCommerce platform specifically designed for companies who sell digital products online. Together with other industry leading-services such as affiliateWire. And they operate in over 120 countries.


   10. CyberLink Affiliate Program

Finally, the last but not the least is the CyberLink Affiliate Program. They are also known the have the Most Profitable IQ Option Affiliate Program. Up to $130 Per User.


Do I Recommend CyberLink Affiliate Program

well, my answer to that question is a BIG Yes.  Why? Well, read on to get my answer to that question.

Generate Revenues for your Website with CyberLink’s Affiliate Program.

If you’re looking for a chance to increase your revenue from your website traffic, then CyberLink Affiliate is worth your consideration.


Join the CyberLink Affiliate Program toady and increase your earning potential.! This program provides a cost-effective approach for website owners to generate more income while simultaneously avoiding the expenses of installing, maintaining, or upgrading software.


   Some Reasons Why I Recommend CyberLink:

  • You get a Commission Rates of up to 21%!
  • They have a Sturdy 45-day cookie lifetimes. (Which is very fantastic for earning)
  • Seasonal incentive programs that let you earn even more.
  • Monthly newsletters of the latest news & information to help you boost your earnings!
  • Reliable & accurate real-time earnings tracking & reporting provided by Commission Junction. Just put up our links and we’ll handle the rest.
  • Graphic banners, text links, and search links allow for maximum flexibility among all types of your diversified media.
  • CyberLink affiliate managers provide direct partner support.
  • World-reknown products like PowerDVD and Multiple Editors’ Choice Awarded (PC Magazine, Cnet, among others)PowerDirector are just some of our amazing products!


 ⇒ Sign Up Here to Join the CyberLInk Affiliate Program   Now


Do You Need Some Help With Affiliate Marketing?

Join My NO.1 recommended Affiliate Program as I indicated below and receive step by step video training on how to do the following:

Image result for Wealthy affiliate

  1. Plan and get rolling.
  2. Select  the niche you are passionate about
  3. Choose a Domain Name
  4. Build Your Own Website
  5. Se Up Your Website
  6. Get Your Website Ready for SEO (Such as Google Bing and Yahoo)
  7. Find Content Ideas From Keywords
  8. Understand Website Pages and Creating Your First 3.
  9. Create Quality Website Content
  10. Understanding How to Make Money Online.


I hope this post was helpful? Feel free to ask a question or you can leave your comment below.




4 thoughts on “The Top 10 Affiliate Programs – Join the Best Affiliate Programs Here”

  1. A bit surprised as to your rankings list, while interesting the placement of Amazon as #2, and Clickbank being very low on the list, I suppose it does not make any sense to me to compare WA to these very large affiliate networks. Don’t get it but thanks for the abundance of information on these other ones, I wasn’t sure I knew anything about.

    1. Thanks Andrews for alerting me. I will surely work on that. I will take a second look at your suggestion. But I did mention in the post that the numbering is not according to arrangement.

      Anyways thank you for sharing your view.

  2. Well written! As a member of Wealthy Affiliate I have to say this is one of the few businesses online that is worth anyone’s time. I’ve been meaning to break into the online business realm for awhile now and if it wasn’t for WA I wouldn’t have no idea where to start. I’ll look into amazon or eBay as well. I’ve heard nothing but good things with those companies as well. Nice article 🙂

    1. Hello Sade,

      Thanks a lot for your thought on this post. Surely anyone who have ever had any experience with Wealthy Affiliate knows that is the best platform ever to join. Especially if you are a new person and have no idea on how to start. The best place to start is Wealthy Affiliate

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