Top 10 Paying Survey Sites – Make Some Extra Cash($$) Here!

Top 10 Paying Survey Sites that can help you make some extra cash


You probably must have been  wondering as to whether online survey jobs are really legitimate and even been thinking if there still exist online survey jobs that really pay well. In this post, I’m going to list the Top 10 Paying Survey Sites that can really help you to make some extra cash while at home.

Well, that is the main reason why I decided to write this post to help all looking for a way to make some extra cash whiles at home or even work as part time in addition to their job to supplement their income.


So now let get the ball rolling …

But before I give you the list of the best online survey jobs that pay well, I want to address some common problems most people face when they want to sign up for an online survey job and how you can avoid this problem.


Some Common Problem Most People Face With Online Survey Jobs!

Maybe you may have encountered one of these major challenges before when trying to join or sign up for an online survey opportunity.

Well the truth is that most of these reputable online survey jobs are not available to all countries. Some are available to only some few countries.

Most often some countries like USA, Canada, UK and the rest. So you may

Don't Give Out Your Details To Survey Site If You Don't Feel Comfortable

try signing up and you may be denied access because their services are available to your country.

So if you’re denied access to a particular survey site just because it is not available in your country, just look for another alternative.

Which I will be given you a list of some best ones here which will fit you.

Also, most people don’t like given out some detailed information of their out. But you will realize that most of these online survey site may demand some detailed information from you.

So if you think you’re not comfortable given out some detailed information out just ignore such survey site that may demand such detailed info from you.


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NOTE: There some of these survey site that may online demand of your name, Email address which they will use to send you information and your perhaps your PayPal Email, if that is the means they pay their members.


So it  is pretty quite simple, there is nothing to fear at all.

And the third issue I want to talk about is that online surveys are FREE to join. Yes, even the best paying ones are absolutely FREE to sign up.

In fact there are some who may even offer you some FREE bonuses just by signing up to their survey site before you even do any work.

So carefully avoid any online survey offers that demands that you pay some money before joining. They can be potential scammers behind such offers.

Especially if they tell you that you can make up to $500 per day. It a real sign of Red Flag. You need to flee from such offers.

Now that we have seen the major problems and how we can avoid them, let get started with the list of Top 10 Paying Survey Sites that can help you make some extra cash.


List of Top 10 Online Paying Survey Sites!

Below are the list of the top most legitimate online paying survey site that can really help you make some extra cash at your own convenient time.

  • 1) SuperPayMe

Super Pay is one of the best paid study locales! They have a huge number of members on their site getting the money for out presently! They have been in presence since 2006.

They have numerous approaches to win money which incorporates taking overviews, attempting administrations and items. They permit universal members! You can be as youthful as 11 years of age to join too! They pay through PayPal, Payza, Skril and the rest.


  • 2)  Rewarding Ways

Rewarding Ways is another awesome paid study site. They always have evidence of payment prof displayed on the home page of their dashboard  of genuine individuals acquiring money!

They offer paid overviews worldwide however is most perceived by US. They will send you online reviews and paid messages. Messages that you get paid to peruse! In the event that you dynamic on their site, you will get paid messages day by day! They additionally pay through PayPal, Payza and Skril.


  • 3) Get-Paid

This is another magnificent site that have more than 65K Facebook likes. They likewise get a kick out of the chance to feature their best users! Get-Paid are web board master that have been around for a long time. This is accessible World Wide. You can get paid through PayPal, Donate Charity, gift vouchers, film vouchers, Star bucks gift vouchers, eatery gift vouchers and then some!


  • 4) SurveySavvy

SurveySavvy is another high paying study site that matches you with specific survey in light of your profile. You should be checking your Emails regularly to get notices when there is available surveys. They pay by means of check and you can get your money no matter the amount you earn.


  • 5) Offer Nation

Offer nation is a well known online Survey website that additionally pays money. You will be paid for each online study that you finish. You can get paid for perusing messages as well as experimenting with new items. Their base pay out is $2 and they pay by means of PayPal, check, prepaid card and Payza.


  • 6) Cash Crate

With over 1000,000 million  participants, Cash Crate is one of the most popular survey sites out there.They pay you cash for every survey you take and have the highest paying referral program.You can cash out with bank deposits, check or PayPal.


  • 7) Get Paid To

This is another international online survey site that pays you based on the task assigned to you and the number of points you get from performing such tasks. You can earn Cash Back just by shopping through them, taking Survey, watching videos, playing games, voucher codes and other paid task. They pay you either through PayPal or Gift Cards.


  • 8) InBox Dollars

A very decent online survey site that pays money by means of PayPal.  ONLY that you will have to reach their base pay out, which  is $20 before you can cash out. You can earn in different ways; taking surveys, shopping web based, perusing their paid messages and that’s only the tip of the iceberg!


  • 9) Prize Rebel

An incredible survey site that allows you to take survey and get paid. You can also take advantage of offers and do product evaluation to earn points in which you can redeem for gift cards or products on their reward section. You can cash out via PayPal. Sign up is free Get 85 Points For Joining.


  • 10) Swag-bucks

Get rewards such as, gift cards and credits to shop on the web and furthermore money. You can play out various assignments, for example, watch recordings, do online web look, do surveys and so on. You can shop on the web and earn points for gift vouchers, for example, amazon, Walmart or acquire FREE Uber rides!

Yes, these are my best recommendations if you’re looking for surveys that really pay their members. You will find real prove that shows that indeed these some legitimate Online Jobs passive income while at your own comfort home.


NOTE: I’m very well aware that there are tons of other online survey sites out there that you can take advantage of, but most of them aren’t legitimate. However, these are companies that I personally can recommend to  you without any issues of scam.


Some Tips To Keep In Mind When Deciding Which Survey Site To Sign Up For!

Here some few guidelines you can follow to help you avoid any issues of scam:

1. Never pay to sign up and take surveys or receive surveys. Legitimate survey sites are FREE to sign up
2. Always try to find their payment methods. If a site doesn’t disclose this, stay away!
3. If the minimum minimum cash out is more than $30 stay away. This will makes it difficult to reach in order to cash out and receive pay.
4.Check for testimonials are reviews. If the negative feed-backs out weigh the positive then you may want to avoid.
5. You can also research payment proof from site users. Some site will display other users and how much they earned or cashed out.
such as SuperPayMe.
6. Look for social media activity as well.If they are part of social media and have good following its a great way to see what others are posting and saying!

I hope this post will be helpful to all looking for some legitimate ways to make some passive income while at their own comfort home.


If you have any question or comment about this post please feel FREE and leave it in the comment  box below


My best wishes



8 thoughts on “Top 10 Paying Survey Sites – Make Some Extra Cash($$) Here!”

  1. Thanks for sharing, Stephen. Yes, doing surveys may not make you ‘tons of money’, but the way I look at it – it is a start and it does give you a sense of accomplishment, no matter how small.
    Great ideas.

    1. That is very true Michelle, online surveys do not really pay any much money. However, it is the best way you can get some little income and to spend your FREE time making some money. Instead of wasting your time watching movies and and on other no essential things

  2. Stephen,
    I’ve always heard of these survey sites, but wasn’t quite sure what it was. Your post clearly laid out what these sites do and how to chose a good survey site. That is good advice, not to give your money to enroll in these programs. If you are taking surveys you are benefiting the company and you should be compensated for it.

    1. Thanks Lisa, for letting me know that this post has proved helpful to you. Yes, these are some few survey sites that really pay their members real money.

      So any one looking for well online survey jobs is welcome to given any of them a try.

  3. Dear Stephen,

    Thanks for the post. I see lot of ads stating we can earn $100 per day Is those are real and are they really paying and can we earn? Please advice…

    Your Friend,

    1. Thanks for passing by Paul,

      Any online survey sites that claims that you can earn $100 per day is not real. The most you can make from ma survey site per day $50. Even that one it may depend on the number surveys you are able to do and how much you are paid.

      So such claims that you can make $100 per day is Red Flag, you need to be careful of such offers since most of them are real scams.

      If you really need legitimate paying surveys then the list above should be your guide.

      1. Dear Stephen,

        Thanks for the great advice. Yes I do agree and thanks for the legit survey sites list. Really helpful. Wishing you great success. All the very best!

        Your Friend,

        1. Yes, Paul, although you will not really make that much from these survey sites, I think they are the best and most legitimate that I can recommend to anyone looking for online surveys.

          All the best here.

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