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Are You Looking for the Most Top Paying Jobs Online?

Of course there many many paying jobs that can be found ONLINE. But the topmost paying job you can find on the in the internet is to join an Affiliate Program.


It is sad to say that many people have taken advantage of the internet, because people are always searching ONLINE for jobs, many use this as an opportunity to Scam innocent ones ONLINE. Scammers make it difficult for people to believe that there are Legitimate ONLINE jobs.


But the truth is that, while there are SCAMMERS out there, there also LEGITIMATE Jobs ONLINE. I mean you can find highly recommended top paying jobs ONLINE. You can even learn how to build your own Business website for FREE and start making many from it. If you are interested in building your own ONLINE Business then check this My #1 recommended Affiliate Program.

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Now let come back to business. I’m going to show you a list of top paying ONLINE Jobs that you can join to start doing to make some  money online.


  • Being A SEO SpecialistImage result for working as a SEO Specialist

(SEO), which stands for Search Engine Optimization is a form of writing that helps websites become more visible to major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo for a particular set of keywords.  SEO writing is  a very CLASSIC career field that is in high demand these days thanks to so many businesses and individuals longing to reach an online audience.

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The question is why would website owners need you as their SEO writer?


Well the fact is that a  highly visible website with good content appears on the first few pages of results when someone searches for that topic. Those websites, in turn, get a tremendous boost in traffic from search engine users. That makes writing for SEO very worthwhile for websites seeking an audience.

So in short, SEO is crucial for anyone looking to bring high traffic to their website but the whole concept can be confusing and tedious to most people so they seek help from SEO writers and that is where website owners will need your help.


If you know the tricks  Google’s ranking system together with how to search for industry specific keywords, develop keyword-rich quality content for the web and create back-links, then you have a valuable skill that can earn you some income ONLINE. Don’t waste it.

If you don’t know much about SEO, you can learn to  boost your skill to become perfect in SEO writing. You can also  learn these skills by reading guides, online materials and watching videos online.You can check this LINK for more knowledge on how to be a SEO specialist.

The  truth is that a SEO specialist can expect to make over $30,500 – $75,000 in a  year.


Becoming a Freelance Writer

Who is a Freelance Writer?Image result for working as a freelancer

A freelance writer is someone who writes without belonging to any single company or entity but acts like a small business or an independent contractor. They can work for just one magazine or, more often, they write for several different publications at a time. The more diverse a writer can be, the more likely they are to be published and paid for their work.

The Benefits

The truth is, being freelance does require a certain amount of self-reliance, the reason? – well, there’s no regular, monthly salary, sick or holiday pay to fall back on – so it’s not for everyone. However, for any writer brave enough to become freelance the benefits are enormous. They include the following:

  • A freelance writer is not bound to  the daily 9 to 5 working hours, as they are able to choose their own hours.
  • A freelance writer can take holidays without having to work around colleagues
  • can choose how many hours they’d like to work so, they can work for 5, 20 or 40 hours a week
  • They also have the freedom to choose who they work for. So, if they want to, freelance writers can only write about dog training, cats, knitting, backpacking etc
  • do not have to engage in a daily commute as most freelance writers use a room in their home as an office
  • They also, can tailor their work environment to their own needs with daylight simulation bulbs, ergonomic furniture etc, that would probably not be available in a traditional office
  • There is no pressure on you as you work as a Freelancer. You work at your own pace.

Freelance writing is a popular online job that allows you to work-from-home writing blog posts, journalistic articles and other digital content for a variety of clients. Almost every industry and niche needs freelance writers whether they require articles about travel, business, personal finance, fitness, health, parenting and so on.


Some freelance writers charge by the hour but it’s best to charge a flat rate per post or assignment. When you’re just starting out, you can expect to make around  $15 to $25 per post, but as you gain more experience and network with other clients and businesses you can make even  more money. Most successful freelance writers are able to  make at least $50 to $100 per post/assignment or blog writing.Some are able to  make even more than that.


So the truth is, you can be a full time freelance writer for your income. All depends on you and how you write. If you are interested in learning how to become a freelance writer, Check here my NO.1 recommended program.


Becoming A Public Relations SpecialistImage result for working as a Public Relations Specialist

If you are the type who love marketing, social media and working with the press, you can try working from home as a PR specialist. The truth is that with this,you will need some  experience in communications, journalism or public relations and your may include drafting and pitching press releases, managing and improving social media profiles, being able to  come up with a communications plan for clients, and also securing and planning campaigns and events to promote the business and other related tasks.


Most Public relations specialists are also media experts and this could be a fun and fulfilling job for the right creative person. What make this type of work interesting is that there is  video meeting programs like Skype and Google Hangout, also  all of the work and correspondence with the client can be done digitally making this a very profitable online job.


The fact is that people who are Public Relations specialists can expect to earn around $40,000 to $98,000 depending on your experience and the clients you work for.


Working As A Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are a growing need for businesses today. A virtual assistant does all the work, which include; managing websites and social media, also, reading and responding to emails, scheduling blog posts,  scheduling meetings, bookkeeping, booking flights, other administrative tasks and many more more…….

Image result for working as a Virtual Assistant


Of course, the broad range of responsibilities  of a VA makes the job interesting very and exciting. However, in order to become a Virtual Assistance, you’ll need basic computer knowledge and typing skills, organizational skills and the ability to catch on to new tasks and techniques quickly. Compensation ranges from $12.00 per hour on the low end to about  $40.00 per hour on the high end for those with much experience.


Working As a Graphic Designer

The web design industry is increasingly growing nowadays. Businesses and professionals are always on the alert, either to update their current website or establish a web presence for the first time. And even now that Google has changed their algorithm to favor only mobile-friendly website designs, more and more businesses  are on the urge  to redesign their website to meet these standards, that is to become more and more mobile friendly.

Related image

If you have knowledge of Photoshop and can create custom graphics, you could advertise your graphic design services online and work from the comfort of your own home. As a graphic designer, you can expect to make around   $30,00 – $65,00 per year or more depending on who you work for.


Working As A Transcriber

What Is A Transcription Service?

A transcription service in  a business is a person who converts speech (either live or recorded) into a written or electronic text document. Transcription services are often provided for business, legal, or medical purposes.

And so a transcriber is someone who writes down what someone else isRelated image saying. In court, there’s always a transcriber who makes a record of the testimony. If you write down everything someone says, you’re transcribing their words. Someone who does this as a job — or for another reason — is a transcriber.


If you can type very fast then  you may do well as a transcriptionist. The work of a transcriptionist is basically to types out conversations, audio and video recordings, podcast episodes, interviews and other types of audio for people to read. As a transcriber, your main task  is to create clear sentences and paragraphs from the audio for people to read.

To be successful as a transcriptionist, you must be able to absorb the audio in a timely manner and type as quick as you can  to create clear, organized and readable content. On the average, transcriptionists can  make about  $25 per hour. A good ONLINE job to consider indeed.


Working As A Travel AgentImage result for working as a A Travel Agent

Trying to work as a self-employed travel agent is another fine opportunity for you  to earn great income  while helping others plan their travel adventures. Travel agents take over the entire planning and preparation process for clients including finding and booking the best flights and accommodations, recommending excursions and arranging an itinerary, helping the client secure the proper amount of travel insurance and working hard to  resolve any issues that may occur when planning the trip.


The most interesting part is that  many people want to travel but do not know how to go about booking a flight, weighing luggage or organizing an itinerary for a safe and stress-free trip and that is where your job comes in.


As a work-from-home travel agent, you may want to undergo some industry specific training and partner with a legitimate agency to be a able gain a good reputation and  to increase your chances of getting more clients. As a travel agents you can expect to  make somewhere around  $28,000 to $55,000 per year.

You Can Work As An Affiliate MarketerImage result for working as a An Affiliate Marketer

The final ONLINE job I will strongly recommend to you is working as an Affiliate marketer. In this case you become your own boss ONLINE. I mean you work for yourself in a relaxed setting, not for anyone.

Now Let Dig Deeper Into Affiliate Marketing……

What is Affiliate Marketing? And What will you gain from it? Let see the answers to those questions.

Well, Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing wherein you refer someone to any online product and when that person buys the product based on your recommendation, you receive a commission.


It can also be defined as a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website (known as the publisher) for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.

That said, let me take you through thoroughly what is involved in being an Affiliate marketer and  how you can make money as an  as a publisher.

Well as defined above to become an affiliate marketer, you first need to create your own website. create quality content on your website that will be of help to anyone who visits your site. That is essential because you need traffic (that is people must be visiting your website) on your website. And this traffic is what will generate the money for you. But the fact is getting ranked in Search Engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo requires that you learn  create quality content on your website. 


Once you have traffic (that is visitors or consumers) on your website, you can now join an affiliate program and begin to  begin to promote their products on your website. Some popular affiliate programs include Amazon, eBay, Click Bank ShareSale, LinkShare, VigLink and many more …..

Image result for working as a An Affiliate Marketer


If  you are new to internet marketing and have no idea on how to start, then I strongly recommend that you Join my NO.1 Affiliate platform for FREE. No Credit Card required. you will be given ONE-ON-ONE tutorials on how to create your own two FREE website, learn how to create quality content, promote affiliate programs, and make money out of it.  


If you have any question or comment just feel FREE to leave them below.





16 thoughts on “Top Paying Online Jobs-Find The Best Online Jobs Here”

  1. Some great recommendations here! Funny thing is I’ve attempted a few of these niches like content writer and travel agent – such hard work with not much pay off so I’m especially interested in your top recommendation – I’d love to get more into affiliate marketing to create a passive income while I sleep… ~!

    1. Hello Karsha,

      Thanks for your comment on this post and I’m glad you have some knowledge about some of these online jobs, you have not just some knowledge but also an experience with them, since you have tried them and know exactly how they work.

      And it is also good to hear that you have experienced affiliate marketing yourself and know just how it works. Thanks for letting all know that indeed a person can indeed make some money with Affiliate Marketing. As you read, I always recommend it to all interested in making success online. And as you read, the best place where they can do this is by trying Wealthy Affiliate my NO.1 recommended platform where they can receive step by step training for free.

  2. These are some fantastic ideas for making money from home. I am really keen to get into affiliate marketing but not really sure where to start. I will check out your recommended product and hopefully can make something out of this.

    I have tried previously to get work as a freelance writer with little success. Do you have any tips for getting noticed more online?

    1. Hello Craig,
      First of all I want to say thank you so much for leaving your comment on this post. For sure as you read, there are several ways by which one can make money online. And there are many jobs out there online, such as the freelancing you mentioned and many.

      But among all, I also have much interest in Affiliate Marketing. But for you to be able to succeed as an Affiliate Marketer, you need training and help and the Best place you can receive step by step training is the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. My No.1 Recommended Affiliate Platform where you will receive all that is needed to succeed online as an Affiliate Marketer.Plus the wonderful 24/7 live chat with experience members within this great community who are ever ready to help you out anytime you need their help.

      As for your question. If you need tips about online jobs, I can readily provide you with the tips you need, will like to send you a private Email, so please leave your Email below so that I can contact you and send you the tips you need.

  3. Hi great post and very well written. I didn’t know there were so many jobs you can do online which pay really well. If you like being online a lot then maybe one of these jobs could be for you. I like the SEO specialist job. You can earn good income if you know all about Goohles secrets.

    1. Hello Harijit,

      I Thanks for passing by and for dropping your comment on this post. Yes, as you saw in my post, there are may legitimate online jobs that one can consider doing and which will fetch him or her some money, some regular income which you can rely on.

      You mentioned that you will personally love to be a SEO specialist and that is great, in fact that  can fetch you some considerable income online, while at home. But the fact is that it really depend on each individual and what you’re good at, and how much you earn highly depends on how much time you’re willing to sacrifice and also the quality of your work count as well.

      As for me, I will personally recommend Affiliate marketing for all who are really interested in making some regular and reliable income online from home. And when it comes to Affiliate marketing, my NO.1 recommendation is that you join Wealthy Affiliate, the only platform where you’ll receive step by step training on how to succeed with your business, coupled with the many experienced community members who are ever ready to assist you to achieve your dreams.

  4. I remember applying for one of those job few years ago and they didn’t respond to my application. I gave them my contact details and they never get back to me. I believe that some of them are scam. The only one I trust is the affiliate program and the best of them is Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Hello Emeolu,

      Sorry to hear that experience, indeed there many online jobs that are scams, but the truth is that there also legitimate ones out there that you can benefit from.

      And among the list I provided, you can always find Legitimate ones, though dishonest ones are also out there looking for ways to steal your money. My advise is that, before you accept any online offer do your thorough research, look for reviews on the offer, if most of the review are positive then probably you have a good job to start with, 

      Watch out, especially for offers that look too good to be true, most of these are scams. 

  5. Hi There!
    I have always wanted to work online and I am always looking for opportunities to stay at home with my kids!
    Great read! I really didn’t know that there was so many jobs like these out there!
    I think that affiliate marketing has always been an interest for me just never know where to start! Thanks for giving me some direction!

    1. Hi Hailey,

      Thanks for sharing your comment, for sure you can always try any of the jobs I listed in my review. And you will surely start earning some income if you do. Provided that you have some little computer knowledge, can read and write well.

  6. Hi Stephen,

    Your suggestions are very helpful for online business and to earn money online. I really like the idea of becoming a PR specialist. I’ve completed my Master’s degree in communication and journalism, so that’s an interesting option.

    These days a lot of people depend on online jobs to earn full time income. But due to a large amount of scams out there, even the most credible ones find it difficult to get the clients. This article helps people to pursue the online job in the right way.

    Thanks for sharing all these info.

    1. Hello Sethu,

      Thanks for letting me know that my post was very informative, Indeed you can always find legitimate jobs on the internet that pay very well, which you can depend for your income. It all depends on your effort and the offer you get.

      My little advise is that always make sure you do your thorough research on any offer you are given to make sure that it is something Legitimate before you go in for the offer.

      And you can do this by reading more reviews on the offer you are given.

  7. Hi! I have always wanted to work online!
    Really glad I found your article because you have so many jobs that I didn’t even know existed!
    After reading, I think affiliate marketing fits me the most and I should really consider getting it.
    I have joined your recommendation and really excited!

    1. Hello friend, 

      thanks for visiting my site and letting me that my post was helpful. And thanks also for joining my recommended affiliate program. affiliate 

  8. Hi Stephen, I really like the idea of being an SEO specialist. I have used Jaaxy before and it is a great tool to find low competition keywords. I also like writing and I think that I could write good SEO articles. Have you any idea on how to get started?

    1. Hello,

      Thanks for your comment man, if you want to know how to start as a SEO check here for my recommended affiliate program where you will be given one-on-one tutorials on how to begin everything. You don’t need any experience to start.

      Its absolutely FREE, NO Credit Card required. Check it below

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