Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday – Get A Whopping Discount 49% Off Now(+My Bonuses)

The Best Black Friday Deal Ever!


There it is my friend, the best online Black Friday Deal you could ever have in 2018, that will work out to change the course of your entire future, forever.


For as far less than the cost of coffee from your local Starbucks or Costa, you have the opportunity today to grab hold of something so powerful, that it literally blows off every other BF offer, right out of the water!


YES, this is far more superior than any cash-saving treats for yourself or even Christmas gifts for family and friends from Macy’s. 😛 


This special deal you’re discovering today will be the greatest and wisest investment you have ever made, and will ever make on the internet during your lifetime. I mean it & trust me. 


On this page, you will discover why the offer will such incredible life-changing experience for you, like no other!


You work your tail off all year round for a salary, so you want to invest some of that hard-earned cash into something pretty spectacular, that saves you money in the month of November, right?


Who doesn’t? 


What if I told you there is a way you could take advantage of a dirt-cheap offer going down this year in 2018, that will “make your money work for you”…


Instead of working for money, just like your family friends, work colleagues and the rest of the world.


Doe this sound confusing or impossible for you? 


Well, then let me explain myself.


Wealthy Affiliate’s Cheapest Cost, Ever!

From browsing my website, you may be fortunate enough to have crossed paths with Wealthy Affiliate… OR perhaps someone recommended to you this awesome business building community.


Only one of the biggest, best, most active, helpful and resourceful online training platform’s in the digital world. Period!


So, no BIG deal! 😎


WA allows people just like you to build thriving online businesses from their hobbies and passions!


Absolutely ANYONE can build a lucrative passive & recurring income from “Ground Zero”. I certainly did it, and you can too!


Everything you need to build a “profit-making” Affiliate Marketing business from scratch is thrown into the mix at Wealthy Affiliate.


Below are the benefits you receive as a Premium member:

  • Access to a Unique WordPress Express -30 seconds website builder
    Wealthy Affiliate Gives You Amazing Tool Kit
      Build Your Website Here In 30 Seconds
  • Keyword & Competition Research Tool
  • Low Competition, Keyword Lists – Free Bonus
  • An Unlimited Cloud Hosting – Up to 50 Websites For Premium Members
  • Buy domains via WA’s New domains platform
  • You have access to over 2,400 FREE Website Templates/Themes
  • You have the ability to add over 40,000 different plugins to your website
  • Above all, You Get Access to Our Rapid Writer, your content “platform”
  • Over 1,000,000+ FREE images for your site content
  • Access to the wonderful SEO Optimized Site comment platform(You also get “Cash Credit” For Commenting)
  • Step by step video Tutorial Training
  • Weekly Live Classes for Premium members. You’re part!
  • One-On-One Mentoring
  • Personal & Private Access to me, Stephen (WA username: SBotwe).



In light of the Black Friday Celebration, You Could Become Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate for an extremely low cost of ONLY $299 per year.

  • The cost works out at ONLY 0.82 per day. An approximately equal the cost of a candy bar!
  • The deal means you’re paying ONLY $24.91 per month for premium membership(Normally $49/month =$588/year, If non-annual $359 member). Much cheaper than your Aunt Maybel’s posh hair-do!
  • That means you get a whopping discount 49% as a special BF member – Holy smokes!


The real question is, are you really serious about building a genuine business online? If Your answer is YES, then Click on the Banner below to get your WA deal now..!



Online Success Does Not Happen Quickly(I Will Not Lie to You)


A lot of new internet marketers make the fatal error of assuming that success and money from the internet will develop quickly for them!


This is a myth because it doesn’t happen overnight or even in a few weeks after starting.


I have never experienced fast result and neither will you. Any truthful & successful online marketer will tell you this simple but profound truth.


Sorry to burst your bubble but that is the hard truth, as I said, I can’t lie to you. Period!


You need to give yourself adequate time to succeed with your online business.


You will begin to see the REAL result within 3 to 6 months. And the potential to earn an awesome full-time income after 12 to 18 months.


NOTE: I know a guy who came to the WA community and within a year was making $4,500+ from just one of his Affiliate website.


“One whole year – a year and a half” of consistent hard work on your Affiliate website top become financially FREE, is such a tiny price to pay to live comfortably for the rest of your life.


Wouldn’t you agree? Huh!


If you really want success with WA and excel with your online business, you must be willing to exceed the 3 Ps:

  1. Patience
  2. Persistence
  3. Positivity


Your Online Success Is Cumulative.


So the hard grind you invest into your business from today to the end of December 2018, and throughout most of 2019 will pay off for you in the long-term.


So, tell me, what would success and financial freedom mean for you and your family?


The taught of it excite you, isn’t it?


With hard work, it is 100% possible for you to achieve this!



Want Some Proof of WA’ERS Crushing It?…

Okay, so if what I have discussed “doesn’t impress you much” like Shania Twain’s song, then maybe this ironclad success proof from a handful of WA members, will!


First, we have Eddy Salomon, who join the WA family in 2007 and is now an umber successful Affiliate Marketer in the online world. In August 2018, he made a whopping $10K!

WA Supper Affiliate & Most Successful Members!



Next up is Nathaniell, also a long-standing and financial independent WA member. he has been with the community since 20010 and is making a lot of success with his website. Just one blog from his website makes him $300+ every month!

WA Supper Affiliate & Most Successful Members!


Then comes Eric, another highly successful and pre-historic member of WA clan, lol. He qualifies for almost every “WA’s free annual  Las Vegas trip(AKA Super Affiliate Conference). He made it again this year and has been invited by Kyle,(Co-founder of the WA community) 

WA Supper Affiliate & Most Successful Members!

If you want to know HOW you can qualify for an all-expenses-paid 4 days trip to Las Vegas each year and hang out with top Supper Affiliate like Eddy, Eric & Nathaniell, to name a few … 

I Recommend You 👇👇👇


⇒   Check Here For  Kyle’s Own Blog On How You Can Qualify Once You’re Inside WA ↵


So, What About the Little Guys?

The super good news is that there are literally TONS of success stories from other WA  peeps who have worked their socks off for at least a good year or two and are edging towards “financial freedom.”


Just look at some few of them here…!!

WA Community Members & their Success! WA Community Members & their Success!


Take it from me, these stories are just a tip of the iceberg!


These folks all started WA with zero experience, if they can create a successful online business, then you can too, buddy!


4 FREE WA Black Friday Bonuses!

First of all, note this, that when you do take advantage of this amazing WA deal, Kyle & Carson(the WA Co-founders) will be sending You four, YES 4, exclusive and awesome bonuses your way. This is a special pack for YOU!


However, I have been told not to reveal the full details of top secrets amazing life changing bonuses.


But I’m gonna give You an idea of the bonuses that you will get from the dudes. But SHH, promise me you won’t tell Kyle & Carson, Yeah?:-) 


  1. Bonus #1: The 7 factor “Secrets Sauce”, (Live Class Hosted by Kyle himself).
  2. Bonus #2: The 7 Factor Secret Sauce, The White Paper.
  3. Bonus #3: Creating a Lucrative Niche Website in 2019(5 Weeks of Live Training)
  4. Bonus #4: Early Beta Access to Yearly Members


When it comes to the 4th Bonus, the “Beta Access” – As a brand new WA Black Friday member, you will get a special insider look into WA’s newly-released rollouts and platforms before they are even introduced to the “non-Black Friday” members.




In all, I have 2 words for you, Mind & Blowing!!


So, instead of doing the norm with the sheep heard this year and wasting money on the latest high-tech products, that will not financially benefit you…


I highly recommend you invest in the WA online business training platform and community because this could mean a change in your future and life forever! But, ONLY if you work your socks off.


It is time to unleash the online Entrepreneur who lies dominant inside of You!


So, “whacha” waiting for, young grasshopper?…


⇒  Grab Access To WA’s Black Friday Offer Now   ↵


I look forward to helping you personally, and I wish You huge success with Your internet business venture.


Your friend, Stephen! 🙂 


If You have any questions, comments or feedback, just feel FREE and drop it below. I will get back to you sooner. 


8 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday – Get A Whopping Discount 49% Off Now(+My Bonuses)”

  1. Stephen, my friend! You wrote a lively, conversational and fascinating review. This review, an invitation to Wealthy Affiliate does not need additions and explanations. You have so fully described the possibilities for an ordinary person to build a successful business. 

    You truly write that it will require perseverance, patience and a time length of about one year.This time will fly interesting because a person learns new things. Good thing that you called the names of successful marketers and showed the size of earnings. Just yesterday I was asked about such examples. I will mark your review with a bookmark asterisk and will use it as a compelling reference. 

    I will add in this discussion that my life has changed. Life has become more interesting, every day is a pleasure. 

    Tomorrow is Black Friday.Thanks for the topic. Mark

    1. That is very true, Mark,

      Success online doesn’t come in just one day. but with persistence, patience and perseverance, you will surely get there.

      I just got an alert from Payoneer yesterday of an Affiliate Commission (an amount of $640) I made yesterday for a product I’m promoting. So, indeed patience pays off with time. And it shows how the training we receive here at Wealthy Affiliate really works.

      You can find a shot I took of the commission here on my Main Wealthy Affiliate Review Page.

      Just Click Here To Check It And See It For Yourself

      My best wishes to you and all my readers,


  2. This deal blows me away!  I totally agree with you Stephen, there really is NO better deal out there if you want to have a sustainable online business.

    Stoked to see you mention Eddy and Nathaniell as well.  They are both incredible mentors and solid, ethical business men and they are just a few examples of the tremendous support available to anyone beginning to expert!

    Fun fact: I actually found Nathaniell’s blog years before I started my own business and I was in awe when I discovered he started on the same platform I finally landed on.

    Readers, heed Stephens words and grab this deal!  Don’t take my word for it..you can peek in on the action for free!

    Blessings on you and yours Stephen and I’m giving thanks to you for spreading the good word! 

    1. Hey Fyre,

      I went yearly last year and it was just fantastic. Looking at all the benefits I’m enjoying my my success up till now, I can say this is the best deal ever. I’m surely going to take advantage of it this year as well as I don’t want to be paying monthly membership.

      You’re right, Nathanielle is one of the Supper Affiliate Gurus here, he is really making a lot from his business here as he has been here for quite some time now.

      I know anyone who is serious about creating a successful business online wouldn’t miss this special deal.

      My best wishes to you, friend,


  3. Hello! That is huge savings especially for Black Friday. Every time I see a deal, I go for it. Why not pay extra money now to save for later? That’s how I see it for all deals that I buy. I love Black Friday. Thanks for sharing this awesome deal. I’ll have to look for it on the site.

    1. Yeah Rachel,

      That would have been a very wise decision on your part, for taking advantage of this special deal from Wealthy Affiliate.

      So, don’t let it go, as you will ONLY see this again the next year. 

      Wishing you all the best,


  4. This isn’t my first encounter with the Wealthy Affiliate platform – I have had my eye on their training for a couple of months now but I wasn’t sure I could afford their premium level education…

    So I’m really pumped to read this review! 

    I can’t believe they’ve dropped the price so drastically for this marketing training setup – do they still include all the tools and the website builder within this reduced price?

    1. Yeah Chris,

      This Deal is the best out there you can get for yearly package on any training platform. I’m glad you found this offer, I surely hope it will go a long way to benefit you a lot if you take advantage of this special deal

      You’re going create very secured and a successful future for yourself here.

      So, let’s help you get stared now.


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