What is a Payoneer Account? Get $25 Per Referral

So, What is a Payoneer Account?







You probably may have heard about Payoneer and you may even have asked yourself these questions, What is a Payoneer account? is Payoneer safe? Well, in this Payoneer review, I’m going to show you  what Payoneer is all about and how you can create Payoneer account.


Overview of Payoneer

Product: Payoneer

Price: Free to Sign Up.[Sign Up Here & Get Your $25 Bonus]

Website: www.payoneer.com

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Verdict: A Very Legitimate Program to join.


So, What is a Payoneer Account?

Quoting direct from Wikipedia, Payoneer as the name implies,  is an international financial services company that provides online money transfer and digital payment services.

So with your Payoneer account,  you can send and receive funds (money) into your bank account, Payoneer e-wallet, or into a re-loadable prepaid account – that can be used online or at points-of-sale to make payment or purchase anything you want online.

Using your Payoneer account, you’re able to  send and receive money from other Payoneer account holders, in addition to that, you can also make purchases within the limit of the your available funds left on your Payoneer account.

You can also use your Payoneer account to get your payment from any Affiliate network or Merchant you’re affiliated to  –  especially if you leave in a country wherePayPal  is not available.


A Summery of What You Can Use Your Payoneer Account For

  • You Can use it for online purchase of goods or anything.
  • You Can get payment from your Affiliate program into your local bank account.
  • You Can also send and receive money from other Payoneer customers.
  • You Can also use Payoneer – to pay your contractors, suppliers or service providers- for FREE
  • You’re rewarded a bonus of $25  per referral, if your referral loads their card with $1000
  • You’re not charged any interest for using your Payoneer  account for online purchases


Comparing Payoneer to other International Money Transfer companies out there – which lends you credit and charge you later base on their interest, you can clearly see the difference that Payoneer stands out as the best among them.


I recommend you watch this video if you haven’t already watch it on YouTube, if You Have Already Watched It then let move on with is review.


In addition to that, I will say having a Payoneer account is the best payment solution that allows you to send and receive payments from your Affiliate  Merchants or Affiliate Networks, such as; Amazon, eBay, Linkshare (Rakuten), Click Bank, Affiliate Windows, ShareSale, C. J Affiliate and many more…


Sign Up & Earn $25 Per Referral – Bonus!

Also being a member of Payoneer, you can earn some decent money from home. But how? You may ask. Well, you can do this just by referring friends and visitors to your blog or website to also create and activate their own account  Payoneer.

So it becomes a win – win for you. You’re receiving  your affiliate commission payment from your Merchant through them whiles making money money by referring others to join this Affiliate program.

By referring others to join Payoneer, you’re both rewarded with $25 affiliate commission, which I call it bonus for you, why because you did not do any hard work and yet you earn some commission

This is pretty cool for me as I said I do not do any hard work to earn this $25, all I need to do is to  refer friends to open their Payoneer account through my unique affiliate link so they can also create their own Payoneer account for FREE

And then when they make a transaction or load their Master Card with  $1000, Payoneer rewards both you and your referral $25 for FREE.

Create Your own FREE Payoneer account and start sharing your unique affiliate LINK with them. Payoneer also gives you the ability to share your unique affiliate Link directly from their website using their social share buttons – on Facebook, Twitter  Linked In and Email.


⇒ Create Your Own FREE Account Here & Enjoy Your $25 Bonus!

Sign Up Here & Get Your $25 Bonus Now!


Did You Know? Charges FREE When Shopping Online!

The best part and the  good news of having your own Payoneer account is  that, UNLIKE other Financial Service Companies, you’re are not charged any amount for using your Payoneer account to make online purchases.

Its absolutely charges free. You only pay for the actual amount you bought a products for online.


So there is nothing like  interest charges for having a Payoneer’s Account. You pay no interest for using their services, isn’t that great and a very good service. You only pay a very little maintenance fee. Let me explain that in details to you now.


So How Does Payoneer Also Benefit?

Now you may ask, so how does Payoneer benefit for providing  all these services to their customers? Well, the truth is that Payoneer also do benefit. So let me clearly explain things to you.

Well, in a sense that when Payoneer process your Payment for you – I mean the commission you earned from your Affiliate Program, they only charge you a processing fee of  about ONLY 2%  out of it.

you can see below  the details of what I mean from a snapshot I took directly from their website. You will now understand that Payoneer is really  worth it your consideration.



Who is Payoneer For?

Well, I will say almost everyone, all who do transactions online are warmly welcomed to create their own Payoneer account for such  for  online transactions. So the following people can really benefit themselves by creating a Payoneer account.

  • All who do online transactions
  • If your Affiliate Network, or Merchant uses a payment system that is not available in your country
  • Payoneer is for all who shop a lot online – you can use your Payoneer account to do that.
  • All website owners will really benefit from having a Payoneer account.
  • All merchant who do transactions online are welcomed to create a Payoneer account
  • College student who want to earn some extra-income online can create their own Payoneer account.
  • College or high school students who buy books online can also register for their own Payoneer account.

At this point, if I should ask you, What is a Payoneer Account? What will be your answer? Well there is no doubt that after reading this review, you will agree with me that Payoneer is one of the best and most Legitimate Financial Service Companies out there that allows you to send, receive funds and even make online purchases with their account.


Plus your $25 bonus that you get as a reward for free anytime your referrals activate their account with $1000.

Refer Your Friends To Payoneer & Earn $25 Per Referral

So looking at all these benefits you can get from having a Payoneer account, why not CLICK HERE NOW to create your own  Payoneer account and enjoy all the benefits that comes with it.





I’m very sure this review has proved to be helpful, on the other hand If you ever have any question or comment about Payoneer, please feel free to leave it below.


All the best here,



Payoneer Review











  • A Very Secured Payment Platform
  • Very Strict & High Security
  • Your Money Is Always Save
  • Plus $25 Referral Bonus
  • FREE Sign Up Bonus - $25


  • A Few Complains
  • Your Referral Must Load $1000 Before you Get Your $25 Bonus

68 thoughts on “What is a Payoneer Account? Get $25 Per Referral”

  1. Hi,
    I had not heard of Payoneer before. I always have used PayPal, but this sounds interesting. I believe the PayPal fees are 2.5% so this one takes less out of your sale. And the referral program is an interesting add-on, too. I am going to have to check it out more. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

    1. That is very true Sue, Payoneer is very worth it looking at their charges and the referral bonus which available for all their customers to take advantage of it.

      My best wishes to you.

  2. Dear Stephen,

    Thanks for the detailed information on Payoneer, really helpful and I learnt new insights… Thanks…

    I am happy and surprised to know that…You can also use your Payoneer account to get your payment from any Affiliate network or Merchant you’re affiliated to – especially if you leave in a country where “PayPal “ is not available. May I ask is that all major affiliates support Payoneer…

    Also may I ask Is that $1000 means…. Is that okay to receive money of $1000 in total? Will that count as $1000 transaction?

    Your Friend,

    1. Thank you too Paul, and I’m so happy you found this post to be very helpful. Yes you can get your payment from your Affiliate Network with help of Payoneer. And since they are International, wherever you find yourself, you can still use their system to get your payment from your Affiliate Programs.

      And to answer your question, – I will say yes, the $1000 can be a transaction you made through your Payoneer account and that makes your account stay active, thereby qualifying you for the referral bonus ($25). It could also be a payment you received from your Affiliate Program, once it i up to $1000 you qualify for the referral bonus.

      I hope this helps to answer your question.

      Thanks for leaving your comment.

  3. Thank you for your comprehensive review on Payoneer.
    I have just received my card and their service is excellent.
    It is convenient having a Payoneer debit card to assist with transactions with my online business

    1. Hello Tania, I’m so happy that you have already had some experience with Payoneer. And your testimony about their services will really make my Promotion of Payoneer very easy for me since people who visit this website can also see your comment.

      Thanks so much for leaving your comment on this review about Payoneer.

      All the best.

  4. Greetings,

    I’ve actually never heard of Payoneer, but it’ definitely something that I would look into further, especially since it seem that most anyone could benefit.

    I was just scanning over some of your other comments, and I see that CJ Affiliate Network actually recommended Payoneer for you, correct?

    1. You’re right Vero, CJ Affiliate which is still one of my Affiliate networks were the ones who recommended Payoneer to me. And it just shows how legitimate and reputable they really are.

      I highly recommend them to you Very. You can take advantage of their offers and make some few bucks, I mean some extra income while at home.

  5. Hello there, Stephen.
    Thanks so much for sharing this information about Payoneer. I have heard of the name before as a form of payment but I have never really bothered to figure out the rest – thanks to you, now I know.
    Based on what you have written, it sounds quite interesting.
    I love the part where you are able to earn some extra money just for signing-up…phenomenal.
    How long have you been a member?
    I am considering this as a sort of backup plan for myself. I can see it coming in handy for me.
    Thanks again.

    1. Hello Michelle,

      Certainly Payoneer is worth your consideration. In fact they are climbing up speedily as the best International Money Transfer company. I know PayPal is also another classic one, but Payoneer is a no brainer at all.

      As you read from this post, you even have the opportunity to get some Cash Bonuses just for referring other members to Sign Up with Payoneer. Surely a very good opportunity for all Affiliate Marketers.

  6. This is the first time I am hearing of Payoneer. I appreciate that your review is very thorough. As a website owner, this is very valuable information for me to know. I like that you can earn $25.00 for each referral.

    1. Yah Lisa, surely it is a fine privilege for you to be part of this referral Program. You can earn some good Cash from Payoneer by referring other people to join their company.

      And you can do that here now Lisa, You’re welcome to Sign Up using y referral Link.

      All the best.

  7. Hi Stephen, I have heard of Payoneer in the past but did not realize it could be used so extensively and with reward! I once had a payment company I used for transactions other than Paypal, it was a higher charge than the 2% Payoneer charges and they offered no benefit in the form of an affiliate program and no $25 bonus on top of that for referrals.

    Because of this extensive review you wrote, I’m going to look into this as a means of accepting payments , making payments and the potential as an affiliate.

    Thank you, Stephen. I will be in contact with you if I have any questions.

    1. I’m glad to hear that from you Sue, Surely Payoneer is worth it. Although PayPal has been in the system for quite some time now and are well known.

      As you rightly said, they do not offer any of the bonuses Payoneer will offer you when you Sign Up with them. The $25 referral bonus is certainly very unique and it set Payoneer apart from the others. Also, as you read their charges are relatively low compared with other Financial companies like PayPal which we all know.

      You’re warmly welcome to Sign Up with Payoneer using my referral link.

      All the best.

  8. Hi Stephen. Thanks for taking the time to do this in depth review of the Payonner program. I have been looking for an alternative way to receive payments from affiliate companies such as clickbank because check too long to clear as I’m in South Africa. So changing to Payoneer is a no brainer for me because it cheaper and faster. I wasn’t very sure about using Payoneer before, but after reading this review I’ve decided to join.

    1. I’m so happy for you Zola, you’re surely going to enjoy the services Payoneer has to offer for their cherished customers.

      Payoneer operates internationally and especially since you said you said you’re from South Africa, it will really help you in getting your Affiliate commission from Click bank as an Affiliate Marketer.

      You’re warmly welcome to Signing Up with Payoneer. You will also enjoy the their $25 referral program.

  9. That’s Good to know about these all benefits of payoneer. I never knew about payoneer can be this much useful.That’s true most of the transaction program charge interest but here payoneer just only changer 2% of processing fee. I am wondering why i didn’t find it before.

    Thank you to share this information 🙂

    1. Hello Preeti,

      I’m glad you found this article informative. Anyone who hears about Payoneer is really impressed with all the awesome services they provide for their customers.

      Payoneer is really worth everyone’s consideration.It is never too late to sign up with Payoneer friend. I wish you sign up yourself to give them a try, since its FREE to sign up. Then you can testify to all the wonderful things Payoneer is doing for their customers.

  10. I can definitely see how payoneer can make you good money from your referring your friends and website traffic. This is the first time that I had heard from this website and think it is a good option to work with instead of Paypal as you mention.

    My question is, from what I see it links directly to you credit card so you get the money directly to your bank account, or?


    1. You’re right Oscar, Payoneer is so classic. Especially as you said their referral program. It is a fine opportunity to make some extra Cash in your online business. A bonus opportunity for all in the online business.

      And to answer your question I will say yes, Payoneer doe offer their customers Credit card. However you will have to apply for it. In fact I was told not to talk about their Credit Card, but I need to answer your question.

      You can surely link your Credit with your account, which gives you the opportunity to make Payment online and also do shopping at any point of sale without any charges at all. You only pay some little maintenance fee for holding their Card.

  11. I had NEVER heard of Payoneer prior to this article! Thank you!

    I can see where it could come in very handy as far as affiliate marketing goes as I know that sales through Britain on linkshare do not accept payment via paypal. Do you know if they will pay via Payoneer?

    1. Thanks a lot Dr. Baker,

      I’m glad you have now come to discover Payoneer and what they do. As an affiliate marketer, you a lot of opportunities to create your own Payoneer account.

      You can get paid from them as you rightly read, you can use your account for online purchases, and a whole lot of things that you can use your Payoneer account for.

      And  to answer your question, I will say yes, Payoneer is an International Money transfer company, as you rightly read from this post. So they work everywhere, it is acceptable by any Affiliate program. I even use it for my CJ by Conversant Affiliate. So you can use it for your link-share Affiliate to receive payment.

       You also have the opportunity to enjoy all the bonuses that come from using Payoneer account.

      All the best

  12. I’m a user of PayPal, but I didn’t know about Payoneer, which seems to do the same as PayPal. What is interesting with Payoneer is their referral system: 25 dollars for every new referral who join, it’s pretty generous! Their very low rate of 2% is very interesting too. Overall, Payoneer seems to be a very good alternative to PayPal. But let me ask you a question: have you used both systems? If the answer is yes, which one do you consider to be the best one?

    1. Hello David,

      Glad to see your comment on this post. You’re right and all that you read from this post is rightly so. I’m personally very very awed about the kind of services Payoneer does provide. Of course PayPal is also a good one which very legitimate and well known.

      However, Payoneer is so incredible, in a sense that PayPal may be limited in some areas, in fact there may be some countries where PayPal may not work there, but the good news about Payoneer is that they are international, – Yes, they are available almost everywhere across the globe.

      So, although PayPal is another classic one, I will always recommend Payonner over PayPal. And don’t forget all the bonuses you get from Payoneer, Your $25 referral bonus which is given to both yourself and your referral for FREE.

  13. Wow, this is such an informative and interesting article. I think I need to sign up on this one!

    And that it can also make us money as an affiliate program is outstanding.

    Is it as fast in delivering the funds in our own banks as paypal is?

    I am so happy to learn about this. in peace and gratitude,ariel

    1. Hi Ariel,

      I’m so glad to hear your comment on this article about Payoneer, and I’m happy you said your found this review very informative. I always want my readers to find some value in what they read from my blog, so I always try to make sure that I give them something that will be worth it.

      So happy that you want to sign up with Payoneer. I can assure you that you will never regret doing so. Payoneer is a no brainer at all. Their services are so fantastic.

      And I just like their security system. It is so secured – so once you have your account with them you can be confident that it is very secured.

      As for you question about their delivery system, I will say yes, Payoneer delivers very quickly and fast.

      All the best to you, Ariel

  14. Thanks so much for this review. I do a lot of shopping online and I use Paypal for a lot of these. What I don’t like about Paypal is that even if the money is sent from another Paypal account, me (the receiver) gets charged for receiving it to my account. It is worth it for me to look into Payoneer because if it means receiving my money sent from another Payoneer and not being charged a percentage for it, it makes it a real sweet deal. I also like the $25 referral bonus.

    1. Hello Reyhana,

      Payoneer is certainly good looking at, In fact their services are just fantastic to talk about. You will enjoy being their member and having your account with them. The bonuses are a lot and so motivating.

      But even more than that is your ability to use your Payoneer account to make transfer of many to other Payoneer users for FREE and even be able to do shopping using your Payoneer account online.

      As for the $25, it just some bonus you get referring other people to also create their own account and become Payonner account holders, and note that the bonus is just you, but also those you have referred do benefit from it, They are also equally given the same $25.

      That is what makes  Payoneer so special compared to other International Money transfer companies

  15. Yes I have heard of this before, however I would be challenged to say that this would be an actual real freeway of doing transactions online without any service fee. How would the company make money. Are there other underlying charges or something that is not review perhaps? I’m sure it’s OK, however that would be also good to know

    1. Hello Andrews,

      I understand your concerns. For sure no company operate without making any profit. However, as you rightly saw in this review. Payoneer only charge you a very little fee for processing your payment sent from your affiliate network, either being  Amazon, eBay, or whichever.

      Yes, they do take some little charges, but the charges are very small compared to their International Financial companies and that is what makes Payoneer so classic.

      So it is good you asked and of course anyone wants to know the authenticity of a program or an offer before signing up for it. But from my own experience, Payoneer is  a very legitimate financial company that is surely worth your consideration.

  16. It really pays to have such a digital bank around that enables users to earn simply by asking other people to sign up or create an account. I don’t think banks do this including the so-called virtual banks. Receiving a $25 commission on every user will motivate everyone to use the platform and users will continue to multiply daily. That’s more revenue for the bank itself. I also learned that your referrals will equally earn $25 for being referred.

    1. Yes Israel,

      And that is what makes Payoneer so unique. Your ability to make a lot of money from their referral program is so good and and a find opportunity for all affiliate marketers. 

      Even if you’re not an affiliate marker, you can still promote Payoneer to friends on social media like Facebook, Twitter and the rest.

      Yes, this alone will make Payoneer get a lot of members or people using their services and its a very good opportunity both for them and for us. Yes, what you read is true. Payoneer rewards both you and your referrals – that is anytime they activate their account with $1000.

  17. Thanks,Stephen for Introducing us to this service and for such a good, candid explanation. I had never heard of Payoneer before, which rather surprises me. So, I’m sure others like me may not know about Payoneer. Looks like it is a good solution for those who live outside the United States or who are doing a lot of international business.

     I am always interested in keeping expenses to a minimum, especially when I’m trying to make a profit. So, I just signed up to check it out–and to make sure you get credit for the referral. Now, I need to start getting my own referrals! 🙂  

    1. Hello Ninah,

      Thanks a lot for your comment, I’m glad you said this review was helpful and that I was able to give you thorough explanation on all that Payoneer is about.

      That has always been my pleasure, to give my listeners all the information that they need in order to be able to make their own decision and to take a decisive action based on what they have read from my review.

      And lastly thanks a lot for being kind and for signing up through my account. Wising you all the best with your endeavor and online business


  18. Hi Stephen:

    I just read your post on Payoneer. It was very informative and it looks like it can help many people. Do you think it will help people with little or no credit? Maybe it will help them to establish credit. I am glad to see that there are programs out there that are legitimate and will actually provide a service to their customers. Thanks and have a great day.


    1. Jello Mike, 

      Payoneer is just classic and their services and just good. You just need to have a personal experience with them and see how they work.

      In fact , what I personally like about them is their security level. Their system, is so secured that if you’re with them you can just be sure that you’re completely and totally secured. I hope you give them a try yourself and experience what I’m talking about.

      I recommend it to all who do online transactions and all who receive and transfer money to other people through the internet. Just give them a try and see how it works. The good news is that Payoneer is FREE to sign up.

  19. Hi
    It is very interesting and I am going to try it as the fee is definitely lower than with paypal.
    I am also glad that there are no hidden or additional charges. And the benefit is to send money from payoneer account to my bank account
    Highly appreciated as I am always interested in new services and not willing to pay high fees to bank
    Regards, Marty

    1. Hello Marty,

      Payoneer is indeed worth your consideration and I agree with you that their charges are by far better when compared with Payoneer. And there is no hidden charges as you rightly read from this review.

      I thereby highly recommend it to you, as you said you can use Payoneer to receive money from any Affiliate program or merchant into your local bank account. Which is very safe and secured.

      Plus all the bonuses that Payoneer offers to their customers. I highly recommend it for you as the best International Financial service company worth your consideration.

  20. Payoneer site appears to be a fantastic international service for folks looking for a way to easily transfer bucks and digital services. I like all the benefits Payoneer account offers, especially the bonus of $25 depending on the actions of the referral.

    It’s great how Payoneer can tie right into Wealthy Affiliate. With the Payoneer program, money can be transferred out to pay the monthly or yearly fees at WA.

    As any up and coming entrepreneur will soon discover who visit your site, that integrating Payoneer along with Wealthy Affiliate is a match made in heaven.

    1. Thank you rjkennedy, for your comment on this post. You’re definitely right. Payoneer is surely a perfect match for all on line entrepreneurs, especially Wealthy Affiliate members since we often do transfer of money.

      It will be a very good match both for receiving our affiliate commission and and making payment of our membership fees. As for the $25 referral ,program that Payoneer gives to all their customers, its is just a bonus for all who sign up to join the program.

  21. Wow i’ve been doing online work for a while now and have yet to find as informative of a post as this about a great payment gateway solution!

    I will say i’ve seen their ads a few times, but until now I never knew exactly what Payoneer does. I don’t see why anyone wouldnt want to get an account with Payoneer if they do anything online.

    I have one question, you mentioned a 2% fee but I wasn’t clear about what that fee was for?

    All else aside, i’ll be opening my Payoneer account thanks to you! I appreciate it.

    1. Hello Cameron,

      I certainly agree with you. that every online entrepreneur or an affiliate marketer should get a Payoneer account. It is so useful. And one thing I like about Payoneer is that fact that they operate worldwide.

      To answer your question about what Payoneer use your 2% for, Payoneer actually do so as a result of processing your affiliate commission for. What Payoneer do is that after taken your affiliate commission from your affiliate network, they have to send it to your local bank account – that is wherever you’re leaving across the world.

      They they take this 2% as the processing fee, for re-sending your money into your local bank account.

  22. Hello Stephen
    Thanks so much for explaining Payoneer account and how it works.I dont know why but I always thought Payoneer was mostly used by PTC sites, did not know it`s a serious online and one could make some serious money using Payoneer.
    I like the fact that you can earn money just by inviting the right people to join Payoneer, imagine inviting just one person per day? this is some serious money.
    Will definitely join the program,if not for anything then just to get referrals and who knows, Paypal do ban some accounts and such people banned from PayPal can use Payoneer.
    Thanks so much for sharing, really appreciate.

    1. Hello Roamy,

      Thanks for your comment too, Payonner is more than what many people think it is. As you have read, it the best financial company who have come to help all online entrepreneurs who are finding it difficult to get paid by their Affiliate Network Programs because of where they leave in the world. 

      Interestingly, there are some countries where Papal account doesn’t work there. So if find yourself among such countries then Payonner is the best solution for you – to help you get paid from your Affiliate Program no matter where you come from in the world. 

      And more than that is the bonus you get from Payoneer, as you read from, this post, you get $25 per each referral you introduce to Payoneer, if they take action by loading their account (wallet)  with $1000.

      So I certainly recommend it for you.

  23. Very interesting… I do not live In the Us and is a pain to cash checks from some companies I work with…

    Payoneer could be a good choice to work around this issue…

    I wanted to ask you something…

    Do you think I can use the Payoneer Card in any country in the world?

    Thank you and I hope you have a fantastic day

    1. Hello Kevin,

      That will indeed be a very good oortunity for you to take advantage of Payoneer. You will now be able to get paid from any online company you work with and do transactions no matter where yoi find yourself.

      To answer your question, my answer is a very BIG Yes. Payonee, as you read from this post- is an international money transfer company. And so no matter where you find yourself in the world, you will be able to use your  Payoneer account to get paid, nsje online purchases and to transfer money to other Payoneer Card holders.

      You can even be able to send money from your Payoneer international account into your local bank account.

  24. Hi Stephen, I am tired of being charged large fees for using prepaid debit cards. It’s my money and they charge me just to spend it. Payoneer sounds like just the thing I need. A 2% processing fee for income is very reasonable and I get all of the money, I deposit. Sounds like a really good deal.

    1. Hello Joe,

      Thanks for your comment, do you know something, there is one thing I have realized in this world, that smart people don’t get stucked to one thing. They are always looking for good opportunities to switch from where they are.

      I’m saying this because you’re smart enough to have realized how useful Payoneer is, and how helpful it can be to you. You know I also have other Credit Cards, but looking at their charges for just using them for online purchases without getting any benefits out of them and then comparing them to what I can get from Payoneer, I realized I needed to be smart enough to switch to Payoneer.

      And I can tell you that so far I’m really enjoying their services. Besides Payoneer is an International money transaction company, so you can use their services no matter where you find yourself and I strongly recommend their services to anyone who is into online business.

  25. Hi Stephen,
    Thanks for your post on this. I’ve been looking at Payoneer for some time as as considering it to handle my Amazon US payments. I was wondering how the tax component works? E.g. does Payoneer handle it for you or do you need to declare any interest earned to the relevant governments? It’s also great to hear that it’s free of charges!


    1. Thanks for your comment James, 

      Certainly Payoneer will be a perfect match for handling your Amazon US payments. They can help you to easily get your commission processed into your local bank account. And they do this at a very reduced cost – you only about about 2% ONLY for you money to be transferred into your bank account. 

      Now to answer your question, I need to be frank with you that as for task information,in course of my research, I never come across any info like that. 

      Maybe I will have to look more into that then I can give updated info on that later.

      All the best with your online business.

  26. Wow, a detailed review of the Payoneer’s Rewards Program. Thank you, I find your review helpful as I’m also a user of their card and an affiliate as the same time.

    Just recently, I heard they’re now lifting the amount required for someone to get qualified to receive rewards. How true is that?

    1. Ok Gomer, it is good to hear that you’re already having a Payoneer account. and not just that but also you’re part of their affiliate program. I’m very sure that you’re enjoying all the benefits that comes from having their account.

      And thank you too for sharing your comment on this post. But as to what you are talking about I personally haven’t heard anything about that. Maybe I will have to look into more about that to find out about the truthfulness of what you’re saying.

  27. What a great review on Payoneer. I had never heard of it until I read this review. You have some great information about the program. It seems you can use the card anywhere for almost anything. I do have one question. Can you have your paycheck direct deposited to the card? If you mentioned it and I missed it I’m sorry.

    Thank you for the great review.

    1. Hi Krystye,

      Yes, you are right Payoneer is an international  transaction company. So wherever you  are coming from you’re allowed to create ban account with them. And you can get paid from your merchant or advertiser to your local bank account and that is what i really like about them. no matter where you leave, you can get paid by having Payoneer account.

      And to answer your question I will say yes, Payoneer allows you to have your money deposited directed into your wallet – that is into your Payoneer Prepaid Master card. I highly recommend you create your own account with Payoneer now and enjoy all the benefits that comes with them.

  28. I have always used PayPal when it comes to online purchases. For the most part I have no complaints, but it is always nice to have options.
    I have heard of Payoneer and was wondering , if I signed up for an account as a back up to PayPal, can I let the account sit with minimal use, or is there a usage requirement similar to that of some credit cards out there?

    1. Hello Andrews thanks for passing by.

      Having a Papal account is not bad at all and there is no problem with having the two account. I even learnt that you can LINK your Payoneer account with your Papal account, which very possible.

      And don’t forget that having a Payoneer account comes with it own benefits – which includes your $25 referral bonus that Payoneer gives to you for free.  Both you and your referral get this $25 bonus when he or she loads makes a transaction of $1000 their account.

      So this is indeed a win-win for you

  29. This seems like a great program.

    But correct me if I’m wrong. Below are my questions:

    1) If I refer to someone and that person ends up joining, I will get $25 and he also gets $25?

    2) My referrals loads their debit card a minimum of $100, I get a one time $25?

    3) Or is it every $100, I get a $25 commission?

    Thank you.

    1. Hey Izuddin,

      Payoneer is more than the word great. Their services are wonderful and so CLASSIC. Now let me answer all your three question one – by one.

      1) you asked if you refer someone and the person joins you get $25 as well as the person you referred, isn’t that your question? You want to know whether both you and your referral get the bonus reward, right?

      Yes, that is exactly what Payoneer does, you’re are rewarded with $25 as well as your referral. And the reason is simple -you introduced the program so you get your reward and your referral also get his $25 because he took the initiate to activate or load his Payoneer Master Card with $100.

      2) Yes, the $25 reward is a one time bonus. for each referral who activate his or her account, not as often as they load their Master card with $100. So you’re given the $25 only once for each referral.

      3) Now to answer your last question which is related to the second one, the simple answer is NO. your referral only loads his Card with $100 for the first time to active it and the you get your bonus. Not every time they load their Card.

      I hope your questions are answered. If you have any other question just feel free and leave it below

  30. Thanks for the comprehensive review of Payoneer. I’m quite excited to read this because I heard it can be used with an Amazon Associates account in USA.

    However, I didn’t know about the $25 referral program for anyone that joins through your link so this is very good news. Plus, they also get $25 so it’s a bit of a no brainer.

    How often will they pay into your bank account, is it monthly or on request?

    1. Thanks craig for dropping by and offering your thought on this post. The actual fact is that Payoneer also act as your bank account, so as often as you want your money to remain in their system it will be there for you. 

      On the other hand, if you want them to transfer your money back into your local bank account they can do that for you anytime you request for your money. Payoneer will make sure you get your money into your Bank account in your country.

      So, basically, when you’re creating your account, Payoneer makes sure that you give them your local bank details which they will use to process your money for you – to be received in your bank account.

      And be rest assure when it comes to security because they have a very secured system. A 256 bit encryption. so I can say you’re very well secured with Payoneer.  

  31. I had heard about it a lot but couldn’t know that it is that much good for our financial terms. $25 credits and on top of that they are pretty secure to protect our fund against theft. I used Payza, solidtrust, Paypal and some more merchant websites but payoneer seems to be valuable and more of benefit than compromise. I’have yet to sign up here so it would be good if I join under you. Thanks for this article.

    1. Hello Ankit,

      Thank you too for leaving your comment and sharing your thought on this review about Payoneer. As you have heard and now read from this post, Payoneer is far better compared to other financial service companies out there.

      Looking at all the benefits that comes from having an account with Payoneer, I can say its even better than a company like Papal, since Papal is even limited, in a sense that its not available in all countries.

      I will encourage you to sign up even as you said, so you can also enjoy all the benefits that comes with it. Plus your FREE reward of $25 per referral.

  32. Hi Sbotwe

    Thanks for your comprehensive review on Payoneer.

    I had not heard of this International Financial Service company until today. As I do make a lot of online transactions, I will definitely be looking into this opportunity.

    Do you think this is better than other systems like paypal? Other than of course the fact that you can get extra cash for referrals.

    1. It my pleasure SJ. Payoneer is a very CLASSIC financial company that operate worldwide as you read from this post. Their system and services are so CLASSIC. With them you can do almost every transaction online. Including doing things like Sending and receiving money from other Payoneer Debit Card holders, doing online purchases, receiving Payment(commission) from your Merchant of Affiliate Network such as Amazon, CF.J Affiliate or Rakuten and many more…

      Plus your FREE $25 referral bonuses. All these make Payoneer so great and no brainer at all, compared to other well known financial companies. 

      As for your question about the differences between Payoneer and Papal, I will say I prefer Payoneer over Papal in a sense that Papal is not international and so has limitations, on the other hand, Payoneer is an International company so wherever you leave across the globe you can benefit from their services. That is what makes them so great and incomparable.

  33. I have come across some offers from different programs to use Payoneer which I had never heard of before until I came across your post. You have done a great job explaining all the different aspects to this platform which is greatly appreciated, I know now all there is to know. Thanks for the great overview and explanations

    1. Hello Michael,

      Thank you too for dropping by and for leaving your comment below about this post. As you have read and said, Payoneer is the best International Money transaction program or platform, that I have ever seen. With all the benefits that comes along with having their account and Master Card, it is really worth being partnership with them.

      What I even love most is the $25 bonus you get as a reward for free, that alone makes Payoneer so special ans I personally think each one should create an account with them and enjoy what I’m talking about

  34. Seems like Payoneer is just about for everybody. I mean practically everyone can make use of a credit card and if you add to this, the possibility to send and recieve money I really think you have a winner. Especially since it is free of charge.
    Then you also mention the possibilty to earn 25 dollars on referals.
    I think this is something I am going to get. I wonder how Payoneer make their money? Do you know?
    Thanks for the great information.

    1. I agree with you Jojo, Payoneer is a very great International Financial Service company. And as you read, their services  are so wonderful. I personally think every online blogger or affiliate marketer should have a Payoneer account. You can buy, do transfer of money to and from other Payoneer debit Card holders with the help of your Master card.

      Plus the additional reward you get as a bonus anytime your referrals load their card with $100, you get your reward of $25 as a commission. Yes, I will recommend you create your own account now and start enjoying all the benefits that comes with it..

      And to answer your question, Payoneer get their little – little (only about 5% of your commission) money from you when they process your payment for you. As I said, for those of us who do not have Master Cards or Papal working in our country, we can take advantage of it by creating an account with Payoneer and giving them your local Bank details, so when your Affiliate advertiser or merchant pay you, it will go into your Payoneer account, and then they will process it and forward your money into your local Bank account for you.

      So, basically, when you’re creating your Payoneer account, they will ask you for your local bank details. That is what I did when I registered with C.J Affiliate Network. In fact they even recommended Payoneer to me. I didn’t know about them. And when Payoneer process your commission from your Affiliate program for you, they only about 5% of your commission, and for me I think this nothing, looking at all the benefits you will get from them.

      From my research, they have over 5000 customers working with them and using their system and everyone seems to be satisfied with their service, there are no complains at all..

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