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So you may be wondering What Affiliate Marketing is all about. Maybe you were looking for an answer to the question; What is an Affiliate Marketing about? If so, then you’re going to  love reading  this post.

So, what is an affiliate marketing about? well follow me as I take you through my step by step explanation of what an affiliate marketing is all about.


What is An Affiliate Marketing About

Well, an affiliate marketing can be defined as the act of receiving commission from an advertiser or a merchant for referrals coming from your website.

So put simply, affiliate marketing is when you promote an advertisers products on your website, and then when visitors who come to your website click on an affiliate link from your website to buy anything, you get your commission for the referrals coming from your website.

So basically, Affiliate marketing involves four different parties, these are the Affiliate Program, Merchant or An advertiser, A Publisher  and the Consumer.

And as a Publisher, you the one having your own affiliate website, you have a lot of opportunities. Why because there are many advertisers out there who want website owners (Publishers) to promote their products for them

So follow me as I explain each of the terms above step by step to you. Let start.


  • Affiliate Program

An affiliate program is the platform through which both the advertiser and the Affiliate Website owner are partners. So, in a sense, the Affiliate Program act as an intermediate between the merchant or advertise and the Publisher.

Some popular affiliate programs are Amazon, CJ by Conversant, LinkShare or  (Rakuten) , ShareSale, Click Bank, eBay VigLink and many more

Yes, all the affiliate programs above are some popular, reputable and well paying affiliate programs that you can join and start promoting their products on your website.


  • Merchant or Advertiser

A merchant or an advertiser is the party that owns the Affiliate products which can be promoted on your website.

So basically, like Publisher, a merchant will have to apply for an affiliate program and wait for permission to be granted before he can bring his products on board for marketing.

So when you apply for an affiliate program to join their platform, you’re going to meet a lot of merchant or advertisers whose products you can choose from and promote them on your website.


  • The Publisher

Yes, as I mentioned earlier on, the publisher is the one having  his or her own Affiliate Website through which affiliate products can be promoted for commission.

Like the merchant or advertiser, a publisher will also have to apply for and wait for an approval to be able to join an Affiliate Program, which is the platform that holds both the advertiser and the Publisher.

Once you’re approved as a publisher in an affiliate program, you have plenty of advertisers products to choose from. I mean you decide which products you want to promote on your website.


NOTE: It is usually advisable to choose products that are well known to be on high demand by consumers. I mean you must always promote products that people usually buy.

This is important because, if you promote products that are not in high demand by consumers, you will not get any sales, and NO sales means NO commission, which you need badly.

Now lets talk about the last party. The consumer, your customers.


  • The Consumer

So who is the consumer? Yes, this is the person that will bring you money. Your consumer is your niche, your customer and your money.

These are the people searching online for products, and if you’re fortunate for your website to be found by these people, you’re likely going to make some sales.

But the truth in the matter is getting your website visible in Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing is not an easy thing at all. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication to be able to achieve this.

Especially is your website is new. You will probably not get ranked in Search Engines at ones when you build your website. It takes time to start seeing some traffic dripping in little by little.

So although you need money and the tendency to want to rush can be very high, however you need to be patient and work a little more harder. If you’re are able to do so, in time you will start seeing some traffic coming in.

As I said, if your website is new, you will not start seeing traffic now coming in . But if you’re patient, you will start seeing some traffic coming in little by little.

Some newbies are not patient enough, they will want to try all means to start seeing some traffic on their website and even getting some sales. So they would want to try all hyped- autopilot products on the internet.

Of course there are many online marketing tools that most internet marketers use to get traffic to their website and sales. But you need to be extra careful, since the internet today is full of scammers who cannot be trusted.

Read more on How to Increase a Website Traffic Here

They may want to sell to you hyped products and false stories and since you’re also in need of traffic and money, you can easily be their target. I mean you can be a victim of their fraud of scamming. So be patient.

In doing this, they may end up being scammed for their money and not get anything at all. So beware of scammers.

So the how can you be successful as an Affiliate Marketer or an entrepreneur. Well, let me show you what I did that worked for me. If you like, you can follow the same pattern.


You Need Support As an Affiliate Marketer

Yes, every affiliate marketer need support to be successful. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced marketer. No matter your level of experience, you still need help.

But why? you may ask. Well, affiliate marketing strategies keep changing as time goes on and no matter your level of experience, there may be things that other marketers may know which you do not have knowledge about.

So you surely need their help as an affiliate marketer. And especially, if you’re a newbie, then you will need help the most. So let me show you the best place to get such help and assistance.


Get Help From “Wealthy  Affiliate” Image result for wealthy affiliate


Yes, when it comes to online training, there no other platform or community out there that can be compared to what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

They have absolutely everything you need to succeed online with your business as an Affiliate marker or online marketer. Whatever business you may have in mind, wealthy Affiliate can hep you to succeed.

Wealthy Affiliate is the only online platform where you will be given step by step video training on how to build your own free website hosted on their platform and at the same time, teach you how to make money from your website.

The owners of wealthy Affiliate Kyle and Carson said that they build this platform with the intention of helping people succeed online with their business.

And indeed, this purpose has not change at all, Wealthy Affiliate has continue to help many online marketers to success with their business online. You can also get help from them to build your business online.

The fact that you can join WA for FREE alone is a prove that tells you that is the best community ever.


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Also, Wealthy Affiliate is the online platform that you’re allowed to join for free. NO credit Card required. So you have nothing to loose when you sign up to join wealthy Affiliate.

Of course, they have a Premium Membership. But it is not false to join the Premium Membership. you can decide to remain in the Free Starter forever.

Only that the Premium Membership has some benefits over the Free Starter Membership. The chart below explains some benefits of the Premium membership over the free Starter.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you will enjoy a 24/7 Live, Chat which gives you the opportunity to ask questions from experienced members on the platform. It is wonderful. You will learn how to build your own website and make money out of it.

You can have a look at the Wealthy Affiliate Live Chat below.


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So if you’re asked, what is an affiliate marketing about? I’m pretty sure that you can now confidently answer it. yes, that is the explanation you read from this post.

If you ever have any question or comment about this post, please feel free and  drop it below.


Wishing you all the best with your online business,



4 thoughts on “What is an Affiliate Marketing About – Find Out Here”

  1. Hi,
    Its a great post to understand affiliate marketing for newbies. Affiliate marketing takes nothing but hard-work and a lot of patience which I think most of the affiliates don’t have and they give up at early stage.

    Well, I want to ask, I am thinking to make an affiliate website like coupons or cashback because I have some basic information about these affiliate marketing types and now I wanna make a website on one of them. One of my friend recommend me revglue’s revembed technology revglue.com/blog-detail/5-how-to-setup-a-uk-discount-voucher-website-in-ten-minutes for this purpose as its a uk base registered company but i am little confused while using it because its a new website. If anyone has a experience with it? Please help me in this respect. I think wealthy affiliate is not providing support to setup these sort of websites.

    Looking forward for your response and thanks in advance.

    1. Hello Alex Norton,

      I am so glad you left your comment on this post. Ideed Affiliate Marketing is the best online business you can enter and build a full time income from your comfort home and even help you quit your traditional 9-5 job, thereby becoming your own boss online.

      I am sorryto say that I don’t know anything about this website you’re talking about. As you’re you righly said its all because they are new in the system.

      However, as I said in my post, to become a successful affiliate marketer, you will need a mentorship, I mean someone who is already making success who knows the in and out of the business. Yes, the best training and support you need.

      That is why I higly recommend Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate has been in the system since 2005 and has helped almost 1.4 million individuals to build their own successful businesses online.

      The good news is that Wealthy Affiliate has all the tools needed to build your own full time income.

      They have the best Keyword Research Tool, a step by step video training, Plus a 24/7 Live Chat where you can get all the support you will need to build a full time income.

      All of these are completely done for newbies, which makes it easy to follow.

      In addition to that, I will say Wealthy Affiliate has the best support team who will help you with any technical issues you may have with your website.

      Did you know? Wealthy Affiliate allows you to sign up for FREE and then give their training a FREE trial so you will see how it works.

      Also, you get Two(2) website for FREE when you sign to get started and a FREE access to 10 lessons of the first training module.

      So I will say this is the best place you csn begin your journey of success if you really mean business. Already millions are making success.

      So what are you waiting for? Get started now.

      Looking forward to your reply.

    1. Thank you Norman, I appreciate that. As I always say, my desire has always been to help my readers, that is all internet users out there to fine the best information ever. So you will always find a lot of valuable information by visiting my post.

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