What Is Cash Juice? – Is It a Scam? Read My Unique Take Here

So, What Is Cash Juice? Is Cash Juice a Scam or a Legit place to make some money? Perhaps someone introduced to You this new social platform called Cash Juice & told you that you could make some money from it and you’re here because you want to make sure it is indeed a place to build your business.


Well, if that is your concern, I want to assure you that you’re in the right place for this Cash Juice Review.


Before we start with the review, however, let’s take a brief overview of this case Juice review &t hen we will dig deeper into this review to know what Cash Juice is all about.


Overview of Cash Juice

What Is Cash Juice? - Is It a Scam?










Product: Cash Juice

Founder: Darren Merrett

Price: Free membership, $0 (Join Here)

Price: Pro membership upgrade, $29.50/Lifetime

Website: www.cashjuice.com

Overall Ranking: 9.5 out of 10


First of all, let me clear any doubt you may have about Cash Juice, don’t be frightened about the name. If its a scam, I would have exposed it right from my overview up there. This is not a scam opportunity.



Well, Cash Juice does not ask you for any payment information before you can sign up. All you have to fill in is your name, username & your Emal address which will be used to verify your account. So, there is NO RISK here. As we know that scammers will always demand upfront payment or Credit card details. This is NOT like that!


So, What Is Cash Juice?

Well, as the name implies, Cash Juice is another wonderful platform designed by Darren Merrett(TrafficAbBar Creator). The platform takes you through each stage of how you can build a brand new business from scratch online. If you already own a business and have some level of skills, CashJuice can even help you to move scale your business the next level by branding yourself online.


But even more than that, CashJuice, is a community of people just like you where you can learn, teach, be a coach, message other people and advertise your business right there inside the platform & get FREE Traffic to your website.  And you can do all of this from the comfort of your own home.


So, yes, Cash Juice more than a social platform. You can make money from there, it is a platform to learn, a wonderful community and you can have all the fun as well..!! 🙂 


How To Make Money With Cash Juice

Before we look further into this review on how you can make money with Cash Juice, I recommend You watch the official Cash Juice Video Below which gives you a brief overview of how the Cash Juice Community works to make you money.


So you might be wondering how you can make money from Cash Juice Right? Well, let’s take a closer look at some of the various ways in which you can make some money from Cash Juice.


When You sign up to the Cash Juice platform, they take you through step by step on how to make money online for FREE, with NO investment required on your part at all, just 10 minutes per day and you’ll create an income with CashJuic.


In addition to that, every month, Cash Juice awards to the top members within the community depending on their rankings. So the awards are given to members depending on your ranking in the community. 


In order to get a better ranking and to be awarded by Cash Juice, you need to be active in the community by at least making one post a day. The more active you stay with the platform, the better your ranking will be and you get a Cash reward for that. Isn’t that a great platform? What do you think?


Also, the more your referrals stay active and make pos in the community, the better your rankings go high and the more commissions you earn.


Other ways you can make some money with Cash Juice is through their referral program, each individual you refer to Cash Juice who upgrades his or her account to premium (which is just $29.50 one time payment, no upsells) gives a commission reward from cash juice, as shown below 🙂 You get 15% on each upgrade of your referrals.

Cash Juice Commission Dashboard & Referral Program


Cash Juice Award Winning Levels

Below are the Levels of Awards that are given to members within the community

  • The top 10 members are awarded – DIAMOND
  • The top 30 members are awarded – GOLD
  • The top 60 members are awarded – SILVER
  • The next top 100 members are awarded – BRONZE


So, in this case, anyone within the top 200 members in the community will receive some form of an award from Cash Juice.


The 3 Step Simple Plan & How It Works

Th Cash Juice 3 FREE Simple Plans to Earn Money Online



⇒   Join For  FREE  Today  & Claim Your Position Now    


As shown above, Cash Juice has three (3) simple step plans in place that you can take advantage of to make some Cash Online. Now let take these three plans one by one and discuss them.


Once you’re inside the platform, Cash Juice takes you through their 3 step plans step by step & shows you how the professionals earn money online. 


  • 1. Build an Audience

The first part of the plan is about building an audience, it’s about getting people to follow you and when you’ve got people that follow you-you can then earn money. And you can do this by staying active within the community. At least spending like 10 minutes a day doing some posting on the platform


  • 2. Turn Your Audience Into Money

The more team size you have the more your rankings go higher and the better chance you stand at making some money. You can even advertise your affiliate links or your landing page(website) links to your team and I can tell you from experience that the community is a good place for advertising your business.


  • 3. Make Good Use the CashJuice Community

This is the 3rd part of CashJuice’s plan which is about using the community to improve your skills, to learn from it, to find the people that are leading the way when it comes to making success with their business(I mean serious mentors) and ask them to help you and you can find that out easily enough through CashJuice with the league’s, you can see who’s at the top of the league, who’s doing better than most on CashJuice.


Cash Juice Pro (Upgrade) Benefits

As is true with any online platform, upgraded Pro(or Premium) members have more advantage in the Cash Juice community than FREE members. Why? Well, see the chart below. It illustrates the benefits of doing the lifetime upgrade for ONLY $29.50.

Cash Juice Pro (Upgrade) & It's Benefits



As nicely illustrated above, below are some of the benefits of upgrading to Pro Membership for your Lifetime offer.

  • Upgraded members get higher exposure in the CashJuice community: Why? This is because You’ll be able to add more posts as well as your ability to target your post campaigns by country to help members follow your success and expand both yours and their businesses.


  • You Get More Followers:  Yes, but not only will you receive more followers through “The Plan”, but also, Cash Juice finds you, extra followers that will see your ads and your newsfeed, thereby making your ads more visible to thousand within the community, which makes it possible for you to make some sales.


  • You Get More Commission: This is another good part of going pro for the Lifetime Upgrade. Any commission you earn within the Cash Juice community is higher compared to FREE members.


NOTE: Cash Juice Gives You a 56-Day Money Back Guarantee.  So Even If You Upgrade & You’re Not Happy About What You’re Experiencing, You Can Request For a Refund of Your Money Back. NO GIMMICKS HERE, NO GAMES, NOTHING! 🙂 


Cash Juice Gives You A 56 Day Money Back Guarantee!


⇒  Join The Cash Juice Community Here   


Final Verdict & Overview

So, looking at the review above, what do you think about Cash Juice? If You we asked, What Is Cash Juice? What would have been your answer? Will You Say Cash Juice Is a Scam? Well, from my personal experience about this community & view-point Cash Juice is not a scam, but rather a very legit opportunity to earn some Cash at the same time promote your website for more traffic.


Summarized Overview of Cash Juice

Name:  Cash Juice
Website URL: https://www.cashjuice.com
Founder: Darren Merrett
My Overall Rating:  9.5 out of 10 points


My Verdict?  Legit!


Cash Juice Is LEGIT!







Your feedback, comments and questions are warmly WELCOMED here.


Always to Your Success,… 🙂 




Cash Juice











  • FREE ($0) To Get Started
  • An Opportunity For Everyone To Make Some Extra Cash
  • One Time Upgrade Foe ONLY $29.50-(Lifetime)
  • You Can Get FREE Traffic To Your Website
  • You Can also Learn From Successful Mentors With the Community


  • Because Cash Juice Is New, Some Training Materials Are Yet To Be Added

6 thoughts on “What Is Cash Juice? – Is It a Scam? Read My Unique Take Here”

  1. Thanks for your honest and unique review about the social platform called Cash Juice! As I almost became skeptical about the money making stuff online, I once came across this platform in a post but couldn’t take any action further after reading the post. So when I clicked in this post, I was so surprised to find that you wrote a comprehensive review about the same platform I have been skeptical about.

    In fact, I signed up immediately after reading down the page and have begun learning how to earn money from the platform already. I was particularly impressed when I read that Cash Juice can help anyone build a brand-new business from scratch online.

    It’s so amazing to learn that an already-experienced online entrepreneur can even leverage this platform to streamline his business and drive tons of free traffic all from the comfort of his home. I have the following questions to ask about Cash Juice: Can I earn as a free member? Can a free member earn the 15% referral commissions? Can I get tons of followers to my network from the community?

    1. Thanks Israel,

      I’m glad you have taking the opportunity to sign up after reading this review. And I’m also glad that this review proved to be helpful. Indeed cash Juice is another wonderful opportunity out there for all online business owners to take advantage of and use it to advertise their business to many customers out there.

      What I even enjoy on the platform is your ability to get some good traffic to your website whatever offer you may have.

      Thank you so much for passing by and leaving your comment on this cash Juice review.


  2. I like the fact that you can join the community for free, that is one sign that shows a platform is legit. The other thing I may want to credit Cash Juice is of having no upsells. Many scammers have two or more upsells. I have signed up with the program, will be reviewing it myself in the next week or so. If all goes well, I will upgrade to the premium membership

    Thank you so much  

    1. That is true friend,

      Once you’re not asked to make some upfront payment by force, it is a sign that this is indeed a legit platform. And the good thing about cash Juice is that, you both earn money from there and also use it to drive traffic to your own blog which to me is so good for any online business owner to take advantage of and advertise your personal business products there and make some good sales.

      Thank you too for passing by and leaving your comment below.


  3. It’s funny how the name of a company or opportunity makes you think that it is a scam. Fortunately, I read further into your article when I saw that you gave Cash Juice a 9.5 rating out of 10.

    It looks like an interesting opportunity and the upgrade is not monthly but lifetime, which makes the program even more attractive.

    The only thing I would have a problem with is the 10 posts a day. I already have such a full day that I wonder if I would find the time to log in every day to post.

    1. Hi Michel,

      Thanks for leaving your comment on this Cash Juice review. Indeed its s very good opportunity for every business owner to take advantage of and use it to drive some traffic to their blog or offers.

      Sorry, it is not 10 post a day.I made a little mistake over there. But I will correct it now. You can ONLY make three (3) post a day as a FREE member and staying there for about 10 minutes a day is enough to make you active. I think that is what I wanted to say and I mentioned 10 post.

      Thanks for letting me know about this error.

      All the best,


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