What Is Dropship Selling Academy? Is It A Scam OR Legit? Read this Before Buying


So, What is Dropship Selling Academy? Is Drop Selling Academy a Scam or legit? Is it worth your money? Well, in the Drop Selling Academy Review, I will give you every bit of information about this product, so you can decide whether it is worth your money or not.


Perhaps someone introduced to you this drop shipping products and promised you that you can make some decent income out of it. Whatever your reason for reading this review, you will get to know all the truth about this product.


Overview of Drop Selling Academy

 What is Dropship Selling Academy?










Product: Drop Selling Academy

Founder: David Farah

Price: $37   (Get It Here) 

Website: www.dropshipsellingacademy.com

Overall Rating: 9.6 out of 10



Now that we have an overview of Drop Selling Academy, let dig a little deeper into what this product is all about and what it claims to offer you.


So, looking at the overview above, what do you think, can Drop Selling Academy be a scam product? OR Will list be worth your money?  Let dig deeper into this program now, to see all that they have to offer you.



Don’t Skip the Video Below. Watch It

Before even reading further, I have this video nicely prepared for just for you. It gives you all the detailed information you can get on this product. Here is it..!



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What Is Drop Selling Academy OR DSA?

Well, DSA, as the name implies, is a cloud-based software application which will allow you to find trending products from AliExpress and import them into your Shopify store. 


This is a 5-step system that will completely transform You from a newbie to a pro in record time without you needing any startup cost, any inventory, or any product of your own.


The good news is that the owner of Dropship Selling Academy, David Farah, is already known to be very successful running dropshipping stores. He has also been in the eCommerce industry a few years with much success.


Unlike other eCommerce vendors who try to make false claims and even hide their real identity, David Farah is a REAL person and that is what makes his product genuine and unique among the rest.


Also, not ONLY that but since this man is known to have much success already in this business, you’re buying a product from someone who already knows what he is doing, so he can also help you.


He has only released a few products and they have all been about eCommerce, so you can be pretty confident about the information he provides. All you need to do is to just do copy and paste his proven methods that are already generating profits for him.



Dropship Selling Academy TrainingDropship Selling Academy Training












The training modules that come along with the offer are just fantastic. after buying the product, you will get access to 29 training videos that cover a few topics but its main focus is on how to find a profitable product to sell and how to find reliable suppliers for these products.


The videos come in varieties of different length that makes it easier to follow his step by step methods. You get all these in one package. 


In addition to that, you get access to some pretty cool bonuses that really interested me like their own private supplier database and a list of over 2000 top selling products.


Also, note that one of the most time-consuming parts of starting an eCommerce business is finding profitable products to sell well & finding reliable suppliers. So the bonuses will come in handy for those who struggle with both.


Why Many People Are Buying this Product

The main reason why thousands of eCommerce are buying the DSA is that of the background of the vendor. Finding out that he has a background in eCommerce and has already had huge success with it, makes buyers feel hopeful that the training wouldn’t disappoint, and it never does.



See What REAL Users Are Saying Here..!

Dropship Selling Academy Testimonials Dropship Selling Academy Testimonials Dropship Selling Academy Testimonials












Dropship Selling Academy Testimonials













As stated above, most of the videos are all about how to find and source products for your dropshipping business.


And since one of the main reasons many fail with eCommerce is because of not doing sufficient research before they choose a product that sells well, I think this training will be worth thousands, provided you follow through it step by step.


David basically takes you through his entire process in finding a product and sourcing those products from reliable suppliers. So you have something amazing which to me is worth more than the money you’re paying for.


In the course of the training, he will basically tell you everything he does that makes him successful. He will even let you know which products will work well and which one wouldn’t and why he thinks a product will work out well or not.


Also, in the training, he will recommend to you the three main places he uses for his niche research, which are;  AliExpress, Amazon and eBay.


It looks like most drop shippers source their products from AliExpress and David Farah does a good job of explaining his process of identifying hot selling items to dropship.


In addition to that, he also shows you how to validate your product ideas by looking up similar products on Amazon and eBay and analysing how well they are selling.


You will even be impressed at his generosity, as in the course of the training, there seven videos where he researches ideas for a product identifies one and hands it to you.


My little advice for you is to analyse his process and come up with product ideas of your own, still, it was cool of him to research these products and give it away.


His final videos are all about Facebook ads and how to run a successful campaign. Facebook ads are the main traffic generation method used by the vendor and he has seen great success with it.



Dropship Selling Academy Bonuses

As I said earlier, as part of the package you’re going to buy comes with all the following bonuses which to me is pretty much amazing and worth your money.


Below are the various bonuses that come along with your SDA package:

Facebook Extractor – A script David gives You to enable You to extract information from Facebook pages and groups regarding their members and use this information to create custom audiences for Facebook ads.


WooCommerce Messenger Marketing Suite – This is an app that will come in handy for those who run WooCommerce stores, this app will allow them to engage with customers through Facebook messenger and send them automated messages.


Facebook Trending Post Finder – A script that you can run to find trending posts on Facebook


70 Wholesale and Dropshipping Sources – Perhaps this should be one of the reasons You would want to buy this product, to gain access to his list of suppliers. It is hard to find reliable suppliers and wholesalers online, most of what you find are just middlemen and many are outright scammers. Most legitimate suppliers and wholesalers are known for not having websites and even if they do, these sites do not rank well in search engines.


You get over 2500 product ideas in 10 niches – This is one of the Bonuses that should catch your eye, – one of the hardest parts of starting eCommerce business is finding profitable products to sell.


The Ultimate Dropshipper – This is a series of video tutorials from one of David’s other eCommerce training program.


 A Free Facebook Ad Cheatsheet – I hope it makes sense to you what this is about.



My Final Verdict – Legit!

For me personally, I really liked the training that is provided with DSA especially the tutorials on product research and selection. The 1-Click Dropship app is easy to use and has some very nice features


So looking at all these information about Dropship Selling Academy, what do you think? If you were asked, What is Dropship Selling Academy, what will be your answer? Is Drop Ship Selling Academy a Scam? OR Is It a Legitimate program.


Well, I have no doubt that this Dropship Selling Academy Review has now made it plain and clearer to you what this product is all about. You can now make your purchase decision with confidence because you’re buying a product that is worth your money in my own opinion.


Buy Your Package Here & Enjoy All the Bonuses



If you have any comments, questions or feedback about this product or even a testimonial, don’t hesitate to drop it below.


My best wishes,




Dropship Selling Academy











  • Step By Step Training From Expert
  • Vendor Is Already A Successful eCommerce Man
  • Price Is Quite Low Looking At the Benefits
  • You Get Awesome Bonuses For FREE
  • Members Are Already Making Success With the Product


  • Some Few Up-sell to Expert Though

16 thoughts on “What Is Dropship Selling Academy? Is It A Scam OR Legit? Read this Before Buying”

  1. Wow, found a goldmine. I have to be honest, before this I had actually never heard of dropshipping. Yet you managed to explain the term beautifully. In regards to that the video as you promised was worth every second of it. 

    I mean, the results of implementing the system also seem very impressive and lucrative. And I absolutely love the fact that the owner of the system is known, does not hide away and is transparent. It really says a lot about the program and its genuine nature as a whole. But most importantly, it approves the fact that you can actually make money online doing this.

    On top of that your generosity with bonuses is to die for. Truly insane. I believe I’ve never seen anyone that invested in providing bonuses so that people really would be able to and would be given all the tools needed to succeed. All that’s pretty much left is learning and putting that to a good use. 🙂

    Above all I sincerely appreciate you, Stephen! I’m so glad I came across this!

    Cheers and have a Great One!Matiss

    1. Yeah Matiss,

      This is a great deal for all who have interest in doing drop-shipping. A very legitimate offer from someone who is already known and does not hide himself. So if you choose to buy his products, you’re definitely going to have some success with you Drop-shipping if you carefully follow all his instructions.

      Already many folks who bought his products are given testimonials of how the product is helping them in their Drop-shipping business. 

      David Farah is a very generous man looking at all the bonuses he is giving out FREE to his customers who decide to buy his Dropship Selling Academy Training. I know it is going to be of benefit to all who are serious about this business and want to learn from David.

      Thanks for your comment. 

  2. I most definitely believe dropshipping will be the way to go for me in the future. It certainly is what comes after becoming a marketer. By making yourself less of a middle man and heading in the direction of being the supplier. This academy sounds like a reputable company I myself will likely be going the route of doing my own product research. Although listening to the way he does it i’m sure can save a lot of time in the long run.  

    1. Good for you Doc,

      I think that will be a good move as part of your online business, provided you’re ready to go through all the learning curves and apply what expert are already doing that works best for them.

      I look forward to hearing your success with Drop-shipping in the future.


  3. Hey Stephen, thank you for reccomending a product that you can trust. I have already made sone research online about dropshipping, but to tell the truth I have never understood how the whole process works. All the articles that I read didn’t describe the whole proccess. I have the feeling that you have already used this app and learned from this training about dropshipping. Has it been sucessful for you, are you already taking some profits with dropshipping?

    1. Hello Leo,

      I think it is always good to learn from someone who already knows more about the business and is making some success. David Farah has some good record a very successful person in this drop-shipping business, so in my opinion learning from his Training will be a very good move for you.

      Thanks for passing by and leaving your comment.


  4. This so interesting I never really understood what drop shipping was. Now thanks to your article I do. Your video was very informative your free bonus’s all 7 of them I think make this an awesome bargain. Thank you so much for all the great information on drop selling academy I will have to give this careful consideration after the great presentation and video you had.

    1. Thanks for your comment Scarlet, Dropshipping si a good business and people are making thousands of dollars every day. You’ll succeed if you know what you’re doing.

  5. Hello there,

    Thanks for this great post. Just what I’ve been looking for. I’m very interested I’ve been planning to build s new website with dropshipping concept. I have heard a lot about shopify and but I want something in WP. When you mentioned wooCommerce I assume this is more in WP, right? 

    As mentioned, Im interested to buy the program/course. I just have some few questions before I dive in. 

    What is that early bird price? And what is the huge amount for Public Price? And then the price is $37. 

    You mentioned about upsell – How much is the upsell, is it only on time upsell or level upsells? 

    Really looking forward to your response. 

    Thank you in advanced. 

    God bless,


    1. Thanks Che,

      I think you will do well with this product if you’re really considering drop-shipping. The owner already knows what he is doing and has had a lot of success in the drop-shipping industry, so I think his training will be worth your consideration.

      Yes he teaches more about shopify and i think that is awesome as well. As for the up-sells, they are not that much, Looking at all the benefit David Farah gives you in his training, plus all the bonuses, I think they are worth the up-sells you will see. 

      I will recommend you going to have a look at the product yourself and then you can know what he has for you.

  6. We have looked at dropshipping a few times in the past. Is this a better option than affiliate marketing? We have tied a few different online things to make money and a lot of them are legit, just very time consuming. You seem to have eplined this pretty well. But is it a time consuming process? Thank you for your time.

    1. Thanks for your comment Free4life,

      Drop-shipping is a very good business if you already know what you’re doing. Many folks are making 6 figure out of this business every single day. I works just as affiliate marketing does. It all depends on your skills.

  7. Drop Ship Academy (DSA) is a great opportunity to learn from someone who has been in the business and experienced success, providing a service to help others become successful is a quite an interesting approach.  Many people don’t understand that in order to be successful, you need to have a mentor to teach you the ropes.  At the price that this product is being offered, you get to keep the software forever and in essence you can apply the steps in any arena of your life.  

    I believe this is a great product!

    1. Thanks Rayon,

      Indeed success comes from learning from those are already making it. And David Farah has a record as a a very successful man in this business, so I think it is in the best interest of anyone who buys his products so they can learn from his secret tactic and successful tips.

      I personally recommend his products to anyone interested in doing drop shipping and who wants to learn from a successful mentor like David Farah.

  8. I have been researching dropshipping for while now and I am constantly finding people asking for thousands of dollars. Don’t get me wrong, I think in alot of cases it would be worth it but I just don’t have that kind of cash to gamble with. Can you tell me if there is any upselling and if so how much is it? It really sounds like a great offer. 

    1. Thanks Anthony for your comment,

      You should know that in every business there is a risk. However, how mange the risk will determine whether you’re going to succeed or not.

      Drop shipping is not a bad business in itself, unless you don’t know what you’re doing. But those who know what they are doing and do it consistently are making profit everyday.

      Besides, the Vendor for this product, David Farah, is already known to be a successful person in this industry, so if he is offering a products that trains and teaches people about drop-shipping, you can be certain that he is going to provide something worth for all his customers.

      I hope this makes sense, of course there some few up-sells, however, the benefits alone outweigh any ups-sells there in the offer.

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