What is Ebates Com About? Is It a Scam or Legit? Find Out Here

Maybe you may have heard about Ebates & may have some questions that people often ask about Ebates such as; what is Ebates com about? What stores are on Ebates? How does Ebates pay you? Does Ebates work with Amazon? &  Even how does Ebates Cash Back work?


Well in this review, I’m going to show you all that Ebates is about & how you can sign up for FREE.


Ebates Overview & Benefits

Product: Ebates

Price: Free to Join [Sign Up Here & Get Your $10 Bonus]

Website: www.ebates.com

Rating: 9.8 out of 10

My Verdicts: Ebates is a very Legitimate company where you can do all your shopping online and get Cash Back Bonuses.


So What is Ebates Com About?

So looking at the overview about what will you say if you’re asked, What is Ebates Com About? Will you say its something legitimate or a scam?

Well, according to Wikipedia, Ebates, also known as “the Smart Shopper” is an “American Cash-Back shopping website headquartered in San Francisco” – that rewards all who shop through them with some Cash Back($$$) into their wallet as a bonus.

Now to break things down for you to clearly understand, Ebates is an online store which is affiliated to over 2,000 online retail stores.

So when you click on any affiliate LINK from Ebates-Website to any of these online retail stores to shop an item or buy a product, Ebates get commission out of your shopping, in turn, Ebates also reward you as Cash Back for being their member and for shopping through them.

You’re rewarded 50% what Ebates get out of your shopping. So I call this a Win – Win Bonus. Basically, if Ebates get $50 from your shopping – You will be rewarded a Cash Back Bonus of $25. 

So what Ebates is doing is actually sharing their commission with you for shopping through them. They help you to save 30% on all your shopping deals online.


The Three Steps On How to Use Ebates

So the steps to using Ebates is very simple and you will just get your bonuses. They are as shown below.

  1. Shop through Ebates at your favorite stores.
  2. Earn Cash Back on your purchases.
  3. Get your Big Fat Check or PayPal amount.

If Papal does not work in your country, I recommend you Get “Payoneer Account” Here which is an International Money Transfer Company – With Payoneer you can get your commission paid from any affiliate Program into your local bank account.

Now let me explain these three steps through which you can earn money from Ebates into details for you.

Ebates Cash Back Button: When you sign up with Ebates, you can Download Ebates’ browser extension to activate Cash Back while shopping directly at store sites so you never miss out on earning Cash Back. The Cash Back Button also automatically applies coupons to stack your savings.


Ebates App: Shop on the go and earn Cash Back anywhere, anytime with the Ebates App for iPhone, iPad and Android. Conveniently use in-store coupons, scan products to compare prices and get the best deals. You can Download this App for FREE after signing up with Ebates.


In-Store Cash Back: This another opportunity. Now you can shop in-store without missing out on Cash Back. Simply find an offer, link it to your credit card and shop like normal.


Cash Back Credit Card: By using Ebates’ Cash Back Visa Credit Card, you can get Cash Back on virtually everything. Earn an extra Cash ($$$)  by shopping through Ebates everywhere  Visa is accepted. You can ‘apply for Ebates’ Visa Card’ anytime after creating your Ebates account.


⇒ Sign Up Here For FREE & Get Your $10 Bonus instantly!


Why You Should Shop Through Ebates

There are a number reasons why you should consider creating an account with Ebates and do your shopping through them. One reason is that Ebates is a well reputable company that have been around since 1998 with over 1,531,091 Ebates Members.

They are well-known for offering shoppers Cash Back at over 2,000 stores as I mentioned earlier. These stores pay Ebates a commission for sending you their way and Ebates shares the commission with you as Cash Back.

In addition to that, You can also find thousands of coupons, promo codes and exclusive deals at Ebates. Plus that, every quarter, Ebates will mail you a Big Fat Check or PayPal payment for using their platform for shopping.


NOTE: Most importantly, using Ebates is simple and Free. Join Ebates today and get my special Welcome Bonus – $10. You already shop. Get paid for it!


⇒ Create Your Own FREE Ebates Here & Enjoy My $10 Bonus!


So Do You Love Shopping?

Are you someone who often shop online? If so then this is a fine opportunity you should not miss at all. Don’t just shop and waste your money. But rather shop with Ebates and get reward for your shopping at a discount rate.

Ebates is Affiliate to almost all the best online retail stores you can think of. Such BIG and reputable stores which you probably like to shop from include: Amazon, eBay, Rakuten (LinkShare), Apple.com, Alienware, Amara, American Girl, eBags, Easy Comfort, Easy Spirit, Acronis, AcuRite, Acer, Dell, Grapes Wine, Grasshoppers, Graze, Great Big Canvas, Green Man Gaming, Hairfinity, Hot Sox and to mention a few …..

As you can see, the list can go on and on- will never finish listing, but for the sake of time let me keep it shot for you.


Ebates Double Cash Bonus – Black Friday Offers

As a result of the ongoing Black Friday offers, Ebates have some specially listed stores that will not just give you bonus – but a Double Bonus as your reward for shopping from these stores. Now these stores are:

  • Gilt
  • QVC
  • Nike
  • J. Crew
  • Saks OFF 5TH
  • StubHub
  • Lenovo
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Barneys New York
  • Carter’s
  • Belk.com
  • Banana Republic
  • Shopbop
  • Ulta Beauty
  • New Balance
  • Toy R US
  • Kohl’s
  • UGG
  • Toms
  • Saks Fifth Avenue
  • The Body Shop
  • Lord & Taylor
  • LivingSocial
  • LOFT
  • Bloomingdale’s
  • Walmart
  • JCPenney
  • Ted Baker
  • Neiman Marcus
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Samsung
  • Levi’s
  • Office Depot OfficeMax
  • Old Navy

And many more special offers available for you …………..


Ebates Shopping Categories

At Ebates, I can guarantee that there is nothing you’re looking for that you will not get. When you create your own account and log in to your account, you will be presented to a category of shopping stores and products that you can choose from.

Such categories include things you may want to shop like:

  • Women’s Clothing
  • Men’s Clothing
  • Travel & Vacations
  • Health & Beauty
  • Shoes & Handbags
  • Electronics & Computers
  • Home, Garden & Tools
  • Baby, Kids & Toys
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Food & Restaurants
  • Books & Digital Media
  • Flowers & Gifts
  • Office Supplies
  • Athleisure Collection
  • Handbag Collection
  • Luxury Collection
  • Wedding Collection

So as you can see from the list above, almost every thing you need is available at Ebates retail shopping stores. And depending on your desire, you can make your own selection from the list above.

Yes, you can find everything you need from men’s, children’s and women’s clothing, accessories and shoes to home décor, electronics, toys and more. Shop the best sales and deals from your favorite online stores – plus save with thousands of coupons and promo codes.

You can check back daily for new sales and hot deals to help you save with Cash Back at Ebates! – Your Smart Online Shopping Center!. Shop and Earn Cash Back as your bonus – No Brainier at all!!


Ebates Referral Bonus – $15 Per Referral

Aside the bonus Ebates gives you as a result of shopping through their Affiliate LINKS, you are also rewarded with good take home bonuses for referring others to shop at Ebates.

So Ebates rewards you with $15 for referring others to shop through them as well as the one you referred. So both you and your referral get this bonus from Ebates.


NOTE: Yes, they will reward me for referring you – and you will also be rewarded for creating account with Ebates. So this also becomes a Win – Win Bonus for you.


So at this point, if you’re asked What is Ebates.com about? What will be your answer? Well I’m very sure you will agree with me that Ebates is a No Brainier at all – “The Smart Place to do all your online shopping”.




If you have any question or comments about this post, just feel FREE and leave it below. Wishing all the best with your online shopping.


Ebates.com Review











  • You Shop & Get Cash Back
  • Sign Up & Get Your $10 Bonus Instantly
  • Shop At a Good Discount Rate
  • You Can Get Some FREE Coupons as Reward
  • You Save Up to 30% On All Your Shopping


  • You Don't Get Huge Amount of Money Though

46 thoughts on “What is Ebates Com About? Is It a Scam or Legit? Find Out Here”

    1. Yes Annie, even though you’re not a BIG online shopper, as you rightly said, you can take advantage of their referral program as an Affiliate Marketer and make some good income out of it.

      My best wishes to you

  1. I believe I had opened an account with Ebates, but I think I was too lazy to do anything with it.

    I had no idea that they were affiliated with so many well-known retailers. I also didn’t know that they had $15 bonus for referrals – and the number of people I bring in is unlimited…I may have to see if I can reactivate my account!

    Thanks for the review, Stephen.

    1. Hi Veronica,

      Ebates is certainly the best deal for all of us. Especially if you’re the type who often shop on the internet. Also a very good opportunity for all Affiliate Marketers to earn some extra cash just by referring families and friends to shop through Ebates.

      I there fore recommend that you activate your account even as you said.

      All the best.

    1. I’m glad to hear that Jim, Ebates is certainly worth your consideration. It will be a very fine way of making some savings while you shop online.

      And as you saw, you can also take advantage of their referral bonuses which they offer to both you and the person you referred as a reward.

  2. This actually sounds rather interesting! I seem to recall having heard the name Ebates before, but I never really paid attention.

    I traditionally haven’t done a lot of shopping online, but recently I have started to do more, so this is definitely something to look into.

    Do you know if there are and restrictions by country? I am in Canada, so I imagine it wouldn’t affect the online shopping, but I wonder if the in-store cashback is applicable here.

    The referral program sounds interesting, too. I think I could possibly make a few bucks off of that alone, as I know a number of people who shop online quite a bit.

    I worked many years in retail, so I know how loyalty programs work, and I am also familiar with affiliate programs, so I know how those work too…. All in all, this sounds like a really good deal.

    1. You’re welcome to signing up with Ebates Craig, I can certainly see your passion and desire of taken advantage of this opportunity offered by Ebates.

      You will surely be able to sign up with no problem at all. Ebates operates Internationally and you can shop from any of the Retail stores I listed above at very discount rate. Almost 30%.

      So there are no restrictions at all. And as you said, you could some few backs just by referring other people to join Ebates. Plus the cash Bach they offer you when you Shop through them.

      Surely everyone who hears about this opportunity knows that Ebates is very special and worth their consideration.

  3. I don’t shop online all that often, but I might just start now if it means I can get some money back. Any dime helps in my house.

    I just wonder how the food would work. I mean I get the restaurants, its kind of like cash back on your take out. Is the food like Walmart, where they will deliver the food to you or you can pick it up?

    1. Hi Brittaney,

      Ebates is not the online retail shop you’re buying from. Rather as you read from this review. Ebates is Affiliated to almost all the best and BIG retail stores online. So when you sign to Ebates and shop from any of the stores such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Nike and the rest as you saw a long list. Ebates only rewards you for shopping through them.

      So if it was Amazon you shopped from or Walmart, they will deliver it to you, just as Walmart has been doing when you directly from them. It is the same way. You are shopping from them. Only tat this time you’re doing it through Ebates, so you will get the delivery them same way as you shop directly from the retail store.

      I hope your question is answered.

      All the best.

    1. Yes Norman,

      Ebates is a very smart opportunity for all who often shop online, as you said. Its is a wise way of reducing cost and buying at a very good discount – as Ebates offers you 30% discount on all your shopping.

      Plus the opportunity you have to enjoy their Cash Back bonuses coupled with their referral program, whereby you’re offered $15 dollars for FREE and your referral also get their $10 for FREE.

    1. Hi Ami,

      I’m glad you passed by. The answer to your question is a BIG yes. Ebates operates internationally and so their offers are available to everyone who often shops online.

      You’re welcome to join the smart shopping center – Ebates and enjoy all the bonuses plus the discount you get from your shopping.

      All the best.

  4. I had never really considered using Ebates before. however after reading your complete review i see that maybe I should reconsider my stance.

    I never realized the savings could be as high as 30%, that is pretty amazing. I also really like the idea of a referral commission. Amazon has never offered that!
    thanks for opening my eyes to this wonderful opportunity!

    1. Hello Brendron,

      I’m so happy you found this review helpful. I can assure you that Ebates is a very smart way of shopping your bonuses. And as you read, shopping through Ebates gives almost about 30% discount on all your shopping, plus all the bonuses they offer you.

      In addition to that, you also have  the opportunity to benefit from their referral  bonuses any time you refer a friend, which is so very helpful, – given you some extra income. Yes, a very good way of earning some extra income online.

      You’re welcome to sign up for FREE.

    1. Hello Anderson,

      Thanks for your interest in this article about Ebates. Well, Ebates is wonderful as I know about them and all the bonuses they give you when you shop through them and even when you also refer others to shop through their platform

      Ebates gives you 50% on a;ll your shopping, – that is anytime you shop through them. So if Ebates get $50 dollars out of your shopping from Amazon, they will divide the $50 with you, so you’ll get $25 as your Cash Back. And that is what makes them so unique among any program out there that promises Cash Back.

      I have not tried Swagbucks before as you said, so I can’t tell much ab out them. But what I know about Ebates is what I have made clear in this review. So you can make your own comparison between the two and see which one is the best.

  5. I have seen Ebates Ads on T.V. a lot but never paid much attention. However, after seeing your post and that impressive list of stores that I am also familiar with it is as you said a NO Brainer! I do have one question. Can you be an affiliate WITHOUT having to make purchases yourself? My thoughts are if you want to be an affiliate only this is the way to go. If you want your own store, then you will want to consider a different avenue. I really appreciate seeing this and will be considering joining you.

    1. Hello Merry,

      Thanks for your comment, It is well said and I appreciate your thought on this review. Ebates is no brainier, even as you read and said.

      The only online store that gives you Cash Back, as your bonus reward for shopping through them. What a fine opportunity to to cut back some of the cost or money you spend on doing shopping online.

      As for your question, I will say yes, Ebates allows you to to become online an affiliate to them, thereby referring other customers to shop through them. And as you saw in this review, Ebates rewards you with $15 for any referral you bring to them who shops through them and not only that but also, your referral is also rewarded instantly with $10 bonus for shopping through Ebates.

      I hope I answered your question? All the best. You’re welcomed to leave your question all the time.

  6. If what you say is true and I have no reason to not believe you, Ebates is fantastic. Not only do they help you shop on discounts but they also give you 50% of their profits by sharing their affiliate money with you? That is an incredible deal. One question: Does Ebates also cooperate with Chinese online stores like Gearbest, Banggood or AliExpress? I see that you provide a list of stores with whom E bates have an affiliate relationship with but is there any chance that this list includes other stores as well?

    I’m from Greece so shopping from Amazon, for example, is not a bargain.

    1. Hello John,

      Thanks for your comment on this post and for affirming the truthfulness of Ebates and how it works for all who shop through them.

      Ebates is in fact so beneficial for all who often shop online. Just imagine shopping and getting Cash back on all your shopping, isn’t it wonderful? And you even said not just some small cash Back, but rather, they are giving you 50% of what they get as a result of you shopping through them. So this is no brainer at all.

      To answer your question, I will say for sure, Ebates is affiliated to uncountable number of stores, the list you saw above are just some few of the list which I took from Ebates website. The list goes on and on.

      So they may be be affiliated to Ebates, you just need to cross check and find out just for clarity sake.

  7. Hi Stephen
    Whilst the part about getting Cashback is certainly exciting, there is something else that I am impressed with when it comes to EBATES.

    That is the fact that they have a really awesome line up of online stores with which they are affiliated with.That is impressive.

    I do my regular online shopping with many of these names and to think that now I can qualify to get some money back is all the incentive that I need to sign up with ebates.

    Thanks for a really helpful review.
    Cheers and May the Crazy shopping begin!

    1. Hello Roopesh,

      Yah, you really got it right. Ebates gives  the kind of service that is you will not get from anywhere. It is just fantastic.

      In fact, words alone cannot express what I mean when I want to talk about Ebates. As you rightly said, Ebates gives you cash Back, but not just that, but also you have the privilege of being their affiliate member and and with that, Ebates rewards you with $25 per each referral member you bring to them who begins to shop through them.

      But Waite! not just you does Ebates rewards, but also all your referrals do get their reward for shopping through Ebates. And that makes Ebates so special, in fact no co-equal at all. 

      I recommend you create your own Ebates account, and start enjoying all that they have to offer the world.

      Wishing you all the best here.


  8. Great review of Ebates. To be honest I hadn’t tried them before for my online shopping and it appears I may be missing out.

    Considering how much people are shopping online these days im assuming Ebates will only grow in popularity. I may give Amazon a break and try ebates out instead! Thanks for the useful info.

    1. Hello Tom, you’re definitely missing a very BIG opportunity as you rightly said. Ebates is definitely worth it and you’re going to love it if you sign up with them. They are so classic.

      Very generous in sharing what they have earned with you, plus many bonuses that comes from them. You can just imagine just doing an online shopping fr something you really need and then Ebates rewards you for shopping through them. Yes, that is what makes their program so fantastic, incomparable.

      I therefore highly recommend this opportunity to all who often shop online to also take full advantage of it and enjoy all the benefits that comes bfrom shopping with Ebates.

  9. Hi
    I am hearing the name Ebates for the first time from your article and thanks for sharing.
    Really the benefits of using Ebates for shopping seems to be great. We can sign up as affiliates too. Great!
    I will share your post with all my friends and family.
    I hope it should be available globally.

    1. Thanks Prabakaran,

      Ebates is definitely going to be of much benefit to you, even as you said. Especially if you’re someone who often shop online. And yes, you can sign up as an affiliate and start promoting it to friends and families so they can also benefit from the cash Back bonuses that Ebates gives out for FREE,

      And as you do so, you will also be rewarded by Ebates for the referrals coming from you. Yes, you can earn $25 per each referral. Which very fantastic. So good!

  10. Hello Stephen,

    I have an eBates account and will tell you that they are legitimate. I have purchased items from Amazon as well as referred friends and my last Cheque that I received by mail was $6.36. Ebates is a great way to save money when purchasing products through retailers affiliated with them. I have recently purchased an iPad Pro through Best Buy which is over $1000 and am waiting for eBates to show me the cash back I have earned. Great article to make others aware of online cash back programs such as eBates.


    1. Hello Sam,

      Thanks a  easier for me. I men for attesting to the fact that indeed Ebates is very legitimate. I can see that you’re are really benefiting from Ebates and enjoying their services very much.

      I’m personally looking forward to how much Ebates will give you for the $1000  iPad Pro which you bought through them. I hope that all online shopper will take advantage of this special offer from Ebates so they can also enjoy the bonuses that are being shared and the Cash Back that Ebates gives to all who shop through them.

      I personally have a special $10 bonus which I give to all who Sign Up here through my account – as a special welcome bonus for them.

  11. Awesome seems pretty self explanatory you shop and get back money for your everyday purchases cool. I always thought ebates was a giant scam but guess i was wrong and they are legit. I to will sign up for ebates i love a bargain and free money.This has been an informative blog well written, clear and easy to understand

    1. Thanks Christine,

      Indeed Ebates is worth your consideration and I personally recommend it to you and all who come here to read this article. I’m glad that you found this post helpful. 

      I can assure you that Ebates is no brainer at all when it comes to their services and the bonuses they offer all their valuable customers.

      They are never a scam and can never be. Rather Ebates is a very legitimate company that offers you FREE Cash Back on all your shopping through them.

      Sign and you too will enjoy the bonuses – plus my personal bonuses.

  12. This does sound a great opportunity for anyone who does a majority of their shopping online. Also like you said the $25.00 extra bucks is a nice addition to joining up.

    I am curious how long does it take to recieve something about you bought it? Also with the money you receive, do you have to spend it on ebates website — or can you get like a check in the mail and use it say on gas or something else you would like?

    1. You’re right Michael, Ebates is indeed a great opportunity for all who shop often online. A good way to cut back some of the expenses made during shopping. 

      And as for the $25 bonus, it just makes Ebates so complete and classic. yes, you can refer friends and families to shop on Ebates and get the $25 bonus. Anyone who joins Ebates through your referral link is a plus for you. But no just that, But also, Ebates rewards anyway who creates their FREE account to join their platform. 

      As soon as you create your account, Ebates rewards you with some bonus for FREE. That makes Ebates so good and no brainer at all.

      I Therefore recommend it for you and for anyone who often shop online to get registered with Ebates and enjoy all the good things they have to offer.

  13. Thanks for letting me know what Ebates is all about. I’ve seen the commercials on television so many times and have wondered if it was legit. It always sounded too good to be true. Get paid for shopping! I love to shop and to get paid for it is even better! Kudos to the person that came up with the idea for Ebates… it is the ultimate affiliate program.

    1. For sure I agree with, if you don’t have any personal experience with Ebates, they just sound too good to be true. However, as you have heard about them and have even read from this article, Ebates delivers exactly what they promise to do.

      Ebates is no brainer at all – looking the services they provide for all their customers. I mean where will you get this, to shop and get Cash Back on all your shopping, I haven’t seen any of such service anywhere before. 

      And this is really a good way to save some money on all your shopping. For me I see it that it just makes sense for all who shop often to get registered with Ebates and shop through them. It a very wise way of saving while you shop. So fantastic service that is being offered by Ebates.

  14. I have heard of Ebates and seen some of their tv commercials, but did not know exactly how it all worked until I found your article!

    It seems common sense to use Ebates if you shop online already, plus the added $25 bonus for signing up! Free money, i’m in!

    Thanks for the post, i’ll be signing up through your link so thank you.

    1. You’re welcome Cameron,

      Indeed Ebates is worth joining and it is good to hear that you have already signed up to join their program. Especially as you said – if you’re someone who shops more often online. It will really help you. 

      You will now have the opportunity to get their FREE Cash Back on all your shopping and not just that, but also the ability to take advantage of their referral bonuses now that you’re a member of Ebates.

  15. SButwe; I never heard about Ebates before. This sound good especially the Cash back. I should be signing up for this very soon. Since I am going to shop online I might as well shop where I will get some cash back. Steven your post on Ebates gets me excited it makes me want to go shopping right away. Keep the Cash back information going. DorcasW

    1. Hi Dorcas,

      You’re very smart to do that friend. This is really amazing. Ebates is really the best place to do all your online shopping. Just imagine the Cash Back bonus you will get for shopping with Ebates. 

      You could decide to shop just from any online store. But the BIG question is, what will you for doing such shopping. Absolutely nothing.

      However, Ebates is not just giving you Cash Back, but also about 37% discount on all your shopping – that is if you decide to shop through them.

      I surely know  that any wise person will surely take advantage of this special offer from Ebates. And I know you’re going to do so as you said.

  16. oh this is such an exciting find, especially with all the black Friday online specials around.

    I will be signing up for Ebates today. If you are going to shop you might as well get some cash back. But like you said I just have to be careful not to get too trigger happy with my shopping.

    I’m excited to try this site out and making the most of my shopping!

    1. It is good to hear that from you SJ. You’re warmly welcome. I highly recommend Ebates to you, Especially if you’re someone who likes to do shopping more often. So that you will not just waste your money shopping, but also get some Cash Back on your shopping online.

      Yeah I can see your excitement and enthusiasm about Ebates. Its is the best and the smartest decision you can ever take. to shop and get some Cash back  money as your bonus for shopping. Sign up now and enjoy all the benefits that comes from shopping with Ebates.

      But did you also know that its not just about shopping that  you can get money from Ebates. you can also introduce Ebates to friends and families and earn some referral bonuses. Ebates reward you with $25 referral bonus anytime you refer a new member to shop through them. So you can also take advantage of this special offer.

  17. Hi, Stephen. I am quite familiar with Ebates, as well as other similar cashback online sites having previously reviewed them myself. Ebates, is not a scam program. As stated in your review, the company is in partnership with a number of well-known stores and in a variety of categories concerning products suitable for men and women.

    The company’s system of quickly getting money into the hands of members who have made a purchase of products through the cashback system is done with relative ease as well as quickness. Survey sites by comparison that take a couple of months to get money back to their members long after they have qualified through the completion of surveys is just inexcusable.

    This company’s referral system is also fair, rewarding members who are able to attract more members through advertisements. A win-win situation for everyone.

    Admittedly personal, I still look at any cashback site and feel that a person only able to make money back after he/she has spent money in the first place most definitely should not be considered an actual online business – similar to a training program such as Wealthy Affiliate.

    There are, after all, people who are addicted to shopping, especially now that so many stores are now online. A person might take the wrong-minded approach thinking that he/she can make even more money through getting cash back, (and in many cases well under 10% of the total price of that purchased item) after he/she might have purchased a product that really was not necessary.


    1. Hello Jeff,

      Its good to hear  comment and I’m glad you visited my site again. You mentioned that you’re familiar with Ebates and its good to hear that. Of course as you said Ebates is not a place where you can thousands of tons of money. But I think the offer is is worth it.

      I mean you can just decide to shop any online store without doing it through Ebates. But the question is, what will you get for doing such shopping? Absolutely nothing, and that is why Ebates says instead of just doing shopping and wasting your money without gaining anything.

      They are given you this special offer. Shop through them. Especially if you’re someone who shop online often. Ebates is Affiliate to all the BIG store online, including Amazon, eBay and the rest, just create an account with them, choose your favorite online shopping store and then shop through them. 

      Ebates is going to divide into two (2) what ever commission they get out of your shopping and then give you one. So let say you bought a products worth a price of $150 and the commission on that product is 10% which is equal to = $15. Ebates in this case will divide this commission with you. So both you and Ebates will get $7.5 dollars each.

      So for me, this offer is so incredible and you will not get this anywhere. You shop and get Cash-Back out of your own shopping, that is what Ebates has to offer. And depending on the percentage of the commission on the products, you can earn more …

  18. Hi,

    am I getting this right, I buy something and get some of the cash back? Sounds pretty good!

    The more I pay, the more I get back or is it a set comission on every sale?

    I shop online a lot so I will sign up right now to see whats going on there! Thanks for your article, have a good one!

    1. You’re right Manny,

      That is exactly what Ebates is all about. If you’re someone who shops more often online, then Ebates is the best option for you to make some Cash Backs while shopping. So in effect, you’re not just spending, but you’re getting reward for spending with Ebates.

      That is why they are the #1 place to do all your online shopping. And to answer you question, this is not some commission on every sale. You’re not selling anything, Yours is to just do your usual shopping and then Ebates will reward you for shopping through their affiliate  Link.

      So you’r cash back is going to be anytime you shop through Ebates – you get your Cash Back as a Bonus reward from Ebates for you. As you said, if you often shop online, then Ebates is the best place to start doing your shopping and start enjoying all the bonuses that come with it.

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